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Latisse Lengthen Eyelashes

*Latisse (bimatoprost opthalmic solution) 0.03% is a prescription product used to treat hypotrichosis, or the condition of having sparse eyelashes. After continued use, Latisse users can expect a significant improvement in lash length, darkness, and fullness. 

The way eyelashes grow is the same as the way hair on your head grows. Hairs sprout and then grow for a certain amount of time before falling out. Latisse works to extend the growth phase of hair, and the number of hairs that sprout. Currently, Latisse is only FDA approved for use on upper eyelashes. However, may patients have found success with Latisse use for growing sparse eyelashes. 

Latisse is manufactured by Allergan, a company which also manufacturers Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma. Presently, Allergan offers a 5cc Latisse Kit with 140 applicators. For optimum results Allergan suggests continued, regular application of Latisse. When you stop losing Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually return to their natural length, and thickness prior to Latisse use. 

Why should you choose Dr. Gambhir?
Dr. Gambhirs have performed thousands of cosmetic medical procedures. They have been in practice since 2005 and have received accolades from the cosmetic industry and patients alike.  They have consistently been one of the top practices in the United States and in the Philadelphia area. All procedures are done in a comfortable yet professional environment with full respect to your privacy and your desires. We aim to please and look forward to seeing you!​

Where are we located?
We have offices in King of Prussia and Exton Pennsylvania. We serve the greater Philadelphia area, but we draw patients from New York to Maryland to Harrisburg.

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