*The following is an experience which is specific to the individual detailed/shown below. Your experience of this product or service may vary. Expected and achieved results vary and are as unique as each individual patient. Time frames listed are based on previous patients and studies; but this varies for each patient. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with our medical staff to discuss the results that you can expect from any of our procedures or products.

Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine
Lindley Gallagher P.A.-C M.M.S
Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine Staff

Anshul Gambhir, M.D.

My goal is to provide compassionate care with outstanding results. I completed my medical school at the Temple School of Medicine and my post graduate training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. I opened my cosmetic practice in 2005 and have performed thousands of procedures since that time.  My practice is focused on non surgical cosmetic medicine. I have personally customized and developed many of our procedures.

Each face is unique and must be sculpted accordingly.  There is no magic formula for everyone.  One of my highest priorities is to maintain the natural beauty of the human face and body.  Age but age with the utmost of grace!  So much can now be done to soften our aging while maintaining a natural appearance.  We want our visual appearance to match how youthful we feel on the inside.

Anti-aging is a conversation with each patient. My goal is to lend my expert opinion while listening to my patient's needs and wants.

I look forward to seeing you as a patient!

Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine Doctors

​​Meet The Doctors

​Lindley Gallagher, P.A.-C, M.M.S.

​​"My goal as a provider is to make my patients look and feel beautiful. I strive to provide high quality care coupled with amazing results.

I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University and went on to get my Masters degree from Arcadia University. I have been practicing as a Physician Assistant since 2012 and absolutely love what I do.

I know every patient is unique and will work with you individually to help reach your goals. Whether it be collagen building, improving skin, or anti-aging with Botox and dermal fillers, we can work together to come up with a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

I look forward to meeting you!"Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.


Vibha Gambhir, M.D.

I want to make every woman and man look their absolute best!  So much can be done with modern cosmetic medicine to improve our visual appearance.  Our appearance partially defines how we feel about ourselves.  If we look our best it will help us to feel our best.  

I completed by medical school and post graduate training at the Drexel School of Medicine and its associated hospitals. I started my cosmetic medicine career in 2005.  My practice is focused on facial sculpting through the use of Botox and the full range of dermal fillers.   

I am in my 40s and take full advantage of these services.  I think they are absolutely wonderful if done correctly.  I love working with my patients and seeing the joy on their faces as I transform their outside to match their inner joy.

 I look forward to helping patients look and feel their absolute best!"

Vibha Gambhir M.D.
Anshul Gambhir M.D.