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Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine

*A Practice of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Gambhir started Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine and has personally injected and treated thousands of cosmetic patients in his busy cosmetic practice since 2005. His practices are located in Exton and King of Prussia, PA.

Gambhir Cosmetic Medicineis offering a 5 day preceptorship for licensed physicians in aesthetic medicine. The goal of the training is to make the physician comfortable in the preparation, counseling and injection of aesthetic neurotoxins for the upper and lower face, injection and preparation of dermal fillers for the upper and lower face. Heavy exposure will be provided to sclerotherapy, laser vein therapy, laser hair removal, photo-rejuvenation and body sculpting options and all aspects related to business management.

Only one candidate will be accepted during the week and will have full access to Dr. Gambhir and shadow him through all patient care. The candidate will be given the opportunity to inject model patients or bring their own patients for injection of Botox, Fillers and Sclerotherapy.

Please contact the office for availability and pricing.