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*Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as “PRP” is an injection of a portion of your own blood to improve texture, tone, acne scars and fine lines.  Drs. Gambhir use PRP is a part of their regenerative medicine program activating the body's own genes to rebuild and strengthen tissues involved in the aging process.  The activated platelets contain a number of natural growth factors that stimulate collagen production.  The growth factors also attract natural stem cells.  The result is a regeneration of natural collagen and an overall rejuvenation of the surrounding tissue. This therapy can be used through all areas of the face including folds, cheeks, under eyes and hands.

A small fraction of the total blood volume is drawn up from the individual patient into a syringe. This is a especially relatively small amount compared to blood donation which removes 500cc. The blood is spun down in a special centrifuge to separate its components (Red Blood Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Platelet Poor Plasma) PRP component is then injected into the area to be treated.

PRP can be be placed along with microneedling or through cannula and needle injection.


Why should you choose Dr. Gambhir?
Dr. Gambhirs have performed thousands of cosmetic medical procedures. They have been in practice since 2005 and have received accolades from the cosmetic industry and patients alike.  They have consistently been one of the top practices in the United States and in the Philadelphia area. All procedures are done in a comfortable yet professional environment with full respect to your privacy and your desires. We aim to please and look forward to seeing you!​

What are the benefits of PRP?
PRP leads to skin tightening, strengthening and reduction of fine lines. The benefits are not only immediate but provide a true slow down of the aging process.  PRP is used in conjunction with fillers and botox but can be used as part of our regenerative medicine program for those patients who want a more natural approach.

What is double Dip PRP?
Double dip PRP involves a double volume injection of PRP.  The first round will be injected into the superficial layers to help with texture, tone and superficial lines. A second round of deeper PRP injections will be performed to help with repair of the deeper support tissues of the face. The effects on the deeper support tissues will not be immediately visible but will maintain muscle strength and deeper support structures to keep the face upright over the long haul.

Are their other uses of PRP?
PRP is utilized in hair restoration, tendon and soft tissue healing as well as sexual health for men and women.

Are all PRP machines made equal?
No.  Our Magellan PRP machine is one of the most sophisticated machines available for PRP today.  Platelets are concentrated six times the normal blood concentration through an automated system minimizing the risk for human error.

Is the procedure painful?
The pain is equivalent to a microneedling or dermal filler procedure.  Topical anesthesia is used with microneedling procedures making it very comfortable.  

Can you describe the procedure?
Once the in the treatment room, blood will be drawn. As the blood is being prepared a topical anesthetic will be placed on the face. If opted a microneedling procedure will be performed followed by the application of the PRP to the face.  Alternatively PRP can be directly injected into the concern areas. For ideal results both procedures should be done together.

​Where are we located?
We have offices in King of Prussia and Exton Pennsylvania. We serve the greater Philadelphia area, but we draw patients from New York to Maryland to Harrisburg.