8.19.19 Patricia C. 10/10
The office staff is very friendly, 
Knowledgeable and calming. Dr. Gambhir takes the time to discuss options and is not pushy. My results are great and they truly seem to care about their patients.

8.18.19 Sabina H. 10/10
Wonderful microderm procedure. Esthetician and receptionists were super nice. Loved it!

8.17.19 Jennifer D. 10/10
From the receptionist to the doctor and everyone I between, the atmosphere is friendly, and positive.

8.17.19 Michele R. 10/10
The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They are knowledgeable and able to immediately direct you to the right person or information. 
It is a comfortable place, very welcoming.

8.16.19 Ann B. 10/10
Easy relaxed atmosphere. Love the staff and Dr. Gambhir 👩‍⚕️ is awesome. And I look and feel amazing when I leave!!

8.16.19 Joe G. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir takes time to listen to your concerns and answers every question. Vibha provided me with 100% satisfaction. I was totally blown away with the results. She is the best!...

8.15.19 Madeline L. 10/10
PA is great! Wait time is short and the front desk staff is also very friendly.

8.14.19 Pat C. 10/10
Very kind so respectful they never try to push anything and take the time to answer all questions. I value Dr Vibha Gambhir opinion and suggestions. She is so kind and genuine.

8.14.19 Susan S. 10/10
Everyone is very nice and professional. I normally go on my lunch break so don’t have a lot of spare time and they take that into consideration and provide great service in a timely matter! I have seen Dr. Gambhir three times now and she’s great!

8.14.19 Dana O. 10/10
Very easy to schedule. Staff talks to you before so they fully understand what your are looking for and are on the same page!

8.13.19 Cheryl B. 10/10
Every single person who works at your office is very polite, kind, and informative. I drive over an hour to get there and it's well worth the trip. Thank you!

8.13.19 Holly W. 10/10
The doctor respects my concerns and needs and does not push me to have additional services. 
Overall, I have been very happy with Dr. Gambhir and the KOP office staff.

8.9.19 Phoebe J. 10/10
Friendly staff, consistent awesome results every time, rewards program

8.9.19 Nikki S. 10/10
The appointments are quick and easy and Dr. Gambhir does an amazing job!

8.8.19 Terri H. 10/10
Dr. Gambir was knowledgeable, easy to talk to and not pushy. I appreciate that in a doctor. Great first visit!

8.8.19 Carolyn J. 10/10

Office staff is terrific.

Doctor is conservative.

Doctor takes the time about “long term plans”.

8.7.19 Ann S. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir is very calm and explains every procedure very carefully. You have confidence after you speak to him that you are choosing the right treatment for you. It doesn't feel like he is trying to sell you something.

8.7.19 Cynthia C. 10/10
Professional and experienced. Number of services provided is vast. Cleanliness and nice office space.

8.5.19 Tracy P. 10/10
The PA was very personable and knowledgeable.

8.5.19 Melissa D. 10/10

Awesome! Would absolutely refer to a friend!

8.5.19 Leigh M. 10/10
Excellent service and friendly staff! highly recommend!

8.4.19 Victoria S. 10/10
Everyone was very professional and friendly. 
Procedures were explained and questions were answered. Will be back!!

8.4.19 Carly M. 10/10
Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable and my results were amazing !

8.3.19 Jessica M. 10/10
My practitioner (Julie) was very nice and straightforward. She took great care of me! My procedure was borderline painless - the only thing that made me uncomfortable were the tiny pin pricks for the numbing agent, but even then I only felt the first two.

8.3.19 Leslie C. 10/10
Best place ever! Highly professional top notch profession Alibey and the services are like none other will highly recommend to anyone

8.3.19 Stephanie C. 10/10
Very competent in his procedures. Doesn’t want to do too much to make you look unnatural ! Has a very calming voice. Explains everything about the procedure very well before and during. Doesn’t try and oversell you with additional procedures but does give appropriate recommendations for the future

8.3.19 Zoraida L. 10/10
It was my first time doing anything cosmetic so I was nervous. I enjoyed the relaxing environment; even the healthcare team seemed relaxed and projected that onto me. They were knowledgeable and did great in explaining everything. They mever made me feel like it was a sales transaction nor did I feel pressured to buy any other services. I felt that any answers or suggestions were genuine. Great practice & would truly recommend.

.2.19 Danielle O. 10/10

Dr Ghambir thoroughly explained what the procedures entailed and was extremely gentle while administering Botox!

8.2.19 Traci E. 10/10
Love coming into the office 
Love the atmosphere 
Love the staff 
Everyone is so nice and refreshing

8.2.19 Louise G. 10/10
Welcome staff is friendly and helpful. 
Consult with Julie was extremely informing to my personal condition and needs. 
Thank you

8.2.19 Kathleen G. 10/10
Everything was explained to me. Very thorough!

8.2.19 Margaret H. 10/10
I've been going here for over a year now and see Lindley for my botox and filler injections. Lindley is awesome! Sometimes I want to go too far with 9njections and she will tell you straight up what will work and not work for what I want to achieve. I want people to see I look better, not fake. I trust Lindley completely and highly recommend her. Dr. Gambhir has also done some laser work on me and the results were effective and pleasing. My trust is also in Dr. Gsmbhir. You will be pleased and leave the office happy and feeling good about yourself. Absolutely 5 stars to Gambhir Cosmetic Services.

8.1.19 Jennie S. 10/10
Fast, friendly, knowledgeable team!

8.1.19 Jeni S. 10/10
Everyone in the office is extremely professional, polite and friendly. Julie - who administered my treatment - is wonderful. She is very skilled, excellent at explaining what she is doing and I have the upmost confidence in what she is doing. I will definitely be returning.

8.1.19 Kathy C. 10/10
I find from the office staff to the providers all to be very patient and kind. It’s took me five years to make the decision to get fillers and to fight aging and feel good about myself. 
Julie is well educated about her field she’s answered every question I’ve had honestly and openly. I’m in the healthcare field so my standards or rather high, I am a repeat customer !!

8.1.19 Janet K. 10/10
It’s a nice relaxing environment. The staff is friendly and the service is as comfortable as it can be.

7.30.19 Amanda V. 10/10
Friendly knowledgeable staff. Almost no wait time on scheduled appointments. Clean offices. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

7.30.19 Kerry K. 10/10
Dr Ansul is very patient and has a great bedside manner. Staff ( Gina) is also very sweet and professional.

7.30.19 Jennifer S. 10/10
Dr Gambhir is very thorough, explains options and talks to you about suggestions. 
Love the office also!

7.28.19 Carolyn G. 10/10
The quality of service and product is exceptional!

7.26.19 Francine T. 10/10
I have been coming to Dr. Gambhir for over 12 years! That in itself says a lot. The staff are always friendly and professional. The office is gorgeous and relaxing. I walk in looking tired and worn out & leave feeling refreshed and beautiful!

7.26.19 Xanthia S. 10/10
Staff is always welcoming and nice and Dr. Ghambir is a total pro, while also being friendly and nice

7.25.19 Linda M. 10/10
Dr. Ghambir and all if the staff were great. I really felt I was well informed and you were very knowledgeable and helpful on figuring out a plan for my needs. I’m looking forward to coming back in November.

7.23.19 Sandra H. 10/10
I like that the doctors make suggestions and are not pushy with suggested procedures. I never feel rushed either.

7.23.19 Debra M. 10/10
The professional and good natured attitude in this office from everyone including Dr Gambhir is above and beyond the norm. They all make you feel at home and all questions and answers are addressed in a respectful manner. I was there today for Botox and fillers. 100% satisfaction. Of course I will be back and recommend them to all who seek their services.

7.23.19 Kim E. 10/10
Most comfortable atmosphere for getting cosmetic procedures!! I feel very calm and at ease there...no pressure at all. Love the whole staff!!!

7.19.19 Cynthia C. 10/10
I love the instant results and Dr. Gambhir was great. I felt no pain at all. I will definitely be going back for more treatments

7.19.19 Kristen B. 10/10
I love that the doctor is excellent and cares to get to know her patients and that the staff are very helpful in booking and Brilliant Distinctions redemptions.

7.18.19 Annmarie D. 10/10
Love getting my Botox there. Staff is always friendly and Dr Gambhir takes time to discuss treatment and offer suggestions without being pushy.

7.18.19 Kaitlyn S. 10/10
Dr Gambhir and his staff are excellent. They are very informative and explain everything in detail. They answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns, I was also given very detailed aftercare instructions and a monthly specials pricing list for future use. The visit was quick and painless and I will definitely be returning for all of my cosmetic needs.

7.15.19 Natalie S. 10/10
I loved my nurse Tina today. I was freaking out and she totally helped me through it. I was comfortable for the two hour process. Ask me in a few weeks for results.

7.15.19 Cry
stal C. 10/10

Doctor Gambhir was incredibly accommodating A tailored my service to me, was caring, took the time to explain all products and did not push me into purchasing anything. He answered all of my questions and was a true pleasure. I will never go anywhere else!

7.13.19 Genevieve D. 10/10
Honestly just got Botox for the first time forward crows feet etc. I also got a Botox lip flip. It’s been almost a week since I got it done and I bartend and all my regulars are saying how nice I look and that my makeup looks really nice but I honestly think it’s the Botox . I am hooked .

7.12.19 Stella P. 10/10
The staff is very friendly and super helpful. I never feel pressured at any point. Dr Gambhir is honest about her recommending only what is absolutely necessary, pressure free. She’s extremely knowledgeable.

7.11.19 Elizabeth S. 10/10
Clean beautiful office with a friendly, competent staff.
I love how meticulous Julie was with the placement & qty of my Botox.

​7.15.19 Natalie S. 10/10
I loved my nurse Tina today. I was freaking out and she totally helped me through it. I was comfortable for the two hour process. Ask me in a few weeks for results.

7.15.19 Crystal C. 10/10
Doctor Gambhir was incredibly accommodating A tailored my service to me, was caring, took the time to explain all products and did not push me into purchasing anything. He answered all of my questions and was a true pleasure. I will never go anywhere else!

7.13.19 Genevieve D. 10/10
Honestly just got Botox for the first time forward crows feet etc. I also got a Botox lip flip. It’s been almost a week since I got it done and I bartend and all my regulars are saying how nice I look and that my makeup looks really nice but I honestly think it’s the Botox . I am hooked .

7.12.19 Stella P. 10/10
The staff is very friendly and super helpful. I never feel pressured at any point. Dr Gambhir is honest about her recommending only what is absolutely necessary, pressure free. She’s extremely knowledgeable.

7.11.19 Elizabeth S. 10/10
Clean beautiful office with a friendly, competent staff.

I love how meticulous Julie was with the placement & qty of my Botox.

7.8.19 Ariela R. 10/10
Excellent doctor! Friendly staff. Pleasant atmosphere. 

7.7.19 Alicia S. 10/10
Everyone there is very professional, Dr Gambhir is the best.

7.7.19 Blair D. 10/10
I love the office staff. Dr. Vibha is great and always listens to what i want. The office is always punctual as well. Highly recommend!

7.6.19 Peggy C. 10/10
I was made to feel welcome and comfortable from the time I entered to the time I left. The staff is warm and knowledgeable. Overall, a great experience.

7.5.19 Nancy P. 10/10
The Doctor(s) really personalize the treatments and really care about making you look the best that you can.

7.5.19 Lynda B. 10/10
Everything is great here from the front desk girls and Nurses to the wonderful doctor and all services rendered!

7.5.19 Gabrielle S. 10/10
This office is amazing. Staff always friendly and helpful. Dr. Gambhir listens to what exactly I am looking for. Every time I leave I am over excited and satisfied with the results. I recommend this office to everyone. Thanks again!

7.5.19 Selena E. 10/10
he took his Time to make it look right and really looked at my face to see how it should look where other people would’ve rushed it -same day appointment I love that and I felt really good about myself when I left it means a lot ❤️💋

7.4.19 Angela K. 10/10
Julia PA and staff are great and welcoming

7.4.19 Victoria S. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir has a great bed-side manner. He took the time to listen to my concerns and explain my options. During treatment, he explained what he was doing and what I would experience. Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine has an extensive list of services at competitive pricing. I will definitely return.

7.4.19 Anat M. 10/10
Lindley Gallagher Was extremely nice ! She took her time with explaining everything to me and more 
I was very nervous when I came , and thanks to her I had a great experience 
Thank you

7.3.19 Nicole V. 10/10
I work with Dr. Gambhir (female), and she is so knowledgeable about her craft, as well as caring and compassionate towards her clients. I always feel comfortable trusting her opinion and guidance, and she really understands what I am looking for through the procedures I choose. She also never pressures me to do anything I don't proactively ask about. Thank you!

7.3.19 Patti K. 10/10
Great service - treatments were well explained and extensive post treatment care provided. Online consent form made the appointment even easier. Good job!

7.2.19 Natalie K. 10/10
So far, I’m pleased with the results of the treatments that I received. 
Dr. Vibha Gambhir is a skillful and gentle injector, listened to my concerns and made good recommendations to achieve natural results. 
Tina also did a great job treating me with Coolsculpting.

Making appointments was easy and everyone was very nice and courteous. 
Of course, I hope my results stay as long as possible, but I will happily return for more treatments, and will recommend your practice to my friends.

7.1.19 Courtney S. 10/10
Makes me feel so comfortable and informed when getting the procedures done. Professional and genuine staff that listens to your concerns and makes you feel beautiful!


6.30.19 Leslie L. 10/10
Friendly staff and amazing facial by Denise Agnew! Really enjoyed my experience there!

6.29.19 Katerina S. 10/10
Julie is always friendly and personable, and she makes the procedure so comfortable!

6.28.19 Jennifer W. 10/10
Dr. Anshul Gambhir explains every procedure in a kind and gentle manner. The staff is friendly and informative and I feel very comfortable in the office.

6.28.19 Denise G. 10/10
everyone is very friendly and never make you feel rushed. They answer all your questions and concerns with the up most professionalism. Most of all they make you look great and do not push anything on you that you can not afford.

6.28.19 Diane G. 10/10
Dr Gambhir is so insightful. I went in w my version of what I needed and HE took the time to listen and then offered his expert advise of what would best work for me, for what I wanted to achieve. 
Yes only one day later and I’m loving the results already, plus no bruising is very unusual for me. 
I’m looking forward to seeing the end result in a few wks.

6.27.19 Sheila N. 10.10
The staff is extremely nice and inviting! The atmosphere is very calming and Dr. Gambhir takes time with you to clarify the procedure you are there for and if asked, to suggest additional options-she is ready to help.

6.27.19 Josie G. 10/10
The friendly staff. Lori is great. Dr. Vibha is great. Very open to questions. I like that you're proactive with points to make sure they are applied, and that I can book online.

6.25.19 Louann C. 10/10
I appreciate personalized service in a pleasant office that runs on time!

6.25.19 Marsha B. 10/10
Easy to make an appointment. Staff friendly and helpful in determining if you have any discounts available. Overall prices for treatments and products reasonable. Two locations!

6.23.19 Kimberly B. 10/10
My botox shots are almost painless. They also answer all my questions.

6.23.19 Sasha S. 10/10
Excellent Service and amazing physicians and staff! I've never had a bad patient experience to share

6.22.19 Valerie W. 10/10
Polite, helpful, and extremely comforting especially if you’re new to procedures. Have been a loyal client for over 3 years! Thank you!

6.21.19 Jude S. 10/10
Excellent , very informative, concern for comfort and well being of patient. 
The bonus points are a plus too.

6.21.19 Debbie S. 10/10
Professional and friendly staff, office is very clean, and Dr Gambhir is patient, kind, thoroughly answers all questions, and I am extremely pleased with my care and treatment results

6.21.19 Michelle H. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir has a very polite, professional & informative manner about him. I like most procedures are low to no down time.

6.20.19 Lauren D. 10/10
I LOVE Julie. She listened to everything I had to say and things I wanted to do differently this time. She gives her feedback and makes sure to take her time and that I’m happy the whole time!

6.19.19 Fabricia F. 10/10
First of all I'm completely satisfied with the service they provide. Dr.Gambhir and his staff are absolutely cordiall, honest and professional. I extremely recommend Dr. Gambhir to anyone.

6.10.19 Lindsay E. 10/10
The staff...they are all friendly, helpful, honest and listen to my personal requests. Quality products and I love the rewards programs you offer.

6.8.19 Marcia H. 10/10
Professional and helpful staff. Answered all of my questions thoroughly. Nice office and easy to schedule.

6.8.19 Melisa W. 10/10
Really listened to my concerns and discussed various options! Friendly and knowledgeable!

6.7.19 Gina M. 10/10
The professionalism and how the staff makes you feel comfortable. Dr Gambhir takes the time to listen to your concerns and explains everything thoroughly. You never feel rushed.

6.7.19 Jenny H. 10/10
The professionalism and how the staff makes you feel comfortable. Dr Gambhir takes the time to list

6.7.19 Tara B. 10/10
There is a wide variety of services and the prices are great as well!

6.7.19 Gina M. 10/10
The professionalism and how the staff makes you feel comfortable. Dr Gambhir takes the time to listen to your concerns and explains everything thoroughly. You never feel rushed.

6.6.19 Beverly G. 10/10
I would highly recommend the services available at this office. The entire staff is extremely friendly and professional.

6.6.19 Paula M. 10/10
appointments are always available for my schedule, doctor and PA are excellent....no bruising! Honest and don't try to oversell. I have recommended to friends.

6.5.19 April J. 10/10
Lindley is wonderful. She is so friendly and welcoming.

6.5.19 Claire C. 10/10
Lisa was amazing- so competent and didn’t try to upsell

6.4.19 Victoria C. 10/10
The whole experience is great overall! I was a first timer and the team made me very comfortable and were super informative. I would recommend to anyone!

6.3.19 Cathleen P. 10/10
Love the convenience of the location and the friendliness of the entire team.

6.2.19 Cheryl R. 10/10
No wait, and great service- Dr Ghambir Explains in depth every procedure, taking time to answer questions, and is gentle and careful in carrying them out.

6.1.19 Dorothea D. 10/10
I have been going to Dr. Gambhir for many years. I have only had a great experience. Dr. Gambhir and his team are wonderful. They are very welcoming and answer all of your questions. I highly recommend.

5.29.19 Barbara M. 10/10
pleasant office atmosphere, detailed info before the procedure, professionalism

5.29.19 Harriet T. 10/10
There is nothing I don't like. Dr. Gambhir and her staff were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. All of my concerns and questions were answered by Dr. Gambhir and the treatment plan was started with painless botox injections. I am looking forward to my next visit with excitement.

5.29.19 Kathleen B. 10/10
The doctors and staff are very personable. They take the time to ease anxieties regarding treatments. They offer valuable feedback.

5.28.19 Stacy R. 10/10
No wait time , friendly staff . Dr. Gambhir is excellent. Totally relaxing ,painless experience.

5.28.19 Nicole D. 10/10
I have had the pleasure of having both doctors for fillers, and I have to say they are amazing. The results are perfect and I love coming to their office.

5.26.19 Donna H. 10/10
Great customer service, they also make suggestions but no pressure at all.

5.25.19 Rebecca W. 10/10
I’m in and out in just a few minutes, having received excellent service and a thorough explanation of the procedure.

5.24.19 Tara M. 10/10
The results are always perfect and I’m treated with great care from the moment I walk into the office. Everyone is very friendly and helpful! My injections are almost painless because Dr. Gambhir does such a great job.

5.23.19 Deborah H. 10/10
The staff members were welcoming. The doctor answered all of my questions and explained the differences in the products I was considering. Because she provided all of the information, I was comfortable with my decision for that day's treatment and knew what to expect for the few days following my appointment. The best part was that there was only a tiny bruise in one area and nothing in the other three. I was amazed - last year I had one treatment by the "cosmetic procedure specialist" at my dermatologist's office. That time the bruising was so awful that I avoided going out in public for almost two weeks. Thankfully, this experience was the opposite of the other provider in every way. I will be having more treatments with Dr. Gambhir in the future!

5.23.19 Michael S. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir is real and doesn't try to up charge you. He states the truth but does not gouge you with unnecessary treatments

5.23.19 Rachel S. 10/10
Great service and friendly staff. I love that they don’t try and push you to do more and spend more. They offer their recommendation and it’s always very conservative.

5.23.19 Lisa J. 10/10
Dr Gambhir and staff are simply fabulous! Everyone makes you feel at ease!

5.23.19 Carol B. 10/10
Great staff! Friendly and helpful! Dr. G is wonderful. She is friendly and easy to talk to.

5.23.19 Dianne B. 10/10
The whole staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr Gambhir is always very clear about what 
we are doing and puts me at ease. The nurse is very helpful. : )

5.22.19 Ann Marie M. 10/10
First of all, I like the comfort of the premises and the friendly staff. Dr. Gambhir is very welcoming and proficient in his craft. He always discusses your requests and gives excellent suggestions for treatment. He understands the monetary constraints of his patients. I always leave feeling satisfied with the care that I receive and the results of my treatment.

5.22.19 Donna B. 10/10
I like that there was a lot of discussion and explanation prior to making a plan. For me the plan was multi-layered, so we determined what was the priority and then costs were reviewed. The discussion of cost was transparent and straight forward so I knew exactly what I would be paying that day. Then a course was mapped out for what I would be doing in the future. 
As for the actual procedure, Dr. Gambhir explained what he was doing and was very gentle.

5.21.19 Susan S. 10/10
Love Denise! Great facial!

5.20.19 Susan W. 10/10

Dr is caring, knowledgeable and always get fantastic results. Staff is so friendly, also so knowledgeable about the services, products ect..

5.20.19 Adaoma A. 10/10
I love my lips. Dr. Vishal Gambhir has such a light touch and that’s all I needed and wanted. My lips just needed a little boost and she gave me just that. Thanks so much!

5.18.19  Jessica B. 10/10
Knowledgeable staff & lots of appointment choices

5.18.19  Sandy W. 10/10
Very happy with the service kind and attentive staff and doctor thanks for making me look my best.

5.18.19  Carole B. 10/10
The staff, assistant and Dr. Gambhir were all very kind and explained everything in detail. Made me feel very comfortable and the procedures were painless.

5.18.19  Lisa K. 10/10
I like how each of the girls take there time with. They’re very kind and professional. Dr is just amazing!! You don’t get that fake plastic look, you gets what already with a few tweets here and their.

5.18.19  Katelyn O. 10/10
Love coming here for my fillers. Dr is very personable and does exactly what you ask. Also provides education on different services you ask about

5.18.19  Courtney S. 10/10
First impressions mean everything! Upon arrival, I was greeted with friendly, smiling faces. I was brought back promptly and given ample time to discuss my procedure, ask any questions/voice any concerns. The doctor was amazing! Her technique was great, I felt minimal discomfort. As someone who has had multiple lip fillers in the past, she is by far the best! I would definitely recommend this practice to everyone!

5.18.19 Caitlin M. 10/10
Friendly and knowledge staff, Dr. is amazing and luv the results

5.17.19  Gabriella S. 10/10
Lisa is the absolute best!! My skin has never looked better and it’s all thanks to her!!! Love it here so much

5.17.19 Dawn M. 10/10
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. There is never a wait.

5.16.19 Jill M. 10/10
I’ve been going to Dr. Gambhir for almost 5 years. With every visit, I’ve always appreciated the time he takes in making me understand and feel comfortable about the procedures I’m about to get done. He asks me questions, and never rushes anything. The nurses, and other office staff are very sweet, and helpful as well. The office atmosphere is always beautiful and very clean😉 
Lets be honest... Finding someone to trust with your face is huge!! I’ve always taken to his gentle approach with fillers and Botox. I’m 40 years young, and love when people look shocked when I tell them how old I am!! Lol 😬 Thank you Dr. G!!

5.16.19 Jennifer P. 10/10
Everyone is awesome in the office. Dr viba Gambhir very knowledgeable. Reasonable prices - excellent service

5.15.19 Evon B. 10/10
Dr Gambhir evaluates what is the best treatment with your budget in mind.

5.15.19 Jennifer S. 10/10
Julie was very helpful and professional. I will definitely be back.

5.15.19 Deanne B. 10/10
The Doctor!! Gentle, knowledgeable and kind

5.15.19 Kristen W. 10/10
Very friendly staff. Ran on time and I was able to get in and out of the office with no delays.

5.13.19 Lynn A. 10/10
Dr Ghambir was very personable. He took the time to explain procedures and did not try to talk me into buying more services. I will be back !!

5.12.19 Mani W. 10/10
I love everything about your services. From the front desk to the assistant, to the doctor, to the location, to the care and honesty. I feel good going there, the prices are fare and the service is amazing.

5.12.19 Jessica K. 10/10
She was very informative. Helped me stay within the unit/price range I was planning on but also getting me the desired effect of my Botox. The assistant was great as well as the front desk.

5.12.19 Alyssa H. 10/10
The personal touches; the convserations with the Dr and other members of the staff that don’t feel rushed or hurried are greatly appreciated!

5.12.19 Denise C. 10/10
Very personal care and lovely bed side manner.

5.11.19 Deborah G. 10/10
Dr Anshul Gambhir is like an artist for cosmetic enhancements. He listens, cares and makes suggestions according to my budget and personal needs. He is soft spoken yet very knowledgeable about his work and intention to give me the best look based on my needs! No one suspects that I have had “work done” on my face nor that I am 66! I have a very natural and refreshed look that makes me feel 15 years younger. I highly recommend him and he has a great staff as well! I am a very satisfied and happy client indeed! May 2019

5.11.19 Debrah B. 10/10
Amazing dream facial from Lisa. Very professional environment.

5.11.19 Lynn C. 10/10
The people at the office were friendly, week-informed and not pushy. The doctor was easy to talk to and very good at explaining procedures and what to expect.

5.10.19 Brenda S. 10/10
I like that Dr. Gambhir is patient and courteous when dealing with the many questions I sometimes have. He never rushes through my appointment. He listens carefully so that he can be sure that he is giving me exactly what I am looking for.

5.10.19 Molly D. 10/10
Thank you so much for the amazing service! You answered all of my numerous questions and put me at ease with the process (I got those worry lines for a reason :) I am already (2 days later) LOVING the results!!! I look and feel younger!! I will definitely return for more services..thank you so much!!

5.9.19 Tania Y. 10/10
Great staff. Both Dr's ate amazing. Clean office.

5.8.19 Ruth K. 10/10
Both doctors are fantastic and spend time with patients. They ask the patient what bothers them most. Then they carefully evaluate and offer suggestions.

5.7.19 Lisa M. 10/10
I love how easy it is to get in and out of these appointments! I NEVER have to wait and I just love Dr Gambhir (Female). She's gorgeous and she makes you feel pretty when you sit in her chair!

5.6.19 Mariarose M. 10/10
Quick and professional!

5.6.19 Sheeza J. 10/10
The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Drs are not pushy about products and listen to your concerns first then make recommendations!

5.5.19 Doreen N. 10/10
people are extremely knowledgable, products work

5.4.19 Donna R. 10/10
Great experience! Doctor was very kind and explained everything to me. No pressure! I felt very comfortable. Outcome of procedures done was great! Would highly recommend Dr. Gambhir!!

5.4.19 Elaine L. 10/10
Love Julie! Very professional,thorough and she obviously loves her job!

5.3.19 Courtney H. 10/10
Dr. Ghambir is so kind and good at what she does. I love her.

5.3.19 Beth B. 10/10
Friendly ... made me feel at ease ... relaxing,,,knowledgable...best CustomerServiceAdv ever!!

5.3.19 Monica R. 10/10
Dr gambhir is very responsive to what my concerns are and gentle!

5.3.19 Jennifer K. 10/10
Very nice, knowledgeable and prompt. Took time to explain all my options and price points. Did not try to upsell

5.2.19 Rita G. 10/10
Very friendly yet very professional

5.2.19 Paula M. 10/10
Everyone is so nice. The doctors are so open to discussions options and even show examples of themselves having had some procedures.

5.2.19 Gloria P. 10/10
I like the natural look from the doctors injections. Other doctors make you look fake and unnatural.

5.2.19 Shannon F. 10/10
Julie was terrific with giving advice and explaining procedures. This was my first time getting Botox- I will be back!

5.1.19 Peg M. 10/10
Doctors are professional and very helpful. They have a great staff too

5.1.19 Patricia W. 10/10
Dr. Gambier is very nice and doesn’t push you to buy more

5.1.19 Marie S. 10/10
Office is clean. Nurses and techs are great. Dr is very nice and professional.

5.1.19 Ana S. 10/10
The team is very welcoming and helpful. They explain all the procedures and when you think is more, is already done, things happen so fast. I really enjoy the experience and totally recommend!

4.30.19 Janet B. 10/10
Very clean, professional and good advice. Help you decide how much or what you want to do. Not necessarily everything on the menu!

4.29.19 Lee B. 10/10
Very professional and thorough. Denise does a great job.

4.29.19 Megan M. 10/10
The quality of work and the time Dr. Gambhir takes answering any questions and explaining the different options available. I have always been happy with any services I’ve had done here!

4.28.19 Meghan S. 10/10
Everything! The level of honesty & feedback on what to prioritize, the friendly & knowledgeable staff, the rewards programs & the flexible schedule.

4.28.19 Ilona Z. 10/10
The staff was so friendly from the second I walked through the door, They did not rush the appointment and explained everything thoroughly. My results are AMAZING to say the least:) Definitely coming back!

4.28.19 Heather A. 10/10
Personalized attention and excellent bedside manner. Dr Gambhir really listens to his clients, is very knowledgeable and up to date on latest advances in aesthetics care

4.27.19 Giovanna P. 10/10
The doctors are great people and they listen to what you want. I would highly recommend coming here for treatment.

4.27.19 Carolyn G. 10/10
The service, the price and the quality of the product.

4.27.19 Phoebe J. 10/10
Friendly and competent staff. I always love the results!

4.26.19 Karen R. 10/10
Personal approach, very knowledgeable

4.26.19 Patricia M. 10/10
Very informative and receptive physician who listens to my needs and goals. Physician spent adequate amount of time with me, physician was not rushing. Very attentive and knowledgable!

4.26.19 Rachael G. 10/10
The staff is always so friendly and inviting. They make me feel at home and I enjoy every visit!

4.26.19 Cynthia T. 10/10
Dr. G is the best

4.26.19 Christine R. 10/10
It’s a quick visit everyone is super sweet. They always make you feel welcome

4.26.19 Melissa H. 10/10
Thorough and knowledgable doctors and staff. Minimal or no wait. Reasonable prices.

4.26.19 Katie D. 10/10
Very pleasant staff, Quick and knowledgeable Drs., and great work!

4.25.19 Barbara W. 10/10
This was my third visit to the office and this time I was amazed how awesome my skin looked afterwards. I added a collagen mask and it made all the difference. I loved having the awesome massage during my treatment.

4.24.19 Kris M. 10/10
The office was beautiful, the Dr.’s assistant was knowledgeable, informative, extremely helpful & friendly. The Dr. was great. He went over what I wanted to do, & what we could do to achieve the results I was looking for. I experienced no pain with the filler treatment. We spoke about future treatments (never any pressure), made me aware of things I thought were unavailable (kybella for the jowl area). Mapped out a strategy & I made future appointments. I have the utmost confidence in the Dr. Ghambir & his abilities. I appreciate the fact that the Dr. was the one to administer the treatment. I will definitely continue my “quest “ for a more youthful appearance w this practice.

4.24.19 Lisa D. 10/10
The friendly staff and Dr. Gambhir is amazing , she makes me look and feel younger without being over done.

4.23.19 Maria F. 10/10
As I loved the result of my Vollure injections, sadly I had a reaction. Dr. Gambhir worked with me to resolve the issue. I had the best care and attention at his hands. He gave clear and helpful suggestions going forward to achieve the desired look I want and feel comfortable with.
Kind and friendly staff always!

4.23.19 Jennifer S. 10/10
Wonderful, professional treatment of clients. Extremely knowledgeable staff who never rush you and encourage you to take your time in making decisions/choices.

4.23.19 Nancy M. 10/10
Very happy with your office and all your help on something that happened

4.23.19 Kim E. 10/10
Most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere :) Although, this wasn't my first time for my service, I was still treated with knowledge, friendliness and ease :)
Would highly recommend the husband and wife duo, Dr. Gambhir :)

4.23.19 Cheryl K. 10/10
Friendly staff, excellent service and outstanding doctor

4.21.19 Regina B. 10/10
Quick, friendly, affordable

4.20.19 Lauren L. 10/10
Dr. G is the best! He makes me feel fabulous :)

4.20.19 Yvonne D. 10/10
Personalized care to fit your face and features. Always listen to the outcome you are trying to achieve .

4.20.19 Connie P. 10/10
Prompt, honest, courteous service, all handled in a professional manner with both Dr. and Mrs. Ghambir!! Thank you!

4.20.19 Jacqueline B. 10/10
The doctor isnt pushing extra injections you dont need. Very calming personality and quick with the procedure.

4.20.19 Alexandra O. 10/10
Very professional and delicate hands, beautiful results!

4.19.19 Angela B. 10/10
The Dr. Gambhir is very professional, honest, and phenomenal at what he does. I respect a doctor who doesn’t allow you to get just anything or just tell you what you want to hear, even if it means rejecting or losing a profit. For example, i wanted two syringes of lip filler he advised me to only do one. Also, I just did the VI Peel and he said the peel will reduce my brown mark, not take it away, and it did exactly that.

4.19.19 Jamie S. 10/10
Quick and painless

4.19.19 Patricia B. 10/10
On time, very professional, explains everything, enjoy the visit

4.18.19 Elizabeth M. 10/10
Everyone in the office is very helpful, knowledgeable and sweet. It’s great to go there and not feel out of place. Charlotte was awesome. It was my first time getting Botox and she was so kind and informative. Dr. Ghambir is sweet and approachable. I also love that they offer rewards through brilliant distinctions. Thanks for making me feel comfortable and beautiful!

4.18.19 Zana D. 10/10
Julie was wonderful! Very kind and patient. Answered all of my questions.

4.17.19 Natasha S. 10/10
Dr. G and the staff are very friendly and the entire process was very fast.

4.17.19 April R. 10/10
I’m a huge fan of Dr Gambhir. He doesn’t push unnecessary services . He makes you feel comfortable. I have had Botox and sclerotherapy with my leg veins . He has always done a great job . I had scleratherapy elsewhere prior to him and he has been most thorough with injections and laser and really tries to get all the veins and I had the most results after he did it ! I will continue using his services as it’s not easy to find a good Dr u can truly trust with comestic stuff.

4.17.19 Mike G. 10/10
Treated by actual doctor, who was honest.. and awesome.

4.17.19 Patricia C. 10/10
I loved everything about my appointment, from the front desk, the assistant in the room and Dr. Gambir who always gives me wonderful advise and cosmetic procedures.

4.17.19 Linda S. 10/10
Staff were friendly and helpful, the office environment was clean and nicely appointed, there was enough staff so that there was no waiting to make appoints etc. Most importantly the results of the treatment were good

4.17.19 Inna S. 10/10
Convenient on-line scheduling, very punctual appointment time. Very knowledgeable doctor with good easy hands. I did not have much pain during a procedures, and I did not have any bruising after. The results are great!

4.16.19 Patricia C. 10/10
Everyone was very friendly. The office decor was calming instead of clinical. Julie did my services and she was very knowledgeable, talked to me for a long time about options and procedures and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

4.15.19 Brian R. 10/10
Verify professional

4.14.19 Heather B. 10/10
Everything was great and staff very friendly and knowledgeabl

4.12.19 Tammy P. 10/10
The pa was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Put us at ease and answered all questions honestly

4.12.19 Chris F. 10/10
Dr. Ghambir is very thoughtful. He offers suggestions but is not pushy. The results are great *natural but not over done*

4.13.19 Kathy C. 10/10
Professional, answered all my questions, provided information without being pushy or trying to upsell services or products

4.13.19 Anne H. 10/10
Easy location, friendly staff and skilled dr

4.13.19 Nadia Z. 10/10
Nice staff and good services

4.11.19 Nelly M. 10/10
Great services very nice and friendly , I love this place

4.11.19 Katie F. 10/10
The success of the service!!

4.11.19 Senia P. 10/10
Service, Female Doctor takes her time. And are not there just for your money. Clean office and professional.

4.11.19 Michele B. 10/10
explain everything very well but not pushy about any extra services if you are not interested

4.8.19 Nancy M. 10/10

They work! Knowledgeable, friendly personnel. Great atmosphere.

4.7.19 Lisa M. 10/10
Such a warm and friendly practice! And the drs are patient and truly listen to you!

4.6.19 Shanna H. 10/10
He is extremely good and professional.

4.6.19 Ariela R. 10/10
Great staff. Botox treatments are working well. Good value.

4.6.19 Shalene Z. 10/10
Julie was amazing, informative and not pushy . Will always ask for her now

4.6.19 Denise F. 10/10
I like that Dr. Gambhir explains everything and works within your budget. Never pushy.

4.6.19 Bobbie G. 10/10
Office staff is always friendly and helpful. Office is clean and inviting. Dr Gambhir is professional and nice. He explains everything and isn’t pushy with other services. He has always done an amazing job with the treatments I’ve received. I would definitely recommend Dr Gambhir!!

4.5.19 Peggy G. 10/10
Friendly, personalized and prompt service!

4.5.19 Carolyn J. 10/10
Great staff, experienced and talented Dr,, scheduling is easy and convenient.

4.4.19 Susan B. 10/10
Dr gambir is very attentive. The staff is friendly. The results are great.

4.4.19 Jill C. 10/10
Service was impeccable from making the appt, checking in, consult with the nurse and my appointment with the doctor. And, I LOVE my results!

4.3.19 Holly L. 10/10
Appointment timely without waiting. Detailed explanation of treatment from beginning to end with written aftercare instructions. Doctor calm & unhurried. Willing to discuss other treatments for future treatments without additional consultation times. Office beautiful & clean. Did not try to sell services or products. Friendly staff.

4.3.19 Marie S. 10/10
Office is clean. Dr and techs are nice and informative.

4.3.19 Tess W. 10/10
Friendly staff- everything was explained in detail and all questions answered. Will be going back!

4.3.19 Erika R. 10/10
Friendly and courteous.

4.2.19 Annette M. 10/10
Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Professional, informative, and all so very encouraging.

4.1.19 Mary G. 10/10
Everyone is nice and professional. I really like how Mrs. Gambhir does my filler's very satisfied...

3.30.19 Kendy W. 10/10
I loved how Dr. Ghambir explained everything before during and after my procedure!

3.30.19 Erica C. 10/10
Very nice place and extremely nice. Everything was explained before done. Painless!

3.30.19 Amy F. 10/10
The specials so you can try the services!

3.30.19 Xanthia S. 10/10
Very friendly, and great recommendations. Love my results

3.30.19 Sandra F. 10/10
The skill and the honesty about which services will help me more than others.

3.30.19 Alexis M. 10/10
Quick, painless and professional

3.29.19 Shannon W. 10/10
Ease of scheduling online and evening hours available

3.29.19 Amy S. 10/10
Great personalized service. Felt like everyone took their time. My questions were answered and felt very at ease with new procedure. Would highly recommend!

3.29.19 Jessica C. 10/10
She and her assistant listened and made me feel comfortable. Thank you!!

3.28.19 Janet M. 10/10
I feel better about my appearance after getting Botox and fiiller for my cheeks. It also helps to lift my eye brows and just generally makes me feel I look more like myself before I had eye surgery. Staff has always been great n Dr. Gambhir (female) has always taken her time n not rushed. Gives good recommendations.

3.27.19 Michele S. 10/10
I drove almost 2 hours to see Dr. Ghambir and it was absolutely worth it! He is the most kind man and experienced doctor. At the time I could only afford so much, but with his recommendations I am looking forward to coming back for more. The office and staff are wonderful. I loved my results and will be a patient as long as he is in practice!

3.27.19 Jennifer B. 10/10
Easy to schedule appointments. Nice and friendly staff.

3.27.19 Karen S. 10/10
Knowledgeable doctors and kind staff.

3.27.19 Frank M. 10/10
The service both from a procedure, and customer service aspect were incredible.
Thanks again for a great visit.

3.27.19 Brittany S. 10/10
It's a clean, friendly environment.

3.27.19 Nikki S. 10/10
Had my lips done on Monday (first time) and received a syringe of Vollure. I did not bruise, barely was swollen at all and now day 3 my lips are back to being soft and feeling completely normal. Had an amazing experience. It was quick, painless, and no one in my house or at work was able to notice anything! My lips just appear very nicely shaped now. Will be going back soon for my second but I would recommend Gambhir to anyone they are excellent!

3.26.19 Melissa H. 10/10
The price is competitive and the results are good.

3.25.19 Kathy L. 10/10
Julie is wonderful.

3.25.19 Blair D. 10/10
I’m so pleased with my results. Dr. Vibha takes the time to listen to my requests and always asks questions.

3.24.19 Fatemeh B. 10/10
The doctor is highly skilled and I trust her .

3.23.19 Margaret S. 10/10
Dr. always has the best advice and guidance for me. I trust him immensely.

3.21.19 Melinda D. 10/10
Always feel enformed and completely comfortable. Beautiful clean office

3.21.19 Denise M. 10/10
Staff makes visit personalized and ensures time is allotted during the visit to answer any questions and concerns.

3.21.19 Lisa B. 10/10
Very professional staff. Dr. Gambhir did an amazing job. Very impressed! Thank you!

3.20.19 Melissa G. 10/10
I love the look of my skin

3.20.19 Matt T. 10/10
They listen to your needs and offer best advice. Take time and done rush the procedure so you feel comfortable and relaxed

3.20.19 Michelle M. 10/10
Julie is very nice and knowledgeable

3.20.19 Colleen R. 10/10
I feel like Dr Gambhir listens when you speak to him and he gives you his professional opinion. He does not pressure you in your decision.

3.20.19 Caitlin B. 10/10
Friendly and honest services!

3.20.19 Colleen Y. 10/10
Dr Gahmbir was professional, calm, not pushy, very thorough. His staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They completely took their time with me and answered all of my questions without rushing me or pushing me into something!

3.20.19 Vicki D. 10/10
Friendly. Courteous. Their work is outstanding. Always on time.

3.20.19 Margaret S. 10/10
Dr. is a caring person who is up to date on all procedures -- carefully finding the perfect match to the patient.

3.19.19 Tara B. 10/10
The Dr. was extremely thorough and detailed. 👌🏻

3.19.19 Susan G. 10/10
Staff is very warm and friendly and office is very comfortable. Dr. Gambhir is very thorough in explaining procedures and services and working within your budget.

3.19.19 Nicole L. 10/10
Convenient location and hours, never kept waiting in waiting room, friendly staff

3.18.19 Suzanne F. 10/10
Happy with results

3.16.19 Sarah J. 10/10
I appreciate the doctor’s willingness to spend time answering any questions I have.

3.15.19 Margaret B. 10/10
Always friendly and great experience!

3.15.19 Victoria S. 10/10
Dr. Gambeir is very knowledgable and gentle when performing the services needed. The staff and friendly and also knowledgable. Always a good experience!

3.15.19 Linda F. 10/10
Friendly, knowledgeable staff, beautiful facility and excellent service offerings.

3.14.19 Jesenia G. 10/10
Lisa was great! The dream facial made my skin look amazing. Can not wait for my next facial with Lisa!

3.13.19 Geri O. 10/10
Kindness and professionalism

3.13.19 Uma G. 10/10
Thorough evaluation and communication about the procedure

3.13.19 Caroline K. 10/10
I like most the amount of time given to you to discuss exactly what bothers you about your face and then the carefully thought out plan that will help those issues. And if the expense is too much, a lesser expensive approach is discussed and they try their best to accommodate your desires and your pocketbook. Also - what I finally just had done : tailored to my specific desire - worked. I’m very pleased.

3.13.19 Wanda L. 10/10
Very friendly staff especially both doctors!

3.13.19 Catherine H. 10/10
Friendly staff & doctor place made us feel welcome & answeres any questions we had

3.13.19 Erika R. 10/10
Kind and professionall

​3.12.19 Ana O. 10/10
Prompt & great service! Very happy with results!

3.12.19 Michelle S. 10/10
Very pleasant technician

3.12.19 Dawn W. 10/10
Friendly staff 
Clean office 
Knowledgeable staff

3.12.19 John A. 10/10
Very kind and friendly .

3.12.19 Tracy S. 10/10
Very professional, latest treatments in skincare available, good specials, convenient hours and locations.

3.11.19 Joanne W. 10/10
Beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff and Dr. Gambhir is the best. He explains everything he is doing and has a very gentle and knowledgeable approach.

3.11.19 Amanda H. 
The office is convenient to my home, offers a large range of services, and gets me in and out quickly.

3.11.19 Jennifer D. 10/10
The doctor was extremely helpful and honest. Wouldn’t let me get an expensive product knowing that it wouldn’t be effective. My face looks great!

3.10.19 Abigail M. 10/10
The staff and Dr were amazing. Explained all aspects of the procedure and made me feel at ease. I will definitely recommend!

3.10.19 Avery C. 10/10
Everyone is so friendly and make you feel very comfortable.

3.10.19 Victoria L. 10/10
Very professional. Never make you wait long but at the same time they take their time and don’t rush your appointment if you have question. Botox and fillers always come out looking great. Their pricing is very competitive plus you can use brilliant distinctions!

3.10.19 Rosa C. 10/10
I’ve been seeing Dr. Gambear for 10 years . I love his sincere and caring ways . I have been very happy with his recommendations on things for us to try . And it’s worked. His staff is great . 
Thank you very much!!

3.9.19 Heather R. 10/10
The doctor and staff are very professional, knowledgeable and approachable.

3.9.19 Linda Z. 10/10
Vibha is excellent at what she does! Such a great first time experience.

3.9.19 Darlene S. 10/10
Patience, thorough explaination of procedure. 
From the front desk to the doctors assistance! 
East scheduling, also!

3.9.19 Jessica W. 10/10
The bruising and swelling was minimal this time, I am very happy!!!

3.9.19 Katie F. 10/10
I liked how professional the doctor who did my procedure was. She explained everything and didnt try and sell me anything, she even pointed out why I wouldn't need certain things I inquired about! That's real care. I had a great experience and would definitely return.

3.9.19 Joyce Z. 10/10
Got an appt quick and easy

3.9.19 Donna G. 10/10
Fast services, kind staff, pleasant staff. Great pricing amazing work

3.9.19 Sharon C. 10/10
Friendly, no pressure visit. They actually listen carefully to what you want.

3.9.19 Andrea C. 10/10
The doctor & everyone working there had a happy welcoming & helpful attitude. The doctor listened to what I wanted & I got the desired results.

3.9.19 June G. 10/10
Amazing results! Awesome staff!

3.8.19 Patti K. 10/10
Friendly staff, very personalized service. My options for cosmetic treatmentswere well explained! Overall, a great experience!

3.8.19 Katharine N. 10/10
Very happy with light touch ups. highly recommended

3.7.19 Tracy W. 10/10
Put me at ease, made me feel very comfortable about suggestions & treatment options, relatively painless procedures & extremely happy with the results thus far!

3.6.19 Alicia C. 10/10
Love everything provided along with staff and doctors

3.6.19 Loleta A. 10/10
Everything Thoroughly explained! No pressure! Awesome results!

3.6.19 Sara L. 10/10
For many years, quality courteous service with great results!

3.6.19 Christina B. 10/10
I had such an awesome experience, wonderful professionalism, immaculate facility, expert advice & perfect results. I highly recommend!

3.6.19 Maureen M. 10/10
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and listens to what I want and how I want to look. They make suggestions but are never pushy.

3.4.19 Miriam H. 10/10
Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Place was clean and they took me immediately. No waiting.

3.4.19 Lynda B. 10/10
Friendly and knowledgeable staff and talented Doctor .
I was late for my appointment and they were so nice about it and still saw me right away when I arrived !

3.4.19 Virginia B. 10/10
To me, this is artistry. It involved exceptional skills. I am very pleased with the results.

3.4.19 Stephanie Y. 10/10
Everyone’s demeanor, pleasant/friendly staff, positive attitudes.

3.3.19 Erin W. 10/10
Best facial ever. Will be going back soon.

3.3.19 Eizabeth A. 10/10
I have placed so much trust with this doctor and continue to use the services offered. There are many places to have this type of treatment, but trusting the person and not feeling as though he is selling you product makes it feel right.
Plus the outcome is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

3.3.19 Maureen D. 10/10
Staff was very knowledgeable and provided a good environment.

3.3.19 Melissa H. 10/10
Dr Gambhir was very knowledgeable. Took her time with me. I really appreciated her, as it was my first experience with Botox. Michelle was an amazing assistant, very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

3.3.19 Mary B. 10/10
Very professional. Love my results. Dr.V. And Michelle very helpful with recommendations.
Will be back in May.

3.2.19 Tara H. 10/10
I did not suffer any bruising! They were professional and efficient!

3.2.19 Nancy M. 10/10
Punctual appointment, clean, staff communicate with client but are not annoyingly pushy with sales, I’ve seen great results.

3.1.19 Pam G. 10/10
Dr.Anshul is a professional..He is calming and makes sure you are comfortable before he proceeds.

3.1.19 Jacqueline R. 10/10
I loved the patience and care taken to reassure me and I love the results!

2.28.19 Pilar M. 10/10
I like that everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable.all my questions answered very clearly.

2.28.19 Deborah M. 10/10
They are affordable and everyone who works in the office is professional and accommodating. Couldn’t be happier with the injections I’ve had.

2.28.19 Jessica R. 10/10
I got lip filler with Dr. Gambhir and they look amazing! They did a great job at informing me about the process since it was my first time and I will definitely be coming back!

2.28.19 Amanda M. 10/10
The staff is very polite and don’t try to push services on me.

2.28.19 Pamela L. 10/10
Fantastic. I had my first visit and it went very well. Can't wait to see the results!

2.28.19 Annamarie A. 10/10
Friendly staff, did not feel pressured, everything was explained , good prices. Great service

2.27.19 Stephanie D. 10/10
Prompt and professional. Love my results

2.27.19 Suzanne B. 10/10
Dr Gambhir is always so gentle, makes sure your comfortable. Staff is very friendly. Great promotions. Always happy with my results.

2.27.19 Erik S. 10/10
I like the outcomes I get from Microneedling and the CO2 treatments and the Botox. Lipodissolve is great too. The spa treatments are stellar as well but overall results less noticeable. I think the treatments are fairly economical most of the time and appreciate the fact that Dr. Gambhir is so knowledgeable and conscientious of what would work for a client and what wouldn’t. He never lets his clients pay for a procedure that won’t get them a good result.

2.27.19 Christine A. 10/10
You all are always kind and friendly. I appreciate all you do!

2.27.19 Darci H. 10/10
The PA was friendly and she didn’t make me feel rushed or that she was in and out. Sat and explained everything thoroughly

2.26.19 Carmen R. 10/10

I am always advised about my options and price points. Nothing is ever a surprise
2.26.19 Aubrae C. 10/10
The staff is very nice and appointments are available right away.

2.26.19 Jennifer M. 10/10
The staff is great! Drs. Gambhir are both very professional, kind and do beautiful work. I ONLY recommend this practice. Why trust your face or body for a $ break? The confident going to physicians that care is priceless!!!

2.25.19 Jessica B. 10/10
Comfortable office, very nice staff, ease of obtaining info on products, special offers are nice too

2.24.19 Gina M. 10/10
Dr Gambhir and staff are very friendly, professional and caring. Dr Gambhir takes the time out to ask you how you and your family are doing and he makes you feel very comfortable.

2.23.19 Linda S. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir explains procedures very clearly. I just got Botox and always feel so confident and comfortable with her ability, I am always very happy with results whether I am getting Botox or filler!

2.23.19 Jodi S. 10/10
Personable staff, clean and always on time.

2.23.19 Kathy M. 10/10
Excellent service, fantastic pricing and the Dr's really know what they are doing.

2.23.19 Stacy S. 10/10
Everyone in your office is amazing!

2.23.19 Karen H. 10/10
Most informative Dr I have ever been to for injections
Pain free ,great results
Will be back

2.23.19 Danielle S. 10/10
People were very nice and I felt good about the treat I received.

2.23.19 Maureen U. 10/10
Everyone is so nice and professional at the office, and your services are excellent.

2.23.19 Tina B. 10/10
Very knowledgeable doctor. Which provides you with a sense of Confidence in the abilities and therefore the services.
The entire staff is very friendly.

2.22.19 Zee H. 10/10
Everyone was really nice and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Vibha ghambir listened to exactly what I wanted, and I got just that!

2.22.19 Vincenza K. 10/10
Very thorough and knowledgeable

2.21.19 Laura B. 10/10
Lindley was great!

2.21.19 Amanda W. 10/10
Beautiful space and great staff!

2.21.19 Torie G. 10/10
Staffs Customer Service is Awesome (Tina). Educates you on the service they are providing you; answers all your questions with patience and doesn’t make you feel pressured. Love this office.

2.20.19 Elizabeth D. 10/10
Doctor is very caring and informative.

2.20.19 Diane M. 10/10
I liked that Dr Gambhir thoroughly explained the treatments and what results to expect.

2.20.19 Kara A. 10/10
The staff was informative but not pushy as far as selling they gave options and left it at that

2.20.19 Meredith G. 10/10
the doctor spent a lot of time with me & took care in explaining everything.

2.19.19 Jenna S. 10/10
Very nice interaction and great customer service.

2.17.19 Rebecca W. 10/10
Prompt. In and out of office quickly. Dr and staff very caring and gentle

2.17.19 Leslie C. 10/10

2.17.19 Christianne Q. 10/10
Doctor makes you feel at ease. She has a great team as well. Very pleasant and very happy with my results. Highly recommend her.

2.17.19 Cynthia C. 10/10
Professional and good procedure.

2.17.19 Nicole B. 10/10
I love Dr. Vibha! She is wonderful at what she does. A true artist. Her staff is helpful, sweet and answers all of my questions.

2.16.19 Denise K. 10/10
Staff is very nice, Dr. Is very informative, very nice personality.

2.15.19 Jennifer B. 10/10
Friendly, kind and took time to explain in detail

2.15.19 Ellen B. 10/10
I just had a consultation. I felt Dr. Gambhir was very pleasant and explained what might be viable for my issues. The staff was also pleasant and welcoming.

2.15.19 Angela P. 10/10
I like the staff

2.14.19 Susan M. 10/10
Professional, timely. Staff was friendly.

2.14.19 Sherrie R. 10/10
I have been with Dr Gambhir for many years and he is always respectful and kind, never trying to "sell" a procedure. He keeps me looking young and natural looking.

2.14.19 Gerri-Ann W. 10/10
Everyone is very friendly and experienced. Always very thorough and listens to the patient.

2.14.19 Yvonne R. 10/10
It’s always easy to schedule an appointment

2.14.19 Sama S. 10/10
through consultation and no wait time

2.13.19 Patricia D. 10/10

2.12.19 Nicole S. 10/10
The prices are reasonable and I never feel pressured into buying a service or product.

2.12.19 Mandi R. 10/10
Always a 10/10!!! I have been a patient since 2009 (wow 10 years:), and Dr. Gambhir is warm, professional, and always takes time to answer any questions. It is such a positive, calming, environment, and the staff are all friendly and helpful!

2.12.19 Melanie M. 10/10
Great consultations and always good advice on treatments without pressure. Super friendly staff and always a pleasant experience.

2.12.19 Deirdre W. 10/10
Great results! Wonderful staff!

2.12.19 Kristyn T. 10/10
How friendly everyone is..

2.11.19 Gloria J. 10/10
Was very impressed with Dr. Gambhir and staff. They explained services and what to expect from procedures that we're done. I will recommend to anyone of my Family and friends. Wonderful experience.

2.10.19 Karen H. 10/10
Love Julie!

2.10.19 Melissa K. 10/10
The Botox and filler is done by a knowledgeable medical staff. The office is well organized and everyone is very friendly. The facials with Denise are fabulous.

2.10.19 Jamie P. 10/10
Julie was very professional and caring! She sincerely listened to my concerns and didn’t push extra products or services that she knew wouldn’t work. I would highly recommend her to everyone!

2.9.19 Lisa G. 10/10
Caring doctors, great results, affordable prices, and perks.

2.9.19 Lisa K. 10/10
Lisa did an amazing job for my dry winter skin. The products she used were amazing! Looking forward to my next dream facial with her!

2.9.19 Katie S. 10/10
Timeliness of appointments, professionalism with client care, honesty, and discretion.

2.9.19 Kate P. 10/10
Very thorough consultation

2.8.19 Patricia G. 10/10

2.8.19 Melissa E. 10/10
Julie was amazing and really calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease. She did an AMAZUNG job and I am so happy with my results

2.8.19 Judith W. 10/10
Very friendly staff

2.8.19 Karen G. 10/10
The office and the staff are nice and professional

2.8.19 Kelly C. 10/10
I enjoyed my first time getting Botox. I will be back for sure!

2.8.19 Megan M. 10/10
Lindley is amazing and I am obsessed with her and how she makes me feel! I refer her to all my friends !!!

2.8.19 Kimberly B. 10/10

2.8.19 Jennifer F 10/10
Lindley is the best. She really takes the time to get to know you and what you are looking to achieve. The entire staff is extremely pleasant and professional.

2.7.19 Jay K. 10/10
I enjoyed the technicians explanations of the treatment as well as her professional demeaner. I like your repeat customer pricing discount as well.

My wife is interested in coming but missed out on the Groupon offer. Any suggestions?

Thank you, Jay

2.7.19 Robin R 10/10
convenient, informative, professional service

2.7.19 Denise W. 10/10
Excellent services. Excellent care. Thanks.

2.7.19 Kelly M. 10/10
Online scheduling, friendly staff, knowledgeable practitioners, efficient appointments

2.7.19 Joan C. 10/10
Dr Gambhir is pleasant, professional, and thorough. I really appreciate that he talks through options and recommendations!

2.7.19 Gloria P. 10/10
I love my injections. He’s A real artist because my face looks natural. Best injector in my opinion


2.6.19 Carol Ann M. 10/10
love this practice

2.6.19 Sangeeta K. 10/10
Dr Gambhir is very professional and trustworthy. I feel very comfortable with him doing the procedures. I know they will be done right. Also his advice is very helpful.

2.6.19 Jamie R. 10/10
Very nice, explains everything, and quick!

2.6.19 Nikki S. 10/10
Staff was extremely friendly and my procedure was quick!

2.6.19 Francine G. 10/10
I think Dr Gambhir does a great job. He’s kind and makes me comfortable. The atmosphere is relaxing.

2.6.19 Sonia C. 10/10
I have been to both Offices, and both are great! Got my lips done in the King of Prussia a couple of months ago and just recently had a session on coolsculpting in the Exton Office. Staff are very nice and professional in both places. Will definitely be back soon !

2.6.19 Morgan J. 10/10
Always looks amazing

2.6.19 Patti D. 10/10
Very professional. Everyone there is very caring to your needs.

2.6.19 Jennifer H. 10/10
Everyone was so kind, welcoming, and informative!

2.6.19 Tanya B. 10/10
Everyone is so friendly

2.6.19 Tara S. 10/10
I love the friendly, accommodating front office staff. I also am a huge fan of the online scheduling capabilities, it makes it super easy to book appointments. I also appreciate the expertise, kindness, and results I receive from both Gambhir Doctors.

2.6.19 Stephanie E. 10/10
Very professional

2.5.19 Bella F. 10/10

2.5.19 Christina Z. 10/10
I felt completely comfortable in your office., Dr. Ghambir and her recommendation was on point. Will definitely be back.

2.5.19 Erica S. 10/10
Love the staff!

1.31.19 Doreen N. 10/10
I usually get facials - and love that they are given by people that truly understand skin care and use safe effective products on me. The people giving the facials - understand the products and make recommendations as to what i should be using on my skin. They also make recommendations for face products I should be using and other services that would be appropriate (I usually do exactly what they say!). So I love that I am receiving facials from people that I can really trust - the overall process (facials/products) has been phenomenal and I do not know any other place that I could receive this type of result and care !

1.30.19 Carol O. 10/10
Great relaxing facial from Denise, skin felt smooth!

1.30.19 Danielle T. 10/10
Results, office efficiency and friendly

1.29.19 Aiko S. 10/10
Quality and friendly service. They do such great work!

1.29.19 Rebecca D. 10/10
Great facial. Friendly staff

1.28.19 Arpita S. 10/10
friendly staff

1.28.19 Jodi A. 10/10
I loved that everyone took the time to explain every moment, every service, every side effect, etc. with such detail and care. Nothing was a surprise.

1.28.19 Melissa M. 10/10
Dr. Gambir is wonderfully professional, knowledgeable, and very gentle. I would definitely recommend anyone to this wonderful practice!

1.28.19 Yinelia D. 10/10
I love patient the doctor is, and how thorough the whole team is.

Thankful I went here to start my journey with dermal fillings

1.28.19 Diana Z. 10/10
Customer care

1.28.19 Evon B. 10/10
The courteous staff and physicians as well as the trusted relationship with Dr. Gambhir.

1.28.19 Marsha B. 10/10
Readily available appointments. Friendly staff. MONTHLY specials!!

1.28.19 Jason 10/10

1.28.19 Stephanie G. 10/10
Friendly staff and took the time to listen to my request.

1.28.19 Melissa M. 10/10
Dr is efficient and honest

1.26.19 Janet Z. 10/10
It’s a great experience. The support staff is top notch.i appreciate the recommendations ,but never feel pressured

1.25.19 Joanne N. 10/10
Comfortable environment with professional, friendly staff along with evening hours.

1.25.19 Sarah H. 10/10
Julie is the best!

1.25.19 Maureen F. 10/10
Love the results

1.25.19 Maggie J. 10/10
I always have a great customer experience at couture. The staff is so helpful.

1.25.19 Janet B. 10/10
Professional, clean, trust their advice on procedures

1.25.19 Kristen B. 10/10
The expertise of the doctor and helpful front staff are the reason I drive an hour to this location for treatment.

1.25.19 Beverly G. 10/10
Every thing was amazing !! The staff was awesome and love Dr. Gambhir!

1.25.19 Courtney B. 10/10
Staff is courteous and professional at all times. Thoughtful and quality treatment provided.

1.24.19 Fabricia F. 10/10
Everybody is super nice and cordial and the professionals are extremely qualified and trustful.

1.24.19 Kelly M. 10/10
I went in for 1 syringe of Juvéderm and could not be happier with my results! Wonderful experience and will definitely be coming back.

​1.23.19 Joan C. 10/10

Dr Gambhir is professional, pleasant and thorough. I appreciate that he listens!

1.19.19 Andria J. 10/10
Knowledgeable physician

1.19.19 Tonya L. 10/10
The staff are very welcoming & informative. I will continue to remain a loyal customer and make referrals for the practice.

1.19.19 Susan W. 10/10
Not only walking out of the office with fantastic results everytime i visit for botox and dermal filler, but Dr. Gambhir and staff are so caring, knowledgeable, and friendly. They always make sure i am comfortable and take the time for any questions i may have, and explain everything so thoroughly. The results are amazing and i always feel great after my appointments!

1.19.19 John A. 10/10
The calmness and quickness of the service is great!

1.19.19 Sherry C. 10/10
I liked the friendliness of the Staff and the Dr. The Dr. is very skilled and I am please with the

youthful appearance that he has given me.

1.19.19 Monica R. 10/10
It was easy to schedule an appointment, the office is beautiful, and most importantly the doctor and staff were honest and knowledgeable.

1.19.19 Kelly H. 10/10
Appointments can be easily made on their website. Felt like time was spent explaining options and what I should expect result wise. Definitely felt it was a no pressure environment.

1.19.19 Carolyn G. 10/10

1.19.19 Jessica S. 10/10
Everyone was so nice and informative in the office, I was very happy with my experience and will definitely be back!

1.19.19 Stacy D. 10/10
Attentive, patient, good technique, fair prices

1.18.19 Jamie Y. 10/10
Love the staff and always feel comfortable. Mrs . is the Dr that always treats me and she is beautiful, kind and very professional!

1.18.19 Anne S. 10/10
Prompt service pleased with her work reasonable prices

1.17.19 Ann L. 10/10
I came in for a cool sculpting session today, and Rachel was totally awesome! She made me feel comfortable, totally at home and relaxed.

1.17.19 Scott G. 10/10
Everything was great, staff are very courteous and very polite. Been back a few times, make you feel comfortable.

1.17.19 Lorrie F. 10/10
The doctor listens to your concerns and communicates with honesty and interest.

1.17.19 Devon M. 10/10
Very clean office with super nice staff!

1.17.19 Elisa S. 10/10
I feel so comfortable there.

Dr Gambhir ( female) is so sweet and understanding!

Plus my face looks fantastic!!!

1.17.19 Charlene A. 10/10
Best results! Best employees! Best service!

1.17.19 Nichole M. 10/10
They offer a lot and recommend things they think would fit with your personal needs

1.17.19 Alysia B. 10/10
Best results from Botox/filler are honest and beautiful office and doctor Vibha is amazing

1.17.19 Sarah T. 10/10
very consultative, not pushy.

1.16.19 Candice C. 10/10
I have been going to Dr. Ghambir and have seen both husband and wife for Botox, cool sculpting and filler. They are always attentive and make sure I am satisfied with my results. I will definitely be back!

1.16.19 Heather K. 10/10
always respectful of time and budget

1.16.19 Angelina M. 10/10
The doctor was great ! She did my lips perfectly very friendly

1.16.19 Donna Y. 10/10
I love the results of my filler and minimal pain/ bruising. Very natural. I feel like I look 10-15 years younger than my age( hopefully)😉🤣

1.16.19 Tayler M. 10/10
Fast service but not rushed whatsoever, clean, kind, willing to answer all questions. Thoroughly inform you on what to expect/proper aftercare. Responds through phone or Instagram quickly. Staff and Dr were very sweet & made the entire process seem simple. Will be back.

1.15.19 Pamela L. 10/10
I appreciated the kind friendly professional environment. Meeting and working with Dr. Gambir

was a very positive experience and I look to returning to the office for additional services.

1.15.19 Serena B. 10/10
The office, staff and doctor are very welcoming. I love your monthly specials and the prices are affordable and reasonable.

Thank you.

1.15.19 Helene D. 10/10

1.15.19 Vanessa M. 10/10
Honesty, kindness and competitive pricing in products.

1.14.19 Katelyn U. 10/10
Very professional and informative. Also extremely accommodating, friendly and trustworthy.

1.12.19 Lisa L. 10/10
I always feel comfortable, never worried that they won’t be happy with the results. They do an amazing job!

1.12.19 Kelly C. 10/10
Friendly staff. They really listen to me and discuss options.

1.12.19 Candace A. 10/10
Answered all my questions and where friendly!!

1.12.19 Shannon K. 10/10
Lindley is always so friendly and professional at my appointments. I am always thrilled with the results of my Botox.

1.12.19 Gabrielle B. 10/10
Great environment with super welcoming and friendly staff. I really appreciate with every visit your earn credit and rebooking while in office saves you money on your next visit. Always showing your customers that their business matters and you appreciate us coming back. I’m not a rich person so stuff like that is really great. There’s never a long wait and there’s new specials every month. Great service all around!!

1.11.19 Sally A. 10/10

1.11.19 Hallie G. 10/10
I though the whole team was awesome--good service that helped me feel safe from the moment I walked in the door.

1.10.19 Frank Masset 10/10
I enjoyed everything

1.10.19 Doneen Stanek 10/10
I like everything! Especially the way I look!!!

1.10.19 Christine M. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir has a calming, soothing manner about him that makes you feel completely relaxed. He and his staff are very knowledgeable about all of the procedures they offer and take their time explaining everything. Earlier this week I had Botox in my forehead and two vials of Voluma in my cheek area. It was painless and I had no bruising. I'm very happy with the results!!

1.10.19 Ana P. 10/10
You guysare great, I have recommended you to my best friend and wife. Cheers.


1.10.19 Ania Kroll 10/10
The doctor,he is very nice,very professional and the staff is always friendly.

1.9.19 Vicky S. 10/10
Just overall great place too be! Great Doctors/very patience/listen too your needs..

Also, awesome customer service at the front desk...

1.9.19 Alexis K. 10/10
Pleasant office with friendly staff. Dr. Gambhir has great technique and makes you feel very comfortable.

1.9.19 Erica D. 10/10
Very professional and personable! Warm atmosphere. Great experience:)

1.9.19 Mary G. 10/10
Good thorough information.

1.9.19 Carlee M. 10/10
Absolutely amazing, very patient

1.9.19 Anne H. 10/10
Friendly knowledgeable and efficient service

1.9.19 Laura D. 10/10
Attentive, professional and caring staff.

1.6.19 Elisa F. 10/10
Doctor was so wonderful! Easy to talk to. Full of suggestions. All pricing was talked about up front for services. Results are just what i hoped for too!

1.6.19 Myrna G. 10/10
I appreciate the doctors recommendations which allow me to make the best choices for what I want to achieve so its looks natural.

1.5.19 Jessica T. 10/10
Perfect as usual

1.5.19 Lori B. 10/10
The Doctor took the time too explain how the procedure works. Listen too your concerns. What works best for you. Didn’t try too sell you something that you don’t need.

1.4.19 Donna R. 10/10
Lindley is an awesome aesthetician. She listens to your concerns and gives great advise with details as to why she believes certain treatments would be better than others for my skin characteristics. Great Asset!!!!!

1.4.19 Julie R. 10/10
Lindley was very Confident- my results look great! No bruising to my lips at all

1.4.19 Julia M. 10/10
Dr. Ghambir does a great job with not only the procedure, but with her kind and comforting bedside manner, which is extremely important to me when I’m making alterations to my face and am nervous. She is professional and the office is clean and inviting which is also important. Her assistant was also extremely kind and knowledgeable which put my mind to ease before the doctor even entered the room.

1.3.19 Denise F. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir spent time reviewing options with me and explaining the benefits of each type of treatment. I really liked that he spent time talking about long term goals and a roadmap instead of just the transaction of a single treatment.

1.3.19 Christine A. 10/10
Friendly staff and ery professional

1.2.19 Luda P. 10/10
Professional, pleasant, caring staff, overall excellent experience.

1.1.19 Suzanne M. 10/10
Dr. Gambir is excellent at what he does!

12.30.18 Jessica V. 10/10
The doctor and his staff could not have been more thorough with explaining everything to me. He made me feel extremely comfortable with making the decision to get Botox.

12.30.18 Sheila D. 10/10
friendly office, good work, sales and pricing

12.29.18 Bethany B. 10/10
Very helpful and educational staff

12.29.18 Kathleen M. 10/10
Staff and Dr. Gambhir (male) the best

12.29.18 Erika D. 10/10
As a first timer I felt very comfortable and everything was explained in great detail before I made any choices. The results are subtle enhancements which look natural.

12.29.18 Patricia T. 10/10
Everyone was courteous and very informative. He took the time to answer all my question with patience. Will definitely be going back there. Dr Gambhir was telling me the things that I Don’t need to be doing to my body, he was only tell me the things that would benefit me, that’s what I like about Dr Gambhir, he doesn’t care about the money but how ur outcome is going to be, I like that

12.29.18 Teven V. 10/10

12.29.18 Grace H. 10/10
Super friendly staff, makes you feel comfortable

12.29.18 Danielle A. 10/10
quick and easy! Dr Ghambir is great!

12.29.18 Nancy H. 10/10
Dr. Vibha Gambhir and her Staff at the King of Prussia Office are absolutely the best I have ever been to. They are very friendly and thorough with all procedures and you don't feel pressure to do more than you can afford. I highly recommend Dr. Gambhir and this office. I have never been to the other office nor with the other Dr. Gambhir but I LOVE this office. I have had fillers done and everyone has looked fabulous. Dr. Gambhir is great at what she does.

12.29.18 Susan L. 10/10
Staff all very helpful and nice.

12.28.18 Michelle G. 10/10
The people are great. I love the recommendations from the doctors nut not pushy or salesy. The office is clean and beautiful

12.28.18 Jennifer I. 10/10
Staff is very friendly. Dr. Gambhir talks you through everything he is about to do. Highly recommend

12.28.18 Rachel F. 10/10
Quick, informative, and gives me exactly what I want

12.28.18 Juliana D. 10/10
The entire process was quick and easy! The women at the front desk were friendly and the doctor was helpful and informative. I am so happy I chose this office!

12.28.18 Daniela I. 10/10
Professional, attentive to the patient.

12.27.18 Ruth K. 10/10
Both doctrs are fantastic. Every time I go there, they take 10 years off of my face. The doctors first ask you what bothers you. They spend time evaluating your face and then make suggestions. There is absolutely no sales pressure. Then, they spend lots of time placing the injections (which contain novacaine and feel like a small pinch).

Some years ago, I went to another place in King of Prussia. The doctor flew in & said "what do you want and what quantity?". Then he yelled at the tech in the room. He left to inject someone else, as the tech did the wiping prep. A few min. later he flew in and spent about 3 min. on the injections, and then flew out to another room to a patient. It was not only stressful, but the results were lumpy and uneven.

I can't recommend Drs. Gambhir enough.

12.26.18 Nicky B. 10/10
They are knowledgeable and do amazing work

12.26.18 Julia K. 10/10
You guys are just amazing at everything you do!

12.23.18 Linda S. 10/10
Friendly staff and always on time.

12.23.18 Melanie K. 10/10
Doctor was very informative

12.23.18 Lea Z. 10/10
Dr. Ghambir Abe the staff are always so welcoming. Dr Ghambir suggests services that are always on point . She is very knowledgeable, practical and competent. My recent Vollure and Botox look fantastic.

12.23.18 Virginia S. 10/10
Prompt and courteous

12.22.18 Jennifer R. 10/10
Denise is amazing! Always a treat to have annapot w here. My face is thankful!!

12.22.18 Margaret H. 10/10
Experience and knowledge of the staff in providing the services.

12.22.18 Cheryl S. 10/10
Very friendly

12.22.18 Jennifer P. 10/10
Everyone in this office are amazing ! Loving my vollure and voluma always open to suggestions from

Dr Ghambir . Always come here

12.21.18 Maria D. 10/10
I am very happy with my facial filler and the advice I got from the doctor.

12.21.18 Susan E. 10/10
Everyone is pleasant and courteous. You are respectful of the time of the appointment. Dr Gambhir takes the time to explain procedures. And fair prices

12.21.18 Cindy B. 10/10
Everyone has always been helpful and kind. Lindley is the best.

12.21.18 Deborah G. 10/10
The Staff is wonderful. BUT, the rapport, trust and comfort I have with Dr Gambhir are what have been significant to me. I trust his “experienced eye,” his suggestions and his sensitive listening for what I hope to achieve—how I want to “age with grace and cosmetic help.” He is very reflective for how I can accomplish my goals. My son said to me in June 2018 at his Wedding— “Mom, I don’t know what you’re doing, but you look FANTASTIC!”

This speaks for itself. I have been seeing Dr Gambhir almost 3 years now and I love the results. His cosmetic care helps me to feel natural and younger. I am 65 and many say I must be 45! DPG

12.21.18 Jodie S. 10/10
Clear expectations. Honest suggestions. Not pushy.

12.21.18 Lucy S. 10/10
Great results, friendly staff

12.21.18 Karen E. 10/10
Easy to get appointment, great skill with Botox.

12.20.18 Michele B. 10/10
clean, educated,on schedule,courteous and professional!

12.20.18 Amy M. 10/10
Friendly, discreet, calming atmoshpere

12.19.18 Lee B. 10/10
Great facially, microdermabrasion and Denise is very professional and pleasant. Makes for a great experience. Staff is professional & pleasant also.

12.18.18 Jennessa M. 10/10
The doctors and staff are great and make you feel so comfortable

12.17.18 Martha K. 10/10
Excellent service at good prices

12.17.18 Carol P. 10/10
Comfortable space. Easygoing dr with welcomed recommendations.

12.16.18 Kristin C. 10/10
Denise is amazing

12.16.18 Lynn G. 10/10
I've had Botox 3 times in the past with another practice and each time I explained what I wanted and each time I came away with no lines on my forehead but droopy eyelids that I hated. I explained what I was hoping to achieve to Dr. Vibha Gambhir. She listened and offered suggestions different to what was done in the past and the results this time were exactly what I wanted! I'm so happy with the results and will definitely be back!

12.16.18 Lisa B. 10/10
Absolute perfection!

12.16.18 Peggy H. 10/10
Love Dr G s technic and gentle manner.

12.16.18 Debra S. 10/10
Great doctors and staff, they take their time to explain the procedure and make sure you feel comfortable.

12.16.18 Cynthia G. 10/10
I let surprisingly comfortable with Dr Gambir and her staff on fist visit . They are knowledgeable and respectful of the client.

12.15.18 Cheryl M. 10/10
Friendliness of staff and no long waits to receive your treatments

12.15.18 Marianne O. 10/10
From a friend

12.15.18 Sandy W. 10/10
I have been a patient of Dr. Gambhir's for many years now. What I like most is as much about the services as it is about the people who work there. Dr. Gambhir's staff is incredible. Not only is it nice to be greeted by friendly faces, it's nice that the friendly faces are familiar. And while I know that it's not a family business, it feels like a family, especially since both he and his wife now both provide their expertise. I genuinely feel that Dr. Gambhir listens to me, understands my concerns and wants to help me reach my goals. Even better is that he understands that I want to approach this from a very conservative lens and I think he appreciates where I am coming from when I say that. I think the pricing is fair. While their are Groupons out there for a variety of services for "new customers" I am able to collect points/receive discounts for being a repeat customer. I trust Dr. Gambhir completely and I wouldn't even consider giving my business to anyone else.

12.15.18 Sherada B. 10/10
The PA Holesh is just amazing!!

12.15.18 Heather R. 10/10
Personalized care, prepared an entire treatment plan and explained everything-

12.14.18 Anita S. 10/10
Never pressure, and always informative

12.14.18 Amy S. 10/10
How friendly all the staff is - you feel comfortable start to finish.

12.14.18 Sherri B. 10/10
Dr G was very informative!

12.14.18 Michelle M. 10/10
The detail in the service

12.14.18 Toni S. 10/10
Customer service

12.13.18 Denise S. 10/10
Very friendly staff and excellent results every time. Always on time, never have to wait for appointments. Would absolutely recommend to friends and family..

12.12.18 Jennifer F. 10/10
Always a wonderful experience! From booking, to arrival/greeting, meeting with the doctor and checking out. Seamless!

12.12.18 Diana F. 10/10
very informative and friendly staff. Dr did amazing work

12.12.18 Blair D. 10/10
Dr. Vibha has a calming nature and always makes me feel at ease. She listens to my requests and aims to deliver my desired results. The rest of the staff is also great, very kind and never pushy. They offer different options but don’t try to push me towards one over the other.

12.12.18 Carolyn J. 10/10
- Experienced staff (all they do is cosmetic medicine),

- Convenient appointments and location,

- Willingness of planned procedures over time (partnership rather than sales)

- Appointment reminders, electronic savvy (billing, consent forms, appointments, rewards)

12.12.18 Katie G. 10/10
Clean and thorough!

12.11.18 Nancy M. 10/10
Very professional and caring.

12.11.18 Darryl R. 10/10
The kindness and professionalism from the doctors and entire staff. Ease of scheduling appointments.

12.11.18 Katee B. 10/10

12.10.18 Yvonne D. 10/10
Friendly staff

12.09.18 Stephanie M. 10/10
Great customer service.

12.09.18 Traci H. 10/10
Dr. is warm and friendly. Answers my questions honestly. Staff is always welcoming.

12.09.18 Margaret S. 10/10
The care and professional attention given to me each time I visit.

12.09.18 John S. 10/10
Everything. Beautiful office. Great staff. Dr. Gambhir is clear and consise. He's mannerly and his assistant is very professional as well.

12.09.18 Jeanette T. 10/10
The staff is very nice and professional. Dr. Gambhir did the actual procedure not a technician. He is very careful and thorough. He asks questions and listens to your concerns. I have already recommended him to family members.

12.09.18 Theresa G. 10/10
Excellent thanks

12.08.18 Seema P. 10/10
I'm very happy with your service. Lindley did very good job. I wish I would knew your place before I started my daughter treatment last year with Idel image. 👍👏

12.08.18 Debra M. 10/10
They explain the procedures and do not try and upsell you.

12.08.18 Megan L. 10/10
The friendliness and knowledge of the doctor, as well as the non pressure to purchase additional services.

12.08.18 Lauren D. 10/10
How amazing the whole staff was. Julie sat with me and went over every question I had and even answered my questions in more detail than expected. She never pressured me to get anything done and always gave her recommendation when asked but made sure I made the final decision.

12.08.18 Kathleen C. 10/10
Love Couture & Dr. Gahmbir!

12.07.18 Kristene L. 10/10

The way I look and feel when I leave!
Comfortable atmosphere!

12.07.18 Julia B. 10/10
Lindley is amazing!

12.07.18 Miradel C. 10/10
Nice staff, easy to schedule

12.05.18 Terri B. 10/10
Docs are wonderful! , I have been very happy with the results after every visit.

12.05.18 Mila M. 10/10

12.02.18 Sarah M. 10/10
Friendly staff

12.02.18 Tom D. 10/10
Everyone is very friendly and professional.

12.02.18 Donna A. 10/10
Eerything great service by all

12.01.18 Elizabeth D. 10/10
The person who did my treatment was extremely skilled, professional and kind.

11.30.18 Cathy S 10/10
Beautiful facility professional and respectful team. Dr Gambier is a talented artist who suggest just the right product and application to produce the best results. I called last minute and thy were able to offer me an appointment without delay. I have found my home and would never go elsewhere.

11.30.18 Marianne D 10/10
Ease of appointment scheduling

Friendly kind staff

11.30.18 Mary B 10/10
Always right on schedule with appointments.

11.30.18 Deborah T 10/10
no wait time

willing to do multiple procedures at a time

complete explanations of all processes and charges

appointments easy to make with very little notice required

11.30.18 Ashly M 10/10
I love how doctor Gambhir only recommends what’s best for ME. He never tries to sell me on anything just listens attentively.

11.29.18 Lisa K 10/10
I feel completely confident in what Dr Gambhir recommends for me. He was kind, honest and took his time with me. I was a bit intimidated since I’m a newbie, but hands down would recommend Dr Gambhir and his staff. Everyone was so helpful, polite and professional.

11.29.18 Paul A 10/10
Your practice is conveniently located, the staff is friendly, and the procedure was virtually painless. I have noticed immediate results and am confident I will not need any more treatments.

11.26.18 Felicha A 10/10
Very friendly &welcoming staff.

11.25.18 Sarah C 10/10
The doctor never makes me feel rushed, he takes time to answer all my questions.

11.24.18 Kim D 10/10
Your staff was caring, attentive and thorough. I enjoyed Lori very much and her sense of humor. I felt confident with information and the procedure.

11.24.18 Jon N 10/10
Dr. Gambhir was awesome! I liked working with him direct and going over my past experience with Botox and also what we planned for now ( current) . He seemed to be quick with a solid plan and how to get me where I wanted to be. Very professional and not overselling with procedures I did not need like previous places. I highly recommend going to Gambhir Cosmetic's and will be back soon for my next appointment

11.24.18 Sharminy N 10/10
Dr Gambhir is very knowledgeable. I put 100% trust in his work and recommendations. The results are exactly what I was looking for! 10 out of 10!

11.22.18 Alissa S 10/10
I'm very happy with the results of my procedure - it's been just over a week and my eyes look like they did about 10 years ago! Dr. Gambhir is great and the entire staff is super nice. I recommended you guys to my mom. :)

11.22.18 Roslyn S 10/10
Very Professional, compassionate and informative services. I always leave satisfied with results and Dr. Gambhir gives me ideas of where I might improve areas. Past Doctors never took the time to explain procedures or how they might help me look better. I always look natural and my best with Dr. Gambhir!

11.22.18 Kristen H 10/10
Dr. Gambhir has a wonderful bedsides manner. He explains everything he is doing and ensures that you are ok every step of the procedure. Plus I am always thrilled with my results!

11.22.18 Denise B 10/10
Love the care and thoroughness I receive at Couture. Great staff and doctors. I wouldn't trust my beauty maintenance to anyone else.

11.21.18 Kathleen D 10/10
I am pleased every time I enter the practice because the staff acknowledges my presence.

The skin treatments are administered in a personalized manner by this wonderful woman Dr Vibha Gambhir, M.D.

The results are amazing and make a difference with self confidence while going through menopause.

Thank you KOP practice! I appreciate you!

11.20.18 Lisa M 10/10
Very knowledge, stress free, no pressure and excellent results!!

11.20.18 Amy F 10/10
Great staff that makes you feel comfortable!

11.18.18 Drew K 10/10
Julie was great! She explained all my options to see what was right for me. Julie made me comfortable and relaxed the whole way through.

11.18.18 Jill D 10/10
Very informative Doctor, comfortable environment.

11.17.18 Allison B 10/10
Going in, I was completely nervous. As soon as I walked in the door, all my nerves went away and I felt comfortable and welcomed right away. The staff is so kind and extremely informative. All of my questions were answered in a way that I could understand. The proceedure was quick and painless and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. If I could rate my experience higher than a 10, I would.

11.15.18 Denise A 10/10
Very professional appears to know what she was talking about

11.15.18 Lisa B 10/10
Appointment scheduling and notifications. Location. Staff.

11.15.18 Ann Marie M 10/10
The services are excellent. All of the staff are friendly, helpful and willing to listen.

The doctor is always kind and willing to explain the procedures he suggests with great clarity.

I have some financial constraints, but everyone always helps me to figure out how to work around then to get the best results. I highly recommend Dr. Gambhir and his staff. Thank you.

11.15.18 Roxann D 10/10
Dr. Gambhir ‘s bedside manner and the reasonable prices.


Lora O 10/10

That I am able to ask questions, share concerns, get info on what to expect, etc.

11.14.18 Lisa M 10/10

The staff is warm and welcoming and Dr. Gahmbir is so patient and gentle!

Always an enjoyable experience with THE BEST results!!

11.11.18 Kisa K 10/10
As a first timer, everyone was so nice and helpful. To the girls at the front desk, to Dr Gambhir’s asst. to Dr Gambhir himself! I was nervous at first but totally comfortable and happy during and after my visit. Looking forward to that 2 week mark to see the full effects!

Thanks everyone for being so nice!

Lisa K

11.11.18 Christine A 10/10
Everyone at the practice is so nice. I particularly like Rachel; she is a great addition to your wonderful team!

I also like the fact that I am aging gracefully with no duck lips or non moving eyebrows. This is important to me! Thanks for all you do. :D

11.11.18 Angela S 10/10
I always love my experience with Vibha for my Botox and lip filler but this time I tried nurse Julie out and she was amazing as well. I love how she took the time to show me my progress as it was being done. Super knowledgeable and made sure I was always comfortable.

11.10.18 Brenda B 10/10
I like that there isn’t any pressure. Dr. Ghambir politely suggests things that he thinks would be helpful and it’s written into your file so you can pick and choose from options when you are ready or life allows. He is very open to questions and doesn’t rush you along.

11.10.18 Teresa S 10/10
I have been going to Dr Gambhir for a couple years. He is kind and gentle. The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. Together they make it a pleasurable experience.


11.9.18 Melinda B 10/10
Very personalized service, great consultatation, answered all questions. Very professional did not PUSH other services.

11.8.18 Marci M 10/10
Very pleasant and helpful staff including the people at the front desk, nurses and Dr.'s!

11.7.18 Patti K 10/10
My consultation with the doctor was thorough and clear and I was presented with a variety of options. Staff was warm and inviting and made me feel very comfortable for my first visit. Loved the ease of online scheduling and the ability to fill out paperwork online as well. A great experience!

11.7.18 Anjelica T 10/10
I appreciated the attentiveness and the speed of the procedure.

11.7.18 Nancy G 10/10
All the people that work there seem friendly and knowledgeable.

11.6.18 Andrea S 10/10
Beautiful office! Friendly staff. Gentle injections!

11.5.18 Brielle C 10/10
Felt so comfortable and enjoyed my experience. I came from another office and felt so uncomfortable with my lips after having filler put in. After talking to Dr. Ghambir she made me love my lips again. The process was painless and quick when she applied juvederm. The girls there so nice and helpful.

11.4.18 Melissa S 10/10
Very friendly, open and felt heard. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely come back. Thanks.

11.4.18 Krstyn T 10/10
Staff is friendly

11.1.18 Michelle M 10/10
Julie was amazing, so knowledgeable & precise with the injections. No bruising or issues!

11.1.18 Mary Ann F 10/10


11.1.18 Penelope D 10/10
The doctors stop and listen to you fully before they recommend anything. They truly take the time to understand your perception of yourself and what you hope to achieve. They make recommendations that are tailored to your lifestyle and time frame.

Their work is gentle and explained thoroughly.

11.1.18 Melissa H 10/10
Thorough explanation of procedures, various options offered, and realistic expectations promoted.

10.31.18 Jennifer M 10/10
The Drs. Ghambir are both professional, extremely knowledgeable and yet so easy to talk to about cosmetic concerns. I am always happy with my services and although I would like to pursue pricier services, the Drs. and their staff never pressure and simply provide information on services without an attempt to up-sell. I will continue to visit and recommended this practice to friends and family!

10.31.18 Ashley O 10/10
Everything from start to finish was amazing. I felt So comfortable, my questions were answered and information was given to me that i didnt even think to ask! Amazing all around. Thanks!

10.30.18 Jamie R 10/10
I always have great treatment with Dr. Gambhir. He's very attentive listening to my concerns.

10.29.18 Krystal M 10/10
Very pleasant staff. The experience and procedure was quick and professional.

10.29.18 Maria O 10/10
I like the treatment. Also the puntuality, explanation of treatment.

10.28.18 Christine L 10/10
The staff is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable.

10.28.18 Jenny H 10/10
Lindley is so amazing and kind!

10.28.18 Oda S 10/10
Good explanation about the treatment. Abd the treatment ia starting to show. Very satisfied!

10.28.18 Myla C 10/10
I like how I was not pressured into doing any procedure. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful.

10.28.18 Melissa M 10/10
Dr. Gambir is knowledgeable, kind, professional, and gentle.

10.27.18 Maureen M 10/10
The office is beautiful. The staff is kind and caring. Doctor is knowledgeable.

10.27.18 Veronica L 10/10
The service is impeccable. The staff is proficient, friendly and knowledgeable. The doctors are honest and trustworthy.

10.27.18 Michelle J 10/10
Everything! Friendly knowledgeable amazing service made me feel very comfortable and convenient location

10.26.18 Jennifer C 10/10
Very consistent, and quick.

10.25.18 Kim S 10/10
The no pressure, how can we help you meet your goals attitude is much appreciated. Great staff and love that both Dr’s are very skilled. It’s my face so I won’t let just anyone do injections. I was really nervous and was surprised how relaxed I was during the injections. If you are looking for a non pushy Dr that knows what their doing, this is the place to go!

10.25.18 Madison K 10/10
Friendly staff that answer questions adequately and respectfully.

10.24.18 Paula C 10/10
Wonderful services that make you feel good and improve how you feel about yourself. Staff and Dr, Gambhir are friendly and professional.​

10.24.18 Nicole L 10/10

Ease of scheduling, appt availability, coupons to make services more affordable.

10.23.18 Erica T 10/10

Personable, informative staff. Comfortable, clean, fast experience.

10.21.18 Everlie B 10/10

​Doctor G. explains his procedures thoroughly I got my mom and sister to also become a patient!!

10.21.18 Holly N 10/10

Very thorough. The doctor doesn’t do anything until you fully understand what you’re having done

10.21.18 Stacey N 10/10

Oh my goodness! The warmth from the staff was amazing. From the moment I walked it I felt comfortable. The team was knowledgeable and friendly and truly made my first experience for any cosmetic procedures seamless. I look forward to all of my up coming appointments.

10.21.18 Barbara P 10/10

Very friendly, knowledgeable! I felt very comfortable. See you soon!

10.20.18 Linda R 10/10

​Friendly personalized knowledgeable service!

10.20.18 Debbie P 10/10

Excellent facial. Loved the massage! I will be back.

10.20.18 Diane B 10/10

​Dr. Ghambir is very professional and does a great job. I trust his advice and have always been very happy with the results. His office staff is also very pleasant and welcoming.

10.20.18 Lauren A 10/10

They were honest and didnt over service me​.

10.19.18 Sean F 10/10

Dr. Ghambir explains everything, does not push services that are not needed. He listens.

10.19.18 Tania Y 10/10 

​Great customer service....great staff

10.19.18 Sarah T 10/10

Lauren was wonderful & made me feel comfortable. I was a little nervous but was made to feel good at this office. Was very happy with my service and booked my next appt!

10.19.18 Danielle S 10/10

Prompt and great communication about what I desire.

10.19.18 Beverly G 10/10

Extremely professional and love all the services that are offered.

10.19.18 Kristin B 10/10

I like the diversity of options and the expertise of the injector.

10.18.18 Jennifer H 10/10

Love my experience, quick and great expertise!

10.18.18 Gina M 10/10

​Always an awesome experience. Love this place!!

10.17.18 Lori R 10/10

​excellent customer service, no wait time, great results.

10.16.18 Jeanmarie L 10/10

Office personnel was great as was doctor . Listened made suggestions. Discussed special pricing.

10.15.18 Natalia 10/10

​very time I visit Couture Med Spa, I get convinced again and again that it was worth driving the distance and I do not know why I ever attempted to use other server providers. I love Dr. Gambhir demeanor and bedside manor as well as all of his consulting and greeting personnel. No one tries to "up-sell" me anything and I never feel pushed or talked into any services that I do not feel comfortable with. I never once feel like I ask ignorant questions, which so many times I have experienced that in the past with other providers. I truly appreciate all the educational aspects of the consultation which eliminate many of my fears about the procedures or products. However, I believe the most important factor of me coming back to see Dr. Gambhir, besides his professional knowledge and his expertise, is undeniable trust that I have in him. To me, personally, it is priceless.

10.14.18 Trena T 10/10

​The entire staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, the pricing is very good, and Dr. Gambhir's technique is great.

10.12.18 Karen C 10/10

the staff is so great, loved the girl who took me back into the room, she gave me alot of confidence in the procedure I was having. You can tell that the doctor is very experienced in what he is doing I had botox and fillers on wed I look really good already and no bruising, I just love the look, very natural

10.12.18 Jennifer A 10/10

​Everyone is so pleasant. The doctor is on time and explains every aspect of the procedure. The staff checks in throughout the procedure to make sure the client is okay and comfortable. Pricing is provided up front. No surprises and no pressure.

10.11.18 Lisa J 10/10

​Dr Gambhir has such a wonderful disposition! Explains everything very thoroughly and is very calming during the procedures. He really wants you to go at your own pace when making decisions on new treatments. Trust his reccomendations completely.

10.11.18  Shannon M 10/10

Easy scheduling, always thorough with explanation of procedure being performed.

10.11.18 Diane H 10/10

Everyone is so kind and efficient. Lovely office environment. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff!

10.11.18 Shannon M 10/10

The staff is amazing. I was always so embarrassed that I had hair on my face and never wanted anyone to know about it. I finally made a decision to go for laser hair removal and am so thankful I chose this place. They make you feel so comfortable and explain everything while the process is happening. Thankful and grateful.

10.11.18 Courtney S 10/10

Great environment! Great staff! Amazing results

10.10.18 Jacqueline N 10/10

Friendly office. No waiting. Qualified medical professionals.

10.9.18 Jessica M 10/10

The doctor is so friendly and I never have to wait more than 5 minutes before being seen.

10.8.18 Jennifer P 10/10

Will evaluate what bothers me and gives me different options to see what works best for your individual quirks. 
Also too, special pricing Knowing you are a loyal client, 
So to speak. 
I truly believe if you have a client who is loyal they should not pay full cost, there should be special pricing which the practice offers ea visit.

10.7.18 Claudia H 10/10

​Great people. Wonderful services. Offer options without pressure to let you decide what works best for you. Definitely recommend them.

10.7.18 Peg C 10/10

Professional and knowledgeable

10.7.18 Margaret S 10/10

​I’ve been to KOP and Exton locations and they are both fantastic. Professional, personable staff, beautiful offices, wonderful results!

10.7.18 Cheryl S 10/10

​Everything! When you enter, the environment is warm and welcoming. All of the staff SMILE and are professional. You don't have to wait and you are never rushed or pushed into getting extra procedures. Dr. Gambhir has the most calming approach. You have every right to feel comfortable and the procedure. He explains everything to you before and through the procedure. Amazing..People will invest on expensive cars and clothes...but your looks speak volumes. He is the best...

10.6.18 Helene D 10/10 

​Very professional and they do a great job.

10.5.18 Mandy R 10/10

​Always very professional, and always a positive comfortable experience!

10.5.18 Jennifer B 10/10

Staff is so friendly and office is so clean.

10.4.18 Suzanne B 10/10

I always feel relaxed, while getting treatment done, friendly staff and super clean office.

10.4.18 Elise C 10/10

Dr. Gambir always does a great job!

10.3.18 Victoria S 10/10

I have experienced other cosmetic injectors. Dr. Gambhir gently explains and performs the services with ease and kindness. I love that Dr. Gambhir is never pushing his services but rather uses information to help make important decisions about our cosmetic health.

10.3.18 Myrna G 10/10

​It’s been great And the results are amazing very natural. Thank you

10.3.18 David T 10/10

Staff was super nice, wonderful, everything was affordable and fairly priced.

10.1.18 Susan W 10/10

Knowledgeable and professional. Takes time and caring

10.1.18 Gina K 10/10

Staff is always friendly and professional and Dr. G is honest and professional.

10.1.18 Teresa R 10/10

I am so glad I started going to Dr. Gambhir. She takes the time to explain things, her office is lovely and comfortable, all the people on staff are very gracious, and I love the results. I encourage all my friends to use her services.

9.30.18 Lisa D 10/10

Friendly staff , Dr. Gambhir was amazing !

9.30.18 Judi L 10/10

​​Excellent customer service along with special personal attention provided by the MA and Dr.

9.30.18 Connie S 10/10

​Staff is informative kind and courteous.

9.29.18 Jessica T 10/10

Every one is super nice, helpful. Dr. Gambhier is the BEST!​

9.29.18 Krista C 10/10

Dr is so calm and reassuring.

9.29.18 Betty S 10/10

Dr Gambhir is gentle,kind and accommodating. 
He is such a nice doctor and I have been Seung for many years.

9.29.18 Nicole P 10/10

​Always great service and on time!

9.29.18 Michelle M 10/10

No pressure to get additional items but great suggestions provided every time.

9.27.18 Pat C 10/10

​Everyone is so respectful and helpful. I felt so comfortable asking my questions and was given explanations in detail. Incredible patience and kindness.

Thank you

9.27.18 Shannon K 10/10

​Caring and friendly staff, great results every time.

9.27.18 Stacy E 10/10

convenient right away appointments, good service and competative prices.

9.27.18 Courtney H 10/10

Dr. Ghambir is kind and easy to talk to. She is an expert at her job and makes me feel comfortable.

9.26.18 Kim G 10/10

Honest opinions,quick service and everyone is very friendly!

9.25.18 Peggy O 10/10

​I like that there is very minimal wait time for appointments. The staff is always very friendly. There is time spent to explain services and offer recommended services but no pressure to buy more. Always a pleasant experience!

9.25.18 Sandra C 10/10

Very caring and kind staff. I also liked the fact that I did not feel any pressure to purchase services. Dr. Gambhir and staff give their advice and let you make the final decision. Very refreshing.

9.24.18 Shail Pal 10/10

Great Job, courteous service. Feel great, came to the best place.

9.24.18 Stacy Y 10/10

Dr. Gambhir soothing voice and how he explained all my options. The Nurse Michelle made me feel relaxed and welcomed. The front end ladies are very professional and nice.

I feel so beautiful and thank you to all.

9.24.18 Kelsey P 10/10

​I loved how personal the doctor was that I had seen. She even gave me her cell number due to questions I had about my visit the next day. It was a great experience and I am very happy with my results!

9.24.18 Ellen W 10/10

The monthly specials are amazing, the doctors are wonderful and do a great job, the staff is very friendly and scheduling appointments is super easy!

9.24.18 Katharine N 10/10

Very informative and professional with very nice results.

9.23.18 Tiffany S 10/10

The PA has an excellent bedside manner & everyone in the office is really professional & always so nice!

9.23.18 Kerstin D 10/10

You are always quick, efficient, and friendly! I feel well informed and my results have always been positive.

9.23.18 Laura B 10/10

Great variety of services offered. Knowledgeable staff!

9.20.18 Jennifer S 10/10

​Friendly staff! Love the efficiency of the providers and of course the results. Lindley is amazing!

9.20.18 Fabricia F 10/10

​The explanation s and care that I received was amazing. I loved.

9.20.18 Lauren S 10/10

Everyone is friendly and Dr. Ghambir is great!

9.20.18 Donna R 10/10

Lindley is a true pro at what she does. She is an excellent listener and gives great advise based on your questions and needs. It is always important to trust the person you are working with and I can say I fully trust her to steer me in the right direction!!!!

9.20.18 Danielle D 10/10

Dr. Gambhir (male) was excellent! He listened to my concerns from my previous visit, provided recommendations and was very thoughtful in my treatment plan. I am already happy with the results (after 24 hours!) and can tell he really listened and studied my face to produce the best results. During the appointment, he explained exactly what he was doing and what to expect. I look forward to my next visit.

9.20.18 Marie L 10/10

​The office was super friendly, they explained all aspects of the procedures, price points, and how it would benefit me. I didn’t feel pressured at all-but could take time to make a decision that would make sense. There was a genuine honesty about the whole appointment that would make me a return customer and to recommend your office to others.

9.20.18 Nicole B 10/10

The whole staff is beyond helpful! Listens to all of my questions and concerns I may have. I love how easy it is to talk to everyone there.

9.20.18 Jennifer S 10/10

​The variety of services available is fantastic.

9.19.18 Doreen N 10/10

excellent products, very informed and educated people on the products used and skin care in general. true concern for safe and organic products and for people's heath and care for their body. I count the days down until my next appointment!

9.19.18 Vicki S 10/10

Everything! The atmosphere and especially the Drs. and staff..


9.19.18 James C 10/10

I felt very welcomed by the doctors and staff. My procedure was quick and painless. I felt the staff was approachable and responsive to questions without trying to upsell other services. I felt like the pricing for my service was competitive.

​9.18.18 Katie D 10/10

They’re tailored to my needs and fulfill my expectations. Dr. Gambhir and his staff are not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, they are calming and kind.

9.18.18 Lindsay M 10/10

The staff was friendly and welcoming. They explained everything very thoroughly and I have great results!

9.17.18 Marla A 10/10

That you have deals on Groupon and that I can earn rewards. Dr Gambhir made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything to me in great detail. He also told me what I would need to improve my appearance without being pushy in anyway. I would recommend him to everyone! I took my girlfriend there and he also treated her the same way. She absolutely loved her results as I did

9.14.18 Judy G 10/10

Dr. V. Gambhir is an amazing doctor who is a gifted artist in facial rejuvenation. She is kind and listens to your concerns intentively.

9.13.18 Alicia D 10/10

Lindley is the best! She makes Botox easy and painless. Lindley genuinely cares about her patients and I will definitely travel to KOP to see her!

9.13.18 Maria F 10/10

gamblir Cosmetics was amazing. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. I saw Lindley. She explained everything in a caring and kind manner. She did not try to upsell me procedures or pressure me. I felt very comfortable with her. She was gentle and didn’t do anything without explaining it to me first. The atmosphere was warm and clean. I had a great experience and will be back. Thank you!

9.13.18 Taunya A 10/10

The doctor gives a lot of suggestions but listens to me and doesn’t ever make me feel bad about my choices.

9.13.18 Kristel D 10/10

Office staff was very friendly, welcoming and helpful. Dr. Gambhir was also great, took time to discuss things and did not pressure me to do anything I did not want to do. He explained everything as t was happening and did a great job

9.13.18 Katie K 10/10

I love that dr ghambir is honest and doesn’t pressure me to buy anything. Furthermore, she is open about her own anti age treatments and she obviously knows what she’s doing. She’s gorgeous!! I drive an hour and a half to see her and I will continue to do so.

9.12.18 Amy F 10/10

Denise! And the great products she uses!

9.12.18 Michelle M 10/10

Wonderful and relaxing environment. Excellent facial.

9.12.18 Alexis K 10/10

Beautiful office, friendly staff, and talented physician.

9.12.18 Elisa S 10/10

Attention I received 
I was nervous and made to feel at ease

9.12.18 Cindy S 10/10

Julie was very professional but also warm and informative.

the location is convenient to my home.

Office staff is friendly and efficient

9.12.18 Amanda O 10/10

love coming here, everyone is so talented and friendly

9.12.18 Lauren G 10/10

​Very nice facility and knowledgeable staff.

9.12.18 Deborah V 10/10

​Pleasant on time informative 
Great place all around 
Love it and highly recommend 
I will be back soon and am very happy with my results  [❤] ️ [❤] ️ [❤]

9.11.18 Doneen S 10/10

​Professionalism, timely appointments, friendly staff,

9.8.18 Norma C 10/10

​From the time I walked into your office I was greeted and I felt very welcome. The staff members were all very polite and very helpful. Doctor Gambhir is a great listener, and is genuinely concerned about his patient’s well-being.

9.8.18 Rachel F 10/10

Forms were able to be filled out online prior to coming in the office, no wait time, Lindley was thorough and accommodating to what I personally wanted, very gentle

9.7.18 Renee M 10/10

​The professional and comfortable atmosphere.

9.7.18 Michelle G 10/10

I had a very nice facial. It was very professional and enjoyable.

9.6.18 Michele B 10/10

​Very clean and knowledgeable !

9.6.18 Alice S 10/10

Doctor and staff all so lovely!

9.5.18 Divina H 10/10

Completely trustworthy and very knowledgeable, fair pricing comparatively, friendly staff.

9.3.18 Ruthanne L 10/10

Everyone is very nice, and I appreciate honest feedback with out a big sell. Thank you, Ruthann

9.2.18 Jody H 10/10

Very professional and informative about all options. Staff was very friendly and polite.

9.2.18 Evelyn C 10/10

Dr G has a calming effect which makes any procedure you are getting one that more pleasant. And more importantly he listens to your concerns and addresses them in a way that you totally understand.

His staff is also great they do anything and everything to make your visit a pleasant experience

9.2.18 Audrey S 10/10

Friendly front desk staff, and Lindley is wonderful! She was thorough and efficient.

9.2.18 Billie Jean E 10/10

​Dr. Gambhir is very experienced. She takes the time to ask about your preferences. I wanted subtle natural looking results. I also have to budget carefully and she is sensitive to that.

9.1.18 Stasha F 10/10

​Everyone is extremely kind and they truly care.

9.1.18 Gina U 10/10

Staff and Drs are very attentive and take time to sit down and talk with you about your concerns

8.31.2018 Kenyesha M 10/10

Great service and staff!

8.31.18 Giovanna M 10/10

he place is super clean. The staff and doctors are so nice.

8.30.18 Christine C 10/10

​The doctors don't just "do this, do that", they take your goals into consideration and help you make a plan to achieve them.

8.30.18 Nancy A 10/10

Promptness. Pleasant staff. Painless

8.30.18 Kelly K 10/10

Professionalism and the staff and Doctor is not pushy.

8.30.18 Jordan D 10/10

They are effective and affordable! A quick and painless confidence boost.

8.29.18 Nora K 10/10

​Dr G listens and does not push services

8.29.18 Sandy W 10/10 

​Great results and very professional never would go anywhere else.

8.29.18 Loleta A 10/10

Dr & staff are very nice and not pushy! Also very happy with my results!!

8.29.188 Gerri V 10/10

Communication and process of online forms, friendly greeting and attentiveness, really professional approach to overview of services, introductions, and my personal assessment. Fair price, quick calculation of value, openness about cost, tailoring service to my budget and readiness. Beautiful office space. Great experience .

8.28.18 Sandy W 10/10

​The experience starts when you walk through the door. The environment is very relaxing and the staff will most certainly greet you with a smile. EVERYONE is helpful and knowledgeable and very friendly. Dr. Gambhir exudes a calm, relaxed, positive energy which is very much appreciated, especially if you are new to Botox or any of the other services they offer. Dr. Gambhir takes the time to get to know his patients personally in addition to trying to understand their individual goals. I have been a patient of his for almost 10 years! I can't imagine seeking out another doctor when I have found one that has earned my trust for such a long time.

8.28.18 Donna M 10/10

Professional staff, painless procedures

8.28.18 Patti D 10/10

Dr Gambhir is just a pleasure to deal with. I had the pleasure of working with his wife also, she was awesome! 
Staff is friendly. Been going there for over 10 years!

8.28.18 Madison M 10/10

My entire experience was wonderful and I can’t wait to go back  [💋]

8.28.18 Linda G 10/10

​Better than chocolate!

8.28.18 AliciaC 10/10

Very informative, honest, professional

8.25.18 Margaret S 10/10

The best fountain of youth!

8.25.18 Audrey B 10/10

Friendly, professional, quality service.

8.24.18 Atarah V 10/10

I already have recommended u to a few people here in NYC because my experience was so good. Really enjoyed my time in the office. Everyone was present and helpful and the pricing is great. More NYC customers to come ;)

8.24.18 Kelly V 10/10

​Results, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. I felt fully comfortable and informed about the procedure that I had done before it began. I didn't feel pressure to spend more money that day than I expected to. That goes a long way with me. I have faith in the Practice and I am planning to do the recommendations for my next appointment based on the last session.

8.23.18 Tina L 10/10

The staff are so warm and caring

8.23.18 Rae W 10/10

​No waiting, always on schedule, friendly staff and always helpful with questions. Doctors are wonderful, listen to you and make sound recommendations.

8.22.18 Christine C 10/10

Pleasant office staff. Published price list.

8.22.18 Rita H 10/10

I like everything From the minutethe minute I walked in. The staff Doctor Who I feel is an artist. Their work is magnificent .

8.22.18 Kathy W 10/10

I asked for a conservative approach, and got it without being pushed to do anything I wasn't comfortable with.

8.20.18 Jill P 10/10

​Appointments are quick and effective. The staff is great about recommending treatment but not pushy.

8.18.18 Georiga D 10/10

​Kind, courteous and knowledgeable servic

8.18.18 Toni O 10/10

I travel from Delaware, 1hr 45 mins, because I trust the 2 of you with my face. Maintaining my youthful appearance is a splurge for me but I feel that you both always advise me in such a way that I get the most out of my budgeted investment. My 1 complaint is that you aren't closer to me. Lol 

8.18.18 Jennifer P 10/10

Everyone in the office is so nice -Dr Viba Ghambir excellent ! Very knowledgeable, professional! I love this place

8.18.18 Rachel N 10/10

Staff was friendly and professsional

8.18.18 Debera M 10/10

Great Doctor and staff. Answered all my questions.

8.16.18 Alexa F 10/10

very thorough with explaining the process. results. what to expect. very kind. assistants were also very kind and made the process easier.

8.16.18 Carol G 10/10

The atmosphere is welcoming,and I like how you go over the procedures to make sure that is what the customer has in mind.

8.16.18 Jean B 10/10

 had a wonderful appointment with Lisa. I would definitely reschedule a second appointment.

8.16.18 Ingrid A 10/10

Excellent staff, personable and helpful.

8.16.18 Mary B 10/10

Loren very helpful with recommendations for what would work best for me. Dr. G easy to talk with. She explained every step of the way. She also answer all of my questions

8.16.18 Linda S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is very understanding and very good at what she does. Her staff is also very courteous and listens to how you feel about different procedures, and provides information.

8.15.18 Lee B 10/10

Very clean, professional and relaxing. Loved my dream facial w/micro.

8.15.18 Jennifer S 10/10

Always friendly and honest!

8.14.18 Donna S 10/10

​Another wonderful experience at Couture! Professional always!

8.14.18 Stevi R 10/10

I love Dr. Gambhir and his staff, everyone is friendly, helpful and accommodating. I always look refreshed and never have complications.

8.14.18 Jen S 10/10

​Lauren was very nice and professional. Very easy to talk to and answered all my questions.

8.13.18 Barry F 10/10

professionalism- staff was knowledgeable-- and made the experience pleasant. I would definitely comeback and recommend to others

8.12.18 Traci H 10/10

Nice friendly staff. Taken on time. Doctor was so nice, and 
knowledgeable. Great price for procedure. 
I also like the fact that they have a rewards program for services rendered and a friend referral reward program.

8.9.18 Alison D 10/10

Dr. G is so kind patient and is a great Dr!

8.9.18 Tiffany K 10/10

Very pleased with ghambir!

8.9.18 Anette F 10/10

Lindley was very nice to me when I was nervous for my hair removal. Can't wait to get my 2nd treatment.

8.9.18 Amanda M 10/10

The willingness of the doctor and the PA to answer all of my questions.

8.8.18 Amanda U 10/10

Very friendly and professional!

8.8.18 Kimberley K 10/10

The staff is very knowledgeable and Doc is probably the most mellow doctor I have ever met.

8.8.18 Kristi M 10/10

Clean neat and very professional 
Lots of services to choose from 
And Denise is great!!

8.8.18 Karen M 10/10

Oh my gosh, everyone is so friendly and professional. I feel pampered and appreciate how Dr. Gambhir listens to me. You all do beautiful work.

Thank you.

8.8.18 Erica T 10/10

Affordable. Quick. Great results. Friendly staff.

8.8.18 Vivian K 10/10

Everything! From the girls at the front desk to Dr Gambhir!

8.8.18 Sharon S 10/10

​Love how I look!

8.8.18 Christine D 10/10

​He is very clear in explaining options and next steps. Is not aggressive but just very kind in his approach.

8.7.18 Kimberly B 10/10

​Everyone was very professional in providing services.

8.6.18 Peggy H 10/10

​Dr Gambhir is amazing.his injections are painless and his bedside manner is awesome!

8.6.18 Lucy S 10/10

Easy to book. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

8.6.18 Colleen R 10/10

Well run office. Dr Gambhir always so kind and takes time to explain things.

8.4.18 Sarah C 10/10

​The doctor is willing to take as much time as necessary to explain different procedures to you.

8.4.18 Beth W 10/10

​I like the doctors and the service.

8.4.18 Shannon M 10/10

​Friendly courteous professional staff.

8.3.18 Jennifer B 10/10

The staff is very friendly. Lindley is outstanding and really listens.

8.3.18 Janet B 10/10

​Very professional and take time for consult.

8.1.18 Nancy P 10/10

People are nice . The doctor is sweet.

8.1.18 Lauren P 10/10

​I had the best experience! I loved the honest suggestions

7.31.18 Debbie D 10/10

I like that I am taken on time for my appointment. I like the services I receive from Dr. Gambhir and enjoy the added discounts! I feel as though my budget is respected.

7.29.18 Rebecca K 10/10

very friendly and professional office and clinical staff. Both of the Drs are so lovely, and interested in what you are wanting. they explain things very well, give several options and leave the decision up to you. Im very satisfied

7.28.18 Kiana K 10/10

​Everyone is very nice. 
More than anything Dr G. Is the best!!! 
He’s honest and sincere. 
Coming from the west coast and I know a lot of cosmetic dr, Dr G. Is one of thee best in the east coast. 
We are so please and happy

7.28.18 Charleen C 10/10

Excellent experience as always. They offer suggestions and solutions for my concerns within my budget. I would recommend them to anyone who asked me.

7.28.18 Janet T 10/10

​I feel the staff was professional and knowledgeable. Lovely atmosphere

7.27.18 Janet M 10/10

​People are very nice n make suggestions that would be best for your situation.

7.27.2018 Cheryl B 10/10

​The doctor listens to my concerns and addresses them. Super staff too!

7.26.18 Lisa M 10/10

​Everything from the warm welcome I receive when I walk in, to the highly skilled Drs and staff! 
I always leave extremely happy!

7.26.18 Diane R 10/10

From the receptionist to Dr Gambhir my experience was wonderful. Everyone was so nice. It’s a pleasure going into a doctors office and being greeted with a smile and kind words. I don’t remember the girl’s name that took me into the room and asked what I expected from the visit but she was so helpful and informative. She listened and went over every option with me. Dr. Gambhir came in and was so pleasant. He explained what he thought I needed to have done but did not pressure me into more services. I will definitely return. Thank you!

7.26.18 Kayla R 10/10

​I got lip fillers and I'm in love. We dicussed some other things Iwas interested in, Dr. Gambhir was super sweet and gentle and listened to what I was looking for .

7.26.18 Cindy S 10/10

Very good with every application, recommendation, always runs on time, very nice people.

7.25.18 Olivia S 10/10

​The staff is very friendly and informative. You are never waiting more than 5 minutes for your visit. Dr. Gambhir is very gentle with injections and she makes the process very fast and simple.

7.24.2018 Carroll W 10/10

Very informative, they take their time to explain procedures and any side effects . Both Doctors are painless and very nice .

7.22.2018 Elizabeth G 10/10

Very professional and friendly! I am amazed by how the Dr. looks herself ! Natural and so youthful . I found my Doc for sure! Already told friends l!

7.22.2018 LuzMery W 10/10

Staff, service and procedure performed by the too Dr Gambir

7.22.2018 Carolyn L 10/10

The staff is professional and very friendly.

7.22.2018 Lea Z 10/10

Dr Vida Ghambir is very honest and I trust her to recommend what I need. I’ve bern client for a few years and I go back for Voluma and the new product Volure. My face looks refreshed and it makes me feel good . I would recommend her highly.

7.21.2018 Rosemary K 10/10

​Your appointment is always on time. Dr Gambhir is very kind , informative and the procedure is not painful. You always know what you are spending because it is presented to you before procedure and not a surprise after. I have and would recommend this practice to anyone.

7.21.2018 Yvonne D 10/10

Friendly and courteous

7.21.2018 Jennifer E 10/10

Friendly, honest and professional staff. All staff.

7.21.2018 Christin L 10/10

​The Nurse Practitioner was amazing! She listened to my concerns and explained everything in depth to me! No pressure to buy more than I wanted, and I REALLY appreciated and respected that!! I will definitely be a returning customer!!

7.21.2018 Kristin M 10/10 

I loved how Dr. Gambhir took the time to really discuss my concerns with me and was willing to answer any questions I had. The staff was very courteous and I had zero wait time for my appointment. I will definitely be a returning customer!

7.21.2018 Margaret H 10/10

It is not just the services provided at Gambhir Cosmetics; it's the atmosphere and friendliness of Dr. Gambhir, Lindley Gallagher and the staff. They make you feel comfortable and care that you leave happy and satisfied with any service you chose to do. They listen attentively to your concerns and what you wish to achieve. Ask for their recommendations because the experience of Dr. Gambhir and Lindley are always right on point.

7.21.2018 Christen P 10/10

Great results. On time every time.

7.20.2018 Roberta J 10/10

Very professional , courteous , knowledgeable staff

7.19.2018 Lisa C 10/10

It was very relaxing and felt wonderful.

7.19.2018 Anita S 10/10

Low pressure, high quality

7.19.2018 Jacqueline S 10/10

Professional but also welcoming and friendly. I felt very comfortable talking with the Dr and his assistants.

7.19.2018 Jill M 10/10

I have been going here for years. There is very little wait time. Everyone is very friendly. The treatments are explained before and after so there are no surprises.

7.19.2018 Nadine S 10/10

They always have special’s and everyone is so kind and Knowledgeable!

7.19.2018 Danielle A 10/10

quick easy and happy with my results!

7.18.2018 Amy M 10/10

Calm, serene environment. Dr. Gambhir is thorough in explaining everything including costs.

7.18.2018 Carolyn J 10/10

Staff, easy appointment setting, brilliant distinction awards

7.18.2018 Amanda W 10/10

Great facility, nice people!

7.18.2018 Donna M 10/10

​Everything is explained so well. Love it here!!

7.18.2018 Vanessa B 10/10

The female Dr Ghambir is who I go to and she is amazing. Very nice and knowledgable .

7.17.2018 Dawn M 10/10

Very personable and great attention to detail. Listened to me and worked within my budget to achieve what I wanted now and presented me options for future. Had a great visit

7.17.2018 Carole S 10/10

​Nice friendly Knowledgeable staff

7.16.2018 Ellen C 10/10

Friendly staff. Good results.

7.14.2018 Maragaret B 10/10

​Always a great experience. Dr. Gambhir and the Staff are always so kind and friendly.

7.14.2018 Christine P 10/10

​Everyone is always kind and friendly. Dr. Gambhir has a gentle touch and offers great solutions to prevent against aging. You all are great!

7.13.2018 Courtney F 10/10

​Quick and to the point but very professional.

7.13.2018 Leslie L 10/10

I liked that dr. gambhir listened to what I had to say and gave me his honest opinion.

7.12.2018 Amanda S 10/10

The staff is great!

7.12.2018 Sara Jane L 10/10

Always professional and wonderful results! Many years of consistent service.

7.12.2018 Sharon C 10/10

​no waiting, very friendly, not pushy.

7.11.2018 Stephanie Y 10/10

The services are great, but the staff really makes my visits exceptional!

7.10.2018 Noreen S 10/10

​Personal service. I never feel rushed or pressured to have additional services done

7.9.2018 Maansi M 10/10

​Both my daughters just recently had laser hair removal by Dr. Gsmbhir’s staff. Amazing service Beautiful office. They were extremely thorough and caring about my concerns. I would definitely go back again!

7.8.2018 Trena T 10/10

Dr. Gambhir and his entire staff are so friendly, professional, and accommodating. I always have such a pleasant experience when I visit the office.

7.8.2018 Suzanne B 10/10

The sales you offer and groupon

7.7.2018 Gina F 10/10

​Great people great place.

7.7.2018 Luzmery W 10/10

​The staff is very welcome, Dr Gambhir and his wife very professional always willing to answer any question that you have. The prcedure well done as spected!!

7.6.2018 Beth D 10/10

Your work and I love my physicians assistant

7.5.2018 Patti E 10/10

Very friendly staff. Large variety of services. Very patient when educating clients about serves.

7.5.2018 Melinda D 10/10

Dr Gambhir is so knowledgeable and kind and always makes me feel at ease and well informed

7.5.2018 Cindy S 10/10

As always, helping to keep me aging beautifully!

7.4.2018 Julia K 10/10

The friendliness, and the results! Amazing! Thank you!

7.4.2018 Chiara R 10/10

Always amazing

6.30.2018 Linda G 10/10

The doctors are very nice and patient. They are always concerned for your comfort.

6.28.2018 Helen C 10/10

Dr Gambhir is very attentive and caring!

6.28.2018 Robert F 10/10

​Quick, easy and effective. Always friendly knowledgeable

6.27.2018 Dianne B 10/10

I always have a great experience with Dr. Ghambir and his staff. I trust his expertise and advice, and I've always had great results. His office is comfortable, and his staff is very nice.

6.27.2018 Mary Ann F 10/10

Professionalism and quality of services

6.27.2018 Alexa H 10/10 

​All the special monthly deals !

6.26.2018 Candy A 10/10

Dr. Ghambir is an expert in his field - able to apply his extensive knowledge as a physician with a personal focus on non surgical cosmetic medicine. Dr. Ghambir offers personalized recommendations and applications tailored to help each patient maintain a natural appearance. He offers his expert opinion after spending time with you to discuss your goals. He definitely considers your needs and wants. Dr. Ghambir utilizes cutting-edge procedures, many of which he has personally developed. You feel quite comfortable as his patient, knowing that Dr. Ghambir is dedicated to delivering the utmost quality of skin care. Additionally, I like that there is no pressure in his Office or Practice to attempt "up-sells"; and, his prices (and Monthly Specials!) are provided up front, in print, at each visit.

6.26.2018 Janine W 10/10

​Very informative. Friendly staff and doctor.

6.25.2018 Robin G 10/10

The staff is always so friendly and knowledgeable. They have the latest and most current products and procedures.

6.23.2018 Eileen M 10/10

Love the Doctor as he is very caring and not pushy with services. The staff are also great!

6.21.2018 Kerry F 10/10

​Consultation was very information. Dr. Gambhir thoroughly explained the procedures, why he recommended certain ones, and clearly provided costs. All of my questions were answered.

6.21.2018 Karen D 10/10

The great customer service skills. Helping me feel at ease because of my fear of needles. Paying attention to what my concerns are and recommending the right services.

6.19.2018 Brenda C 10/10 

Professional warm and friendly staff. 
Promotional events as well as promotional pricing !

6.19.2018 Valerie W 10/10

​Great doctor, staff and fresh atmosphere.

6.19.2018 Heather F 10/10

​Very friendly.

6.19.2018 Taylor R 10/10

​I’m always in & out everytime I visit the office. & the staff & Doctor are very friendly

6.19.2018 Samantha F 10/10

Appointments are precise. Dr and assistant explains everything in detail!

6.18.2018 Cheryl M 10/10

​Always on time, I hardly every have to wait. No sales pressure to have additional services.

6.17.2018 Alysia B 10/10

​Prompt and great results

6.17.2018 Jeanne P 10/10

Personalized Service.

6.17.2018 Annemarie D 10/10

I wouldn’t go any where else for my Botox, always so curtious and professional.

6.16.2018 Anita S 10/10

Lindley is wonderful. Honest, professional and pleasant.

6.14.2018 Lisa J 10/10

​Dr G is fabulous! He explains everything so thoroughly and really puts you at ease! Trust him completely!

6.13.2018 Affie E 10/10

The results are great . The staff our friendly and professional.

6.13.2018 Angela S 10/10

All of the services offered are current and the best in the industry

6.12.2018 Jennifer M 10/10

Love them

6.12.2018 Nichole M 10/10

I love the doctors, I like how accommodating they are. They just want to please you and make you look beautiful.

6.12.2018 Debbie G 10/10

​very friendly

6.12.2018 Zahra M 10/10

​Friendly, clean, reasonable

6.12.2018 Carole H 10/10

​Doctor explains services and listens to your concerns

6.11.2018 Connie P 10/10

​Prompt friendly service and honest advice/consults.

6.11.2018 Suzann D 10/10

​I love Dr Gambhir. Fast and friendly service.

6.11.2018 Erin S 10/10

​Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

6.8.2018 Christina N 10/10

​Dr. Vibha is making every effort to help diminish my acne scars.

6.7.2018 Vicky S 10/10

The service was excellent!

6.7.2018 Karen M 10/10

Efficient, cost effective, attentive staff.

6.7.2018 Ashley R 10/10

​It was amazing

6.7.2018 Catherine C 10/10

I'm a chicken about needles and you 've made me feel very much at ease very appointment. My results are alway fabulous with no side effects. Being put at ease make sme want to go further with other services.

6.6.2018 Jackie S 10/10 

​Friendly, knowledgeable, beautiful space!

6.5.2018 Nuala M 10/10

​Staff are very nice and efficient

6.5.2018 Christina D 10/10

The staff is amazing and extremely helpful!

6.3.2018 Denise S 10/10

​Love that the Dr is so nice answers all my questions and love the results.

6.2.2018 Ginger Q 10/10

​Great doctors and customer service.

6.1.2018 Michele A 10/10

Dr Ghambir has a great 'bedside manner'.

5.31.2018 Denise B 10/10

​Always a great experience, professional staff, in and out quick! I wouldn't go anywhere else.

5.31.2018 Adele D 10/10

​Caring professionals who listen and suggest what’s best for you. Also pricing is affordable and they work with your budget to help you get again what’s best for you.

5.31.2018 Denise K 10/10

Very professional, great work, personal touch and easy to book appointments.

5.31.2018 Lisa T 10/10

Quick service, pricing, and rewards.

5.31.2018 Tina D 10/10

I always get great results!

5.30.2018 Heather K 10/10 

​Prompt, informative.

5.27.2018 Dorothea D 10/10

​Always a great experience!

5.27.2018 Tracie T 10/10

Doctors are knowledgeable, nice, and sspp not pressure any service. Their approach is honest and direct. Explanation are in terms easily understood for a non professional and a plan for the best outcome are directed.

5.27.2018 Dona L 10/10

​I like all of the staff, Linley and Dr Gambhir!! Great people, and very good at what they do

5.26.2018 Linda R 10/10

​I am a new client. They were warm and welcoming. Knowledgeable. Patient. Took their time. Explained everything. I received Botox injections and they were virtually painless and I don’t like needles.

5.26.2018 Janine M 10/10

Very friendly.

5.26.2018 Leslie C 10/10

​Absolutely everything! Beautiful place, professional staff. And every sevice I’ve had was top notch

5.25.2018 Danielle T 10/10

​Lisa Pupo gave me great facial!

5.25.2018 Teresa R 10/10

​Very nice staff

5.25.2018 Marylou d 10/10

​I haven’t had my appt as of yet but..... I like the way the staff handles all questions about procedures price down time... I’m looking forward to my appt in July.... ty mdepietro

5.24.2018 Heather S 10/10

​I look amazing as a result.

5.24.2018 Stacey M 10/10

​Very personalized and the doctors are extremely informative and knowledgeable staff.

5.24.2018 Joanne M 10/10

Lindley was awesome! Great suggestions!

5.24.2018 Cindy P 10/10 

​Everyone was very professional and made me very comfortable.

5.23.2018 Ann Marie M 10/10

First of all, I like the friendly attitude of all the people working there. Their willingness to answer all my questions and provide options for my budget is also appreciated. The doctor's expertise and advice will definitely bring me back again. Thanks.

5.23.2018 Christine M 10/10

Great experience!! Whole staff is very knowledgeable and informative!!

5.21.2018 Evon B 10/10

I have been treated by Dr. Gambhir for many years and I not only trust his judgment but his prices are a lower and he has monthly specials. I like getting rewarded for my services and saving a little with my treatments.

5.21.2018 Krystyna V 10/10

The staff is friendly. They got me right in at the time of my appointment. Dr. Viba was informative, letting me know my options. The procedure itself was quick and I love the final results.

5.21.2018 Linda S 10/10

Most services performed by a doctor. Never have to wait . Veyr professional.

5.20.2018 Kristen H 10/10 

Dr. Gambhir has a fantastic bedside manner and listens to his patients. He is very honest and does not push you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I also expressed that I had higher hopes for a recent procedure and he told me he was going to do it again free of charge. Great doctor, highly recommend!

5.20.2018 Calli G 10/10

Denise, who did my facial, was AMAZING. OMG, I loved her. She really took her time and listened to a couple of special requests that I had. She's definitely who I will request from now on, when I have a facial done.

5.20.2018 Jacquline N 10/10

Competirive pricing. Very friendly staff. Great locations.

5.19.2018 Denise K 10/10

Everyone was very friendly, accommodating, and informative.

5.19.2018 Michelle G 10/10

I trust Dr. Gambhir immensely. He knows exactly what to do to keep me looking good but doesn’t pressure me into anything.

5.19.2018 Desarae R 10/10

My lip fillers look amazing! Already planning another visit.

5.19.2018 Monique B 10/10

Everyone was very nice. Lindley explained my procedure and was extremely helpful in my decision making process. I will be back!!

5.18.2018 dawn M 10/10 

Calm atmosphere and professional staff.

5.18.2018 Flordelizas S 10/10 

Good service, friendly and nice people ,very relaxing place.

5.17.2018 Barbara L 10/10

I was very happy with all aspects of my visit, from the great facial therapist to the extremely attentive Doctor and all the support staff!

5.16.2018 Margaret S 10/10

Everything. The staff and the doctor have my best interest in mind as they help me achieve the best skin I can possibly have. Everyone who sees my driver's license can't believe that I am almost 70 years old. All thanks to Dr. Gambhir.

5.16.2018 Susan F 10/10

Very professional and I am always pleased with the results.

5.16.2018 Helen C 10/10

The staff is very helpful and friendly. And Dr Gambhir is compassionate, caring, and supportive.

5.16.2018 Gena O 10/10

Friendly staff and the doctor was very understanding of my needs.

5.15.2018 Robin S 10/10

The Dream Facial was so relaxing! My skin look so nice(and glowing) days after. Highly recommend !

5.12.2018 Diana B 10/10

Great professional service. Doctor and staff are very nice and knowledgeble.

5.12.2018 Dawn S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir’s explains every step of the process.

5.12.2018 Emily L 10/10

Very kind and courteous staff. Dr Ghambir was very patient and answered all of my questions thoroughly

5.12.2018 Katherine M 10/10

Very much like the PA that I see. Also like the Gambhir “frequent buyer” points.

5.12.2018 Jordyn S 10/10

Happy with outcome and always on time.

5.12.2018 Nancy M 10/10

Answers questions, gives suggestions but not OVERLY PUSHY with the sales approach, all my appointments were on time (seen within 5 minutes), friendly office instead of snooty like others I’ve been to in the past

5.11.2018 Lisa S 10/10

The doctor really listens about your concerns. The staff is very friendly and professional. I have already recommended this practice to all my friends!!

5.11.2018 Anna Marie F 10/10

The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The office was clean and comfortable. I would recommend to all my family and friends.

5.10.2018 Lauren M 10/10

Everyone is nice and accommodating!

5.10.2018 Cindy O 10/10

Warm, knowledgeable staff. Great recommendations for treatment services. Staff really listens to what I had to say.

5.10.2018 Diana J 10/10

Everyone was very accommodating.

5.10.2018 Caroline K 10/10

Staff is so nice. And both Mr and Mrs 
Gambir are wonderful. They will tell you what you need and what is realistic. They also consider how much you can spend. Never pushy.

5.10.2018 Stacy S 10/10

Products work great, nice clean office and very nice Dr.

5.10.2018 Rosemary H 10/10

Staff was friendly, courteous and engaging. The Doctor was pleasant and gentle

5.10.2018 Vincent T 10/10

Nice environment, good explanation of services, quick service

5.10.2018 Vijay G 10/10

Professionalism and smiles!

5.7.2018 Brian R 10/10

Dr Gambhir and staff are professional and knowledgeable with all services they offer.

5.7.2018 Nicole F 10/10 

The results, The professional and friendliness of the Dr and staff.

5.6.2018 Allison S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is very pleasant and knowledgeable! And such a fantastic bedside manner for a doctor. The staff is fabulous as well!

5.6.2018 Amy S 10/10

Great office that provides exceptional client 
services. Staff is always so friendly and helpful.

5.5.2018 Melanie M 10/10

The doctor took time to educate me about the process. I had had Botox before and was very unhappy with my results because they left me looking droopy. Dr. Gambhir explained why I had poor outcomes in the past, proposed a new way of injecting the Botox that would be more suitable for my age and facial structure and help me develop a long term plan to achieve the look I wanted without drastic measures. I love the Botox results so far and can't wait to move on to step two of the plan in the fall. Im so fortunate to have found Dr.Gambhir. He's over an hour away from my house but well worth the trip.

5.5.2018 Ashley G 10/10

The staff was amazing! The doctor was very knowledgeable about what I wanted to achieve and the results are amazing and exactly what I wanted! I will be back!!!

5.3.2018 Ellie H 10/10

Great services and gentle approach.

5.3.2018 Nicole S 10/10

My consult was wonderful. The PA took the time to address my areas of concern, and what would work best for me. I went in thinking I needed one service, and learned that the thermage would work better for what I'm trying to accomplish. I never once felt pressured into buying anything, and that really made the experience feel genuine. Thank You!!!

5.3.2018 Beth F 10/10

I am very happy with the professional atmosphere and friendly helpful staff.

5.3.2018 Rita G  10/10 

Very polite and pleasant staff.

5.2.2018 Laurie K 10/10 

Dr did a great job explaining procedure and answering questions.

5.1.2018 Karen M 10/10

Dr. Gambhir’s bedside manner is the most cordial and compassionate I’ve ever experienced. He patiently explained the procedure and future options patiently and clearly. He’s a winner. I’ll be back.

5.1.2018 Lisa M 10/10 

Very personable and welcoming.

5.1.2018 Joan C 10/10

I appreciate that I NEVER feel like a "number" in your office. Any questions of concerns that I have are always addressed - without feeling like the doctor has one foot out of the door!

4.30.2018 Susan S 10/10

Flexible locations; everything is always explained and everyone is very nice.

4.30.2018 Carol S 10/10

Very professional, comfortable & relaxing -

4.29.2018 Donna R 10/10

Dr G is totally a professional and very friendly. He only recommends and goes not push you to do any procedures you if not feel are necessarI totally trust him . Also the staff is very friendly and aware of a patient' s concerns

4.29.2018 Alicia B 10/10

Calm, professional and no pressure.

4.28.2018 Elizabeth S 10/10

Atmosphere and kindness of staff.

4.28.2018 Marianne L 10/10

Denise is a very professional, knowledgeable and skilled esthetician. I will schedule services again with Denise.

4.28.2018 Rebecca W 10/10

Fast, friendly, professional.

4.28.2018 Pamela F 10/10

Honesty. The only doctor in the area who posts his prices online.

4.28.2018 Leah W 10/10

Friendly reliable, excellent customer service, always on time. Results have been great.

4.28.2018 Tricia W 10/10

I love the way Dr. Gambhir explains everything in detail and the overall professionalism of the entire staff.

4.28.2018 Janet B

Very professional, clean. Answer any questions you may have and provide instructions for aftercare.

4.28.2018 Debra M 10/10

Good value and great Doctor and staff.

4.27.2018 Lori G 10/10

Friendly, personable and quick :)

4.27.2018 Noel B 10/10

Always comforting.

4.27.2018 Renata M 10/10

Dr. Gambhir took the time to explain about the procedure and she answered to all my questions very patiently.

4.27.2018 Clicias S 10/10

Very friendly staff.

4.27.2018 Kelly M 10/10

Fast easy everyone is a delight.

4.26.2018 Jennifer F 10/10

Pleasant atmosphere. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

4.26.2018 Courtney H 10/10

Love love love this place. Great doctors who listen so well and are even better at there craft. They have reasonable prices and monthly specials. Plus the ease of use on their website is wonderful too. You can schedule appointments online, you can check the different services and prices online and best of all there always educating....they educate there clients and they educate online for others that just have general questions or concerns. Finally they are always on the cutting edge with new products etc that will benefit there clients the most. I definitely recommend Dr Gambhir and associates as a great place to help keep a younger healthier you!

4.26.2018 Eileen T 10/10 

Great service. Have been there many times.

4.26.2018 Alyssa M 10/10 

My filler looks great! The flexibility to add 2 services while I was there was great!

4.26.2018 Kathleen S 10/10 

Easily answers all questions on services that may be interested in future.

4.26.2018 Keisha M 10/10 

Quick and procedure was explained in detail.

4.23.2018 Kristene L 10/10

I never have to wait and the Botox injections are quick and painless!

4.22.2018 Maureen M 10/10

Great office! Wonderful doctors and staff.

4.21.2018 Lindsey A 10/10

Dr. Ghambir is wonderful! He is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and his bedside manner is outstanding!

4.21.2018 Tanya A 10/10

The overall service and everyone is so professional and pleasant.

4.21.2018 Jamie Y 10/10

Very professional and everyone in the office are always nice.

4.21.2018 Danielle T 10/10

Variety of services and have been happy with the outcome. Easy appts. On time.

4.20.2018 Aurelia R 10/10

Great doctor, expertise and bedside manners. Always on time.

4.19.2018 Colleen R 10/10

Professional enviourment. I have always felt like Dr. Gambhir has taken his time with me, answered my questions . Then given me his recommendation but never pushed me into a decision. It's also very honest.m 
He evaluates your needs but let's you make the decision.

4.19.2018 Rose J 10/10

Everything! Great staff and great service!!!

4.19.2018 Ann H 10/10

Everything! Great staff and great service!!!

4.19.2018 Debra G 10/10 

Great service provided in a friendly atmosphere.

4.19.2019 Brittany A 10/10

Professional, felt comfortable, friendly atmosphere

4.18.2018 Rachel P 10/10

Fast, friendly

4.18.2018 Karen R 10/10

Personable office, comfortable and staff all willing to help and answer any questions. Plus the results are great!

4.18.2018 Nicole H 10/10

Everyone is very friendly and thorough with explaining everything. They listen to exactly what you want and keep budget in mind. I was very nervous for my first time getting Botox/fillers and the nurse and dr calmed my nerves. Great services! I am more than happy with my new lips! I will be back!

4.15.2018 Donna R 10/10

Denise Agnew - her skills, thoughtfulness, compassion and knowledge of the profession she very obviously loves!

4.15.2018 Linda F 10/10

Friendly staff and wonderful doctors !!

4.15.2018 Tyla S 10/10

Staff is great, both doctors are wonderful 
Love the filler I have had here.

4.14.2018 Tomara M 10/10

Affordable, explained very well , comfortable homelike setting

4.14.2018 Dilek G 10/10

Professional, helpful.

4.14.2018 Kate D 10/10

The staff, Lisa was so nice. I liked the results of my service.

4.13.2018 Arlene P 10/10

Your tech, Lisa, who did my facial was absolutely amazing. I have had facials at many different places and her touch was perfect. Very soothing.

4.13.2018 Carolyn B 10/10

Very pleased - clean polite informative and my outcome is beautiful.

4.12.2018 Amy H 10/10

Staff are always friendly and professional.

4.12.2018 Laura M 10/10

The Dr made me feel very comfortable and she was extremely positive and comforting. She made me want to keep up my self esteem and know that I’m beautiful either way!

4.12.2018 Stephanie S 10/10

You offer a variety of services. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. It is easy to set up an appointment.

4.12.2018 Sharon S 10/10

Very diligent, kind, compassionate and the results are good. My reservation is that I don't think it lasts long enough.

4.12.2018 Amy M 10/10

The office staff is always attentive and the doctors have a reassuring and relaxing manner that really adds to the process.

4.11.2018 Charlene A 10/10

Whole staff is spectacular! Warm and welcoming. Always helpful! Dr. Gambhir himself is fantastic. Highly recommend!

4.11.2018 Debrah B 10/10

Amazing facial!

4.11.2018 Patricia G 10/10

My microderm was great. 
The facial was relaxing.

4.11.2018 Willa B 10/10

I feel energized like a new person. Thank you [🙂]

4.11.2018 Katie D 10/10 

Excellent service it truly could not have been better! I will absolutely be back.

4.9.2018 Nancy M 10/10

I love my botox results!!

4.8.2018 Jennifer E 10/10

Staff and Dr. G. were very friendly, suggested but did not push services. This was truly appreciate by someone who was doing this for the first time.

4.8.2018 Kathy F 10/10

Wonderful, relaxing facials with great products and knowledgeable esthetician.

4.8.2018 Ruth D 10/10

Both Dr. G's, Mr and Mrs. are proficient, skilled, knowledgeable and very REASSURING. I know as a patient I'm in very good hands.

4.7.2018 Melissa M 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is kind, professional, and a great doctor.

4.7.2018 Heidi M 10/10

Friendly office. Dr. is super patient and listens. gives honest opinion/feedback - and great work!

4.7.2018 Graziella G 10/10

Positive first experience.

4.7.2018 Susan W 10/10

Aside from a beautiful environment, and friendly, personable, extremely knowledgeable staff, Drs. Gambhir are superb at what they do. The results are amazing every time. I go for Botox and dermal filler and am always 100 percent satisfied with the results and the entire experience in their office. The doctors and staff take the time to explain everything, answer questions and after care treatments. I would highly recommend and personally i wouldnt go anywhere else.

4.6.2018 Luanne 10/10 

They take the time to make you feel comfortable.

4.5.2018 Patti D 10/10

I love the Drs. Very professional!

4.5.2018 Gregory D 10/10

Convenient location, quick availability.

4.5.2018 Rhonda S 10/10

Professional at every step.

4.5.2018 Kathleen T 10/10

Facility was wonderful and customer service great!

4.5.2018 Meghan W 10/10

Always a pleasant and relaxing experience.

4.5.2018 Sarah C 10/10

Prompt, nice office, knowledgeable.

4.5.2018 Deirdre P

Excellent service.

4.5.2018 Jennifer M 10/10

Effective and well done with full detail information. I never feel like I’m being given an “up-sell.” Drs. Gambhir r recommending the best options.

4.5.2018 Amy C 10/10

Great staff and the Dr took her time with me to make sure she met my goals.

4.4.2018 Merrin P 10/10

Very professional. Knowledgeable - didn’t try to sell me something.

4.4.2018 Kellie R 10/10

Ease of making appointments and thoroughness of practitioner with regards to patient education

4.4.2018 Trena T 10/10

It's so easy to schedule an appointment online, the office staff is super friendly and helpful, and Dr. Gambhir is very thorough. Also, I love the fact that all prices are viewable via the website. That is so convenient.

4.4.2018 Victoria M 10/10

Friendly staff.

4.4.2018 Andrew B 10/10

clean, speedy, the doctor appeared to care and genuinely know what she was talking about.

4.4.2018 Miryam M 10/10 

 love Dr. Gambhir , she is honest & takes her time, never rushes you or pressures you ! I will stay with Dr.Gambhire forever. Simply I think Dr.Gambhire is the best !

4.4.2018 Lauren F 10/10

Everyone was very nice and super comforting - which was exactly what I needed for my first cosmetic procedure.

4.4.2018 Marketta P 10/10

Awesome! And they never messed a face up!!

4.3.2018 Lisa H 10/10

The doctor is on time. He explains what your options are and doesn’t pressure you. In addition, he states when asked what procedure he feels you should do first.

4.3.2018 Erika D 10/10

I love the services that Lindley Gansner Performs. She is extremely talented and personable!

4.2.2018 Nancy P 10/10

Doctor was very careful & delicate. Great bedside manner. Made the patient feel at ease. Allowed for questions!!

4.2.2018 Maureen F 10/10

Great rewards and honest, expert advice from Dr. Gambhir.


4.1.2018 Suzanne G 10/10

On time, professional, caring, price upfront,good results.

3.31.2018 Kristen B 10/10

I really love the expertise of the doctors and nurses, the variety of promotions offered on different procedures and the friendliness of the office. Everyone was very helpful and informative! Thanks again

3.31.2018 Alicia D 10/10

Lindley is so friendly and knowledgeable about her job. She makes you feel comfortable and you can trust her.

3.27.2018 Katlin S 10/10

Very welcoming, calming, and soothing. An amazing experience!

3.27.2018 Keami L 10/10 

Dr. Gambhir and staff were professional, polite and extremely knowledgeable. The office is pleasant, clean and welcoming. I am also very pleased with my results, so far. I'm very happy that I've discovered this practice.

3.26.2018 Debbie D 10/10

I love that I am taken at my appointment time. I feel as though Dr. Gambhir is mindful of the budget that I have to work within. I value her opinion and trust the services she recommends. The staff is friendly and helpful.

3.25.2018 Evelyn C 10/10 

On Friday 3/23/18 I had the Ultra Light CO2 Laser treatment on my face. I have to say I was very anxious about getting it done but Dr. G and Gina answered all my questions and totally put me at ease before the procedure started. I couldn't have asked for better situation. So far I have no issues with the treatment and have decided that my next treatment I am going to go up to the next level which I believe is the RX. 
Once again Dr. G and his staff have out done themselves with making me feel safe and secure in receiving a new procedure. 
If anyone is thinking about trying the CO2 Laser treatment go to Dr. G because he will make it the most pleasurable experience you can possibly have.

3.24.2018 Justine C 10/10

Office was friendly and clean.

3.24.2018 Karen H 10/10

I liked the results of my procedure.

3.23.2018 Patricia S 10/10 

Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful.

3.23.2018 Marie K 10/10

Prompt appointments; Dr. Gambhir is very sincere and makes every effort to make sure I'm well informed and she is responsive to my concerns.

3.22.2018 Kristen D 10/10

Atmosphère is inviting, calming, and beautiful. 
Staff is kind, welcoming, and friendly.

3.22.2018 Lesley K 10/10

Convenient, professional, timely.

3.22.2018 Brenna G 10/10

Absolutely love it here! Always professional and make you look great! I’ve already sent a bunch of people!

3.22.2018 Suzanne M 10/10

Love working with Dr. Gambhir (and his staff) as he has a soothing and caring way of talking with me. The staff is attentive and takes time to ask questions and make sure that I am satisfied with the services as well as educated about my treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine.

3.21.2018 Michelle V 10/10

Staff courteous and kind and Dr. Gam is sweet and professional:)

3.21.2018 Katelyn O 10/10

Very friendly, professional and clean.

3.21.2018 Helene D 10/10

Very professional. Do a great job advising and recommendation without pushing you to purchase and that is a plus. I always leave happy knowing I will be looking my best. My go to refresher.

3.20.2018 Doreen N 10/10

Excellent knowledge and care. Services backed up by healthy and effective products.

3.20.2018 Gail M 10/10

Kind friendly staff and gentle Doctors.

3.20.2018 Diane B 10/10

Great results. 
Wonderful customer service. 
Kind, friendly nurses. : )

3.20.2018 Margaret S 10/10

Upfront information and upfront pricing!

3.20.2018 Molly R 10/10

Personalized service.

3.19.2018 Lisa M 10/10

Nice office staff, no pressure, nice rewards programs.

3.18.2018 Rebecca R 10/10

Friendly service, clean office and fair prices! Lindley is the best :)

3.18.2018 Laura B 10/10

Very attentive to my needs, nice staff, very informative!

3.18.2018 Jenny H 10/10

Lindley is the absolute best! She is kind, approachable, and knowledgeable!

3.17.2018 Melessia R 10/10

Very gentle and great staff.

3.17.2018 Stacy S 10/10

Lindley is the best!!!

3.17.2018 Karen M 10/10

Friendly staff and makes you feel very comfortable.

3.15.2018 Leon M 10/10

Great staff and very professional.

3.15.2018 Nichole M 10/10

They are very reasonably price and you guys offer a lot.

3.14.2018 Lauren G 10/10

Great location, friendly staff, kind doctor.

3.14.2018 Johanna P 10/10

Team was very sweet, very informative, and I did not feel pressured at all to purchase anything add'l. Felt very at ease.

3.13.2018 Donna S 10/10

Each visit produces accurate results! Dr. Ghambier is always informative. Fees are competitive.

3.12.2018 Gina F 10/10

How kind the staff is and how the doctor listens to me and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

3.11.2018 Shelia N 10/10

Knowledgable, experienced doctors who listen and offer alternatives with pricing and who deliver as promised. A terrific, friendly staff.

3.11.2018 Mariarose M 10/10

Quick, professional, effective!

3.11.2018 Tonya A 10/10

Knowledgable, experienced doctors who listen and offer alternatives with pricing and who deliver as promised. A terrific, friendly staff.

3.11.18 Aimee C 10/10

It’s easy to make appts. They explain the procedure well. And you are in and out quickly.

3.10.2018 Erin W 10/10

Dr Gambhir is great, such nice bedside manner. I love the med spa atmosphere, and the staff always makes me feel so comfortable. Prices are reasonable.

3.10.2018 Maria M 10/10

Friendly staff and honest evaluation.

3.10.2018 Stevi R 10/10

The courteous members of the front desk, the smiles from the minutes you walk in and Dr. Gambhir never makes me wait. Once he walk into the room he is warm and friendly, explains the procedure and future options. I have complete faith in Dr. Gambhir.

3.10.2018 Roberta R 10/10

The courteous members of the front desk, the smiles from the minutes you walk in and Dr. Gambhir never makes me wait. Once he walk into the room he is warm and friendly, explains the procedure and future options. I have complete faith in Dr. Gambhir.

3.10.18 Milly C 10/10

The office is very inviting; the staff is very pleasant; the nurse is exceptionally personable and the doctor has the best cariamas for the procedure. I felt that my comfort both mental and physical was of high importance to Dr. Gambhir, as well as doing an excellent job. Oh, and his skin is perfect.

3.10.2018 Kelly C 10/10

Lindley was so nice. She was very honest and not pushy. She didn’t try to upsell me on more services and just told me what I should start with. She was very thorough in explaining what I can expect after my service and how long any side effects would last. I will definitely be back!

3.9.2018 Jane C 10/10

Love the staff, the information , the quality of work.. been there 3X in the last year - always happy with results.

3.9.2018 Julie C 10/10

The staff are very welcoming and make each patient feel special. All questions are always answered and Dr Gambhir is wonderful.

3.9.2018 Maria M 10/10

everything! i get exactly what i ask for every time and i’m never dissatisfied. i send everyone who will listen to dr. gambhir’s!

3.8.2018 Angela W 10/10

 Lindley was fantastic! She really took the time to sit with me and listen to my concerns and made excellent suggestions. I am definitely going to be having other services done there.

3.8.2018 Shannon K 10/10

Lindley does amazing work! I would really recommended her to anyone.

3.8.2018 Sheeza J 10/10

Excellent staff and very knowledgeable. Dr Gambhir takes out the time to explain everything and together we have realistic expectations.

3.7.2018 Katee B 10/10

strait to the point.

3.7.2018 Jennifer S 10/10

The staff was very friendly and made me feel at ease. The office was clean and welcoming.

3.7.2018 Beth W 10/10

The doctors are so kind and reassuring. I have been so happy with the results of my botox and other procedures. The entire staff is thoughtful, knowledgeable and kind. 
I wouldn't go anywhere else because they are fantastic.

3.7.2018 Christina N 10/10

Every service that Dr. Vibha Gambhir has provided for me has made me feel that my appearance has improved in a very natural way. My skin has never looked better from the CO2 laser treatment and she has evened my crooked lips with Juvederm. I’m so grateful I have finally found the best Doctor for me to help me age gracefully.

3.7.2018 Jamie V 10/10

My Botox session was very informative. Dr. Gambhir listened to and addressed all of my concerns, and was conservative in dosage as requested for a natural appearance.

3.4.2018 Shari D 10/10

Doctor so friendly!

3.4.2018 Tyla S. 10/10 

Staff is very friendly. Both doctors are great.

3.3.2018 Claudia H 10/10

Attention to detail. Everything is explained so you feel comfortable. Wonderful staff. Suggestions given but never pushy. They leave it up to you to decide what you want your treatment to be. I trust them. Highly recommended.

3.3.2018 Trisch G 10/10

All personnel provided excepitional customer service. However, I spent most of my time with Rachel. Absolutely LOVED Rachel. You need to clone her. Dr Gambhir was very thorough in explaining all procedures/products/services to me. He was gentle and waited for me to give the green light for all the injections. I had one tiny bruise post injections. And I like that the products were brought into the room in their original packaging. This assured me that I was truly receiving what I was paying for. 

3.3.2018 Nikki 10/10

The honesty, the results I have got since starting that has made me look great, the staff, and of course the doctors!!!

3.2.2018 Christine A 10/10

Everyone is very kind and friendly. The offices are decorated very well, with touches of Modigliani everywhere. Dr Gambhir has a. gentle touch and is very soothing. Plus, I look amazing! Thank you. I highly recommend Couture. :-)

3.2.2018 Gloria B 10/10

Lindley is amazing. I've had the best experience with her. Thank you for the great service.

3.2.2018 Courtney K 10/10

Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, quality service.

3.2.2018 Jamie S 10/10

Great staff, great service! Definitely recommending!

3.1.2018 Aida W 10/10

Dr. Gambhir and the rest of the staff are very welcoming and are approachable. It is a very relaxing atmosphere.

3.1.2018 Leah W 10/10

Loved the atmosphere and the treatment I received. Also great that you could add on services. The technician was so knowledgeable, kind, and seemed to be such a wonderful person!

3.1.2018 Jennifer P 10/10

Everyone is so friendly- Dr. Gambhir very professional- gives input on treatment that may benefit me.

2.28.2018 Sara Jane L 10/10

Consistently good advice and service that work

2.28.2018 Debra S 10/10

I've been a client at Couture for 6 years. Also great professional service with wonderful results. Always listens to my needs.

2.28.2018 Lynn M 10/10

Great group. Had a wonderful experience for both of my visits. Absolutley love my results!

2.25.2018 Mark F 10/10

Great Dr and staff

2.25.2018 Carole S 10/10

Great friendly staff. Very professional.

2.25.2018 Christen P 10/10

On time. Love to book online. Like the rebook price. Love the results. Like how they had me send pics to see if we got it right. I like the doc!

2.24.2018 Arlene G 10/10

All of the women up front and those that take you into treatment rooms are so pleasant and helpful. Dr. Gambhir was also very kind and knowledgable.

2.24.2018 Alicia M 10/10

Lindley was amazing! She knew exactly how to inject the filler in my lips without pain. She's my new best friend! 

2.23.2018 Amy M 10/10

Such a calming atmosphere!

2.23.2018 Denise B 10/10

So thorough, professional, and caring. Would highly recommend Dr. Gambhir.

2.23.2018 Laura B 10/10

Everyone is so nice and takes their time to answer all your questions.

2.21.2018 Deborah G 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is very considerate for paying close attention to what the patients "sees and feels" regarding facial services. He makes recommendations based on my budget and time constraints. Together we discuss a "plan" for how I can get my optimal results for what I'm seeking. He explains any treatment very clearly. He makes certain I understand and also that i'm comfortable with his recommendations. It is a joy to work for him. His staff is also very pleasant and friendly. I highly recommend a consult with him! I have been seeing him for "tweaks & touch-ups" for almost two years. I am very pleased!!

2.19.2018 Noelle M 10/10

Always very friendly, professional, and organized.

2.19.2018 Karen M 10/10

All the staff are professional. Dr. Gambhir takes his time to explain the services and manage expectations.

2.19.2018 Catherine M 10/10

I had an awesome experience! Super friendly, informative, and accommodating. Overall, it was perfect. I can't wait to come back next month. It is an hour drive for me and totally worth it.

2.19.2018 Charles K 10/10

Always make me feel welcome and happy with the results.

2.18.2018 Jessica T 10/10

LOVED THIS PLACE!! Dr. Gambhir and staff makes the experience easy!! Love my results!!

2.18.2018 Denise S 10/10

Staff was very friendly. I felt very comfortable and loved my results!

2.18.2018 Christine L 10/10

Excellent experience. The doctor and staff made me feel comfortable and important. I will return.

2.18.2018 Marzieh R 10/10

 Great job.

2.15.2018 Teresa R 10/10

Good outcomes.

2.14.2018 Melanie D 10/10

Prompt and educational treatment. The office is very professional but also very comfortable.

2.14.2018 Michele L 10/10

I like how friendly the female doctor is!

2.14.2018 Karen E 10/10

Easy to schedule, very nice staff! Felt confident that the doctor was skilled.

2.14.2018 Linda S 10/10

Most services are performed by the physicians. Appointments are always timely. Staff is always friendly.

2.12.2018 Teresa Fantacone 10/10

Very efficient Groupon. Staff was very professional

2.11.2018 Lauren S 10/10

The staff was friendly. Service was simple and easy.

2.11.2018 Eva M 10/10

Great place, and the best facials around.

2.11.2018 Christine M 10/10

Everyone in the office is so nice.

2.10.2018 Jennifer H 10/10

Professional and friendly. 

2.10.2018 Elyse R 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is so kind and my treatments have been effective.

2.10.2018 Carroll W 10/10

Very professional. Explained all the procedures very well. Explained any possible side effects.

2.10.2018 Kim Flannery 10/10

Very informative and a pleasant environment. 

2.10.2018 Betsy B 10/10

It was easy to get an appointment and they listened to what I wanted. They didn't try to push me in any way/

2.9.2018 Marsha N 10/10

Love both of the doctors, who are always pleasant and also very informative about my needs and always addresses any questions or concerns that I might have.

2.9.2018 Tim O 10/10

Love the results of the fillers

2.8.2018 Heather M  10/10

Very professional with no wait to have my service performed. I was able to get a same day appointment and there was no pressure to get the more expensive product.

2.8.2018 Jenna V 10/10

Lindley was very friendly and knowledgeable!

2.8.2018 Pricilla S 10/10

Very friendly staff that made you feel comfortable and the doctor was for what you wanted to do and didn’t push you to do more.

2.7.2018 Holly N 10/10

Great service and staff!

2.7.2018 Judy T 10/10

Professional, almost painless vein removal.

2.7.2018 Ashley K 10/10

Great service!

2.7.2018 Lindsey K 10/10

Professional, clean and I always look amazing when I'm done!

2.6.2018 Barbara W 10/10

Very informative 
No pressure 
Never have to wait 
Very knowledgeable friendly staff

2.6.2018 Tom D 10/10

Everyone is thorough.

2.5.2018 Cherita C 10/10

I liked the time taken to fully explain the services to me.

2.4.2018 Sharon B 10/10

Everyone is so nice. Dr. Ghambhir is great also!

2.4.2018 Dan N 10/10

Sophisticated without the snobbery. Staff are friendly and personable. Doctors are knowledgeable and experienced.

2.3.2018 Kelly M 10/10

Timely appointments, online booking, great staff, doctors very informative, not pushy.

2.3.2018 Kristie M 10/10 

You are prompt with your schedule and you are discrete.

2.3.2018 Mary B 10/10

Lindley really helped come up with a plan that worked for my purse!

​2.2.2018 Cathy R 10/10

Friendly staff

2.1.2018 Kristina A 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is amazing! He does a perfect job

2.1.2018 Tania E 10/10

Thorough explanations, suggestions, and a good sense of humor!

2.1.2018 Kim P 10/10

Prior to our treatment, staff always takes the time to discuss any issues or concerns and explain treatment options.

1.31.2018 Heather K 10/10

Prompt. thorough and up front about cost.

1.31.2018 Kathy S 10/10

They give information that is very useful and they tell you when you don't need something. Very refreshing not to have things pushed at you!

1.30.2018 April F 10/10

Denise is always wonderful!

1.30.2018 Cheryl M 10/10

You are not pushy sales people. You are always running on time for appointments

1.30.2018 Erin S 10/10

Great customer service! Love and trust Dr. Lindley! She's the reason I keep coming back!

1.29.2018 Louann C 10/10

I liked booking the appt on line. 
When I arrived for my appointment, everything was running on schedule. I appreciated their professionalism and I’m very happy with my results.

1.27.2018 Maria S 10/10

Everyone is friendly, fabulous and professional!

1.27.2018 Mandy A 10/10

Everyone is friendly, fabulous and professional!

1.27.2018 Lauren  10/10

The staff and PA Lindley are very friendly and helpful.

1.27.2018 Karen H 10/10

Friendly professional willing to work within my budget.

1.26.2018 Deborah V 10/10

Helpful friendly always on time 
No problems with treatment 

1.25.2018 Tiffany K 10/10 

Easy, quick and flexible with schedule.

1.24.2018 Deborah P 10/10

The prices are fair, excellent results, lovely environment, wonderful staff, great options in treatments.

1.24.2018 Katie B 10/10

He is the best around he does he does Botox for me and he is amazing 

1.24.2018 Anna M 10/10

Customer service is excellent

1.24.2018 Joanne D 10/10

Very personable and knowledgeable staff. Beautiful office...I am happy with my results of juviderm ...more to follow...Refresh peel next week!

1.21.2018 Mardette S 10/10

Very professional and open to all questions and I didn't feel rushed during the appointment. Made me feel at home.

1.20.2018 Gina U 10/10

The Dr and staff are very friendly and take the time to answer your questions.

1.20.2018 Carol F 10/10

The nurses and doctor are extremely gentle kind and patient. They explain everything.

1.20.2018 Suzanne B 10/10

Love my microdermabrasion facials with Lisa, so relaxing and refreshing. The hours could be better, especially for people that work 9-5, evenings and saturdays would be nice

1.20.2018 Erik S 10/10

I like that Dr. Ghambhir is extremely economic when it comes to his suggestions for what IS best for your skin. He’s conservative and isn’t going to push you into a procedure you don’t need to make a buck which once I experienced his mannerisms knew I was in good hands and I’ve been going since. I get Microneedling done with him and it’s been excellent, affordable, and not killed my day. Everyone is so nice and Couture is just great.

1.20.2018 Deanna R 10/10

Dr. Ghambir's  work is like artistry. She skillfully places the injections exactly where they need to be and I am always happy with the outcome.

1.19.2018 Chad M 10/10

Great results and very friendly staff

1.19.2018 Robert F 10/10

The service was fast and easy and everyone was very courteous. I am very happy with the results

1.18.2018 Barbra R 10/10

Your honestly, your eye for what the client needs not wants... injestables without the black and blues ... the gentleness, friendly and caring of all your concerns from the doctors all the way to the front desk.

1.16.2018 Patrisha M 10/10

Awesome service and staff!!

1.15.2018 Amy S 10/10

I appreciated the time Dr. Gambhir and her staff took to explain different treatment options during my last visit. The staff is very friendly and informative. I am very happy with any treatment I have received at Dr. Gambhir's office and look forward to future visits. I would highly recommend to friends.

1.14.2018 Joann D 10/10

Since the first time I walked through your doors, I felt comfortable. You were honest on what can and cannot be done. I trusted the doctor with my body.

1.14.2018 Patti E 10/10

Prompt and efficient service; very friendly and knowledgeable staff

1.14.20118 Karin S 10/10

Professional , and they spend the time to explain procedures.

1.14.2018 Michelle G 10/10

I just really trust Dr. Gambhir and don’t feel pressured into anything.

1.14.2018 Kelly C 10/10

The young lady who came in before the doctor was amazing! Spent so much time answering questions. I felt so confident about the services we chose . 
I felt like the doctor understood what results I was expecting :)

1.13.2018 Keri G 10/10

Staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

1.13.2018 Patrisha G 10/10

The entire experience was excellent! Love what I had done and the entire office was friendly and helpful. The woman who did my lip injection could not of been better. I will definitely be back!!

1.13.2018 Danielle H 10/10

I was warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable from the moment I walked in until I left. My doctor answered all of my questions before I even asked them and made incredible recommendations. I am beyond thrilled with my results and cannot wait to come back again!! I would highly recommend!!

1.12.2018 Leslie L 10/10

The way my cosmetic service turned out! They were very patient and listened to exactly what I wanted done and they did it. The process was not long at all and I’m certainly in love and will be back!

1.11.2018 Johann K 10/10

My experience with Dr. Gambhir and his team was a pleasure! They were very professional and personable- This includes the initial consultation, the procedure itself and recovery period. I have no hesitation in recommending their services or using them again in the future- I was in good hands throughout!

1.11.2018 Susan K 10/10

Very nice staff and doctor. They all took their time to answer questions and provide suggestions. Very comfortable with everyone there, thank you for a good first experience!

1.11.2018 Alice S 10/10

Friendly and caring staff. Not too pushy.

1.10.2018 Nora K 10/10

Very friendly staff and Dr.G is never pushy or trying to upset you on additional treatments.

1.10.2018 Victoria S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir and his staff are very professional and thorough in explaining the process and in explaining future treatment ideas. The doctor is very gentle while administering botox shots and other treatments.

1.8.2017 Nicole P 10/10

Always professional and always on time. Never feel pressured!

1.7.2018 Faith B 10/10

What I like about my services at Gambhir Cosmetics is quite simple- I love my results! Not only are my results amazing but the staff is absolutely brilliant! My doctors are super gentle and the assistants are knowledgeable in after care but also courteous/kind. Another plus is that the interior decorator really knows what they are doing because it's absolutely beautiful inside!

1.6.2018 Deana R 10/10

Very friendly welcoming office. First time Botox and the NP was very informative and personable. Glad to find this practice.

1.5.2018 Kristin M 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was super friendly. She explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable.

1.5.2018 Adriana M 10/10

The woman who did my injection was beautiful, kind, patient and extremely informative!

1.4.2018 Janet M 10/10

Kind doctors and staff that give clear explanations about interventions and provide targeted intervention to meet your specific needs.

1.4.2018 Kate D 10/10

Kind doctors and staff that give clear explanations about interventions and provide targeted intervention to meet your specific needs.

1.3.2018 Cathleen P 10/10

Great service and knowledgeable staff!

12.31.2017 Marissa M 10/10

The nurse was very kind and informative. She even took the time to meet with my husband and discuss cool sculpting. We are both interested in this but will have to wait due to finances. Thank you.

12.31.1017 Pamela E 10/10

People are friendly, informative and easy. Kindness and easiness goes along way. Also no pressure on what ever I decide. No judgement involved when I ask for prices.

12.31.2017 Karmann 10/10

The price is fair. Receptionist makes a point of finding brilliant distinctions credits and applying them. Both doctors have a gentle touch. Both doctors do a good job of explaining the procedures, options, benefits, side effects, etc 
Appointments are on time.

12.31.2017 Jamie P 10/10

Very personable team! Loved Dr.Gambhir, she made me feel right at ease and answered all my questions!

12.31.2017 Jill D 10/10

Professional and very in tune to individual needs.

12.30.2017 Marianne O 10/10

Great front desk receptionist and Lindley the NP is wonderful 
Thank you.

12.29.17 Suzanne O 10/10

Dr Gambhir - he is very gentle and informative. Treatment was quick. Exton office is a comfortable setting, not too far from Delaware.

12.29.17 Cheryl E 10/10

The staff is friendly and thorough with their patient care. They listen well and take all concerns seriously.

12.29.17 Aiko S 10/10

Friendly quick efficient and good work! 

11.11.2017 Susanne S 10/10

Timely and professional.

11.11.2017 Gwen W 10/10

Very professional, courteous and extremely satisfied with the results of my facial!

11.10.2017 Kendra F 10/10

Friendly and intelligent doctor and staff. Clean and relaxing atmosphere. Appts are always on time.

11.9.2017 Alaina B 10/10

The doctor is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

11.7.2017 Dana S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir gives a thorough explanation of the procedures he offers but doesn't make you feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do.

11.6.2017 Susan S 10/10

Everything is explained to me; I like the multiple locations, I have been going for a few years now because I am happy with the service.

11.5.2017 Suzanne B 10/10

Professional and courteous services in a lovely atmosphere.

11.5.2017 Trena T 10/10

Everyone at the office is extremely friendly, and Dr. Gambhir always takes the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have. Additionally, the competitive prices help in keeping me coming back.

11.4.2017 Amy H 10/10

The staff and Dr. Gambhir were phenomenal. I was very impressed. Everything I had done was explained very well and I never felt pushed into any services at all. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.Dr. Gambhir was so personable and very gentle. I am so happy I found them. I will definitely be back.

11.4.2017 Eleanor L 10/10

Everyone is so sweet!

11.4.2017 Natalie G 10/10

Good appointment hours. Nice staff. Great bedside manner

11.3.2017 Tina W 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is a soft-spoken doctor who immediately puts you at ease.

11.3.2017 Linda G 10/10

Great staff! Dr. Gambhir takes the time to listen to your concerns!

11.2.2017 Jennifer S 10/10

Dr.Gambhir is honest about what you truly need. He's gentle, kind, understanding and considerate of your needs. I am always 100% satisfied with my results. The staff is always friendly, warm and very accommodating. This is where I recommend all my clients to. I would never recommend anyone else, as I have seen other doctors in thr past. I will be a lifetime patient here for sure!

11.2.2017 Michele B 10/10

Easy to schedule. Friendly staff.

11.2.2017 Karen n 10/10

Very impressed with Dr. Gambhir, He really knows what he is doing, I look better already, there was no bruising or swelling at injection sites, and it was the first time I had no pain during the procedure. I will be back for more treatments. I do really like that this is all he does, so he gave me many options for looking good, but no pressure to purchase on the spot. 

11.1.2017 Francine T 10/10

I love how my skin looks and feels after receiving treatments. Dr. Gambhir has taken years off of my skin & all at very competitive prices.

11.1.2017 Jessica T 10/10

Everything about this place is awesome!

11.1.2017 June G 10/10

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, informative, gentle. My experience was awesome!!

11.1.2017 Jon M 10/10

Friendly and knowledgeable.

 10.29.2017 Joanne F 10/10

They took their time and explained everything. No pressure.

10.29.2017 Sharon B 10/10

Everyone there is so nice! Love Dr.Ghambhir. He has a great bedside manner! Would refer anyone to go there!

10.29.2017 Andrea S 10/10

Had such an amazing experience with Lindley! Will definitely be coming back!

10.28.2017 Jennifer S 10/10

Always professional and honest!

10.27.2017 Amy W 10/10

Quality and consistency of your services - friendly and awesome staff

​10.27.2017 Janet Z 10/10

Friendly professional atmosphere.Honest no pressure advice.

​10.27.2017 Davina H 10/10

Trustworthy, kind, excellent service and care, extremely knowledgeable and professional. I’ve been to other places, have ended up looking weird or there have been issues with the services provided. 
This has never ever occurred with Dr. Gambhir, I’ve been consistently pleased and have been seeing him for years now. In addition, his prices are fair and his offices are lovely.

10.21.2017 Arthur G 10/10

very professional and caring team that made sure i was completely versed on the process. will definitely refer you to friends and family.

10.18.2017 lawrence C 10/10

Dr. Gambhir, I feel is really very honest. He won't recommend a procedure just because I think it would be appropriate. It is also very helpful that he has monthly specials on his procedures offering substantial discounts. And his actual technique for the procedures he performs is quite gentle.

10.15.2017 Geri O 10/10

Dr. Gambir is very knowledgeable and I love how honest he is and never try's to upsell you things. I believe he truly has his patient's best interest at heart

10.14.2017 Jolynne M 10/10

Dr. Gambir is very knowledgeable and I love how honest he is and never try's to upsell you things. I believe he truly has his patient's best interest at heart

10.10.2017 Kristene L 10/10

Very friendly staff and always seen on time! The Dr's are very gentle, reassuring, no pressure to do extra treatment, and I've always loved my results!!

10.8.2017 Hailey H 10/10

How quick and professional they were during the whole procedure, they also made me feel very safe and at home.

10.7.2017 Cathy E 10/10

Professional highly skilled excellent results 
Office staff are rock stars 
The doctors are awesome always recommend what you need to get the best results

10.7.2017 Brittany B 10/10

I love Lindley. She is so sweet,personable and truly skilled with Injectables. I wouldnt go go anyone else

10.5.2017 Ann Grosso 9/10

Lisa gave me a Fabulous facial !, I will be back for another facial with Lisa

10.4.2017 Suzanne F 10/10

Very knowledgeable in what you do 
Was seen very quickly on time, no wait 
The procedure I got was explained to me and what happened 
Was told how often I should get procedures done and what I can do in the future to better improve my features

10.4.2017 Lannie L 

Dr. Vibha Gambhir was an absolute pleasure to work with. As a first time patient, she sat down and really listened to what I would really like to achieve. She extrapolated every single concern and identified options including benefits and drawbacks of each procedure. She then explained how she has had some of the same procedures done and I was blown away by how natural it looked on her. Before the procedure, she went over exactly what we agreed on to reiterate and make sure we achieve our goals together. Halfway through the filler injections, she noticed discomfort so she switched needles so that it would be more comfortable. Between the world-class staff, comforting office and your attention to detail; I will be referring all my friends and family to your office.

10.1.2017 Diane A 10/10

I really appreciate that both Dr. Gambhir and his medical assistant both take the time to listen, answer questions and provide their educated opinions. I never feel rushed to make a treatment decision when I come in.

9.30.2017 Emily S 10/10

You are very professional & offer an exiting menu of treatments. And best of all you seem to be honest and customized when it comes to best treatment options....it's not about the money as much as it is about the customer.

9.27.2017 Stevi R 10/10

Dr. Gambhir takes the time to discuss options and procedures, outcome patient is looking to achieve and comfort level. No pressure to make decision on the spot. Actual procedure performed, Botox, left no bruising, absolute perfection!

9.27.2017 Laura S 9/10

I like the ease of scheduling; on-line or over the phone. I find your front desk staff to be very polite and helpful. Your suite is clean, comfortable and beautiful. And, most importantly, I really like Dr. Gambhir and his assistants. They are patient and knowledgeable and never try to upsell me.

9.27.2017 Donna A 10/10

Doctor and assistant were very nice and explained the different services to me.

9.23.2017 Sylvina F 10/10

I have been with Dr. Gambhir (male) for over 6 years. I most appreciate the art form he has which cannot be taught. He knows what small modifications work for me and he can execute them beautifully. I trust his guidance to help me continue to make "modifications" as I continue to age. Besides this key element, the staff is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I highly recommend.

9.23.2017 Danna Z 10/10

The office is very clean and classy. The staff are very professional, and I loved the nurse who serviced me. I did not know what to expect and everything was explained to me very detailed. I am very happy with my results!

9.22.2017 Jessica T 10/10

Fancy office, professional but friendly doctor. The doctors assistant was very pleasant and helpful. Doctor available when I had concerns after treatment.

9.20.2017 Elizabeth M 10/10

Everyone was kind and made my visit very easy. Information they gave me was clear and pricing was transparent. Dr. Ghambir made me feel at ease.

9.18.2017 Leslie10/10

EVERYTHING!! Could not be more happy with the professional and comfortable not to mention very informative treatment I received. Fantastic work and wonderful environment

9.13.2017 Donna S 10/10

I always appreciate the great information I receive during my visit. Services are excellent. I am always pleased with the results.

9.12.2017 Maureen S 10/10

Everyone was so nice and really took their time to answer all of my questions. The facilities were beautiful and the doctor put me at ease. I will definitely be back and recommend it to my friends.

9.12.2017 Joan C 10/10

Everyone was so nice and really took their time to answer all of my questions. The facilities were beautiful and the doctor put me at ease. I will definitely be back and recommend it to my friends.

9.12.2017 Danielle C 10/10

Doctor is gentle with the needles !

9.7.2017 Connie S 10/10

Dr Gambir is very professional and gentle with his services. His staff is friendly and always make me feel welcome in the office.

​9.7.2017 Galia F 10/10

I love how professional and gentle the doctor is! The doctor is always on top of everything, knowing exactly what needs to be done and what was discussed! He always asks questions and make sure everything is clear to both him and myself. One thing I really like is that I never left bruised, which have happened to me at other places! Highly recommend this place

9.6.2017 Ryan G 10/10

​Dr. Really took his time talking to me and answering all my questions. Assistant was also great, and very helpful!

​​8.31.2017 Paula E 10/10

Kind, professional, no pressure!!!

8.29.2017 Trent B 10/10 

Great service from everyone and Dr. Gambhir. They work with you until you have 100% satisfaction with your service.

8.29.2017 Sofia C 10/10

Very professional. Dr. is considerate and offers options. I've been using Dr. G for 3 years. Very happy and I look great!

8.28.2017 Penelope B 10/10

Everyone was welcoming and prepared. They asked all the right questions, listened to my concerns, and provided excellent results!!! Follow up instructions were thorough. 
I highly recommend!!!

8.27.2017 Pamela E 10/10

I loved the new aestitician! I like the other two as well but Lisa has more strength in her fingers and it feels different, better. I also like the relaxed atmosphere and how the ladies always smile even if you're late. And I'm fond, or just amused, of hearing Dr. Gambhir shoes jingle through halls. :)

8.26.2017 Christina B 9/10

The place is very clean and calming and beautiful. Lisa is unbelievable at what she does. Best facial and message ever!! Booked another one with Lisa in a month

8.26.2017 Roslyn S 10/10

I love that the office is comfortable and the staff is Profesional and courteous. Every time I come in, special attention is paid to my particular concerns and other options are offered that are reasonable and helpful in helping me look my best! This is a fantastic experience overall!

8.26.2017 Victoria A 10/10

I liked everything about your services! You're amazing, I didn't really expect such a good result. My lips look super natural ( juvederm injection) 
Thank you so much, I would recommend it to everyone!!!

8.25.2017 Joyce D 10/10

Ease of scheduling. Staff was personable and friendly. 
I am pleased with my results.

8.25.2017 Annette S 10/10

Kind, caring & compassionate physicians and staff.

8.24.2017 Gail M 10/10

Kind, caring & compassionate physicians and staff.

8.24.2017 Heather B 10/10

Professional staff that takes the time to be friendly, genuine and informative. Love it!

8.24.2017 Virginia D 10/10

Lindley Gallagher was extremely informative and friendly! I love the results and felt comfortable the whole way through. Thank you so much and I look forward to my next visit!

​8.23.2017 Kim S 10/10

Prompt easy to get appointments, dr is respectful and caring

8.18.2017 Bianca A 10/10

Everything!!! I absolutely love Dr. Gambhir and her staff. They are so informative and always help me to make the right decisions. I have referred many of my friends already and we have all had amazing results! xoxo

8.17.2017 Wanda M 10/10

Very professional and courteous staff.

8.17.2017 Christina S 10/10 
OMG. I found my Dr till the end of time...You R always gretted with a warm smile from Dr Gambri....He IS truley a MASTER! I AM ALWAYS SO HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS! !! THE DR is always so calm ...gives you so much attention ...The Dr makes you feel so special ...I am so blessed to have found him...Chris

8.17.2017 Peg M 10/10 
The nurses and doctor was very clear about the procedure.

8.17.2017 Beth M 10/10 
I love everything about your office.

8.16.2017 Danielle L 10/10

Wide array of services 
Pleasant and informative staff 
Constant specials 
Exceptional expertise of doctor

8.16.2017 Eike R 10/10

Good prices, quality work. Pretty offices.

8.16.2017 Rosemarie V 10/10

Everyone was so nice and made you feel very comfortable. The doctor was very professional and took a lot of time to explain everything to me. I left with information and pricing for everything that I was interested in. The best thing about it was that I was not pressured into doing anything on the spot. I left there without being charged a penny. Now, when I can look everything over and figure things out financially, Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine is where I will be going.

​8.14.2017 Annemarie D 10/10

I love Botox  [😊]

8.13.2017 Diana M 10/10

staff is very attentive and service was quick

8.13.2017 Audrey B 10/10 
It was very relaxing and thorough

8.13.2017 Debra S 10/10 
Staff is always friendly . The doctors and nurses spend time with you to talk about what you want and what your expectations are.

8.9.2017 Lisa E  9/10

Speed and friendliness

8.7.2017  Laura B 10/10 
I was thrilled that the doctor herself consulted with me and didn't make me feel rushed with all my questions. I also appreciated that she worked with my budget and didn't make me feel uncomfortable.

8.7.2017  Stephanie M 10/10 
Hands on and care about satisfying the needs of the patients.

8.7.2017 Virginia S 10/10 
Always punctual and professional. Great results.

8.6.2017 Meagan R 10/10 
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly doctor and staff. Very tuned in to patient experience.

8.6.2017 Jeanne M 10/10 
Overall it is a positive experience. The staff is professional and they explain everything.

8.5.2017  Tami T 10/10 
professionalism & friendliness of staff

8.5.2017 Karen M 10/10 
Dr takes the time to explain everything. Efficient (as painless as it can be).

8.5.2017 Kathy H 10/10 
Dr. Gambhir and his staff are so courteous and you get great results. Dr. Gambhir really takes his time with you, explains everything you need to know, makes suggestions and tells you why he is making the suggestion. It is also very obvious that Dr. Gambhir truly cares about his patients. I would not go anywhere else! 
- Kathy

8.5.2017 Linda P 10/10 
The friendliness of our PA

8.5.2017 Julia S 10/10 
Dr Gambhir and her staff are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly! They explained in detail step by step my procedure. I've already reffered 3 clients to Dr Gambhir. I'm definitely going back for more procedures as well. 
Thanks again for being the BEST!

​8.4.2017  Diana B 10/10  
Professionalism, knowledge, respect, always on time. Helpful staff

 8.4.2017 Jeanne B 10/10 
Prompt, Clean and honest.

 8.4.2017 Jane P 10/10 
Very informative

8.4.2017 Kelly V 10/10 
Professionalism and cleansiness

8.4.2017 leslie w 9/10 
competence, friendly staff, nice facility

​8.3.2017 Cheryl D 10/10

EVERYONE....Is so personable and professional. They go out of their way to accommodate you and that's a big plus when you have a hectic schedule. Dr. Gambhir takes his time to explain everything to you and they always ask "Do you have any questions". Every client is treated equally and is never rushed, you truly feel valued and appreciated.The facility is beautiful and immaculate. There usually isn't any wait time. You are in good hands with great knowledge and skills.

8.3.2017 Susan W 10/10

The staff is very friendly and polite.

8.2.2017 Janet B 10/10

Led by physicians. Very accommodating - consults prior to selecting services very helpful.

8.2.2017 Carol G 10/10

From Dr. Gambhir himself; to the services provided; the professionalism of the staff; the atmosphere; and, most importantly the result!

7.31.2017 Nikki D 10/10

Amazing staff, barely any wait with appointments, and caring doctors!

7.30.2017 Regina P 10/10

I have had Voluma and Scuptra injections to fill out my face.I believe that injecting products requires a special touch to insure that the result is both pleasing and proportionate to your features. Dr. Anshul Gambhir is an artist. He evaluates your face carefully before a procedure and does a delicate job injecting the products. He has the gift of knowing just how much will enhance your looks. I always feel 10 years younger after a visit.

7.29.2017 Phyliss O 10/10

I love he way he explains every step of the procedure before and while he is doing it.

7.29.2017 Evelyn C 10/10

I love he way he explains every step of the procedure before and while he is doing it.

7.29.2017 Bill L 10/10

Attentive, knowledgeable and professional.

7.29.2017 Terri D 10/10

Very friendly. Felt comfortable Very pleased with my first visit will be back

7.28.2017 Dawn S 10/10

Quick Appt. Availability. 
No wait time at all! 
Friendly and helpful Front Desk service. 
Excellent, caring and informative provider. Lindley was awesome! 
Can't wait to return for more of the same:-)

7.28.2017 Linda L 9/10

Very professional & knowledgeable staff

7.27.2017 Monica C 10/10

The doctor was so wonderful and he was so informative and kind love the botox that he gave me

7.27.2017 Don D 10/10

Friendly, knowledge staff, and reasonable prices.

7.27.2017 Katee b 10/10


7.27.2017 Constance M 10/10

quick and relatively pain free

7.27.2017 Krista K 10/10

quick and relatively pain free

7.27.2017 Maddie H 10/10

Very knowledgable and personable Dr's and staff.

7.27.2017 Alexandra A 10/10

Professional, kind, clean, honest, helpful​​

7.26.2017 Rose L 9/10

Do not push services or products.

7.26.2017 Kim M 10/10

The office is lovely and the staff is very courtesy. Dr. Gambhir is so caring, nice, knowledgeable and honest.

7.25.2017 Dorothy t 10/10

Very professional. Explained many options for my needs. The office is beautiful!!!

7.22.2017 Dora R 9/10


7.22.2017 Julie C 10/10​

The staff after friendly and help create a relaxed atmosphere. My last visit and treatment very nicely and Dr Gambhir has a gentle touch

7.22.2017 Susanne S 10/10

Prompt, professional, and personable.

7.21.2017 Wanda E 10/10

The skill of the doctor and his calming voice certainly helps with the procedure too.

7.21.2017 Lori C 10/10

Calming,knowledgeable, friendly

7.20.2017 Mary B 10/10

Dr. Gambler and Alexa answered all of my questions and are both very professional. They were able to guide me in order to get the most from what I came in expecting and what I ended with. Love my results.

7.20.2017 Dianne B 10/10

Dr Ghambir is excellent, and the office staff is friendly and professional

7.19.2017 Jane C 10/10

Professional and attentive

7.19.2017 Beth N 10/10

The staff and doctor

7.19.2017 Patricia G 10/10

The staff and doctor

​​7.18.2017 Stephanie H 10/10

Friendly staff and informative

7.17.2017 Marie P 10/10

The specials you run make it more affordable for me to look my best

7.16.2017 Stephanie Z 10/10

All of my questions are thoroughly answered and I feel comfortable during my visits.7.16.2017

7.16.2017 Despina B 10/10

Great pricing and very kind staff.

7.15.2017 Suzanne M 9/10

The staff was attentive and wonderful.

7.15.2017 Geri O 10/10

The staff was attentive and wonderful.

7.15.2017 Linda S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir and her asst. are both very thoroug and friendly. I have total confidence in Dr. Gambhir and she has helped me to take steps to improve the appearance of my facial skin.

​7.15.2017 Elizabeth F 10/10

Many places offer botox treatments, but what keeps me coming back to Dr. Gambhir's practice is the staff and service. Everyone there is so genuinely kind and enjoyable to be around. That, combined with promotional offeres and rewards to help make my treatments affordable, make this practice a natural choice!

7.15.2017 Helene D 10/10


7.14.2017 Visswa G 10/10

Entire experience was great .

7.8.2017 Stacey S 10/10

Professional service. Honest. Rewards program

​7.8.2017 Kim F 10/10

Dr Gambhir takes his time with his patients and has an excellent demeanor

7.7.2017 Margaret C 9/10

Professional and they take the time to answer your questions

7.7.2017 Bridget C 10/10

Very friendly personnel. The doctor was kind and eye contact made me feel like she really cared.

7.7.2017 Keli R 10/10

The Doctor

7.7.2017 Sara S 10/10

My experience was amazing.

7.7.2017 Nancy M 10/10

Effective service without being too pushy with sales.

7.6.2017 Barbara L 10/10

friendly, compassionate staff......unfortunately, I live 150 miles away

7.6.2017 Amy M 10/10

The atmosphere is calming, relaxing and welcoming. Dr. Gambhir is very thorough in his explanations and is efficient and kind.

7.5.2017 Susan D 9/10

Very professional

7.5.2017 Beth S 9/10

very nice ladies here, I showed up 45 mins early, and they took me right away anyway.

7.5.2017 Natalie G 9/10

IIt was fast and painless!!! The only thing I would have changed is if the dr would have asked how I wanted my lips. I love them and I love the resolution but I would have liked a bit more of the injection on the left side since my lips are naturally asymmetrical. Other then that I love everything about my appointment with her and I will be back!

​7.4.2017 Dawn U 10/10

The office staff is very pleasant and I have been happy with the results of my treatments so far.

7.4.2017 Michele R 10/10

Dr Gambhir always does a great job applying my Botox injections, always looks natural. The support staff is helpful and pleasant. I'm always seen promptly.

7.1.2017 Ginger Q 9/10

Personalized care and attention to detail about services. Both doctors walk you through what they're doing, what to expect, and the results. There is no pressure to purchase future serices or different therapies.

7.1.2017 Ginny B 9/10

On time. Always friendly. Knowledgeable.

6.30.2017 Katherine D 9/10

Staff was kind. Doctor gave clear explanations for recommendations.

​6.30.2017 Heather R 10/10

The doctor does not try to sell services that are not needed. He is extremely knowledgeable and infotmatove. The entire staff is friendly

6.30.2017 Tania E 10/10

Your office staff is professional, you keep up with the latest technology to provide a wide array of effective services & procedures, and more than anything else, I feel that after many successful treatments, I can trust that I will get maximum results with the most minimal effort. Thank you!

6.29.2017 Alicia D 10/10

I loved how informative my visit was even though I have received Botox several times from several different doctors. Dr. Gambhir's assistant was fantastic!

6.28.2017 Laura B 10/10

I like the fact , my appointments have always run on time, the staff is very helpful, and of course the results of the procedure.

6.23.2017 Denise A 10/10

Always professional and thorough, highly recommend Dr. Gambhir!

6.23.2017 Nancy S 9/10

Variety, monthly specials, ease of making appointments. Would be nice if you offered more services at your KOP location though.

6.23.2017 Brenda K 10/10

Very professional and very personable.

6.22.2017 Stacey M 10/10

Efficient and effective very knowledgeable and flexible

6.22.2017 Margaret J 10/10

She explained everything out for me and help me understand the process and results.

6.22.2017  Amanda M 10/10

I love Lindly !! I got Juvederm for my lips and at my follow up decided to ask about botox. Lindly is so knowledgeable and made me feel beyond comfortable ! My lips look amazing and two days after my crows feet are gone! OBSESSED with Couture Cosmetic & will be for sure returning for touch ups (: Thanks everyone there especially Lindly !!

6.22.2017 Vijay G 10/10

Professionalism and friendliness!

6.21.2017 laurel J 10/10

The person who provided my facial was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable.

6.21.2017 Gloria B 10/10

Attention to detail 
Patience- a gentle hand

6.21.2017 Jolynne M 10/10

Dr. G takes time to listen to your concern and offer options without overselling.

6.21.2017 Susanne G 10/10

Ease of scheduling, check-in. Professional and personal service. Good value

6.21.2017 Maria M 10/10

It was very relaxing

6.21.2017 Jessica T 10/10

Love Dr.G. He's extreamly knowagable about each procedure and prouduct. His bedside manners are TOP-NOTCH!! Very comfortable atmosphere!!

6.21.2017 Krista H 10/10


6.21.2017 Norry C 9/10

Dr is the best!!!

6.21.2017 Jackie D 10/10

I feel very comfortable and trust my provider, Lindley Gallagher

6.20.2017 Kathie K 10/10

Professional and knowledgeable.

6.20.2017 Janeth J 9/10

The place is clean and the people 
Is nice

6.19.2017 Lynne C 10/10

No waiting time at my appointment

6.18.2017 Kelly P 10/10

Everyone's is professional, very pleasant and always addresses my concerns.

6.17.2017 Evon B 10/10

The honesty, friendliness and professionalism of Dr. Gambhir and his staff.

6.17.2019 Monica K 10/10

I LOVE the results! The staff is amazingly friendly and fantastic services.

6.17.2017 Fernanda D 10/10

I really appreciate every single one of the staff members that work there ! I always leave that place very happy and content

6.17.2017 Lynne C 10/10

Staff was very organized. Dr. Gambhir was very professional. Procedure was quick and relatively painless. While it is still early, I am seeing some initial benefits.

6.17.2017 Lisa C 10/10

My lips look get ands she was so sweet and accommodating.

6.16.2017 Neelo B 9/10

Little waiting time. Doctor and staff listen to concerns and explain procedures in detail.

6.15.2017 Pat C 9/10

Everything is explained well. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive

6.15.20174 Nancy P 10/10

Doctor is nice and price is reasonable

6.15.2017 Brooke H 10/10

The thoroughness of my consultation and development of a game plan.

6.15.2017 Jeanette C 10/10

care and patience in explaining the treatment options and the dr is not pushy with a sales pitch

6.15.2017 Maureen M 10/10 

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

6.10.2017 Donna W 9/10

Friendly staff and highly experienced doctors that provide great advice.

6.10.2017 Judith T 9/10

Fast, friendly service.

6.10.2017 Amanda M 10/10

I LOVE how professional and sweet everyone in the office is! They are all so willing to answer questions to make sure you're comfortable with whatever you're getting done!

6.10.2017 Brittany B 9/10

Lindley was so sweet and personable I highly recommend her

6.9.2017 Nicky B 10/10

Very knowlegable... very nice staff..affordable..gentle

6.9.2017 Kathy T 10/10

The beautiful calm/serene atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff. Most of all, Dr Gambhir's gentle and kind mannerism.

6.9.2017 Sherri R 10/10

Dr Gambhir is very professional and honest.

6.9.2017 Jennifer S 10/10

Dr Gambhir is very professional and honest.

6.9.2017 Erin H 10/10

The thorough explanation of all the options

6.9.2017 Cynthia W 10/10

everything!! super nice people, great advice re: procedures, very proficient!

6.9.2017 Dawn J 10/10

Dr Gambhir takes the time to hear you out and then gives his recommendations. I think that it is critical in helping a patient achieve their desired results but also putting in your professional opinion so that the best outcome is possible. I don't feel pressured into other procedures while I'm there but he does let you how another product that may benefit you, which also helps in planning for the future. Thank you for being kind and patient during my visits!

6.9.2017 Cassie B 10/10

lip injections

6.7.2017 Amelia S 9/10

i liked the exercises suggested to enhance the botox results

6.4.2017 Doneen S

Very friendly and professional.

6.4.2017 Suzanne M 10/10

Timely service. Honest suggestions but without pressure. Dr. Gambhir and his staff take their time and make you feel comfortable.

6.4.2017 Janet Z 10/10

Very straight forward ,no pressure,pleasant and professional

6.3.2017 Deborah F 10/10

Everything is explained

6.3.2017 Janine V 10/10

Everything is explained

6.3.2017 Ellen H 10/10

Very prompt and great results

6.2.2017 Linda H 10/10

Everyone is very friendly.

6.2.2017 Yvonne R 10/10


6.2.2017 Angie H 10/10

Staff and physician are very pleasant and informative

6.2.2017 Jeanine D 10/10


6.2.2017 Augusta S 10/10

Very informative and friendly atmosphere

6.1.2017 Barbara R 9/10

I adore the staff, services offered and most of all, my new lady dr, Dr Gambhir

6.1.2017 Erica G 9/10

Very friendly and personable

5.31.2017 Meher G 10/10

appointments are honored on time. 
courteous and friendly doctors and staff. 
frequent specials.

5.31.2017 Jill N 10/10

Friendliness of staff, clean office, very personable.

5.31.2017 Jennifer R 10/10

Friendly & professional staff, clean & nice environment

5.30.2017 Nola S 10/10

Very professional.

5.30.2017 Amanda H 10/10

Great atmosphere! Dr. Gambhir was so kind and informative as well as her assistant. I felt comfortable the entire time, especially for it being my fist appointment ever. I will be back!*

5.28.2017 Stephanie R 10/10

My doctor and her assistant's*

5.27.2017 Maria M 10/10

Always professional and very helpful with a relaxing atmosphere.*

5.27.2017 Kimberly K 10/10

Great staff! Felt comfortable.*

5.27.2017 Diana R 10/10

good consultation with Dr. Gambhir...many choices, always on time with appointment, great office, pleasant staff*

5.26.2017 Deborah P 10/10

Effecient, many options, professional, price os fair, and the result and work is outstanding*

5.26.2017 Audrey B 10/10

Kind, frank answers to my questions*

5.26.2017 Karen E 9/10

Very knowledgeable. Try to find the right program.*

5.26.2017 Kerstin D 10/10

The staff was friendly and informative. Doctor did an amazing job. Prices were affordable and I left happy.*

5.24.2017 Andrea F 10/10

The thorough consultation everytime ensuring excellent results*

5.24.2017 Patricia M 10/10

Professional, friendly,clean,great doctor with a calming caring personality.*

5.24.2017 Elizabeth B 10/10

Staff made me feel st ease and very informative if I had the money on hand I would've taken the recommendation! They were right on point that*

5.24.2017 Heather M 9/10

Everything explained thoroughly to client and and not trying to get the customer to spend more than necessary. Very pleasant staff.*

5.23.2017 Cindy B 10/10

Professionalism,and expertise. I wouldn't go anywhere else.*

5.23.2017 Kathleen C 10/10 

Staff is very friendly & helpful. Reception area is decorated really nicely. Dr. Gambhir is very thorough (but not pushy) & you know exactly how much you will be spending before anything is done. I drive from Annapolis, MD to come to this office!*

5.23.2017 Judy S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir's technique and his "bedside manner" is wonderful.*

5.23.2017 Pamela E 9/10 

The Dr. is forthcoming about everything. The prices and the expected results are always presented honestly. I love the fact he posts his prices on his website. I never feel like I'm being hustled. Plus, I like the results.*

5.23.2017 Lynn Z 10/10

That all services are personalized. Dr. Gambhir meets with me, We discuss my status, he solicits my input, makes recommendations and requests questions/ feedback. 
I always feel valued and that he, as well as all other staff, listen to me.*

5.22.2017 Mary S 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is always very professional and very clear about the approach we are going to take for treatment. I have never been disappointed with the services provided and have recommended several friends and family.*

5.22.2017 Elaine S 10/10

I like how friendly & professional the staff is. The Botox process I received was explained to me clearly. I did not feel 
Pressured to purchase anymore than I wanted. I will definitely return for more services! Thank You!*

5.22.2017 Tiffany W 10/10

You offer many services at a good price and its easy to get an appointment*

5.22.2017 Shari B 10/10

The dr and staff were very friendly and extremely informative. The staff makes 
You feel very comfortable.*

5.22.2017 Tanya R

The doctor was great and quick! She did a awesome job on my lips and there was little to no bruising. Love it I'm definitely going back soon!*

5.18.2017 Jennifer P 10/10

Everyone is always so helpful and nice*

5.18.2017 Rachael G 10/10

All my visits to your office have been great. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Ghambir and Erin Hanna have been very personable and willing to answer any questions I may have. I would definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Thank you!*

5.18.2017 Amy C 10/10

The staff are personable and friendly. Dr. Gambhir gives honest suggestions that fit your budget.*

5.18.2017 Carol O 10/10

II felt extremely relaxed and not rushed*

5.17.2017 Jill A 10/10

Kind, gentle manner. Friendly and great results.*

5.17.2017 Louise K 10/10

very effective and affordable.*

5.17.2017 Emily  10/10

Very friendly, welcoming enviroment.*

5.16.2017 Heather S 10/10

The staff is amazing.*

5.16.2017 Nuala M 10/10

Very kind and helpful staff. Dr Gambhir has an excellent bedside manor. Excellent physician*

5.16.2017 Melissa W 10/10

Gave lots of info 
Amazing results*

5.15.2017 Cathy R 10/10

Friendly Staff, Dr Gamghir takes time to explain everything*

5.15.2017 Vanessa B 10/10 

friendly staff, great results*

5.15.2017  Alexandra R 9/10

The office was clean and zen. The staff was friendly as well.*

5.12.2017 Sara N 10/10

Everything!! Everyone was so friendly and the procedure was quick and easy. Great experience! I'll be back!*

5.12.2017 Leslie S 10/10

They explained the procedure clearly!*

5.11.2017 Lori G 10/10

Very pleasant experience and the results are amazing*

5.11.2017 Lauren R 10/10

expertise of dr ghambir*

5.10.2017 Kelli W 10/10

From start to finish the whole experience was just above and beyond. 
A soon as you walk in the door your greeted with a friendly smile and a warm Hello. 
I meet with Dr. Lindley Gallagher and she was beyond fabulous! Her knowledge and honest opinions were refreshing and made me feel more comfortable than I could have ever imagined. I absolutely can not wait to return!*

5.10.2017 Jamie G 10/10

The doctor is so nice and good at knowing what needs to be done*

5.9.2017 laura E 10/10

Friendly kind staff*

5.9.2017 Nikki K 10/10

Very friendly and accommodating!*

5.8.2017 Belinda M 10/10

Relaxed atmosphere, beautiful paintings and furniture,!easy to discuss needs, the experience was healing*

5.7.2016  Desetta l 10/10

Everyone from the front desk on is very concerned about ones' wants and needs. 
Very compassionate and helpful in making the right decisions to improve your looks.*

5.7.2016 Mary C 10/10

Nurse Erin made me feel very comfortable talking about my concerns. Excellent information about procedures and what would work best for me.*

5.7.2016 Julie C 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is patient and straight forward. There is never any pressure to do anything you aren't sure about.*

5.6.2017 Jeanette R 10/10

Very professional and nice staff.*

5.6.2017 Rimma Z 9/10

Very friendly and cordial personnel. Doctor Gambir is very the office embracing new products available on the market.*

5.6.2017 Michelle C 10/10

I like the time the patients received with the doctors and also the recommendations*

5.6.2017 Elaina C 10/10

Very informative and great customer service*

5.5.2017 Eleanor C 10/10

Everyone is very patient it was my first time ever getting work done*

5.3.2017 Karen B 10/10

very competent & pleasant*

5.3.2017 Amy W 10/10

​Easy to schedule, knowledgeable and kind doctors and nurses, and good prices.*

5.3.2017 Kelsey R 10/10

Everyone was really educated and was awesome at giving me information about the service I came in for. And everyone was very attentive.*

5.3.2017 Kim J 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is wonderful. He recommended a better product then what I asked for, and it was less expensive, and I love it!*

5.3.2017 Jacqueline S 10/10

Polite, well informed, caring service*

5.2.2017 Leslie T 9/10

Very friendly and very knowledgeable.*

5.2.2017 Veronica M 9/10

Everyone was wonderful and answered any questions I had, I loved that There was really no wait time I went right into the office and saw the Dr. within a few minutes. Totally worth the two hour drive*

5.01.2017 Denise S 10/10

They are real respectable they always ask you do you have any questions would you like something to drink and if they can't answer the questions they say what they're saying it for the doctor and he can answer better*

5.1.2017 Wendy M 10/10

Friendly, informative, liked results :)*

4.30.2017 Zoe P 10/10

Again the doctor did his job! I saw the difference immediately. It's subtle and that is ok.*

4.30.2017 Lynn H 10/10

I liked the doctor who administered the Botox. She gave me a lot of detailed information . Nice demeanor*

4.28.2017 Brenda C 10/10

Professional friendly Staff , great products and promotions!*

4.28.2017 Devon M 10/10

Very professional and effective*

4.28.2017 Jaime F 10/10

Mrs. DR. G never makes me feel ugly. She might recommend a product but is never pushy. I'm probably one of her less rich clients, as a bartender, but I've never felt that way. I'm fact, her services make me feel rich.*

4.28.2017 Staci K 10/10

Very professional, explained everything very clearly and answered any and all of my questions*

4.27.2017 Amanda H 10/10

Your office is clean, calm, and inviting. You offer a variety of services, post pricing online instead of making people call, and I haven't had a bad experience. I already have told my friends to go to Gambhir if they decide to get cosmetic procedures or products.*

4.27.2017 Michelle G 9/10

Professional  Take the time to answer questions*

4.27.2017 Cesar J 10/10

Excellent service and staff. Super friendly and all procedures explained.*

4.27.2017 Mya C 10/10

Extremely friendly staff! Accommodating and knowledgeable. I love my results. Thank you*

4.27.2017 Linda S 10/10

Quick efficient and administered by a physician*

4.25.2017 Colleen F 10/10

The services have always given me the results I'm looking for and are administered quickly and professsionally.*

4.25.2017 Giana L 10/10

The staff was amazing and the procedure was painless and looks amazing I will be back soon*

4.24.2017 Danielle T 9/10

Convenient, timely, efficient and friendly*

4.24.2017 Jude S 10/10

Extremely personal service that is personalized to me. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The Doctor made great suggestions . Felt the experience was not only helpful but rejuvenating.*

4.23.2017 Sarah J 10/10

Nice office, knowledgeable staff.*

4.22.2017 Jennifer D 10/10

Friendly service and excellent treatment..!!*

4.22.2017 Evelyn C 10/10

The entire staff is extremely professional while being friendly and making you feel relaxed and welcome. Most offices are professional but make you feel like just another patient number its difficult to find a business that can be professional yet you feel like you just walked into your best friends home. Great job Dr. Gambhir you have a great group of women working for you.*

4.22.2017 Gina K 10/10

Very professional and knowledgable staff. Office environment also aesthetically pleasing.*

4.22.2017 Tammy W 10/10

Friendly, knowledgeable, reasonable pricing. I felt very comfortable with the surroundings and the staff.*

4.21.2017 Allison D 10/10

You guys are incredibly kinds. EVERYONE in the Exton office that I have been to is extremely helpful and I love when I have visits there!*

4.21.2017 Mary G 10/10

Fabulous results for facial fillers in 60 year old*

4.21.2017 Dana N 10/10

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, clean office.*

4.20.2017 Jacqueline H 10/10

Docs are great. So patient and kind*

4.20.2017 Zoe P 10/10

Dr. Gambhir seems to really love his art. His nurse was very helpful. They knew what I didn't want and they knew why. They worked with me. Dr. G has done work for me in the past and I have already booked my next appointment.*

4.20.2017 Helen C 10/10

The thoroughness and willingness of Dr. Gambhir and his staff.*

4.19.2017 Julianna A 10/10

I recently had my lips done by Lindley Gallagher and I never been happier! For this being my first time ever getting filler, I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful experience. I will certainly be returning back when I need more done. Lindley is truly an artist when it comes to fillers and such a sweetheart!*

4.19.2017 Rose M 10/10

Very professional and you make your clients comfortable. Very knowledgeable and you do not pressure clients into anything.*

4.18.2017  Sandy S 10/10

Great care and expertise of doctor*

4.18.2017 10/10

Very soft spoken and gentle demeanor. explained everything thoroughly and explained everything that I would experience before he would continue.*

4.17.2017 Adele D 10/10

The honesty of the employees and Doctors and outcome of the services.*

4.17.2017 Maria V 10/10

excellent staff and doctor*

4.16.2017 Alicia B 10/10

Calm not rushed*

4.16.2017 Lisa U 10/10

Friendly, professional staff with on time appointments. Highly skilled, friendly, valuable consultative pre-service discussion, reasonable pricing, easy online appointment scheduling.*

4.15.2017 Geri O 10/10

Professionalism of Dr Gambhir and all of his staff*

4.15.2017 Pamela G 10/10

Dr. Gambhir has a delicate touch and is a genuine artist at her work.*

4.15.2017 Alexandra F 10/10

Love that I can schedule online. Everyone is very friendly! Cosmetic procedures are recommended and performed judiciously. What I am trying to accomplish with fillers and botox is taken into careful consideration. I have been very satisfied with my results and am thrilled to have such a great doctor and staff taking care of me.*

4.14.2017 Ellen Z 10/10

The explaining of the service and the follow through with staff very professional and thorough.*

4.14.2017 Jessica M 10/10

I like everything, Dr. Ghambir is and everyone is very friendly, helpful . I like the rewards system and being able to use coupons.*

4.14.2017 Chad M 10/10

Always on time, thorough and efficient with great effects.*

4.14.2017 Mary O 10/10

Everyone was pleasant and no pressure to but or have more services.*

4.13.2017 Kathlenn B 9/10

Staff very helpful - kind, knowledgeable and patient ! Best kind of professionals ..!*

4.13.2017 Jennifer B 10/10

I'm 46 and have never even had a facial so I was extremely nervous for my consultation. I felt instantly relaxed with Lindley. She really listened to the reasons I came in and she came up with a slow approach to accomplishing my goals so my treatments would look natural. I am very happy with everything I have had done so far.*

4.13.2017 Sara P  9/10

Friendly staff*

4.13.2017 Mary Ann F 10/10

Full explanation of services,service post procedure,professionalism of Dr and staff,capability of Dr.,*

4.13.2017 Alysica B 9/10

Relaxing and painless*

4.12.2017 Alicia C 10/10

Quick and thorough . Lots of information on services.*

4.12.2017 Roseanne R 10/10

Dr. Gambhir genuinely cares about his patients. I always know that he will council me to do what is best for my skin and not allow me to go too far! When he looks at me, he sees "me".*

4.12.2017 Leanne  C 10/10


4.12.2017 Christobal D 10/10

Great customer service .*

4.12.2017 Sandy L 10/10


4.11.2017 Megan D 10/10

The customer service is top notch and both doctors make you feel very comfortable.*

4.11.2017 Kimberly T 10/10

had a dream facial with denise and she was absolutely wonderful! very knowledgeable about the products she was using and fantastic at microdermabrasion, my face has never felt so clean*

4.11.2017 Rose J 10/10

Everyone is very friendly and appts are always on time.*

4.9.2017 Denise L 10/10

Very personalised.*

4.9.2017 Nancy H 9/10 

The office staff were friendly, very comfortable atmosphere*

4.8.2017 Stacy E 10/10

Great atmosphere. No pressure.*

4.8.2017 Linda S 10/10

I like how the doctor took the time to sit down and talk to me face to face about what procedures would be good for me.*

4.7.2017 Donna G 10/10

How quickly I was able to obtain an appointment, and how friendly the staff was. The doctor was so accomading and g Nile and affirmative and pleasant!!*

4.7.2017 Deanna R 10/10

Caring, informative staff. Doctor is very dedicated to quality work.*

4.7.2017 Carole W 10/10

On time friendly and professional*

4.6.2017 Barbara W 10/10

They are very informative and support your decisions. I feel very comfortable there*

4.6.2017 Diana M 10/10

Nice professional service*

4.6.2017 Kelly H 10/10

The atmosphere is great, the staff are very friendly and the Dr is very nice and compassionate.*

4.6.2017 Avelia S 10/10

The office is clean and efficient. The receptionist was pleasant. The doctor was on tim,e and Dr. Gambhir was kind and thorough as she explained everything to me. I would definitely recommend Gambhir Cosmetic medicine to my friends.*

4.6.2017 Susan F 10/10


4.4.2017 Jill M 10/10

The staff and doctors are very knowledgeable, not pushy, and understand the goal I am trying to achieve. There is little to no waiting time, which is also a plus.*

4.2.2017 Susan S 10/10

friendly, everything is explained in detail; honest feedback on expectations*

4.2.2017 Nora K 10/10

Dr. G has a nice way of dealing with patients and does not push additional procedures*

4.2.2017 Peggie N 9/10

Friendly,informative and low key!*

4.1.2017 Ferdinand P 10/10

The time Dr. Gmbhir took to explain the procedure that I was about to be given.*

4.1.2017 Tina G 10/10

The staff made me feel very comfortable*

3.31.2017 Joan C 10/10

Dr. Gambhir and his entire staff are friendly and professional. I appreciate that Dr. Gambhir takes the time to explain options before and always asks if I have any questions. He is thorough and seems to genuinely care for his patients and staff.*

3.31.2017 Judy E 10/10

Great info very imformative*

3.30.2017 Nadine S 10/10

Friendly and fast service.*

3.30.2017 Mila M 10/10

Love the office staff, friendly and accommodatng. The Drs are excellent.*

3.30.2017 Norma W 10/10

Friendly, professional staff and doctors.*

3.30.2017 Annemarie D 10/10

Office and staff are professional and I always feel welcomed.*

3.30.2017 Joanne W 10/10

Friendly staff, great service, beautiful clean offices. Dr. G stays current and is always adding more services. Everything I need in one convenient location!*

3.30.2017 Roslyn S 10/10

The reception was helpful and the environment comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation. My former Doctor never educated me in other methods of improving my looks. I am quite satisfied.*

3.30.2017 Doris M 10/10

I was extremely please with how professional, friendly and welcoming Lindley was to me!! She made my first visit so comfortable and that I already refer my friend Azlyn to her and she's is booked to see lindley on Tuesday. I absolutely love my results so far and I'm looking forward to seeing her lindley again in July for another treatment! I would highly recommend her and couture to all my friends!! Very happy customer Dee Moreno*

3.30.2017 Erika M 9/10

Friendly and knowledgeable staff*

3/29/2017 Regina P. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is both professional and personable. His knowledge base of available techniques and products is extensive. My results are always satisfying. He has taken years off my face. I am a very satisfied customer who will be receiving treatments on a regular basis*

3.28.2017 Brittany D 9/10

On time and informative*

3.28.2017 Jill M. 10/10

I like Dr. Gambhir's demeanor and approach towards his patients and services.*

3.28.2017 Patti D 10/10

Love the staff and Dr Gambhir! I took my necklace off while getting thermage. I called, I know its there PLEASE look in the sheets in the room I was in, I know it is there,*

3.28.2017 Nancy M. 10/10

Like results and never have to wait too long in waiting room*

3.28.2017 Wendy C 9/10

Staff was very friendly. Very informative*

3.27.2017 Cheryl D 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was extremely knowledgeable and calming. The facility was immaculate. No wait time and excellent results.*

3.26.2017 Steven S 10/10

Friendly, on time appts, professional, relaxing atmosphere*

3.26.2017 Barbara F 10/10

Beautiful work. I felt very comfortable with the doctor and his work*

3.22.2017 Krista R 10/10

Very knowledgeable aesthetitician, relaxing atmosphere*

3.22.2017 Colleen M 10/10

Warm, friendly environment and knowledgeable staff*

3.22.2017 Svetlana L 10/10

Very professional and helpful*

3.22.2017 Aline L 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was great, he explained to me everything that I needed in order to choose the right procedure. 
I will go back to see him again!*

3.21.2017 Barbara R 10/10

Everyone CARES they are informative truly concern about your needs and wants. Dr Gumbrier is gentle always honest which is the most important factor to his office. It's not about the money it's all about Honesty.*

3.21.2017 Emily G 10/10

This was my first experience with any cosmetic procedures and Dr. Gambhir was very knowledgable, professional, and gentle! She definitely knew what she was doing and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm already planning my next visit.*

3.21.2017 Theresa N 10/10

Very progressional and friendly  [❤] ️*

3.21.2017 Jeanne W 10/10

​I like Dr. Anshul's approach*

3.20.2017 Lisa M 10/10

​I love the time spent the Dr.s spend listening to what I'm personally looking for in the results. 
And I always feel listened to. And being told that 
"if you have ANY concerns, call us!"*

3.16.2017 Gerri L 10/10

​I had put off going for this type of work, but your staff made me at ease. I am encouraged to continue. 

3.16.2017 Carol G 10/10

​The facility, the staff, and most importantly, Dr. Gambhir, made me feel that I was the only patient! Everyone took their time with me and answered all of my questions. This allowed me to make an informed decision about the services I wanted to make moving forward. I am very pleased with the service that I chose and love the results. I am 51 and look forward to adding additional services that Dr. Gambhir offers to soften the aging process.I highly recommend visiting the web site and making an appointment to find your own game plan!*

3.16.2017 Cynthia A 10/10

​on time appointments, straight forward interactions that explain procedures*

3.15.2017 Lisa P 10/10

​I felt the doctor and staff listened to my needs..we're very thorough and the results are excellent!*

3.15.2017 Kathleen G 10/10

​the doctor and staff explained the procedure very thoroughly. They also kept the pain level to a minimum in order for me to be comfortable. I also think the services they recommended were exactly what I needed.*

3.15.2017 Wendy A 10/10

​I love the fact that the entire staff is not only professional but so caring !!*

3.15.2017 Dana V 10/10

​Everyone was very nice and very informative.*

3.15.2017 Marie M 10/10

Best facials I have ever had.*

3.12.2017 Carole C 10/10

Professionalism, courteous staff & kind knowledgeable Dr,*

3.12.2017 Dorthea L 10/10

Straight forward and all my questions were answered All effoerts were made to make me feel comfortable and secure.*

3.12.2017 Marcia B 10/10

Its quick and efficient. I wish you had some senior pricing (LOL)*

3.12.2017 Russell O 10/10

​The Dr. was very informative, professional and nice*

3.12.2017 Beth W 10/10

I like the variety of services offered and the monthly specials. I am also happy that there is a reward system. It makes Gambhir unique. It makes the services more affordable for those of us on a budget.*

3.12.12 Fern C 10/10

There was no wait. The front desk staff was friendly. I enjoyed conversing with the PA. The prices (special) were more reasonable than my local provider. Worth the trip!*

3.12.2017 Robin M 10/10

Love Lindley! She listened to what I wanted for my lips and she made it come to life.*

3.10.2017 Audrey P 10/10

​You are friendly,listen to your clients, and do a great job.*

3.9.2017 Nicole F 10/10

fast and friendly service, not pushy about selling other services and made me feel welcome*

3.8.2017. Nessa Q 9/10

I like Dr. Gambhirs Botox technique - it gives really good and long lasting results*

3.8.2017 Beth M 10/10

Everything, I really like that there is a female doctor.*

3.8.2017 Debbie D 10/10

You see me at my appointment time. Everyone is very nice and I have been satisfied with all my services.*

3.8.2017 Sabrina T 10/10

​Well explained*

3.6.2017 Marlou G 9/10

Going over all the option and the costs - without pressure - but as to UNDERSTAND the options.*

3.5.2017 Kelly H 10/10

Dr G and the staff are welcoming and kind.*

3.5.2017 Evon B 10/10

I continually have a good experience with Dr. Gambhir and his staff. They are all friendly and helpful. It's good to see the familiar faces I saw at his Kennett Square office.*

3.5.2017 Jennifer  10/10

​Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good results without a "sales" environment.*

3.5.2017. Allison S 10/10

The staff was friendly and helpful and the facial was relaxing. I was in love with my skin after the service!*

3.4.2017 Leslie W 10/10

Nice ..clean..friendly*

3.4.2017 Josephine E 9/10

Friendly, and informative staff. Clean environment. Questions were answered.*

3.4.2017 Alison F 10/10

Quick and personable*

3.4.2017 Dawn M 10/10

Easy to make an appointment and riendly staff. Lindsey was very knowledgeable and took the time to listen to what I wanted. She did an incredible job. I couldn't have been happier with my visit.*

3.4.2017 Tricia W 10/10

The thorough way in which Dr. Gambhir explains everything.*

3.4.2017 Lisa C 10/10

Friendly, honest and clean*

3.3.2017 Debbie A 10/10

​Very calming and sensitive to needs*

3.3.2017 Heather S 9/10

​Took the time explain the procedure, gave follow up instructions and shared before and after pictures*

3.3.2017 Rosemary K 10/10

I like that you evaluate give options and do not pressure you to make a decision*

3.3.2017 Leeanne D 10/10

I like that you evaluate give options and do not pressure you to make a decision*

3.3.2017 Nicky B 10/10

You make the patient feel comfortable And try and make them look their best..*

3.3.2017 Jennifer B 10/10They are personable, patient, reassuring, and not at all pushy! The staff loves making people feel good, and it shows through all they do!*

3.2.2017 Shannon H 10/10

Open appointments/groupon price/staff very friendly*

3.2.2017 Tania E 10/10

​Dr. Gambhir takes the time to answer any questions that I have, and he explains every procedure in great detail. I look good. And feel good since coming to his practice!*

3.2.2017 Judy W 10/10

I especially appreciated the TIME for explaining and no pressure to commit since I wasn't ready.*

3.2.2017 Pat C 10/10

​Everyone is very friendly and informative. Everything was well explained I was very happy*

3.2.2017 Joan Marie E 10/10

The Staff and the Dr. G *

3.1.2017 Jolynne M 10/10

I love Dr. Gambir, he explains everything and takes his time and really listens to your concerns. And I like how they keep track of history*

3.1.2017 Donna S 10/10

Second visit to Couture. Dr. Gambhir informative and professional. Results terrific!!*

3.1.2017 Barbara J 10/10

Timely and professional*

2.27.2017 Theresa C 9/10

The office Is very clean,and the staff was very friendly, honest and knowledgeable.*

2.27.2017 Adrianna P 10/10

I loved how super comfortable the dr. made me feel!*

2.26.2017 Kim F 10/10

Very personalized and attentive*

2.26.2017 Lynn M 10/10

informative staff and excellent service!*

2.26.2017 Kelly P 10/10

Fair pricing, a rewards program for frequent patients, gentle and professional, Lindley was amazing!*

2.26.2017 Maggie P 10/10

I have been very satisfied. The result of the microneedling is very good. I am quite happy with it. Redness and blotchiness at first as expected and dryness. It is now healing pretty well. It looks like I will need a couple more treatments.*

2.26.2017 Alison R 10/10


2.25.2017 Lisa V 10/10

DR.Gambhir explains everything thoroughly. He is attentive and kind Connexus patients feel comfortable. The staff here is also very courteous and efficient.*

2.25.2017 Christine S 10/10

I like how friendly your staff is, especially Vibha. I think she is talented and I trust her recommendations.*

2.24.2017 Cynthia W 10/10 

friendly, efficient, professional*

2.24.2017 Angela G  10/10

Dr. Gambhir and staff are wonderful. Very kind, knowledgeable, attentive and informative.*

2.23.2017 Gail M 10/10

Kind professional staff & doctors.*

2.22.2017 Marsha B 10/10

Timely appointments are always available. Super monthly specials and ALL staff over the top helpful and friendly.*

2.22.2017 Ann B 10/10

The staff*

2.22.2017 Rosemarie M 10/10

Professional, personable, polite clinician, Lindley. Competitive Pricing, Groupon, convenience, office atmosphere, office staff.*

2.22.2017 Nancy H 9/10

Personal service, caring staff and professionlism. No one tries to "push" the products which results in spending more money in many people*

2.22.2017 Jenny H 10/10

How friendly, kind, efficient, and knowledgeable the staff in the KOP office are.*

2.22.2017 Antonia B 9/10

Dr. took the time to explain all options and the procedure. Very professional yet friendly. I'm pleased with results.*

2.22.2017 Julio R 10/10

The service provider and the front desk were very friendly and nice, really made me feel welcomed. Thank you*

2.22.2017 Shannon F 10/10

​Everyone was very professional. Everything was explained during the procedure and all my questions were answered in a very professional and respectful manner. The environment was calming and extremely clean. Thank you for your services. I look forward to continue working with your team.*

2.21.2017 Doneen S 10/10

Excellent! Staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Gambhir always takes the time to assess your individual needs and answers any questions you may have.*

2.20.2017 Laurie D 10/10

Very knowledgable and sensitive dr and assistants*

2.19.2017 Laura S 10/10

Your service was extremely informative and very through. Everything that would happen was explained in simple terms. I was given a choice of three different levels of Botox. I chose to start low and leave room for more aggressive Botox next time. I was not pressured into anything that I did not want.*

Finally, I was also shown two anti-aging procedures that are of extreme interest to me. I ddn't realize how effective and affordable those procedures are.*

2.19.2017 Michelle G 10/10

​I trust Dr. Gambhir. He gives me options but isn't pushy!*

2.19.17 Sara L 10/10

Always professional and always expert delivery!*

2.19.2017 Felicia C 10/10

Staff that listens to their patient*

2.16.2017 Carla S 9/10

Very informative, no pressure to up sell their services.*

2.16.2017 Kim K 10/10

Knowledgeable, prompt, very friendly and takes the time to talk so you don't feel rushed in and out*

2.16.2017 Donna R 10/10

Friendly atmosphere ; very helpful ; knows what the new products and procedures are !!*

2.15.2017 Mandy R 10/10

​Always professional and friendly.*

2.15.2017 Amy H 10/10

Very friendly & professional staff.*

2.14.2017 Nancy C 10/10

Very friendly staff. Nice looking place. Fast service.*

2.14.2017 Charleen  C 10/10

It's a very relaxed no pressure environment. I just really enjoy the doctors bedside manner*

2.13.2017 Karen L 10/10

Professional. On time. Patient and kind.*

2.13.2017 Jan C 10/10

Friendly staff, never a wait time, informative about every procedure,and cleanliness of environment*

​2.13.2017 Vicki D 10/10

​Office was beautiful - staff were friendly and knowledgeable*

2.12.2017 Jennifer G 10/10

Professional, nice office, never had an issue making an appointment (love the online booking) and happy with results.*

2.12.2017 Claudia H 10/10

Not pushy. Gives options. Listens to your preferences and provides options that work with what you're comfortable with.*

2.11.2017 Katherine M 10/10

Dr Gambhir takes his time to explain everything, always wanting to achieve my goals. 
He has a very kind manner and approach.*

2.11.2017 Kathleen G 9/10

Dr Gambhir does a nice job. He's honest with suggestions. The staff is well trained and pleasant*

2.11.2017 Dianne L 10/10

On time, efficient, friendly, competent.*

2.11.2017 Maria M 10/10

The staff is very professional and friendly. The service is always first class.*

2.9.2017 Elaine S 10/10

Dr Gambhir is excellent. She is very knowledgeable and puts you at ease. I will highly recommend her to friends and co-workers!*

2.9.2017 John Z 10/10

​The staff was very friendly and Dr. Gambhir spent a lot of time with me and paid attention to detail while explaining everything to me. 
I've been telling all of my family and friends about Dr. Gambhir!*

2.8.2017 Theresa S 10/10

​Staff is very nice and dr's are honest*

2.8.2017 Geri-Ann W 10/10

​The staff and the environment are very welcoming.*

2.8.2017 Amanda U 10/10


2.8.2017 Kristina R 10/10

​The staff and Dr. Gambhir were very nice, knowledgeable and took the time to answer any questions I may have. This is my first time going to them and it was wonderful experience. I will be going back and referring my friends as well.*

2.8.2017 Maribel M 10/10 

​Everything, from wonderful experienced physicians, to the friendly and professional staff, cleanliness of the locations and promotional offers. Completely worth my drive from Delaware.*

2.6.2017 Stephanie R 9/10

​Employees and Doctor*

2.5.2017 Paula E 10/10

Everyone is friendly and welcoming. No pressure when discussing treatment options. Highly recommended!!*

2.5.2017 Maureen M 10/10

​Love the staff and doctor at this office. Very friendly and knowkedgable!*

2.5.2017 Alexa C 10/10

Friendly staff, clean, great prices, didn't have to wait around, asked all my questions to make me feel comfortable*

2.5.2017 Tara P 10/10

​People are nice and seem genuine*

2.4.2017 Amanda M 10/10

​very quick & professional. all of my questions were answered and made me feel very comfortable*

2.4.2017 Tara F 10/10

​Very professional and fast. 
Everyone always seems so happy to meet you and commented to helping you get exactly what you want. 
They listen to your request and also make recommendations, without being pushy.*

2.4.2017 Erica T 10/10

Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered and I love my results!*

2.3.2017 Katee B 10/10

Not pushy 

2.3.2017 Jeanetter M 9/10

The courtesies, the explanation as the procedure is conducted.*

2.3.2017 Faith P 10/10

Everyone at the office is very knowledgeable,friendly and professional.*

2.2.2017 Shannon K 10/10 

​Lindley Gallagher made me feel more than comfortable at my appointment for my first Botox. I would highly recommend her to my friends!*

2.2.2017 louise C 10/10

​Personal warm approach. Not rushed*

2.2.2017 Katelyn J 10/10

​The girls assisting Dr. Gambhir during the procedures are so nice and made me feel so comfortable. Dr Gambhir is always so kind and you can tell he really enjoys what he does and seems to connect with the patients. Will recommend to friends.*

2.2.2017 Josephine D 10/10

The staff is very friendly and helpful with my questions.*

2.1.2017 Cheryl G 10/10


2.1.2017 Jennifer S 10/10

​The ambiance of the office, friendly staff, good prices and Dr. Gambhir of course!*

1.31.2017 Melaine M 10/10

​Very thorough consultation, felt comfortable asking questions and discussing options, did not feel pressured to add-on but was given recommendations. Great staff*

1.31.2017 Selena E 10/10

​Went to the Exton location the doctor he did a beautiful job my lips look so perfect my self-esteem is so good I am handicapped and this is just one thing that really helps me I am so happy with the way they came out and I can't say enough about the staff how nice they are they are such sweet people the receptionist are very, sweethearts for sure I would definitely recommend you to friends and family and I definitely would look forward to maybe getting other things done in the future specially seeing how beautifully they turned out I've had my lips they're done several times in the past and also had double syringe is my first time but I was very impressed this time thank you so much sincerely Selena Eckler*

1.30.2017 Cheryl M 10/10

​never have to wait! Everyone nice and welcoming.*

1.30.2017 Kristin C 10/10

​Love Denise. Wonderful facials.*

1.28.2017 Beth K 9/10

​Friendly staff!*

1.28.2017 Jaimie M 10/10

​Very friendly staff & very patient with the procedure.*

1.28.2017 Brooke M 10/10

​The P.A. I had was very personable and made me feel very comfortable about the procedure from start to finish!*

1.27.2017 Denise A 10/10

Everyone is always professional and make sure I am fully informed as to what they are doing. Highly recommend!*

1.26.2017 Amy W 10/10

​Friendly top notch staff and environment!*

1.26.2017  Jennifer I 10/10

​Friendly staff, great prices and spa services are wonderfully pampering!*

1.26.2017 Darlene W 10/10

The staff and Doctor and very friendly, always run on time, results always exceed my expectations and never try to up sale me*

1.26.2017 Caroline S 10/10

Everything. Dr. Gambhir and his entire staff made this such a great experience for me. He makes sure you are comfortable the entire time and really takes time to go over all of your concerns.*

1.25.2017 TIffany T 10/10

Nice staff*

1.24.2017 Beatrix M 10/10

I like being walked through every step*

1.24.2017 Helen D 10/10

Services offered 
Customer service 
Doctors provide cosmetic suggestions 
Doctors provide great results 
Specials on services*

1.24.2017 Mary S 10/10

Everyone was very professional and nice. All my questions was answered and the doctor made me feel comfortable by explaining the procedure to me word for word.*

1.24.2017 Mary H 9/10

Doctor spent time without rushing through appointment. Answered the many questions I had very patiently, the office girls were really efficient and professional. The entire staff really puts the patient first!! You don't see that in many doctor offices today!*

1.23.2017 Lynn Z 10/10

Highly personalized service. Dr. Gambhir takes the time to explain all options and procedures and encourages questions.*

Realistic expectations and results are presented. All staff are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.*

1.23.2017 Deborah D 10/10

Friendly staff, soothing surroundings, and Dr Gambhir!*

1.22.2017 Michelle S 10/10

Office staff and the doctor were so nice and informative! I absolutely loved my first experience!*

1.22.2017 Jackie B 10/10

Denise was very knowledgeable and kind. Looking forward to seeing her again.*

1.21.2017 Korin R 10/10

Staff was very friendly and they took the time to listen to my concerns.*

1.20.2017 Kem H 10/10

I like the staff and the honesty*

1.20.2017 Jessica T 10/10

Staff, cleanliness, bedside manners*

1.20.2017 Ginger Q 10/10

Personalized attention*

1.19.2017 Cathy S 10/10

The doctor and the staff are super not to mention the fabulous results I received. My face belongs to Dr Gambhir*

1.19.2017 Maria S 10/10

Offers variety of discounts on services. Friendly staff. Clean office*

1.19.2017 Jude S 10/10

Ability to make appointments on line. Specials every month, and your excellent service. I appreciate your explanation about the services*

1.19.2017 Jennifer P 10/10

Everyone very knowledgeable and friendly*

1.19.2017 Lori G 10/10

It was my first visit and I am very happy with the results! I am looking forward to returning and will tell everyone I know about the wonderful service an results*

1.19.2017 Diane C 10/10

kind staff and docs have excellent bedside manner*

1.19.2017 Lisa G 10/10

Staff are professional and friendly! Easy to schedule. Lindley did my treatment , she was great*

1.18.2017 Joanne E 10/10

You listened to me and allowed my voice to be heard in the process. I felt assured in your competence and experience to provide me with the best treatment. Thank you.*

1.18.2017 Kelly M 9/10

Clean environment, ease of making appointments, friendly staff, doctor listens to what you want to do, not pushy or trying to sell you products/services*

1.16.2017 Pam B 10/10

Great explanations on products*

1.15.2017 Julie F 9/10

Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable regarding the services . Dr Gambhir is great*

1.15.2017 Kylie P 10/10

very informative and quickly administered with no pain*

1.11.2017 Dawn H 10/10

Dr. Gambhir explains everything he is doing and has a very calming affect on the patient. Everyone in the office is so pleasant and knowledgeable.*

1.11.2017 Noel W 9/10


1.11.2017 Beth C 10/10

Very informative*

1.10.2017 Heather S 10/10

I come in basic and leave bombshell.*

1.09.2017 Holly C 10/10

the staff is amazing*

1.09.2017 Tara P 9/10

The cleanliness and professionalism.*

1.0.2017 Audrey B 10/10

Professional and friendly*

1.07.2017 Letitia R 10/10

Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff!*

1.05.2017 Lorraine H 10/10

At my first visit Dr. Gambhir provided me with a personal, prioritized plan that was consistent with what I was thinking. He thoroughly explained everything and had a very gentle touch when performing the procedure. His assistant was very helpful and attentive. I plan on continuing with the treatment program.*

1.04.2017 Debra S 10/10

I have been coming here for at least 6 -7 year an they have always been nothing except professional. Would not trust my face to anyone else*

1.04.2017 Rosemarie R 9/10

Very friendly & patient. Great at explaining everything. Beautiful office.*

1.02.2017 Anne G 10/10

The office was very attractive and clean. Waiting time was minimal. Very professional. Love my Botox results*

1.02.2017 Monica K 10/10

Super friendly and professional! THIS PLAVE IS A KEEPER!*

1.01.2017 Laurie W 10/10

friendly, quickly seen, no pressure*

1.01.2017 Pamela E 10/10

staff very informative*

1.012017 John P 10/10

I appreciate the way the DR explained the different procedures which may be helpful to me.*

12.31.2016 Michael S 10/10

The friendliness of the staff and doctor. They are very accommodating and don't push pricedures that are needed*

12.29.2016 Pat M 10/10

quality of service was excellent*

12.29.2016 Katy MCginley 10/10

Beautiful office, friendly staff, honest doctor who recommends best treatment without trying to upsell. *

12.28.2016 Darlene D 10/10

Dr gambhir was fantastic. He gave me direction on what would be the best procede for me. He explained in detail andaanswered all my questions. His assistant was equally fantastic.*

12.28.2016. Bianca A 10/10

Great Staff! Super knowledgeable...listens to your needs and delivers! :-) So happy I came here*

12.27.2016 Dawn Ulm 10/10

Great skill in administering Botox, never have to wail, very nice people. I won't go anywhere else!*

12.27.2016 Catherine Y 9/10

I like how Dr. Gambhir explained everything clearly prior to and during my visit.*

12.27.2016 Kristin L 10/10

I purchased the 20 units of botox and peel. Was in and out in 1/2 hour. Very easy and professional. Great results! Had procedure done on a Friday and peeled Sunday and Monday. I look refreshed and my 11s are gone. Wish I could purchase more groupons! I'd come every 4 months.*

12.27.2016 Amelia G 10/10

Your kindness and your work we are very satisfied with the work you did!! Interested in coming back!! Thank you*

12.27.2016 Tracey O 10/10

Staff is very informative and friendly. The service was excellent!*

12.27.2016 Tracy G 9/10

Timely & professional & trustworthy*

12.25.2016 Lisa U. 10/10

Prompt, no-wait for my appointment time, kind reception staff; knowledgable and friendly pre-consultation/prep (PA) who also worked out the financials involved up front with me; professional, calm, knowledgable (with honest, helpful recommendations for further enhancement) highly skilled injector (dr.). I also appreciate the specials that are ongoing that are very competitive compared to other injectors in the area. Very pleased with everything about the facility and staff. I look forward to my next visit. Thank you!*

12.23.2016 Theresa D 10/10

everyone is very kind and answers all questions thoroughly. I was a little nervous to get Botox for the first time but they made me very comfortable*

12.22.2016 Sarah L 10/10

Professional and accurate!*

12.22.2016 Helen C 10/10

The discounts they offer and the friendly staff!*

12.22.2016 Barbara R 10/10

That u offer specials every month , Dr Gumbrier gentle ways and his honest recommendation...*

12.22.2016 Tracey D. 10/10

Dr. Gambir and his staff are very kind and professional.*

12.22.16 Shana H 10/10

Love your staff they are very friendly.*

12.22.16 Carolina C 10/10

The people at the front desk are very kind and helpful with every question or concern. Dr Gambhir is very professional and has a extensive knowledge of what he does. I have been going there for more than 9 years and I am very happy with every procedure Dr. Gambhir has done on me.*

12.22.16 Marcy F 10/10

I like the information that is always given. I like the beautiful office. I like the way the doctors are super sweet and kind.*

12.22.16 Jaime D 9/10

Love the office an how down to earth the staff an doctors are!!!*

12.22.16 Natalia M 9/10

The doctors always explain the procedure in details and answer my questions. The prices are rather reasonable compared to other places.*

12.19.16 Colleen S 10/10

Friendly office staff. Excellent PA who gave me a thorough understand of the processes and their effects. Lovely doctor who was very nice and gave useful information!*

12.19.16 Theresa A 10/10

Warm and friendly visit  [😀] Would go back for more services*

12.19.16 Danielle B 10/10

I felt extremely comfortable and appreciate the time She spent to explain the procedure to me thoroughly*

12.19.16 Barbara G 10/10

The caring and professional attitude of dr Gambhir and staff*

12.19.16 Doreen F 10/10

Everyone was very nice and it was pretty pain free*

12.18.16 Amy W 10/10

Friendly and insightful staff that are all gorgeous!*

12.18.16 Nancy K 10/10

Very pleasant and professional office and the results were great*

12.17.16 Rebecca N 9/10

The Staff was very imformative and the doctor made the procedure relaxing and as comfortable as possible.*

12.17.16 Trena T 10/10

Everyone in the office was extremely friendly, and Dr. Gambhir was very thorough with his explanation of the treatments I was having.*

12.17.16 Nicole H 10/10

I didn't have a service per say yet, but Dr. Gambhir took a wonderful amount of time listening to my needs and addressing them with options and explanations!*

12.17.16 Denise C 10/10

Clean, comfortable and all injections are pain free. Dr is very Pleasant And knowledgeable .*

12.17.16 Maryann S 10/10

Everyone is very friendly n professional.*

12.16.16 Lori E 10/10

The staff is very friendly.*

12.16.16. Nancy H 10/10

Professionalism, informative and provided options*

12.15.16 Maria D 10/10

Cleanliness of offices. Friendliness of doctors and staff. My needs are heard and implemented. Precision and perfection of Dr. Gambhir (male).*

12.15.16 Lisa V 10/10

Fast and courteous, efficient service. Like the fact you offer points for services.*

12.15.16 Rose J 10/10

The nurses are very informed about the many services available . The doctor focuses on what sevices will be best for the patient and he is able to meet at a further date after you heal to discuss what is next. I am very happy at Couture and the results I have received .*

12.14.16 Denise A 10/10

Always amazing service and professionalism.*

12.14.16 Alice S 9/10

Personal attention and presentation of options*

12.13.16 Sudha C 10/10

KOP location staff are caring, gentle and provide very good service.*

12.11.16 Janet Y 10/10

Loved the facial. Very nice and professional.*

12.11.16 Julie C 10/10

Easy to schedule.*

12.11.16 Karen M 10/10

Extremely friendly office. Fair prices. Nice doctor.*

12.11.16 Amy P 10/10

Friendly and informative staff. The ladies are great. Dr. Gambhir (female) was very thorough and friendly as well.*

12.10.16 Christine P 10/10

Everyone is friendly, and welcoming. Dr. Gambhir has a gentle touch and he's very good with the needles! :)*

12.10.16. Sarah M 10/10

Both the doctor and assistant were amazing !!! They both made me feel very comfortable.*

12.10.16 Holly C 10/10

beautiful friendly staff*

12.9.16 Sharon S 10/10

Lindley is a wonderful combination of professional and personable. I felt very comfortable with her. The office is beautiful and the staff is efficient and welcoming.*

12.8.16 Diana V 10/10

Everyone's every nice , always asking if I'm ok during the procedure.*

12.8.16 Janet M 10/10

Friendly staff. Reminds of discounts. Doctor takes time to talk about procedures n gives options.*

12.8.16 Melissa E 10/10

Very professional and informative.*

12.7.16 Patricia M 10/10

Friendl,and clean and calming.*

12.7.16 Bonnie S 9/10

Skilled injector, personable staff*

12.6.2016 Maureen S 10/10

trustworthy, knowledgeable, friendly.*

12.6.2016 Colleen S 10/10

Very personable and accommodating.*

12.6.2016 Michele T 10/10

Friendly, knowledge staff and Dr . Definitely will be going back !*

12.5.2016 Belinda E 10/10

Very professional and thorough. Great results*

12.5.2016 Debbie D 10/10

Ease of scheduling; courteous staff; and excellent physician care*

12.3.2016 Jodi S 10/10

Appointment times are respected. Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr G is a calming presence and isn't pushy about add on services*

12.3.2016 Madeline P 9/10

Friendly , relaxing atmosphere where everyone was very professional and knowledgeable!*

12.2.2016 Barbara O 10/10


12.2.2016 Betty Ann 10/10

lindley was informative and professional and a sweet girl.*

12.2.2016 Evon B 10/10

The personal touch of the staff and the expert advice of Dr. Gambhir. His understanding about financial restraints and alternative treatment regimes.*

12.1.16 Lindsay T 10/10

Beautiful facility! The staff at the Exton office were welcoming and friendly. The service was excellent; my facial was amazing and much needed.*

12.1.16 Colleen R 9/10

My appts are always on time, Dr Gambhir great about explaining procedures and so patient. 
I wish as a patient I would eligible to use the Groupon coupon. I feel I should be able to use once as new patients are able to do so.*

12.1.16 Fernanda D 10/10

AMAZING staff and both Doctors always know how to make you comfortable*

12.1.16 Diana J 10/10

pleasant people*

12.1.16 Renee B 10/10

Extremely friendly and courteous staff; so professional...amazing care and attention to patients. A very professional consultation that created a comfortable scenario to discuss goals. There was absolutely NO sales/aggressive recommendations...they listened to my goals, etc and from a very consultative perspective completely delivered above expectations. I have gotten injectables for many years and this was the best experience ever- unparalleled! Results are excellent! I know what to expect when getting botox and I highly recommend Dr Gambhir and her team!*

11.30.16 Nancylee M 10/10

Pretty much everything. It is low key and quiet. Your employees are friendly and caring. They go out of their way to create a wonderful experience for their clients.*

11.30.16 Dorothea L 10/10

Didn't feel rushed and was able to ask all questions. It was important to me that I was informed about the cost as well. 
Dr. Gambir explained what services would benefit me the most and made a plan that I can afford.*

11.30.16 Nancy L10/10

everyone is helpful friendly and professional*

11.29.16 Tania E 9/10

I love the difference in my appearance! It is subtle, but stunning. I appreciate the time Dr. Gambhir took to explain all of my options, and I love the results so far. I would go with 10 stars, but I do believe that pricing is steep at this practice.*

11.29.16 Ginny B 9/10

timely pleasant*

11.29.16 Stephanie D 10/10

I like all of the people there!*

11.28.16 Mary B 10/10

Everything I needed I got*

11.27.16 Kathy S 10/10

I like the time the Dr. takes with my consult. I feel if gives us a chance to make sure we are on the same page, and he's given me so excellent ideas for future touch ups I look forward to having done!*

11.27.16 Diane D 10/10

The staff and doctor took the time to listen to what I wanted from services and explained all of the possible options. I felt very comfortable and safe with Dr. Ghambir!*

11.27.16 Elyssa K 9/10

Very helpful and relaxing*

11.27.16 Megan H 9/10

Brittany was super friendly and very patiently answered all of my "newbie" questions. Dr. Gambhir was very thorough in explaining all my options as well as realistic expected results and costs. I felt like he listened to me, and did not rush me to make any decisions that day.*

11.27.16 Maryanne J 10/10


11.26.16 Lauren R 10/10

friendly service and expert advice*

11.25.16 Lori G 10/10

Professional and honest feedback regarding services needed. Don't feel like they're trying to sell you on services you don't need.*

11.25.16 Suzanne M 10/10

Dr. Gambhir explains all of the services in detail - gives you options and does not pressure you at all. He is extremely gentle and talks you through the procedures.*

11.25.16 Laura F 10/1

Pleasant, knowledgable, professional!*

11.25.16 Mary Beth H 9/10

Have always had a good result*

11.23.16 Joanne M 10/10

Attention to detail and understanding of patient needs*

11.23.16 Sue C 9/10

The staff is so friendly and the doctors take time to explain every procedure..*

11.23.16 Michelle T 10/10

Very relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff . Knowledgeable and Took their time . And I am very happy with my results 
I will be back ! I have already told several people about your services .*

11.23.16 Keri B 10/10

They take their time with you. I have never felt rushed.*

11.23.16 Krista H 10/10

Comfortable and clean.*

11.23.16 Rimma Z 9/10

Good prices and professionalism

11.22.16 Lynda D 10/10

everyone in the office are very friendly, I have never had to wait for my appointment*

11.22.16 Kristin K 10/10

Always on time and explains the procedures.*

11.21.16 Diana L 10/10

Very nice atmosphere . Very professional and the doctors and the staff make you feel comfortable .*

11.19.16 Carol P. 10/10

Friendly staff and doctor. Clean, attractive office. Doctor careful not to over inject.*

11.19.16 Avital M. 10/10

professional,friendly and very nice and clean office*

11.19.16 Heather N. 10/10

The staff! Lindley was amazing, so friendly and professional made the long drive worth every minute!*

11.18.16 Kristin H 10/10

Very knowledgeable and professional*

11.17.16 Denise M 10/10

Affordable pricing on services, friendly, professional and attentive staff.*

11.17.16 Everlie B 10/10

You recommend what I really need no unnecessary processes although sometimes I just want to get everything done and fixed. I like the fact that you have a male and female Doctor so I get both opinions and views.*

11.16.16 Norma Jean W 10/10

Professional and friendly. I trust the doctors.*

11.16.16 Lisa V. 10/10

I was really pleased that even though I did not have a confirmed appointment, the desk was so nice about it and the doctor took me anyway. Very impressed!*

11.16.16 Yvonne R 10/10

Most important is Dr. Gambhir's bedside manner. He explains everything as it's being done, softly and in a calming tone.*

11.16.16 Annemarie D 10/10

I love getting Botox, your office is always so kind and professional. So much so that I drive to Exton after you closed the kennett office  [😊] *

11.16.16 Connie P 10/10

Fast, efficient, prompt, caring and courteous service*

11.16.16 Susan S. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is conservative in his approach with the procedures he recommends and fully explains the benefits and risks of each option. His suggestions have helped me look younger without taking drastic measures. I appreciate the efficiency of the office and that most appointments basically run on time.*

11.15.16 Diontray H. 10/10

Fast personable service Dr was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions*

11.15.16 Shannon G. 10/10

The PA that I saw was pleasant, very informative, and professional. She tool the time to listen to my specific concerne. She helped me develop a plan of action to attack the areas of concern in line with my budget. I will be back and refer all my friends to Couture*

11.15.16 Kymberly T. 10/10

variety, prices, well informed*

11.15.16 Erica G. 9/10

Great staff!*

11.15.16 Carol H. 10/10

Personal attention, friendly staff*

11.14.16 Jeanine D. 10/10

Great specials and points*

11.14.16 Linsay E. 9/10

The employees were very personable, informative & did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable.*

11.12.16 Heather R. 10.10

Professionalism and friendly. The doctor was detailed and informative*

11.12.16 Brenda C. 10/10

I love everything about the services . The doctors take time to explain things and really listen to what your are asking instead of rushing thru the process.. they also have great deals and discounts ! I wouldn't go anywhere else !  [😊] *

11.12.16 Lindey S. 10/10

I liked that I could easily make an appointment online. I was seen promptly at my scheduled time and out of the office in about 20 minutes. Staff were kind and professional and took time to get to know my desires as well as make any future recommendations, however were not overly pushy on any service or product. I will be back!*

11.12.16 Debra S. 10/10

Excellent personal attention. Clear pricing. No pressure.*

11.11.16 Noel B. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is so good with explaining things thoroughly. Thanks*

11.11.16 Julie M. 10/10

Friendly, competent, consistent, clean, always a positive experience!*

11.10.16 Dana K. 10/10

Friendly, professional, trusted service.*

11.10.16 Kristen W. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir genuinely cares about his patients and wants to do the right thing for them.*

11.10.16 Dawn H. 9/10

Dr. Gambhir explains everything he is going to do and is very gentle and comforting.*

11.10.16 June C. 10/10

It has only been two days since my treatment but I am so excited and pleased with the results. The Medical Assistant was very pleasant and explained about the process of microneedling. Dr Gambrir discussed the medical ramifications and was kind and gentle. I have had this procedure done elsewhere and never got the results I have gotten in two days. I feel so happy about the way my skin looks and l am looking forward to receiving other services.*

11.9.16  Alicia C. 10/10

Very professional*

11.9.16 Jeff E. 10/10

The appointment time is respected by the doctor and Dr. Gambhir has a very calm manner and does not push new services in any aggressive way. Very pleasant experience all the way around.*

11.9.16 Jenny H. 10/10

I was so pleased with how easy it was to get appointments and the online paperwork is off-the-charts amazing. I love progressive medical offices!

11.9.16 Tracy S. 10/10

The Dr. took a consultative approach and spent time explaining different options to help me obtain the results I am looking for. He also went over pricing so I could evaluate all my options adequately. There is a wide array of services offered and the price points are good.*

11.8.16 Dianne P. 10/10


11.8.16 Nicole F. 10/10

Very friendly, clean and relaxing!!*

11.8.16 Susan F. 10/10

Friendly and professional. Meets my needs*

11.7.16 Joanne R. 9/10

a very thorough consultation makes good results*

11.7.16 Kim W. 9/10

The doctors are both so friendly and make me feel comfortable. They are also helpful explaining other options without being pushy about additional services.*

11.6.17 Allison D. 10/10

I love the staff and everyone there! So smart and kind. Love my results every time!*

11.5.16 Linda S. 10/10

Performed by an MD 
Staff is always pleasant and helpful. 
Satisfied with results*

11.5.16 Nanci D. 10/10

​The people, the atmosphere, the results.*

11.4.16 Christine S. 10/10

Everyone is very friendly, especially Dr. Ghambir!*

11.4.16 Vanessa T. 10/10

The staff are all very friendly and well informed. The office space is very pretty. The Doctor is also very kind and did a wonderful job!*

11.3.16 Diane A. 10/10

Website has so much info on it, online scheduling is so easy and I'm always able to come in when it's convenient for me (lunch time during my work day). Dr. Gambhir always takes the time to explain all of your options and he's very calming throughout the appointment. His staff is knowledgable and I like how they start each appt by reviewing what was done last time and how i felt about the results.*

11.3.16 Sharon S. 9/10

The results are very good! It's just too far for most of my friends to visit.*

11.3.16 Karen K. 9/10

Friendly staff*

11.3.16 Robin G. 10/10

The people. The ease of scheduling and fast service.*

11.3.16 Marianne D. 10/10

Everyone was friendly and professional.*

11.3.16 Rose L. 9/10

Friendly helpful staff. No pressure to buy anything.

11.3.16 Dawn J. 10/10

Everyone in offices were very nice. Dr. Vibha Gambhir has made me feel very comfortable and has addressed and eased any concerns. I am very excited to continue going to Couture for future treatments. Thank You!*

​11.2.16 Jennifer B. 10/10

Friendly staff and nice results*

11.2.16 Jamie R. 10/10

So very professional. Always have a wonderful experience!*

11.2.16 Sharon P. 10/10

Gentle, kind and honest!!!! That is Dr Gambhir!*

11.1.16 Diane H. 10/10

Prompt, professional, caring staff!*

11.1.16 Jeanette M. 9/10

Courtesy and efficiency.*

11.1.16 Nicole C. 10/10

Professional,high-quality service.*

10.31.16 Teresa V. 10/10

Everyone is very nice and professional. The procedures are done well and the results are impressive.*

10.31.16 Ann S. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was very thorough. The office was beautiful. The staff was very kind.*

10.30.16 Lauren H. 10/10


10.29.16 Maria D. 10/10

The doctors are wonderful. The staff is great. The spas are gorgeous and very clean. Dr. Gambhir does every procedure perfectly, and he is patient as well as gentle and kind. I love Couture!*

10.29.16 Sharon B. 10/10

Everyone is so nice,and dr. Ghambir is great*

10.29.16 Aida R. 9/10

Very Professional*

10.29.16 Jennifer L. 10/10

The friendly staff and expertise of the physician. Pricing can't be beat!*

10.28.16 Roslyn S. 10/10

explanation of services. Pictures before procedure helped determine weak points in my face which helped me decide on services. Cleanliness, friendliness.*

10.28.16 Ashley M. 10/10

Everyone is very helpful at the office. They all take time to answer my questions and never make me feel rushed. The results have been great and Dr. Gambhir had such a great bedside manner and he was very gentle during procedure as well!*

10.27.16 Katee B. 10/10

Dr. G is a good listener, quick, and doesn't push products. He educates then moves on.*

10.27.16 Gail M. 10/10

Friendly stafff, gentle and caring doctors and reasonable prices. No pressure 
to have services.*

10.26.16 Margaret P. 10/10

Punctual, professional. And Dr. Ghambir takes the time to explain everything. The staff is wonderful*

10.26.16 Lindsay T. 10/10

Friendly and professional staff*

10.26.16 Kathy C. 10/10

Every thing was great!*

10.26.16 Paula E. 10/10

From the time you walk in the door everyone is kind and professional.*

10.25.16 Eriskell G. 10/10

The staff is very friendly and helpful.*

​10.22.16 Karen C. 9/10

The staff are very friendly and make you feel very comfortable about your decisions and procedures.*

10.22.16 Rita C. 9/10

nice friendly staff. 
doctor took her time to visit with me and discuss the procedure*

10.21.16 Christine J. 10/10

Friendly prompt clean inviting*

10.21.16 Lisa R. 10/10

Very nice Doctor and employees. Great service!!*

10.20.16 Kim K. 10/10

Knowledgeable and kind*

10.20.16 Judy F. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is great!*

10.20.16 Madelyn A. 10/1

Love love the male Doctor! He was so gentle and so very informative and helpful. He explained everything with so much truth and softness which helped so much for me to relax and give full trust. I loved how he advised all that he saw I needed and explained to me how I should hold off and what I thought I needed because in reality I didn't need it. Another doctor would have jest done anything I requested and taken my money.. But , he actually helped me save money and beautified me! Excellent job! Loved his gentleness and his techniques! I wish to always be able to have him fix me when I need. I have full trust in him and I wouldn't want any other touching my face. I'm so very thank full! Thank you!!*

10.19.16 Kelly E. 10/10

Female doctor Gambir is the only one I have seen but she is amazing. She is only doctor I trust now. They are always nice n professional. They also make sure you get signed up for any programs so that you can get discounts on different products. I have never had such great service and results.*

10.19.16 Vijay G. 10/10

Excellent service and staff!*

10.19.16 Kathleen S. 10/10

Everyone is so friendly and the doctors explain step by step of what they are doing !*

10.17.16 Patricia H. 10/10

Friendly office staff, quick courteous service. The doctor is so personable and takes the time to interact with you on a personal level.*

10.17.16 Tara P 10/10

Everyone was very friendly, nice and seemed honest with opinions, not pushy*

10.15.16 Michelle G. 10/10

Dr gambhir puts me at easy and I really trust him! The staff is awesome too!*

10.15.16 Krystal C. 10/10

Friendly quick service*

10.15.16 Jeanene D. 10/10

I really love the results!! Thank you !*

10.15.16 Maureen M. 10/10

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Made suggestions for the areas I was concerned about.*

10.13.16 Aileen T. 10/10

Amanda and Dr. Gambhir were genuinely kind. They were very relaxed, professional and patient, explaining everything for me. I felt I was in very good hands.*

10.13.16 Wendy A. 10/10

The Dr and staff are wonderful and so caring !!*

10.12.16 Sue G. 10/10

I liked the way everything was explained to me and also that I had options I could consider. 
The staff and the doctor made me feel very relaxed and they were so nice and knowledgeable.*

10.12.16 Penelope B.

I had a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in the front door. Amanda was wonderful in explaining exactly what was going to happen and preparing me for what I might feel. I felt very confident and comfortable going into the procedure. Dr. Gambit did an amazing job of listening while I told her of my concerns and not only recommended an excellent peel but also performed it immediately. It is wonderful to feel so understood!*

10.12.16 Jennifer P. 10/10

The ease of appointment scheduling and the pricing.*

​10.10.16 Beth K. 10/10

Doctors and staff are very pleasant and informative.*

10.10.16 Diana C. 10/10

Customer Service is exemplary and the Doctor's bedside manner very nice*

10.9.16 Annette M. 10/10

professional and friendly*

10.9.16 Angela S. 10/10

Friendly, knowledgeable staff that was very accommodating*

10.8.16 Allision M. 10/10

Love the doctor (female ) and staff and have recommended her two friends I've had one friend come so far and more to come*

10.8.16 Joan S 10/10                                                                                                                                                                  Warm and inviting office staff and physician. Listened to my concerns. Thorough explanations of procedures they thought would best address those concerns but absolutely no pressure to purchase anything.*

10.7.16 Carole H. 10/10

Doctor so warm and competent.Staff very friendly and helpful.*

10/7/16 Rosangela T. 10/10

Very friendly doctor and staff*

10.6.16 Kem H. 10/10

Staff is very helpful and courteous. Everything was discussed and questions were answered.*

10.6.16 Beth F 10/10

It is always a pleasure to come in for services. Everyone is professional, friendly, and, efficient. Always happy to answer questions, and, make you feel valued as a customer. Dr. Gumbhir is exceptional with Botox, and, fillers! Thank you for helping me to look my best!*

10.5.16 Karen M. 10/10

The staff was very friendly from the time I called until I checked out. I felt comfortable from the first second I walked in. The office is decorated really nice and gives you a peaceful feeling. I didn't wait at all and they answered all my questions.*

10.5.16 Karen D. 10/10
The great customer service skills the staff shows to the patient is the most important to me. Also they are always on time for the appointment with little or no time waiting.*

10.5.16 Marilyn K. 10/10
Thorough and knowledgeable explanation of services available without any forceful sales pitch.*

10.4.16 Janet C. 10/10

10.2.16 Jennifer T. 10/10
Extremely professional and knowledgeable doctors and staff*

10.2.16 Abby V. 10/10
Loved the staff!! Friendly, informative and while suggesting other procedures they were not pushy. I especially liked that I was seen at my appointment time.*

10.1.16 Karla D. 10/10
Very nice doctors and staff. Quick in and out blesses the atmosphere.*

​10.1.16 Jessica T. 10/10
Love the staff, and how they are professional and NOT stuck up.*

10.1.16 Christen P. 10/10
They are personal and I am always thrilled with the results.*

​10.1.16 Tina V. 10/10
Friendly and helpful with services*

10.1.16 Jennifer B. 10/10
​The staff is very welcoming and they did not make me feel self-conscious about my appearance. They were extremely professional, positive, and caring!*

9.30.16 Susan D. 10/10
Loved the staff!! Friendly, informative and while suggesting other procedures they were not pushy. I especially liked that I was seen at my appointment time.*

9.29.16 Teresa R. 9/10
Quick. Easy to make appointment*

9.29.16 Roxana R. 10/10
The staff was extremely welcoming and very accommodating.*

9.29.16 Cheryl M. 10/10
Offer a variety of services.*

9.29.16 Sharel F. 10/10
Ease of making appointment, helpful and friendly staff. Information on your website informative.*

9.29.16 Tina S. 10/10
I am never kept waiting. Dr. Anshul Gambhir has the best eye for what needs to be done, never recommends anything that is not needed or would be overdoing it, is a master at injections and has kept me looking my absolute best for years. I have been to many other professionals for botox injections and have never had anyone who does a better job. In short, he is the absolutely best at rejuvenation!*

9.28.16 Carol R. 9/10
​The anesthetist that did my facial and microdermabrasion was professional and explained the procedure.*

9.27.16 Susan S. 10/10
Denise is very professional. She knows the services and the products she is using!! The front desk needs more training.*

​9.27.16 Davina H. 10/10
Extremely trustworthy, friendly and professional. In addition the offices are comfortable and the staff and doctor make sure you are comfortable, both physically and mentally.*

9.25.16 Diana Z. 10/10
​pleasant staff/appts that meet working demands, courtesy.*

9.25.16 Cathy S. 10/10
simply the best i love dr gambhir*

9.25.16 Kim F. 10/10
Time is taken with you to discuss your options and how exactly things will happen*

9.24.16 Davina H. 10/10
I trust the opinion and recommendations of Dr. Gambhir in helping me to look my best. He explains different options and lets me decide on the optimal treatment taking into consideration my available funds.*

​9.24.16 Alison D. 10/10
Kindness of the staff and Dr.*

9.23.16 Stacy M. 10/10
​Everyone there was so cordial. Explanations and solutions were easy to understand.*

9.23.16 9/10
Everyone there was so cordial. Explanations and solutions were easy to understand.*

9.23.16 Elle L. 10/10
love the personalized service*

9.22.16 Vicky S. 10/10
Doctors are awesome and very knowlegable*

9.22.16 Sandy W. 10/10
Everything: quick, friendly service from a knowledgable staff and a caring, compassionate, doctor who takes the time to ask thoughtful questions to determine the best way to meet my goals*

9.22.16 Donna Dixon 10/10
​on time, kind, organized*

9.21.16 Francine T. 10/10
​Love Couture. Dr Gambhir and staff are awesome. I have been coming since 2007 and will always recommend for the quality of service as well as the price to maintain my outward appearance!*

9.21.16 Patricia H. 10/10
Both Steve and I had Botox, I also had filler.*

9.21.16 Kirsten C. 10/10
​Professional office and staff,I never feel rushed,Everything is clearly explained,I feel like a client and not a number, Office provides a great variety of services.*

9.21.16 Lynn E. 10/10
Trustworthy, friendly and great results!!!*

​9.20.16 Kristin C. 10/10
Denise is wonderful. Great facial.*

9.20.16 Jill F. 10/10
Honest competent friendly. Everything you can think of is offered at affordable prices!*

9.20.16 Cheryl B. 10/10
​Very calming manner exhibited by the doctor helped to allay my first time fears.*

9.20.16 Kristine D. 10/10
Prompt and courteous*

9.20.16 Karen L. 10/10
​On time. Take time to answer any questions. Beautiful facility*

​9.20.16 Zahra M. 10/10
Very good*

9.20.16 Nancy M. 10/10
Each time I've had an appointment, I've been seen within 5 min which I appreciate. All the females I've interacted with at the desk , or before the doc saw me, have been nice. I've seen both docs and liked them both. It's a very comfortable environment and did not feel stupid asking questions. The staff were very nonjudgmental when answering my silly questions or concerns. They have monthly specials and email them to you. One thing I really appreciate is they tell you about other treatments but are NOT annoying, pushy sales people like other offices I've been to over the years. I plan on staying with them.*

​9.20.16 Maryann B. 10/10
The. Doctor and staff are lovely. All procedures are explained. The doctor included me in decisions making and explained options without "selling" more than I was comfortable with.*

​9.19.16 Maribel M. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir has excellent bedside manors and technique. I never feel rushed and love that he explains every step as he goes. Staff is friendly and professional. Wide variety of services and prices are reasonable.*

9.19.16 Kelly E. 10/10
Doctor Ghambir is very knowledgeable.*

9.18.16 Kelly S. 10/10
I'm a repeat client. Staff is friendly and I didn't have to wait. Dr. Gambhir always makes good recommendation on products.*

9.18.16 Lea Z. 9/10
I'm a repeat client. Staff is friendly and I didn't have to wait. Dr. Gambhir always makes good recommendation on products.*

9.17.16 Karen M. 10/10
The doctor was fantastic explaining the procedures offered. He was very gentle in doing the treatment as well. The office staff and doctors assistant were very pleasant also. I will be going back for more services.*

9.15.16 Dianne B. 10/10
I love Dr. Ghambir. He's an excellent doctor whose advice I trust, and I'm always happy with the results. In addition, everyone in the office is very friendly.*

9.14.16 Chad M. 10/10
The team was great, the appointment was on time, took the time to explain various options and I'm very satisfied with the results.*

9.14.16 Heather K. 9/10
On time! Very thorough and informative. Up front pricing.*

9.13.16 Patricia B. 10/10
The entire staff is so nice and so friendly! And Dr Gambhir is THE BEST!! He always makes me feel so comfortable, and I completely explains what he going to do before he does it. I also love that with all the clients he sees, he always seem to remember the personal conversations we had during a past visit and asks about them. Like a vacation I may have taken, etc. In my opinion he and his entire staff are top notch and I will never go anywhere else!!!*

9.13.16 Toby D. 9/10
Very professional , staff listen to what we had to say . All around good experience.*

9.13.16 Scott H. 10/10
Very professional and pleasant to deal with.*

9.13.16 Samantha F. 10/10
I got juvederm ultra in my lips and the service was absolutely great! I couldn't expect more from her. She was so nice and told me what she was doing and understood what look I was trying to achieve and gave me exactly what I wanted I'm so happy I went to her for my lips I am for sure coming back in 6 months for more! Thank you thank you thank you!*

9.11.16 Deirdre P. 10/10
Genuine care*

9.11.16 Suzanne F. 10/10
You offer all the latest devices and you get great results.*

9.11.16 Ruth K. 10/10
​The botox and dermal fillers took 15+ years off of my face. Dr. Gambihr spent a lot of time studying my face carefully, before and during each injection. She used a specific guage needle that reduces the chance of bleeding & bruising, which I always had in the past at other places. I have no lumpy areas and am perfectly symmetrical. Her technique is so good that it is not painful, either. The end result is amazing. She is truly an artist.*

9.10.16 Charleen C. 10/10
Dr. Gambere is always personable and professional as well as the nurses and all the assistance.*

9.10.16 Valerie S. 10/10
Caring and prompt service.*

9.10.16 Ann Marie M. 10/10
Good communication about about services. Friendly and helpful staff. Expertise.*

9.9.16 Marie N. 10/10
​Professional staff with a phenomenal Doctor. Hands down the easiest and best filler treatment I've ever received. I had literally no swelling and my lips look perfect. Very happy!*

9.8.16 Gayle H. 10/10
​Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.*

9.8.16 Amanda K. 10/10
The staff is very nice, professional and informative.*

9.7.16 Megan L. 10/10
​Customer service, pricing and end results!*

9.4.16 Karen M. 10/10
​Dr, Gambhir is very patient, caring, and listens.*

9.3.16 Donna S. 10/10
I appreciated the time and information provided on my first visit to Couture. I have already mentioned to a friend and I am considering a procedure. I also appreciated the price list for the items I am most interested in.*

8.31.16 Micki S. 10/10
​i love couture!!! Just wished i lived a little closer.. But its well worth the ride  [😄]*

8.31.16 Lisa H. 10/10
​Beautiful surroundings, courteous staff and knowledgeable practitioners!*

8.29.16 Rebecca A. 10/10
High quality with professional staff.*

8.29.16 Sue G. 10/10
He entire staff makes you feel so comfortable*

8.29.16 Richard R. 10/10
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff - spotless, non-cluttered office.*

8.28.16 Laura E. 10/10
Friendly staff and talented doctor.*

8.28.16 Evon B. 10/10
The entire staff is so polite and personable and Dr. Gambhir is very nice. Dr. Gambhir listens to your concerns and gives you advise as about the most effective, economical approach to your concerns.*

8.28.16 Bonnie G. 10/10
Everything ! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and Dr. Gambir is amazing.*

8.28.16 Victoria S. 10/10

Dr. G is very gentle and informative.*

8.28.16 June C. 10/10

​The technician who did my micro needling was very knowledgeable and professional. Any questions i asked about my skin she was able to answer and made suggestions that were very helpful. She was an expert in the field of skin care and nutrition. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.*

8.27.16 Tara T. 10/10
Fast, knowledgable, focused on specific types of services rather than very diverse, great office space, excellent prices.*

8.27.16 Jeanne P. 10/10
Always friendly, knowledgable and customer service oriented.*

8.27.16 Karen B. 10/10
Professional, on time, clean, very easy to speak with.*

8.27.16 Donna R. 10/10
I believe Denise, the aesthetician, is an incredible clinician - she has all the attributes of a true medical professional. She listens to your needs, she responds with treatment using state of the art products that have been medically proven, and she has compassion for things that might be going on in your life at the time.*

8.27.16 Rebecca W. 10/10
Love that appointment times are promptly kept! I was out of the office in less than ten minutes following a Botox treatment!*

8.27.16 Liza S. 10/10
They are an awesome staff! Very polite and honest! Will defiantly recommend my friends to this place!*

​8.23.16 Lona S. 10/10
Trust the physician's experience with cosmetic procedures.*

8.23.16 Joanne M. 10/10
Amanda was with me during my CoolSculpting procedure today. She is amazing!! Constantly checking on me to make sure I'm comfortable. She is an asset to the practice.*

8.23.16 Marie P. 10/10
Great specials that make it affordable to take care of my skin. Denise is awesome!*

8.23.16 Dayna W. 10/10
Dr. was very patient and nice. I like the promotions and points systems. It's important to make these things easy, accessible and reasonbly priced. Great job!*

8.21.16 Tracy R. 10/10
I love all the staff and services Couture has to offer! I always feel fabulous after coming here!*

8.21.16 Silvana D. 10/10
The office is beautiful, decorated with old warm charm but modern amenities!!! The front desk staff is attentive and professional. The medical assistant was knowledgeable, considerate and efficient. Dr. Ghambhir is caring and kind. He explained the process of aging in a unique way that helped me understand. He discussed a treatment plan for now and in the future years to come. I was there on a groupon, yet he did not push additional servies on me as many do...his staff even honored the coupon I had from Brilliant Distintions for $20 to pay for an additional 10 units of Botox...my choice, the cost was only $8.95 per unit! I could hardly feel the injections and he gave me a series of exercises to enhance the benefits! No one has ever done this and I have had Botox for years...I will certainly go back for follow up treatments!*

8.21.16 Lynda D. 10/10
The staff is so very nice, the Doctor will also let you know what will work for you.*

8.20.16 Kathleen R. 10/10
Great staff. Great prices. Clean and calm environment. Answers all questions and never "pushes" other treatments that you don't need. Easy to schedule appointments. *

8.19.16 Elaine H. 10/10
Friendly and efficient.*

8.19.16 Jodi S. 10/10
Easy scheduling, knowledgeable staff.*

8.18.16 Julie C. 10/10

Relaxed atmosphere and doctors are approachable and honest.*

8.18.16 Laura W. 10/10
​Easy appointment times great staff and Dr. G. is so friendly and cooperative.*

8.18.16 Noelle D.10/10
Best staff and experience I have ever had!*

8.17.16 ​John A. 10/10
Everybody's so nice and helpful. Great Place!*

8.17.16 Andrew C. 10/10
Great results!*

8.17.16 Jaime D. 10/10
How nice and informative everybody was! *

8.17.16 Fernanda D. 10/10
​What I like about the services is the attention Dr. Gambhir gives you when expressing any concerns or questions. The ENTIRE staff is so welcoming and accommodate you right away. I am very fortunate to have found a place like this one!*

8.17.16 Amberly L. 10/10
Everything is well explained and made fully clear before proceeding. *

8.16.16 Amber K. 10/10
Everything was completely comfortable, and the doctor and staff were extremely professional, kind and helpful. *

8.15.16 Michele B. 10/10
Very Friendly!*

8.15.16 Maylyn V. 10/10
​Doctor and staff are very friendly, also I like the fact they informed me well about pricing and more information of future procedures.*

8.15.16 Kelly K. 10/10
Professionalism and NOT pushy to buy products and services. That is key... people do not want to feel pressured into something they do not want or can't afford.*

8.14.16 Karen H. 10/10
It was very quick and I look a lot better already. *

8.13.16 Jennifer T. 10/10
​No waiting, appointments are on time. *

8.12.16 Linda H. 10/10
​Good pricing and staff and Dr. very knowledgeable and had great results.*

8.11.16 Vanessa B. 10/10
Everyone is so nice! Professional*

8.10.16 Sandy W. 10/10
Friendly, great staff and service!*

8.10.16 Kimberly N. 10/10
They are professional and are pleasant to work with.*

8.9.16 Lori P. 10/10
Professional and trust Dr. Gambhir. I have sent a lot of people there!*

8.8.16 Kim S. 10/10
The fact that I matter as a person. I never feel that I'm being pushed to do something that I don't really want. *

8.7.16 Kristin D. 9/10
Great results.*

​8.6.16 Nikki S. 10/10
Always the best customer service - directed at you the patient with care and concern! Thank You! *

8.6.16 Suzanne M. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir explains options and services extremely well. He never pushes me to do treatments, instead suggests I learn about them and decide next time. He's extremely gentle and talks you through the treatments. Excellent service - excellent physician!*

8.6.16 Barbara G. 10/10
Quick and responsive and Dr listened to me intently and did her best to make me feel comfortable and at ease.*

8.6.16 Joy W. 10/10
​They do a really good job every time ..go to see them...very happy with my results!!*

8.5.16 Melissa P. 10/10
Really nice office and staff and a variety of services.*

8.5.16 Gina M. 10/10
Honesty, courteous, friendly, and professional. I like the specials too;)*

8.5.16 Diane L. 10/10
Very Professional.*

8.4.16 Lisa M. 10/10

8.4.16 Kim E. 10/10
Professional, friendly and great atmosphere :)*

8.3.16 Robin R. 9/10
Great results, Pleasant staff.*

8.3.16 Adele D. 10/10
Time spent with Doctor on options and price, also quality work of doctors.*

8.3.16 Denise A. 10/10
Always very professional and thorough.*

8.2.16 Rosa H. 10/10
Kind, caring, relaxing facial with Denise. Can't be beat - anywhere else!*

8.2.16 Kimberley F. 10/10
It is so easy to make appointments online, both doctors are very attentive and professional, and the other staff members are lovely to deal with. I also find the decor of the office to be welcoming and warm - unlike most medical offices. *

8.2.16 Peggie N. 10/10
Informative, kind and friendly.*

8.1.16 Melisa C. 10/10
I will have to say everything! Since you make your appointment everyone treats you very well, pays extra attention to you, answers all your questions, the staff and Doctor are exceptional and very committed to be with you through all your questions procedures, etc. *

 *The following are experiences which are specific to the individuals detailed below, your experience of this product or service may vary.


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