4.25.2017 Colleen F 10/10

The services have always given me the results I'm looking for and are administered quickly and professsionally.*

4.25.2017 Giana L 10/10

The staff was amazing and the procedure was painless and looks amazing I will be back soon*

4.24.2017 Danielle T 9/10

Convenient, timely, efficient and friendly*

4.24.2017 Jude S 10/10

Extremely personal service that is personalized to me. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The Doctor made great suggestions . Felt the experience was not only helpful but rejuvenating.*

4.23.2017 Sarah J 10/10

Nice office, knowledgeable staff.*

4.22.2017 Jennifer D 10/10

Friendly service and excellent treatment..!!*

4.22.2017 Evelyn C 10/10

The entire staff is extremely professional while being friendly and making you feel relaxed and welcome. Most offices are professional but make you feel like just another patient number its difficult to find a business that can be professional yet you feel like you just walked into your best friends home. Great job Dr. Gambhir you have a great group of women working for you.*

4.22.2017 Gina K 10/10

Very professional and knowledgable staff. Office environment also aesthetically pleasing.*

4.22.2017 Tammy W 10/10

Friendly, knowledgeable, reasonable pricing. I felt very comfortable with the surroundings and the staff.*

4.21.2017 Allison D 10/10

You guys are incredibly kinds. EVERYONE in the Exton office that I have been to is extremely helpful and I love when I have visits there!*

4.21.2017 Mary G 10/10

Fabulous results for facial fillers in 60 year old*

4.21.2017 Dana N 10/10

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, clean office.*

4.20.2017 Jacqueline H 10/10

Docs are great. So patient and kind*

4.20.2017 Zoe P 10/10

Dr. Gambhir seems to really love his art. His nurse was very helpful. They knew what I didn't want and they knew why. They worked with me. Dr. G has done work for me in the past and I have already booked my next appointment.*

4.20.2017 Helen C 10/10

The thoroughness and willingness of Dr. Gambhir and his staff.*

4.19.2017 Julianna A 10/10

I recently had my lips done by Lindley Gallagher and I never been happier! For this being my first time ever getting filler, I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful experience. I will certainly be returning back when I need more done. Lindley is truly an artist when it comes to fillers and such a sweetheart!*

4.19.2017 Rose M 10/10

Very professional and you make your clients comfortable. Very knowledgeable and you do not pressure clients into anything.*

4.18.2017  Sandy S 10/10

Great care and expertise of doctor*

4.18.2017 10/10

Very soft spoken and gentle demeanor. explained everything thoroughly and explained everything that I would experience before he would continue.*

4.17.2017 Adele D 10/10

The honesty of the employees and Doctors and outcome of the services.*

4.17.2017 Maria V 10/10

excellent staff and doctor*

4.16.2017 Alicia B 10/10

Calm not rushed*

4.16.2017 Lisa U 10/10

Friendly, professional staff with on time appointments. Highly skilled, friendly, valuable consultative pre-service discussion, reasonable pricing, easy online appointment scheduling.*

4.15.2017 Geri O 10/10

Professionalism of Dr Gambhir and all of his staff*

4.15.2017 Pamela G 10/10

Dr. Gambhir has a delicate touch and is a genuine artist at her work.*

4.15.2017 Alexandra F 10/10

Love that I can schedule online. Everyone is very friendly! Cosmetic procedures are recommended and performed judiciously. What I am trying to accomplish with fillers and botox is taken into careful consideration. I have been very satisfied with my results and am thrilled to have such a great doctor and staff taking care of me.*

4.14.2017 Ellen Z 10/10

The explaining of the service and the follow through with staff very professional and thorough.*

4.14.2017 Jessica M 10/10

I like everything, Dr. Ghambir is and everyone is very friendly, helpful . I like the rewards system and being able to use coupons.*

4.14.2017 Chad M 10/10

Always on time, thorough and efficient with great effects.*

4.14.2017 Mary O 10/10

Everyone was pleasant and no pressure to but or have more services.*

4.13.2017 Kathlenn B 9/10

Staff very helpful - kind, knowledgeable and patient ! Best kind of professionals ..!*

4.13.2017 Jennifer B 10/10

I'm 46 and have never even had a facial so I was extremely nervous for my consultation. I felt instantly relaxed with Lindley. She really listened to the reasons I came in and she came up with a slow approach to accomplishing my goals so my treatments would look natural. I am very happy with everything I have had done so far.*

4.13.2017 Sara P  9/10

Friendly staff*

4.13.2017 Mary Ann F 10/10

Full explanation of services,service post procedure,professionalism of Dr and staff,capability of Dr.,*

4.13.2017 Alysica B 9/10

Relaxing and painless*

4.12.2017 Alicia C 10/10

Quick and thorough . Lots of information on services.*

4.12.2017 Roseanne R 10/10

Dr. Gambhir genuinely cares about his patients. I always know that he will council me to do what is best for my skin and not allow me to go too far! When he looks at me, he sees "me".*

4.12.2017 Leanne  C 10/10


4.12.2017 Christobal D 10/10

Great customer service .*

4.12.2017 Sandy L 10/10


4.11.2017 Megan D 10/10

The customer service is top notch and both doctors make you feel very comfortable.*

4.11.2017 Kimberly T 10/10

had a dream facial with denise and she was absolutely wonderful! very knowledgeable about the products she was using and fantastic at microdermabrasion, my face has never felt so clean*

4.11.2017 Rose J 10/10

Everyone is very friendly and appts are always on time.*

4.9.2017 Denise L 10/10

Very personalised.*

4.9.2017 Nancy H 9/10 

The office staff were friendly, very comfortable atmosphere*

4.8.2017 Stacy E 10/10

Great atmosphere. No pressure.*

4.8.2017 Linda S 10/10

I like how the doctor took the time to sit down and talk to me face to face about what procedures would be good for me.*

4.7.2017 Donna G 10/10

How quickly I was able to obtain an appointment, and how friendly the staff was. The doctor was so accomading and g Nile and affirmative and pleasant!!*

4.7.2017 Deanna R 10/10

Caring, informative staff. Doctor is very dedicated to quality work.*

4.7.2017 Carole W 10/10

On time friendly and professional*

4.6.2017 Barbara W 10/10

They are very informative and support your decisions. I feel very comfortable there*

4.6.2017 Diana M 10/10

Nice professional service*

4.6.2017 Kelly H 10/10

The atmosphere is great, the staff are very friendly and the Dr is very nice and compassionate.*

4.6.2017 Avelia S 10/10

The office is clean and efficient. The receptionist was pleasant. The doctor was on tim,e and Dr. Gambhir was kind and thorough as she explained everything to me. I would definitely recommend Gambhir Cosmetic medicine to my friends.*

4.6.2017 Susan F 10/10


4.4.2017 Jill M 10/10

The staff and doctors are very knowledgeable, not pushy, and understand the goal I am trying to achieve. There is little to no waiting time, which is also a plus.*

4.2.2017 Susan S 10/10

friendly, everything is explained in detail; honest feedback on expectations*

4.2.2017 Nora K 10/10

Dr. G has a nice way of dealing with patients and does not push additional procedures*

4.2.2017 Peggie N 9/10

Friendly,informative and low key!*

4.1.2017 Ferdinand P 10/10

The time Dr. Gmbhir took to explain the procedure that I was about to be given.*

4.1.2017 Tina G 10/10

The staff made me feel very comfortable*

3.31.2017 Joan C 10/10

Dr. Gambhir and his entire staff are friendly and professional. I appreciate that Dr. Gambhir takes the time to explain options before and always asks if I have any questions. He is thorough and seems to genuinely care for his patients and staff.

3.31.2017 Judy E 10/10

Great info very imformative

3.30.2017 Nadine S 10/10

Friendly and fast service.

3.30.2017 Mila M 10/10

Love the office staff, friendly and accommodatng. The Drs are excellent.

3.30.2017 Norma W 10/10

Friendly, professional staff and doctors.

3.30.2017 Annemarie D 10/10

Office and staff are professional and I always feel welcomed.

3.30.2017 Joanne W 10/10

Friendly staff, great service, beautiful clean offices. Dr. G stays current and is always adding more services. Everything I need in one convenient location!

3.30.2017 Roslyn S 10/10

The reception was helpful and the environment comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation. My former Doctor never educated me in other methods of improving my looks. I am quite satisfied.

3.30.2017 Doris M 10/10

I was extremely please with how professional, friendly and welcoming Lindley was to me!! She made my first visit so comfortable and that I already refer my friend Azlyn to her and she's is booked to see lindley on Tuesday. I absolutely love my results so far and I'm looking forward to seeing her lindley again in July for another treatment! I would highly recommend her and couture to all my friends!! Very happy customer Dee Moreno

3.30.2017 Erika M 9/10

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

3/29/2017 Regina P. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is both professional and personable. His knowledge base of available techniques and products is extensive. My results are always satisfying. He has taken years off my face. I am a very satisfied customer who will be receiving treatments on a regular basis

3.28.2017 Brittany D 9/10

On time and informative

3.28.2017 Jill M. 10/10

I like Dr. Gambhir's demeanor and approach towards his patients and services.

3.28.2017 Patti D 10/10

Love the staff and Dr Gambhir! I took my necklace off while getting thermage. I called, I know its there PLEASE look in the sheets in the room I was in, I know it is there,

3.28.2017 Nancy M. 10/10

Like results and never have to wait too long in waiting room

3.28.2017 Wendy C 9/10

Staff was very friendly. Very informative

3.27.2017 Cheryl D 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was extremely knowledgeable and calming. The facility was immaculate. No wait time and excellent results.

3.26.2017 Steven S 10/10

Friendly, on time appts, professional, relaxing atmosphere

3.26.2017 Barbara F 10/10

Beautiful work. I felt very comfortable with the doctor and his work

3.22.2017 Krista R 10/10

Very knowledgeable aesthetitician, relaxing atmosphere

3.22.2017 Colleen M 10/10

Warm, friendly environment and knowledgeable staff

3.22.2017 Svetlana L 10/10

Very professional and helpful

3.22.2017 Aline L 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was great, he explained to me everything that I needed in order to choose the right procedure. 
I will go back to see him again!

3.21.2017 Barbara R 10/10

Everyone CARES they are informative truly concern about your needs and wants. Dr Gumbrier is gentle always honest which is the most important factor to his office. It's not about the money it's all about Honesty.

3.21.2017 Emily G 10/10

This was my first experience with any cosmetic procedures and Dr. Gambhir was very knowledgable, professional, and gentle! She definitely knew what she was doing and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm already planning my next visit.

3.21.2017 Theresa N 10/10

Very progressional and friendly  [❤] ️

3.21.2017 Jeanne W 10/10

​I like Dr. Anshul's approach

3.20.2017 Lisa M 10/10

​I love the time spent the Dr.s spend listening to what I'm personally looking for in the results. 
And I always feel listened to. And being told that 
"if you have ANY concerns, call us!"

3.16.2017 Gerri L 10/10

​I had put off going for this type of work, but your staff made me at ease. I am encouraged to continue. 

3.16.2017 Carol G 10/10

​The facility, the staff, and most importantly, Dr. Gambhir, made me feel that I was the only patient! Everyone took their time with me and answered all of my questions. This allowed me to make an informed decision about the services I wanted to make moving forward. I am very pleased with the service that I chose and love the results. I am 51 and look forward to adding additional services that Dr. Gambhir offers to soften the aging process.I highly recommend visiting the web site and making an appointment to find your own game plan!

3.16.2017 Cynthia A 10/10

​on time appointments, straight forward interactions that explain procedures

3.15.2017 Lisa P 10/10

​I felt the doctor and staff listened to my needs..we're very thorough and the results are excellent!

3.15.2017 Kathleen G 10/10

​the doctor and staff explained the procedure very thoroughly. They also kept the pain level to a minimum in order for me to be comfortable. I also think the services they recommended were exactly what I needed.

3.15.2017 Wendy A 10/10

​I love the fact that the entire staff is not only professional but so caring !!

3.15.2017 Dana V 10/10

​Everyone was very nice and very informative.

3.15.2017 Marie M 10/10

Best facials I have ever had.

3.12.2017 Carole C 10/10

Professionalism, courteous staff & kind knowledgeable Dr,

3.12.2017 Dorthea L 10/10

Straight forward and all my questions were answered All effoerts were made to make me feel comfortable and secure.

3.12.2017 Marcia B 10/10

Its quick and efficient. I wish you had some senior pricing (LOL)

3.12.2017 Russell O 10/10

​The Dr. was very informative, professional and nice

3.12.2017 Beth W 10/10

I like the variety of services offered and the monthly specials. I am also happy that there is a reward system. It makes Gambhir unique. It makes the services more affordable for those of us on a budget.

3.12.12 Fern C 10/10

There was no wait. The front desk staff was friendly. I enjoyed conversing with the PA. The prices (special) were more reasonable than my local provider. Worth the trip!

3.12.2017 Robin M 10/10

Love Lindley! She listened to what I wanted for my lips and she made it come to life.

3.10.2017 Audrey P 10/10

​You are friendly,listen to your clients, and do a great job.

3.9.2017 Nicole F 10/10

fast and friendly service, not pushy about selling other services and made me feel welcome

3.8.2017. Nessa Q 9/10

I like Dr. Gambhirs Botox technique - it gives really good and long lasting results

3.8.2017 Beth M 10/10

Everything, I really like that there is a female doctor.

3.8.2017 Debbie D 10/10

You see me at my appointment time. Everyone is very nice and I have been satisfied with all my services.

3.8.2017 Sabrina T 10/10

​Well explained

3.6.2017 Marlou G 9/10

Going over all the option and the costs - without pressure - but as to UNDERSTAND the options.

3.5.2017 Kelly H 10/10

Dr G and the staff are welcoming and kind.

3.5.2017 Evon B 10/10

I continually have a good experience with Dr. Gambhir and his staff. They are all friendly and helpful. It's good to see the familiar faces I saw at his Kennett Square office.

3.5.2017 Jennifer  10/10

​Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good results without a "sales" environment.

3.5.2017. Allison S 10/10

The staff was friendly and helpful and the facial was relaxing. I was in love with my skin after the service!

3.4.2017 Leslie W 10/10

Nice ..clean..friendly

3.4.2017 Josephine E 9/10

Friendly, and informative staff. Clean environment. Questions were answered.

3.4.2017 Alison F 10/10

Quick and personable

3.4.2017 Dawn M 10/10

Easy to make an appointment and riendly staff. Lindsey was very knowledgeable and took the time to listen to what I wanted. She did an incredible job. I couldn't have been happier with my visit.

3.4.2017 Tricia W 10/10

The thorough way in which Dr. Gambhir explains everything.

3.4.2017 Lisa C 10/10

Friendly, honest and clean

3.3.2017 Debbie A 10/10

​Very calming and sensitive to needs

3.3.2017 Heather S 9/10

​Took the time explain the procedure, gave follow up instructions and shared before and after pictures

3.3.2017 Rosemary K 10/10

I like that you evaluate give options and do not pressure you to make a decision

3.3.2017 Leeanne D 10/10

I like that you evaluate give options and do not pressure you to make a decision

3.3.2017 Nicky B 10/10

You make the patient feel comfortable And try and make them look their best..

3.3.2017 Jennifer B 10/10They are personable, patient, reassuring, and not at all pushy! The staff loves making people feel good, and it shows through all they do!

3.2.2017 Shannon H 10/10

Open appointments/groupon price/staff very friendly

3.2.2017 Tania E 10/10

​Dr. Gambhir takes the time to answer any questions that I have, and he explains every procedure in great detail. I look good. And feel good since coming to his practice!

3.2.2017 Judy W 10/10

I especially appreciated the TIME for explaining and no pressure to commit since I wasn't ready.

3.2.2017 Pat C 10/10

​Everyone is very friendly and informative. Everything was well explained I was very happy

3.2.2017 Joan Marie E 10/10

The Staff and the Dr. G 

3.1.2017 Jolynne M 10/10

I love Dr. Gambir, he explains everything and takes his time and really listens to your concerns. And I like how they keep track of history

3.1.2017 Donna S 10/10

Second visit to Couture. Dr. Gambhir informative and professional. Results terrific!!

3.1.2017 Barbara J 10/10

Timely and professional

2.27.2017 Theresa C 9/10

The office Is very clean,and the staff was very friendly, honest and knowledgeable.

2.27.2017 Adrianna P 10/10

I loved how super comfortable the dr. made me feel!

2.26.2017 Kim F 10/10

Very personalized and attentive

2.26.2017 Lynn M 10/10

informative staff and excellent service!

2.26.2017 Kelly P 10/10

Fair pricing, a rewards program for frequent patients, gentle and professional, Lindley was amazing!

2.26.2017 Maggie P 10/10

I have been very satisfied. The result of the microneedling is very good. I am quite happy with it. Redness and blotchiness at first as expected and dryness. It is now healing pretty well. It looks like I will need a couple more treatments.

2.26.2017 Alison R 10/10


2.25.2017 Lisa V 10/10

DR.Gambhir explains everything thoroughly. He is attentive and kind Connexus patients feel comfortable. The staff here is also very courteous and efficient.

2.25.2017 Christine S 10/10

I like how friendly your staff is, especially Vibha. I think she is talented and I trust her recommendations.

2.24.2017 Cynthia W 10/10 

friendly, efficient, professional

2.24.2017 Angela G  10/10

Dr. Gambhir and staff are wonderful. Very kind, knowledgeable, attentive and informative.

2.23.2017 Gail M 10/10

Kind professional staff & doctors.

2.22.2017 Marsha B 10/10

Timely appointments are always available. Super monthly specials and ALL staff over the top helpful and friendly.

2.22.2017 Ann B 10/10

The staff

2.22.2017 Rosemarie M 10/10

Professional, personable, polite clinician, Lindley. Competitive Pricing, Groupon, convenience, office atmosphere, office staff.

2.22.2017 Nancy H 9/10

Personal service, caring staff and professionlism. No one tries to "push" the products which results in spending more money in many people

2.22.2017 Jenny H 10/10

How friendly, kind, efficient, and knowledgeable the staff in the KOP office are.

2.22.2017 Antonia B 9/10

Dr. took the time to explain all options and the procedure. Very professional yet friendly. I'm pleased with results.

2.22.2017 Julio R 10/10

The service provider and the front desk were very friendly and nice, really made me feel welcomed. Thank you

2.22.2017 Shannon F 10/10

​Everyone was very professional. Everything was explained during the procedure and all my questions were answered in a very professional and respectful manner. The environment was calming and extremely clean. Thank you for your services. I look forward to continue working with your team.

2.21.2017 Doneen S 10/10

Excellent! Staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Gambhir always takes the time to assess your individual needs and answers any questions you may have.

2.20.2017 Laurie D 10/10

Very knowledgable and sensitive dr and assistants

2.19.2017 Laura S 10/10

Your service was extremely informative and very through. Everything that would happen was explained in simple terms. I was given a choice of three different levels of Botox. I chose to start low and leave room for more aggressive Botox next time. I was not pressured into anything that I did not want.

Finally, I was also shown two anti-aging procedures that are of extreme interest to me. I ddn't realize how effective and affordable those procedures are.

2.19.2017 Michelle G 10/10

​I trust Dr. Gambhir. He gives me options but isn't pushy!

2.19.17 Sara L 10/10

Always professional and always expert delivery!

2.19.2017 Felicia C 10/10

Staff that listens to their patient

2.16.2017 Carla S 9/10

Very informative, no pressure to up sell their services.

2.16.2017 Kim K 10/10

Knowledgeable, prompt, very friendly and takes the time to talk so you don't feel rushed in and out

2.16.2017 Donna R 10/10

Friendly atmosphere ; very helpful ; knows what the new products and procedures are !!

2.15.2017 Mandy R 10/10

​Always professional and friendly.

2.15.2017 Amy H 10/10

Very friendly & professional staff.

2.14.2017 Nancy C 10/10

Very friendly staff. Nice looking place. Fast service.

2.14.2017 Charleen  C 10/10

It's a very relaxed no pressure environment. I just really enjoy the doctors bedside manner

2.13.2017 Karen L 10/10

Professional. On time. Patient and kind.

2.13.2017 Jan C 10/10

Friendly staff, never a wait time, informative about every procedure,and cleanliness of environment

​2.13.2017 Vicki D 10/10

​Office was beautiful - staff were friendly and knowledgeable

2.12.2017 Jennifer G 10/10

Professional, nice office, never had an issue making an appointment (love the online booking) and happy with results.

2.12.2017 Claudia H 10/10

Not pushy. Gives options. Listens to your preferences and provides options that work with what you're comfortable with.

2.11.2017 Katherine M 10/10

Dr Gambhir takes his time to explain everything, always wanting to achieve my goals. 
He has a very kind manner and approach.

2.11.2017 Kathleen G 9/10

Dr Gambhir does a nice job. He's honest with suggestions. The staff is well trained and pleasant

2.11.2017 Dianne L 10/10

On time, efficient, friendly, competent.

2.11.2017 Maria M 10/10

The staff is very professional and friendly. The service is always first class.

2.9.2017 Elaine S 10/10

Dr Gambhir is excellent. She is very knowledgeable and puts you at ease. I will highly recommend her to friends and co-workers!

2.9.2017 John Z 10/10

​The staff was very friendly and Dr. Gambhir spent a lot of time with me and paid attention to detail while explaining everything to me. 
I've been telling all of my family and friends about Dr. Gambhir!

2.8.2017 Theresa S 10/10

​Staff is very nice and dr's are honest

2.8.2017 Geri-Ann W 10/10

​The staff and the environment are very welcoming.

2.8.2017 Amanda U 10/10


2.8.2017 Kristina R 10/10

​The staff and Dr. Gambhir were very nice, knowledgeable and took the time to answer any questions I may have. This is my first time going to them and it was wonderful experience. I will be going back and referring my friends as well.

2.8.2017 Maribel M 10/10 

​Everything, from wonderful experienced physicians, to the friendly and professional staff, cleanliness of the locations and promotional offers. Completely worth my drive from Delaware.

2.6.2017 Stephanie R 9/10

​Employees and Doctor

2.5.2017 Paula E 10/10

Everyone is friendly and welcoming. No pressure when discussing treatment options. Highly recommended!!

2.5.2017 Maureen M 10/10

​Love the staff and doctor at this office. Very friendly and knowkedgable!

2.5.2017 Alexa C 10/10

Friendly staff, clean, great prices, didn't have to wait around, asked all my questions to make me feel comfortable

2.5.2017 Tara P 10/10

​People are nice and seem genuine

2.4.2017 Amanda M 10/10

​very quick & professional. all of my questions were answered and made me feel very comfortable

2.4.2017 Tara F 10/10

​Very professional and fast. 
Everyone always seems so happy to meet you and commented to helping you get exactly what you want. 
They listen to your request and also make recommendations, without being pushy.

2.4.2017 Erica T 10/10

Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered and I love my results!

2.3.2017 Katee B 10/10

Not pushy 

2.3.2017 Jeanetter M 9/10

The courtesies, the explanation as the procedure is conducted.

2.3.2017 Faith P 10/10

Everyone at the office is very knowledgeable,friendly and professional.

2.2.2017 Shannon K 10/10 

​Lindley Gallagher made me feel more than comfortable at my appointment for my first Botox. I would highly recommend her to my friends!

2.2.2017 louise C 10/10

​Personal warm approach. Not rushed

2.2.2017 Katelyn J 10/10

​The girls assisting Dr. Gambhir during the procedures are so nice and made me feel so comfortable. Dr Gambhir is always so kind and you can tell he really enjoys what he does and seems to connect with the patients. Will recommend to friends.

2.2.2017 Josephine D 10/10

The staff is very friendly and helpful with my questions.

2.1.2017 Cheryl G 10/10


2.1.2017 Jennifer S 10/10

​The ambiance of the office, friendly staff, good prices and Dr. Gambhir of course!

1.31.2017 Melaine M 10/10

​Very thorough consultation, felt comfortable asking questions and discussing options, did not feel pressured to add-on but was given recommendations. Great staff

1.31.2017 Selena E 10/10

​Went to the Exton location the doctor he did a beautiful job my lips look so perfect my self-esteem is so good I am handicapped and this is just one thing that really helps me I am so happy with the way they came out and I can't say enough about the staff how nice they are they are such sweet people the receptionist are very, sweethearts for sure I would definitely recommend you to friends and family and I definitely would look forward to maybe getting other things done in the future specially seeing how beautifully they turned out I've had my lips they're done several times in the past and also had double syringe is my first time but I was very impressed this time thank you so much sincerely Selena Eckler

1.30.2017 Cheryl M 10/10

​never have to wait! Everyone nice and welcoming.

1.30.2017 Kristin C 10/10

​Love Denise. Wonderful facials.

1.28.2017 Beth K 9/10

​Friendly staff!

1.28.2017 Jaimie M 10/10

​Very friendly staff & very patient with the procedure.

1.28.2017 Brooke M 10/10

​The P.A. I had was very personable and made me feel very comfortable about the procedure from start to finish!

1.27.2017 Denise A 10/10

Everyone is always professional and make sure I am fully informed as to what they are doing. Highly recommend!

1.26.2017 Amy W 10/10

​Friendly top notch staff and environment!

1.26.2017  Jennifer I 10/10

​Friendly staff, great prices and spa services are wonderfully pampering!

1.26.2017 Darlene W 10/10

The staff and Doctor and very friendly, always run on time, results always exceed my expectations and never try to up sale me

1.26.2017 Caroline S 10/10

Everything. Dr. Gambhir and his entire staff made this such a great experience for me. He makes sure you are comfortable the entire time and really takes time to go over all of your concerns.

1.25.2017 TIffany T 10/10

Nice staff

1.24.2017 Beatrix M 10/10

I like being walked through every step

1.24.2017 Helen D 10/10

Services offered 
Customer service 
Doctors provide cosmetic suggestions 
Doctors provide great results 
Specials on services

1.24.2017 Mary S 10/10

Everyone was very professional and nice. All my questions was answered and the doctor made me feel comfortable by explaining the procedure to me word for word.

1.24.2017 Mary H 9/10

Doctor spent time without rushing through appointment. Answered the many questions I had very patiently, the office girls were really efficient and professional. The entire staff really puts the patient first!! You don't see that in many doctor offices today!

1.23.2017 Lynn Z 10/10

Highly personalized service. Dr. Gambhir takes the time to explain all options and procedures and encourages questions.

Realistic expectations and results are presented. All staff are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.

1.23.2017 Deborah D 10/10

Friendly staff, soothing surroundings, and Dr Gambhir!

1.22.2017 Michelle S 10/10

Office staff and the doctor were so nice and informative! I absolutely loved my first experience!

1.22.2017 Jackie B 10/10

Denise was very knowledgeable and kind. Looking forward to seeing her again.

1.21.2017 Korin R 10/10

Staff was very friendly and they took the time to listen to my concerns.

1.20.2017 Kem H 10/10

I like the staff and the honesty

1.20.2017 Jessica T 10/10

Staff, cleanliness, bedside manners

1.20.2017 Ginger Q 10/10

Personalized attention

1.19.2017 Cathy S 10/10

The doctor and the staff are super not to mention the fabulous results I received. My face belongs to Dr Gambhir

1.19.2017 Maria S 10/10

Offers variety of discounts on services. Friendly staff. Clean office

1.19.2017 Jude S 10/10

Ability to make appointments on line. Specials every month, and your excellent service. I appreciate your explanation about the services

1.19.2017 Jennifer P 10/10

Everyone very knowledgeable and friendly

1.19.2017 Lori G 10/10

It was my first visit and I am very happy with the results! I am looking forward to returning and will tell everyone I know about the wonderful service an results

1.19.2017 Diane C 10/10

kind staff and docs have excellent bedside manner

1.19.2017 Lisa G 10/10

Staff are professional and friendly! Easy to schedule. Lindley did my treatment , she was great

1.18.2017 Joanne E 10/10

You listened to me and allowed my voice to be heard in the process. I felt assured in your competence and experience to provide me with the best treatment. Thank you.

1.18.2017 Kelly M 9/10

Clean environment, ease of making appointments, friendly staff, doctor listens to what you want to do, not pushy or trying to sell you products/services

1.16.2017 Pam B 10/10

Great explanations on products

1.15.2017 Julie F 9/10

Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable regarding the services . Dr Gambhir is great

1.15.2017 Kylie P 10/10

very informative and quickly administered with no pain

1.11.2017 Dawn H 10/10

Dr. Gambhir explains everything he is doing and has a very calming affect on the patient. Everyone in the office is so pleasant and knowledgeable.

1.11.2017 Noel W 9/10


1.11.2017 Beth C 10/10

Very informative

1.10.2017 Heather S 10/10

I come in basic and leave bombshell.

1.09.2017 Holly C 10/10

the staff is amazing

1.09.2017 Tara P 9/10

The cleanliness and professionalism.

1.0.2017 Audrey B 10/10

Professional and friendly

1.07.2017 Letitia R 10/10

Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff!

1.05.2017 Lorraine H 10/10

At my first visit Dr. Gambhir provided me with a personal, prioritized plan that was consistent with what I was thinking. He thoroughly explained everything and had a very gentle touch when performing the procedure. His assistant was very helpful and attentive. I plan on continuing with the treatment program.

1.04.2017 Debra S 10/10

I have been coming here for at least 6 -7 year an they have always been nothing except professional. Would not trust my face to anyone else

1.04.2017 Rosemarie R 9/10

Very friendly & patient. Great at explaining everything. Beautiful office.

1.02.2017 Anne G 10/10

The office was very attractive and clean. Waiting time was minimal. Very professional. Love my Botox results

1.02.2017 Monica K 10/10

Super friendly and professional! THIS PLAVE IS A KEEPER!

1.01.2017 Laurie W 10/10

friendly, quickly seen, no pressure

1.01.2017 Pamela E 10/10

staff very informative

1.012017 John P 10/10

I appreciate the way the DR explained the different procedures which may be helpful to me.

12.31.2016 Michael S 10/10

The friendliness of the staff and doctor. They are very accommodating and don't push pricedures that are needed

12.29.2016 Pat M 10/10

quality of service was excellent

12.29.2016 Katy MCginley 10/10

Beautiful office, friendly staff, honest doctor who recommends best treatment without trying to upsell

12.28.2016 Darlene D 10/10

Dr gambhir was fantastic. He gave me direction on what would be the best procede for me. He explained in detail andaanswered all my questions. His assistant was equally fantastic.

12.28.2016. Bianca A 10/10

Great Staff! Super knowledgeable...listens to your needs and delivers! :-) So happy I came here

12.27.2016 Dawn Ulm 10/10

Great skill in administering Botox, never have to wail, very nice people. I won't go anywhere else!

12.27.2016 Catherine Y 9/10

I like how Dr. Gambhir explained everything clearly prior to and during my visit.

12.27.2016 Kristin L 10/10

I purchased the 20 units of botox and peel. Was in and out in 1/2 hour. Very easy and professional. Great results! Had procedure done on a Friday and peeled Sunday and Monday. I look refreshed and my 11s are gone. Wish I could purchase more groupons! I'd come every 4 months.

12.27.2016 Amelia G 10/10

Your kindness and your work we are very satisfied with the work you did!! Interested in coming back!! Thank you

12.27.2016 Tracey O 10/10

Staff is very informative and friendly. The service was excellent!

12.27.2016 Tracy G 9/10

Timely & professional & trustworthy

12.25.2016 Lisa U. 10/10

Prompt, no-wait for my appointment time, kind reception staff; knowledgable and friendly pre-consultation/prep (PA) who also worked out the financials involved up front with me; professional, calm, knowledgable (with honest, helpful recommendations for further enhancement) highly skilled injector (dr.). I also appreciate the specials that are ongoing that are very competitive compared to other injectors in the area. Very pleased with everything about the facility and staff. I look forward to my next visit. Thank you!

12.23.2016 Theresa D 10/10

everyone is very kind and answers all questions thoroughly. I was a little nervous to get Botox for the first time but they made me very comfortable

12.22.2016 Sarah L 10/10

Professional and accurate!

12.22.2016 Helen C 10/10

The discounts they offer and the friendly staff!

12.22.2016 Barbara R 10/10

That u offer specials every month , Dr Gumbrier gentle ways and his honest recommendation...

12.22.2016 Tracey D. 10/10

Dr. Gambir and his staff are very kind and professional.

12.22.16 Shana H 10/10

Love your staff they are very friendly.

12.22.16 Carolina C 10/10

The people at the front desk are very kind and helpful with every question or concern. Dr Gambhir is very professional and has a extensive knowledge of what he does. I have been going there for more than 9 years and I am very happy with every procedure Dr. Gambhir has done on me.

12.22.16 Marcy F 10/10

I like the information that is always given. I like the beautiful office. I like the way the doctors are super sweet and kind.

12.22.16 Jaime D 9/10

Love the office an how down to earth the staff an doctors are!!!

12.22.16 Natalia M 9/10

The doctors always explain the procedure in details and answer my questions. The prices are rather reasonable compared to other places.

12.19.16 Colleen S 10/10

Friendly office staff. Excellent PA who gave me a thorough understand of the processes and their effects. Lovely doctor who was very nice and gave useful information!

12.19.16 Theresa A 10/10

Warm and friendly visit  [😀] Would go back for more services

12.19.16 Danielle B 10/10

I felt extremely comfortable and appreciate the time She spent to explain the procedure to me thoroughly

12.19.16 Barbara G 10/10

The caring and professional attitude of dr Gambhir and staff

12.19.16 Doreen F 10/10

Everyone was very nice and it was pretty pain free

12.18.16 Amy W 10/10

Friendly and insightful staff that are all gorgeous!

12.18.16 Nancy K 10/10

Very pleasant and professional office and the results were great

12.17.16 Rebecca N 9/10

The Staff was very imformative and the doctor made the procedure relaxing and as comfortable as possible.

12.17.16 Trena T 10/10

Everyone in the office was extremely friendly, and Dr. Gambhir was very thorough with his explanation of the treatments I was having.

12.17.16 Nicole H 10/10

I didn't have a service per say yet, but Dr. Gambhir took a wonderful amount of time listening to my needs and addressing them with options and explanations!

12.17.16 Denise C 10/10

Clean, comfortable and all injections are pain free. Dr is very Pleasant And knowledgeable .

12.17.16 Maryann S 10/10

Everyone is very friendly n professional.

12.16.16 Lori E 10/10

The staff is very friendly.

12.16.16. Nancy H 10/10

Professionalism, informative and provided options

12.15.16 Maria D 10/10

Cleanliness of offices. Friendliness of doctors and staff. My needs are heard and implemented. Precision and perfection of Dr. Gambhir (male).

12.15.16 Lisa V 10/10

Fast and courteous, efficient service. Like the fact you offer points for services.

12.15.16 Rose J 10/10

The nurses are very informed about the many services available . The doctor focuses on what sevices will be best for the patient and he is able to meet at a further date after you heal to discuss what is next. I am very happy at Couture and the results I have received .

12.14.16 Denise A 10/10

Always amazing service and professionalism.

12.14.16 Alice S 9/10

Personal attention and presentation of options

12.13.16 Sudha C 10/10

KOP location staff are caring, gentle and provide very good service.

12.11.16 Janet Y 10/10

Loved the facial. Very nice and professional.

12.11.16 Julie C 10/10

Easy to schedule.

12.11.16 Karen M 10/10

Extremely friendly office. Fair prices. Nice doctor.

12.11.16 Amy P 10/10

Friendly and informative staff. The ladies are great. Dr. Gambhir (female) was very thorough and friendly as well.

12.10.16 Christine P 10/10

Everyone is friendly, and welcoming. Dr. Gambhir has a gentle touch and he's very good with the needles! :)

12.10.16. Sarah M 10/10

Both the doctor and assistant were amazing !!! They both made me feel very comfortable.

12.10.16 Holly C 10/10

beautiful friendly staff

12.9.16 Sharon S 10/10

Lindley is a wonderful combination of professional and personable. I felt very comfortable with her. The office is beautiful and the staff is efficient and welcoming.

12.8.16 Diana V 10/10

Everyone's every nice , always asking if I'm ok during the procedure.

12.8.16 Janet M 10/10

Friendly staff. Reminds of discounts. Doctor takes time to talk about procedures n gives options.

12.8.16 Melissa E 10/10

Very professional and informative.

12.7.16 Patricia M 10/10

Friendl,and clean and calming.

12.7.16 Bonnie S 9/10

Skilled injector, personable staff

12.6.2016 Maureen S 10/10

trustworthy, knowledgeable, friendly.

12.6.2016 Colleen S 10/10

Very personable and accommodating.

12.6.2016 Michele T 10/10

Friendly, knowledge staff and Dr . Definitely will be going back !

12.5.2016 Belinda E 10/10

Very professional and thorough. Great results

12.5.2016 Debbie D 10/10

Ease of scheduling; courteous staff; and excellent physician care

12.3.2016 Jodi S 10/10

Appointment times are respected. Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr G is a calming presence and isn't pushy about add on services

12.3.2016 Madeline P 9/10

Friendly , relaxing atmosphere where everyone was very professional and knowledgeable!

12.2.2016 Barbara O 10/10


12.2.2016 Betty Ann 10/10

lindley was informative and professional and a sweet girl.

12.2.2016 Evon B 10/10

The personal touch of the staff and the expert advice of Dr. Gambhir. His understanding about financial restraints and alternative treatment regimes.

12.1.16 Lindsay T 10/10

Beautiful facility! The staff at the Exton office were welcoming and friendly. The service was excellent; my facial was amazing and much needed.

12.1.16 Colleen R 9/10

My appts are always on time, Dr Gambhir great about explaining procedures and so patient. 
I wish as a patient I would eligible to use the Groupon coupon. I feel I should be able to use once as new patients are able to do so.

12.1.16 Fernanda D 10/10

AMAZING staff and both Doctors always know how to make you comfortable

12.1.16 Diana J 10/10

pleasant people

12.1.16 Renee B 10/10

Extremely friendly and courteous staff; so professional...amazing care and attention to patients. A very professional consultation that created a comfortable scenario to discuss goals. There was absolutely NO sales/aggressive recommendations...they listened to my goals, etc and from a very consultative perspective completely delivered above expectations. I have gotten injectables for many years and this was the best experience ever- unparalleled! Results are excellent! I know what to expect when getting botox and I highly recommend Dr Gambhir and her team!

11.30.16 Nancylee M 10/10

Pretty much everything. It is low key and quiet. Your employees are friendly and caring. They go out of their way to create a wonderful experience for their clients.

11.30.16 Dorothea L 10/10

Didn't feel rushed and was able to ask all questions. It was important to me that I was informed about the cost as well. 
Dr. Gambir explained what services would benefit me the most and made a plan that I can afford.

11.30.16 Nancy L10/10

everyone is helpful friendly and professional

11.29.16 Tania E 9/10

I love the difference in my appearance! It is subtle, but stunning. I appreciate the time Dr. Gambhir took to explain all of my options, and I love the results so far. I would go with 10 stars, but I do believe that pricing is steep at this practice.

11.29.16 Ginny B 9/10

timely pleasant

11.29.16 Stephanie D 10/10

I like all of the people there!

11.28.16 Mary B 10/10

Everything I needed I got

11.27.16 Kathy S 10/10

I like the time the Dr. takes with my consult. I feel if gives us a chance to make sure we are on the same page, and he's given me so excellent ideas for future touch ups I look forward to having done!

11.27.16 Diane D 10/10

The staff and doctor took the time to listen to what I wanted from services and explained all of the possible options. I felt very comfortable and safe with Dr. Ghambir!

11.27.16 Elyssa K 9/10

Very helpful and relaxing

11.27.16 Megan H 9/10

Brittany was super friendly and very patiently answered all of my "newbie" questions. Dr. Gambhir was very thorough in explaining all my options as well as realistic expected results and costs. I felt like he listened to me, and did not rush me to make any decisions that day.

11.27.16 Maryanne J 10/10


11.26.16 Lauren R 10/10

friendly service and expert advice

11.25.16 Lori G 10/10

Professional and honest feedback regarding services needed. Don't feel like they're trying to sell you on services you don't need.

11.25.16 Suzanne M 10/10

Dr. Gambhir explains all of the services in detail - gives you options and does not pressure you at all. He is extremely gentle and talks you through the procedures.

11.25.16 Laura F 10/1

Pleasant, knowledgable, professional!

11.25.16 Mary Beth H 9/10

Have always had a good result

11.23.16 Joanne M 10/10

Attention to detail and understanding of patient needs

11.23.16 Sue C 9/10

The staff is so friendly and the doctors take time to explain every procedure..

11.23.16 Michelle T 10/10

Very relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff . Knowledgeable and Took their time . And I am very happy with my results 
I will be back ! I have already told several people about your services .

11.23.16 Keri B 10/10

They take their time with you. I have never felt rushed.

11.23.16 Krista H 10/10

Comfortable and clean.

11.23.16 Rimma Z 9/10

Good prices and professionalism

11.22.16 Lynda D 10/10

everyone in the office are very friendly, I have never had to wait for my appointment

11.22.16 Kristin K 10/10

Always on time and explains the procedures.

11.21.16 Diana L 10/10

Very nice atmosphere . Very professional and the doctors and the staff make you feel comfortable .

11.19.16 Carol P. 10/10

Friendly staff and doctor. Clean, attractive office. Doctor careful not to over inject.

11.19.16 Avital M. 10/10

professional,friendly and very nice and clean office

11.19.16 Heather N. 10/10

The staff! Lindley was amazing, so friendly and professional made the long drive worth every minute!

11.18.16 Kristin H 10/10

Very knowledgeable and professional

11.17.16 Denise M 10/10

Affordable pricing on services, friendly, professional and attentive staff.

11.17.16 Everlie B 10/10

You recommend what I really need no unnecessary processes although sometimes I just want to get everything done and fixed. I like the fact that you have a male and female Doctor so I get both opinions and views.

11.16.16 Norma Jean W 10/10

Professional and friendly. I trust the doctors.

11.16.16 Lisa V. 10/10

I was really pleased that even though I did not have a confirmed appointment, the desk was so nice about it and the doctor took me anyway. Very impressed!

11.16.16 Yvonne R 10/10

Most important is Dr. Gambhir's bedside manner. He explains everything as it's being done, softly and in a calming tone.

11.16.16 Annemarie D 10/10

I love getting Botox, your office is always so kind and professional. So much so that I drive to Exton after you closed the kennett office  [😊]

11.16.16 Connie P 10/10

Fast, efficient, prompt, caring and courteous service

11.16.16 Susan S. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is conservative in his approach with the procedures he recommends and fully explains the benefits and risks of each option. His suggestions have helped me look younger without taking drastic measures. I appreciate the efficiency of the office and that most appointments basically run on time.

11.15.16 Diontray H. 10/10

Fast personable service Dr was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions

11.15.16 Shannon G. 10/10

The PA that I saw was pleasant, very informative, and professional. She tool the time to listen to my specific concerne. She helped me develop a plan of action to attack the areas of concern in line with my budget. I will be back and refer all my friends to Couture

11.15.16 Kymberly T. 10/10

variety, prices, well informed

11.15.16 Erica G. 9/10

Great staff!

11.15.16 Carol H. 10/10

Personal attention, friendly staff

11.14.16 Jeanine D. 10/10

Great specials andpoints

11.14.16 Linsay E. 9/10

The employees were very personable, informative & did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable.

11.12.16 Heather R. 10.10

Professionalism and friendly. The doctor was detailed and informative

11.12.16 Brenda C. 10/10

I love everything about the services . The doctors take time to explain things and really listen to what your are asking instead of rushing thru the process.. they also have great deals and discounts ! I wouldn't go anywhere else !  [😊]

11.12.16 Lindey S. 10/10

I liked that I could easily make an appointment online. I was seen promptly at my scheduled time and out of the office in about 20 minutes. Staff were kind and professional and took time to get to know my desires as well as make any future recommendations, however were not overly pushy on any service or product. I will be back!

11.12.16 Debra S. 10/10

Excellent personal attention. Clear pricing. No pressure.

11.11.16 Noel B. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is so good with explaining things thoroughly. Thanks

11.11.16 Julie M. 10/10

Friendly, competent, consistent, clean, always a positive experience!

11.10.16 Dana K. 10/10

Friendly, professional, trusted service.

11.10.16 Kristen W. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir genuinely cares about his patients and wants to do the right thing for them.

11.10.16 Dawn H. 9/10

Dr. Gambhir explains everything he is going to do and is very gentle and comforting.

11.10.16 June C. 10/10

It has only been two days since my treatment but I am so excited and pleased with the results. The Medical Assistant was very pleasant and explained about the process of microneedling. Dr Gambrir discussed the medical ramifications and was kind and gentle. I have had this procedure done elsewhere and never got the results I have gotten in two days. I feel so happy about the way my skin looks and l am looking forward to receiving other services.

11.9.16  Alicia C. 10/10

Very professional

11.9.16 Jeff E. 10/10

The appointment time is respected by the doctor and Dr. Gambhir has a very calm manner and does not push new services in any aggressive way. Very pleasant experience all the way around.

11.9.16 Jenny H. 10/10

I was so pleased with how easy it was to get appointments and the online paperwork is off-the-charts amazing. I love progressive medical offices!

11.9.16 Tracy S. 10/10

The Dr. took a consultative approach and spent time explaining different options to help me obtain the results I am looking for. He also went over pricing so I could evaluate all my options adequately. There is a wide array of services offered and the price points are good.

11.8.16 Dianne P. 10/10


11.8.16 Nicole F. 10/10

Very friendly, clean and relaxing!!

11.8.16 Susan F. 10/10

Friendly and professional. Meets my needs

11.7.16 Joanne R. 9/10

a very thorough consultation makes good results

11.7.16 Kim W. 9/10

The doctors are both so friendly and make me feel comfortable. They are also helpful explaining other options without being pushy about additional services.

11.6.17 Allison D. 10/10

I love the staff and everyone there! So smart and kind. Love my results every time!

11.5.16 Linda S. 10/10

Performed by an MD 
Staff is always pleasant and helpful. 
Satisfied with resulta

11.5.16 Nanci D. 10/10

​The people, the atmosphere, the results.

11.4.16 Christine S. 10/10

Everyone is very friendly, especially Dr. Ghambir!

11.4.16 Vanessa T. 10/10

The staff are all very friendly and well informed. The office space is very pretty. The Doctor is also very kind and did a wonderful job!

11.3.16 Diane A. 10/10

Website has so much info on it, online scheduling is so easy and I'm always able to come in when it's convenient for me (lunch time during my work day). Dr. Gambhir always takes the time to explain all of your options and he's very calming throughout the appointment. His staff is knowledgable and I like how they start each appt by reviewing what was done last time and how i felt about the results.

11.3.16 Sharon S. 9/10

The results are very good! It's just too far for most of my friends to visit.

11.3.16 Karen K. 9/10

Friendly staff

11.3.16 Robin G. 10/10

The people. The ease of scheduling and fast service.

11.3.16 Marianne D. 10/10

Everyone was friendly and professional.

11.3.16 Rose L. 9/10

Friendly helpful staff. No pressure to buy anything.

11.3.16 Dawn J. 10/10

Everyone in offices were very nice. Dr. Vibha Gambhir has made me feel very comfortable and has addressed and eased any concerns. I am very excited to continue going to Couture for future treatments. Thank You!

11.2.16 Jennifer B. 10/10

Friendly staff and nice results

11.2.16 Jamie R. 10/10

So very professional. Always have a wonderful experience!

11.2.16 Sharon P. 10/10

Gentle, kind and honest!!!! That is Dr Gambhir!

11.1.16 Diane H. 10/10

Prompt, professional, caring staff!

11.1.16 Jeanette M. 9/10

Courtesy and efficiency.

11.1.16 Nicole C. 10/10

Professional,high-quality service.

10.31.16 Teresa V. 10/10

Everyone is very nice and professional. The procedures are done well and the results are impressive.

10.31.16 Ann S. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir was very thorough. The office was beautiful. The staff was very kind.

10.30.16 Lauren H. 10/10


10.29.16 Maria D. 10/10

The doctors are wonderful. The staff is great. The spas are gorgeous and very clean. Dr. Gambhir does every procedure perfectly, and he is patient as well as gentle and kind. I love Couture!

10.29.16 Sharon B. 10/10

Everyone is so nice,and dr. Ghambir is great

10.29.16 Aida R. 9/10

Very Professional

10.29.16 Jennifer L. 10/10

The friendly staff and expertise of the physician. Pricing can't be beat!

10.28.16 Roslyn S. 10/10

explanation of services. Pictures before procedure helped determine weak points in my face which helped me decide on services. Cleanliness, friendliness.

10.28.16 Ashley M. 10/10

Everyone is very helpful at the office. They all take time to answer my questions and never make me feel rushed. The results have been great and Dr. Gambhir had such a great bedside manner and he was very gentle during procedure as well!

10.27.16 Katee B. 10/10

Dr. G is a good listener, quick, and doesn't push products. He educates then moves on.

10.27.16 Gail M. 10/10

Friendly stafff, gentle and caring doctors and reasonable prices. No pressure 
to have services.

10.26.16 Margaret P. 10/10

Punctual, professional. And Dr. Ghambir takes the time to explain everything. The staff is wonderful

10.26.16 Lindsay T. 10/10

Friendly and professional staff

10.26.16 Kathy C. 10/10

Every thing was great!

10.26.16 Paula E. 10/10

From the time you walk in the door everyone is kind and professional.

10.25.16 Eriskell G. 10/10

The staff is very friendly and helpful.

10.22.16 Karen C. 9/10

The staff are very friendly and make you feel very comfortable about your decisions and procedures.

10.22.16 Rita C. 9/10

nice friendly staff. 
doctor took her time to visit with me and discuss the procedure

10.21.16 Christine J. 10/10

Friendly prompt clean inviting

10.21.16 Lisa R. 10/10

Very nice Doctor and employees. Great service!!

10.20.16 Kim K. 10/10

Knowledgeable and kind

10.20.16 Judy F. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is great!

10.20.16 Madelyn A. 10/1

Love love the male Doctor! He was so gentle and so very informative and helpful. He explained everything with so much truth and softness which helped so much for me to relax and give full trust. I loved how he advised all that he saw I needed and explained to me how I should hold off and what I thought I needed because in reality I didn't need it. Another doctor would have jest done anything I requested and taken my money.. But , he actually helped me save money and beautified me! Excellent job! Loved his gentleness and his techniques! I wish to always be able to have him fix me when I need. I have full trust in him and I wouldn't want any other touching my face. I'm so very thank full! Thank you!!

10.19.16 Kelly E. 10/10

Female doctor Gambir is the only one I have seen but she is amazing. She is only doctor I trust now. They are always nice n professional. They also make sure you get signed up for any programs so that you can get discounts on different products. I have never had such great service and results.

10.19.16 Vijay G. 10/10

Excellent service and staff!

10.19.16 Kathleen S. 10/10

Everyone is so friendly and the doctors explain step by step of what they are doing !

10.17.16 Patricia H. 10/10

Friendly office staff, quick courteous service. The doctor is so personable and takes the time to interact with you on a personal level.

10.17.16 Tara P 10/10

Everyone was very friendly, nice and seemed honest with opinions, not pushy

10.15.16 Michelle G. 10/10

Dr gambhir puts me at easy and I really trust him! The staff is awesome too!

10.15.16 Krystal C. 10/10

Friendly quick service

10.15.16 Jeanene D. 10/10

I really love the results!! Thank you !

10.15.16 Maureen M. 10/10

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Made suggestions for the areas I was concerned about.

10.13.16 Aileen T. 10/10

Amanda and Dr. Gambhir were genuinely kind. They were very relaxed, professional and patient, explaining everything for me. I felt I was in very good hands.

10.13.16 Wendy A. 10/10

The Dr and staff are wonderful and so caring !!

10.12.16 Sue G. 10/10

I liked the way everything was explained to me and also that I had options I could consider. 
The staff and the doctor made me feel very relaxed and they were so nice and knowledgeable.

10.12.16 Penelope B.

I had a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in the front door. Amanda was wonderful in explaining exactly what was going to happen and preparing me for what I might feel. I felt very confident and comfortable going into the procedure. Dr. Gambit did an amazing job of listening while I told her of my concerns and not only recommended an excellent peel but also performed it immediately. It is wonderful to feel so understood!

10.12.16 Jennifer P. 10/10

The ease of appointment scheduling and the pricing.

10.10.16 Beth K. 10/10

Doctors and staff are very pleasant and informative.

10.10.16 Diana C. 10/10

Customer Service is exemplary and the Doctor's bedside manner very nice

10.9.16 Annette M. 10/10

professional and friendly

10.9.16 Angela S. 10/10

Friendly, knowledgeable staff that was very accommodating

10.8.16 Allision M. 10/10

Love the doctor (female ) and staff and have recommended her two friends I've had one friend come so far and more to come

10.8.16 Joan S 10/10                                                                                                                                                                  Warm and inviting office staff and physician. Listened to my concerns. Thorough explanations of procedures they thought would best address those concerns but absolutely no pressure to purchase anything.

10.7.16 Carole H. 10/10

Doctor so warm and competent.Staff very friendly and helpful.

10/7/16 Rosangela T. 10/10

Very friendly doctor and staff

10.6.16 Kem H. 10/10

Staff is very helpful and courteous. Everything was discussed and questions were answered.

10.6.16 Beth F 10/10

It is always a pleasure to come in for services. Everyone is professional, friendly, and, efficient. Always happy to answer questions, and, make you feel valued as a customer. Dr. Gumbhir is exceptional with Botox, and, fillers! Thank you for helping me to look my best!

10.5.16 Karen M. 10/10

The staff was very friendly from the time I called until I checked out. I felt comfortable from the first second I walked in. The office is decorated really nice and gives you a peaceful feeling. I didn't wait at all and they answered all my questions.

10.5.16 Karen D. 10/10
The great customer service skills the staff shows to the patient is the most important to me. Also they are always on time for the appointment with little or no time waiting.

10.5.16 Marilyn K. 10/10
Thorough and knowledgeable explanation of services available without any forceful sales pitch.

10.4.16 Janet C. 10/10

10.2.16 Jennifer T. 10/10
Extremely professional and knowledgeable doctors and staff

10.2.16 Abby V. 10/10
Loved the staff!! Friendly, informative and while suggesting other procedures they were not pushy. I especially liked that I was seen at my appointment time.

10.1.16 Karla D. 10/10
Very nice doctors and staff. Quick in and out blesses the atmosphere.

​10.1.16 Jessica T. 10/10
Love the staff, and how they are professional and NOT stuck up.

10.1.16 Christen P. 10/10
They are personal and I am always thrilled with the results.

​10.1.16 Tina V. 10/10
Friendly and helpful with services

10.1.16 Jennifer B. 10/10
​The staff is very welcoming and they did not make me feel self-conscious about my appearance. They were extremely lrofessional, positive, and caring!

9.30.16 Susan D. 10/10
Loved the staff!! Friendly, informative and while suggesting other procedures they were not pushy. I especially liked that I was seen at my appointment time.

9.29.16 Teresa R. 9/10
Quick. Easy to make appointment

9.29.16 Roxana R. 10/10
The staff was extremely welcoming and very accommodating.

9.29.16 Cheryl M. 10/10
Offer a variety of services.

9.29.16 Sharel F. 10/10
Ease of making appointment, helpful and friendly staff. Information on your website informative.

9.29.16 Tina S. 10/10
I am never kept waiting. Dr. Anshul Gambhir has the best eye for what needs to be done, never recommends anything that is not needed or would be overdoing it, is a master at injections and has kept me looking my absolute best for years. I have been to many other professionals for botox injections and have never had anyone who does a better job. In short, he is the absolutely best at rejuvenation!

9.28.16 Carol R. 9/10
​The anesthetist that did my facial and microdermabrasion was professional and explained the procedure.

9.27.16 Susan S. 10/10
Denise is very professional. She knows the services and the products she is using!! The front desk needs more training.

​9.27.16 Davina H. 10/10
Extremely trustworthy, friendly and professional. In addition the offices are comfortable and the staff and doctor make sure you are comfortable, both physically and mentally.

9.25.16 Diana Z. 10/10
​pleasant staff/appts that meet working demands, courtesy..

9.25.16 Cathy S. 10/10
simply the best i love dr gambhir

9.25.16 Kim F. 10/10
Time is taken with you to discuss your options and how exactly things will happen

9.24.16 Davina H. 10/10
I trust the opinion and recommendations of Dr. Gambhir in helping me to look my best. He explains different options and lets me decide on the optimal treatment taking into consideration my available funds.

​9.24.16 Alison D. 10/10
Kindness of the staff and Dr.

9.23.16 Stacy M. 10/10
​Everyone there was so cordial. Explanations and solutions were easy to understand.

9.23.16 9/10
Everyone there was so cordial. Explanations and solutions were easy to understand.

9.23.16 Elle L. 10/10
love the personalized service

9.22.16 Vicky S. 10/10
Doctors are awesome and very knowlegeable

9.22.16 Sandy W. 10/10
Everything: quick, friendly service from a knowledgable staff and a caring, compassionate, doctor who takes the time to ask thoughtful questions to determine the best way to meet my goals

9.22.16 Donna Dixon 10/10
​on time, kind, organized

9.21.16 Francine T. 10/10
​Love Couture. Dr Gambhir and staff are awesome. I have been coming since 2007 and will always recommend for the quality of service as well as the price to maintain my outward appearance!

9.21.16 Patricia H. 10/10
Both Steve and I had Botox, I also had filler.

9.21.16 Kirsten C. 10/10
​Professional office and staff,I never feel rushed,Everything is clearly explained,I feel like a client and not a number, Office provides a great variety of services.

9.21.16 Lynn E. 10/10
Trustworthy, friendly and great results!!!

​9.20.16 Kristin C. 10/10
Denise is wonderful. Great facial.

9.20.16 Jill F. 10/10
Honest competent friendly. Everything you can think of is offered at affordable prices!

9.20.16 Cheryl B. 10/10
​Very calming manner exhibited by the doctor helped to allay my first time fears.

9.20.16 Kristine D. 10/10
Prompt and courteous

9.20.16 Karen L. 10/10
​On time. Take time to answer any questions. Beautiful facility

​9.20.16 Zahra M. 10/10
Very good

9.20.16 Nancy M. 10/10
Each time I've had an appointment, I've been seen within 5 min which I appreciate. All the females I've interacted with at the desk , or before the doc saw me, have been nice. I've seen both docs and liked them both. It's a very comfortable environment and did not feel stupid asking questions. The staff were very nonjudgmental when answering my silly questions or concerns. They have monthly specials and email them to you. One thing I really appreciate is they tell you about other treatments but are NOT annoying, pushy sales people like other offices I've been to over the years. I plan on staying with them.

​9.20.16 Maryann B. 10/10
The. Doctor and staff are lovely. All procedures are explained. The doctor included me in decisions making and explained options without "selling" more than I was comfortable with.

​9.19.16 Maribel M. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir has excellent bedside manors and technique. I never feel rushed and love that he explains every step as he goes. Staff is friendly and professional. Wide variety of services and prices are reasonable.

9.19.16 Kelly E. 10/10
Doctor Ghambir is very knowledgeable.

9.18.16 Kelly S. 10/10
I'm a repeat client. Staff is friendly and I didn't have to wait. Dr. Gambhir always makes good recommendation on products.

9.18.16 Lea Z. 9/10
I'm a repeat client. Staff is friendly and I didn't have to wait. Dr. Gambhir always makes good recommendation on products.

9.17.16 Karen M. 10/10
The doctor was fantastic explaining the procedures offered. He was very gentle in doing the treatment as well. The office staff and doctors assistant were very pleasant also. I will be going back for more services.

9.15.16 Dianne B. 10/10
I love Dr. Ghambir. He's an excellent doctor whose advice I trust, and I'm always happy with the results. In addition, everyone in the office is very friendly.

9.14.16 Chad M. 10/10
The team was great, the appointment was on time, took the time to explain various options and I'm very satisfied with the results.

9.14.16 Heather K. 9/10
On time! Very thorough and informative. Up front pricing.

9.13.16 Patricia B. 10/10
The entire staff is so nice and so friendly! And Dr Gambhir is THE BEST!! He always makes me feel so comfortable, and I completely explains what he going to do before he does it. I also love that with all the clients he sees, he always seem to remember the personal conversations we had during a past visit and asks about them. Like a vacation I may have taken, etc. In my opinion he and his entire staff are top notch and I will never go anywhere else!!!

9.13.16 Toby D. 9/10
Very professional , staff listen to what we had to say . All around good experience.

9.13.16 Scott H. 10/10
Very professional and pleasant to deal with.

9.13.16 Samantha F. 10/10
I got juvederm ultra in my lips and the service was absolutely great! I couldn't expect more from her. She was so nice and told me what she was doing and understood what look I was trying to achieve and gave me exactly what I wanted I'm so happy I went to her for my lips I am for sure coming back in 6 monthsfor more! Thank you thank you thank you!

9.11.16 Deirdre P. 10/10
Genuine care

9.11.16 Suzanne F. 10/10
You offer all the latest devices and you get great results.

9.11.16 Ruth K. 10/10
​The botox and dermal fillers took 15+ years off of my face. Dr. Gambihr spent a lot of time studying my face carefully, before and during each injection. She used a specific guage needle that reduces the chance of bleeding & bruising, which I always had in the past at other places. I have no lumpy areas and am perfectly symmetrical. Her technique is so good that it is not painful, either. The end result is amazing. She is truly an artist.

9.10.16 Charleen C. 10/10
Dr. Gambere is always personable and professional as well as the nurses and all the assistance.

9.10.16 Valerie S. 10/10
Caring and prompt service.

9.10.16 Ann Marie M. 10/10
Good communication about about services. Friendly and helpful staff. Expertise.

9.9.16 Marie N. 10/10
​Professional staff with a phenomenal Doctor. Hands down the easiet and best filler treatment I've ever received. I had literally no swelling and my lips look perfect. Very happy!

9.8.16 Gayle H. 10/10
​Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

9.8.16 Amanda K. 10/10
The staff is very nice, professional and informative.

9.7.16 Megan L. 10/10
​Customer service, pricing and end results!

9.4.16 Karen M. 10/10
​Dr, Gambhir is very patient, caring, and listens.

9.3.16 Donna S. 10/10
I appreciated the time and information provided on my first visit to Couture. I have already mentioned to a friend and I am considering a procedure. I also appreciated the price list for the items I am most interested in.

8.31.16 Micki S. 10/10
​i love couture!!! Just wished i lived a little closer.. But its well worth the ride  [😄]

8.31.16 Lisa H. 10/10
​Beautiful surroundings, courteous staff and knowledgeable practitioners!

8.29.16 Rebecca A. 10/10
High quality with professional staff.

8.29.16 Sue G. 10/10
He entire staff makes you feel so comfortable

8.29.16 Richard R. 10/10
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff - spotless, non-cluttered office.

8.28.16 Laura E. 10/10
Friendly staff and talented doctor.

8.28.16 Evon B. 10/10
The entire staff is so polite and personable and Dr. Gambhir is very nice. Dr. Gambhir listens to your concerns and gives you advise as about the most effective, economical approach to your concerns.

8.28.16 Bonnie G. 10/10
Everything ! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and Dr. Gambir is amazing.

8.28.16 Victoria S. 10/10

Dr. G is very gentle and informative.

8.28.16 June C. 10/10

​The technician who did my micro needling was very knowledgeable and professional. Any questions i asked about my skin she was able to answer and made suggestions that were very helpful. She was an expert in the field of skin care and nutrition. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

8.27.16 Tara T. 10/10
Fast, knowledgable, focused on specific types of services rather than very diverse, great office space, excellent prices.

8.27.16 Jeanne P. 10/10
Always friendly, knowledgable and customer service oriented.

8.27.16 Karen B. 10/10
Professional, on time, clean, very easy to speak with.

8.27.16 Donna R. 10/10
I believe Denise, the aesthetician, is an incredible clinician - she has all the attributes of a true medical professional. She listens to your needs, she responds with treatment using state of the art products that have been medically proven, and she has compassion for things that might be going on in your life at the time.

8.27.16 Rebecca W. 10/10
Love that appointment times are promptly kept! I was out of the office in less than ten minutes following a Botox treatment!

8.27.16 Liza S. 10/10
They are an awesome staff! Very polite and honest! Will defiantly recommend my friends to this place!

​8.23.16 Lona S. 10/10
Trust the physician's experience with cosmetic procedures.

8.23.16 Joanne M. 10/10
Amanda was with me during my CoolSculpting procedure today. She is amazing!! Constantly checking on me to make sure I'm comfortable. She is an asset to the practice.

8.23.16 Marie P. 10/10
Great specials that make it affordable to take care of my skin. Denise is awesome!

8.23.16 Dayna W. 10/10
Dr. was very patient and nice. I like the promotions and points systems. It's important to make these things easy, accessible and reasonbly priced. Great job!

8.21.16 Tracy R. 10/10
I love all the staff and services Couture has to offer! I always feel fabulous after coming here!

8.21.16 Silvana D. 10/10
The office is beautiful, decorated with old warm charm but modern amenities!!! The front desk staff is attentive and professional. The medical assistant was knowledgeable, considerate and efficient. Dr. Ghambhir is caring and kind. He explained the process of aging in a unique way that helped me understand. He discussed a treatment plan for now and in the future years to come. I was there on a groupon, yet he did not push additional servies on me as many do...his staff even honored the coupon I had from Brilliant Distintions for $20 to pay for an additional 10 units of Botox...my choice, the cost was only $8.95 per unit! I could hardly feel the injections and he gave me a series of exercises to enhance the benefits! No one has ever done this and I have had Botox for years...I will certainly go back for follow up treatments!

8.21.16 Lynda D. 10/10
The staff is so very nice, the Doctor will also let you know what will work for you.

8.20.16 Kathleen R. 10/10
Great staff. Great prices. Clean and calm environment. Answers all questions and never "pushes" other treatments that you don't need. Easy to schedule appointments.

8.19.16 Elaine H. 10/10
Friendly and efficient.

8.19.16 Jodi S. 10/10
Easy scheduling, knowledgeable staff.

8.18.16 Julie C. 10/10

Relaxed atmosphere and doctors are approachable and honest.

8.18.16 Laura W. 10/10
​Easy appointment times great staff and Dr. G. is so friendly and cooperative.

8.18.16 Noelle D.10/10
Best staff and experience I have ever had!

8.17.16 ​John A. 10/10
Everybody's so nice and helpful. Great Place!

8.17.16 Andrew C. 10/10
Great results!

8.17.16 Jaime D. 10/10
How nice and informative everybody was!

8.17.16 Fernanda D. 10/10
​What I like about the services is the attention Dr. Gambhir gives you when expressing any concerns or questions. The ENTIRE staff is so welcoming and accommodate you right away. I am very fortunate to have found a place like this one!

8.17.16 Amberly L. 10/10
Everything is well explained and made fully clear before proceeding.

8.16.16 Amber K. 10/10
Everything was completely comfortable, and the doctor and staff were extremely professional, kind and helpful.

8.15.16 Michele B. 10/10
Very Friendly!

8.15.16 Maylyn V. 10/10
​Doctor and staff are very friendly, also I like the fact they informed me well about pricing and more information of future procedures.

8.15.16 Kelly K. 10/10
Professionalism and NOT pushy to buy products and services. That is key... people do not want to feel pressured into something they do not want or can't afford.

8.14.16 Karen H. 10/10
It was very quick and I look a lot better already.

8.13.16 Jennifer T. 10/10
​No waiting, appointments are on time.

8.12.16 Linda H. 10/10
​Good pricing and staff and Dr. very knowledgeable and had great results.

8.11.16 Vanessa B. 10/10
Everyone is so nice! Professional

8.10.16 Sandy W. 10/10
Friendly, great staff and service!

8.10.16 Kimberly N. 10/10
They are professional and are pleasant to work with.

8.9.16 Lori P. 10/10
Professional and trust Dr. Gambhir. I have sent a lot of people there!

8.8.16 Kim S. 10/10
The fact that I matter as a person. I never feel that I'm being pushed to do something that I don't really want.

8.7.16 Kristin D. 9/10
Great results.

​8.6.16 Nikki S. 10/10
Always the best customer service - directed at you the patient with care and concern! Thank You!

8.6.16 Suzanne M. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir explains options and services extremely well. He never pushes me to do treatments, instead suggests I learn about them and decide next time. He's extremely gentle and talks you through the treatments. Excellent service - excellent physician!

8.6.16 Barbara G. 10/10
Quick and responsive and Dr listened to me intently and did her best to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

8.6.16 Joy W. 10/10
​They do a really good job every time ..go to see them...very happy with my results!!

8.5.16 Melissa P. 10/10
Really nice office and staff and a variety of services.

8.5.16 Gina M. 10/10
Honesty, courteous, friendly, and professional. I like the specials too;)

8.5.16 Diane L. 10/10
Very Professional.

8.4.16 Lisa M. 10/10

8.4.16 Kim E. 10/10
Professional, friendly and great atmosphere :)

8.3.16 Robin R. 9/10
Great results, Pleasant staff.

8.3.16 Adele D. 10/10
Time spent with Doctor on options and price, also quality work of doctors.

8.3.16 Denise A. 10/10
Always very professional and thorough.

8.2.16 Rosa H. 10/10
Kind, caring, relaxing facial with Denise. Can't be beat - anywhere else!

8.2.16 Kimberley F. 10/10
It is so easy to make appointments online, both doctors are very attentive and professional, and the other staff members are lovely to deal with. I also find the decor of the office to be welcoming and warm - unlike most medical offices.

8.2.16 Peggie N. 10/10
Informative, kind and friendly.

8.1.16 Melisa C. 10/10
I will have to say everything! Since you make your appointment everyone treats you very well, pays extra attention to you, answers all your questions, the staff and Doctor are exceptional and very committed to be with you through all your questions procedures, etc.

Ann H. 10/10
Very peaceful feeling when you walk in.  
Receptionist is nice and friendly as is everyone in the whole office.  Love talking to the doctor.  Looking forward to exploring more services !

Carissa R. 10/10

Amazing, helpful, informative friendly, comfortable and very professional. those are the words that I will use to describe my visit. This is my second visit, and I'm sorry that I didn't put feedback for the first one. I guess I was trying to keep this little gem all to myself. Not only does he do beautiful work and has a very friendly staff. But pricing is amazing.Trust me going to him you will not be sorry. 

Invidia M.

Dr Gambhir gave me copious amounts of time to fully numb up from the lidocaine cream (perhaps that was key?!) and even applied an ice pack to the back of my neck for a mental distraction. It was like nothing was happening at all!  Not to mention, the doctor's bed side manner and pleasant personality is absolutely lovely, sweet and accommodating. The ladies who were there were also very sweet and professional as well and the front desk too. 
This place is fantastic. I really loved my last place in Cherry Hill, but I am
so pleased with such a positive experience that far surpassed my expectations that I may stay here for good.  It was so wonderful.

Nancy A. 10/10

I feel you are sincere and professional.

Jennifer I. 10/10

Friendly staff, great results, and great prices

Jenna P. 10/10
Staff is friendly and welcoming Dr.Gambhir explained everything in detail calmed my nerves and knew exactly what I was looking to achieve

Mindy G. 10/10
I feel very comfortable with both doctors and the staff is very nice too.

Abigail L. 10/10
I like the personal attention I was given by the Dr. for my specific needs.

Jennifer Y.9/10
Online scheduling, fast service.

​Leah W.10/10
Very friendly, professional staff, never a wait to see the Dr. I have been going here for over 3 years and always been very satisfied with my results, I have reccomended Dr. Gambir to numerous friends and family members.

Denise M.10/10
Very professional and friendly staff

​Beatrix M.10/10
pricing is much more afforadable

Jessie C.10/10
I had a very pleasant experience!! Thank you!

LuzMary W.10/10
The staff, the Dr Gambhir that with his care and knowledge give you the answers you need.

Rosalyn K.10/10

​Carrie C.10/10

​Marcie L.10/10
Professional. Personal care and attention.

Diane L.10/10
I like the professionalism of the Doctor. The staff are all friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the treatments I've received.

Deborah F.10/10

​Luana W.10/10

​Christine O.10/10

​Rosemarie M.10/10
the office setting, the staff and doctor were great. She gave a full face eval and then we went to work. I am very pleased with the results it is always a big plus when the staff has had work done by the doctors:)

​Patti L.9/10
Very educational and the Dr. Is calming during procedures. I am however disappointed with the length of time it is taking to see results. The Dr. Did tell me it would take longer but in hindsight I would have spent the $ to get more immediate results for my $... Feeling like not a real change yet and I've spent $600 already on the under the mouth area. I WAS made aware of this up front. Hind sight is twenty twenty. I don't think I'll stay with the program. The next money I spend I will want to see more immediate results.​

​Victoria S.
​Prompt and precision service. Staff and doctor are always friendly and helpful. Dr. G spends an generous amount of time explaining procedures that would be appropriate for the individual needs.

​Yvonne D.10/10
Professional and relaxing surroundings. Dr. Gambhir meets your custom, tailored request; very pleased with his gentle hand and results! The staff is pleasant, kind and accommodating. Thank you!

​Jeff L.9/10

Charleen C.10/10
I love the staff, Dr. Gambhir always addresses my concerns and always give me the best options and advice. He is truly a family man and it's refreshing to visit him.

Darlene W.
Personal attention and no hard selling

Gene G.10/10
Very professional and efficient. Thank you Trish, Melissa and Dr. Gambhir!

Denise C.10/10
​The staff was friendly and made me feel very comfortable, especially since I have never been there before. The service was fantastic and the specials made it an exceptional value.

​Cherie B.10/10
I just had my first experience with couture and I have to say by far was the best. The staff was friendly, the doctor is passionate and truly knows what she is doing. The prices are the best in the area and I am very pleased with the results.

Laurie W. 10/10
​Very friendly, felt comfortable, put my mind at ease, not high pressuring

Maria M.10/10
very professional but still made me feel relaxed during the procedure.

Nicole P.10/10
Very professional!! Always on time!! Thank You!

​Gina R.9/10
Helpful staff. Painless procedures

​Sandy K.10/10

Shelly J.10/10
Doc Gambhir and stuff are so knowledgeable and patient. They took extra time to answer all my questions, that means a lot to me

​Janet J.9/10

​Elaine L. 10/10
Professionalism and friendliness

​Barbara P.10/10
Convenience and everyone is nice and puts you at ease.

​Kris P.10/10
Courtesy of staff

Christine M. 10/10
Excellent office staff , friendly & knowledgeable 
Dr Gambir takes his time with his patents & you 
Never feel rushed . A wonderful warm & welcoming atmosphere . 
Great monthly specials too !

​Patricia H10/10
Calm conservative approach -

Cheryl G. 9/10
​How friendly the doctor was and how she explained the different products in detail, never felt rushed.

Diane R.9/10
​My experience with Dr. Vibha Ghambir is that she was approachable and presented option. She allowed me the oppt'y to select what I was comfortable with.

​Maureen L.10/10
Natural results

Barbara J10/10
Very little waiting and professional

​Carol Z.10/10
I felt really comfortable and everyone was really nice. I'm happy with my service

​Kimberly B.10/10
Dr. Gambir is always along with Melissa and some of the other staff.

​Ellen C.10/10
Everyone nice, beautiful office, fast acting botox !!

Georgene P.9/10

Monica B.10/10

​Kim S.10/10
I've been coming for 7 years now and everyone is polite, Dr. G. Is punctual and knowledgeable

​Andrea Z.10/10
Provide exactly what I requested and the service was above average. I am very happy with the results.

​Martina W. 10/10

Karen B.10/10
They is something for everyone's needs

Barbara J. 10/10

Elizabeth B.10/10
Easy to get appointment - Like Dr. Gambhir

​Kelli M.10/10
Very professional service and lovely office. I appreciated the quick appointment for a consultation AND your honest appraisal of the best treatment for me. In the long run, it will be a savings. My friend who lives in the area will come to you when she's ready and will recommend your practice to her friends. Thanks again for your expert advice and excellent service.

​Priscilla S.10/10
It was a very relaxing and calm experience. Dr. Gambhir makes you feel very safe and comfortable with the experience.

Danielle L. 10/10
Everyone and everything!! The staff is fabulous, and Dr.G is the best around. I travel over an hour at any given appointment, just so he can work his magic on face:) Not only is he extremely professional, he is a caring DR. And he listens to what your concerns are! I'm so glad, and thankful for everyone in the office and for him, and his amazing hands :-)

Heather S. 10/10
They make me look beautiful.

Nora K.10/10
​The Doctor and staff are very professional, courteous and friendly.

​Rosemary H.10/10
​Everyone was so friendly and helpful !

Anne K.10/10

Ruth-Ann R.10/10
​Honest assessments. Everyone put me at ease. Detailed explanations.

Farah H.10/10
Fast, courteous and without pressure to do more

Kathleen C. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir is very professional & his staff is great. He never tries to sell you things that you don't need & you always know how much procedures will cost before anything is done & you've agreed to it. Very thorough & always on time.

​Kim G.10/10
Options thoroughly discussed in a personal & individual manner. Questions welcomed & prices beyond competitive!... Dr.Gambhir has an extremely consultative

Kathy G.10/10
​I loved Dr. Gambhir - she was so personal and I felt a very warm welcome! This will be were I recommend my friends and family!!!

​Patricia T.10/10
That a variety of services is available at reasonable prices.

Nell F. 10/10
​First and foremost - the people. They couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.

Andrea H.10/10
Drs experience 
Her recommendations 
No 'hard sell' tactics 
Nice atmosphere

Sue C. 9/10
Dr. Gambir explains all your questions in full detail and is everyone is pleasant.

Jennifer L.9/10
Professional relaxing environment with friendly helpful staff

Andrew C.10/10

Janice P.10/10

Beth F.10/10

Angela F.10/10
​Dr.Gambir and his staff are attentive and just generally super nice. They are extremely professional , but I felt as though they really cared. They were there for me in rapid response for my questions . I am quite pleased with their expertise and personal Attention.

Norry C.9/10
Dr Gambhir and associates are great!

​Marsha N.10/10

Joan C. 10/10
​I appreciate the professional attitude of the doctors and pleasant atmosphere/staff at each and every office of Couture. I would definitely recommend Couture's expertise to family and friends!

Carolyn K. 10/10
Very pleasant office

Catherine Y.10/10
The atmosphere was comfortable and the staff friendly. Dr Gambhir was very professional and made me feel relaxed because I was nervous. The office was clean and I was seen timely.

Leigh Ann F.9/10

Laura L.10/10
So very friendly and reassuring and I get great results!

Betsy C.10/10

Suzanne A.9/10
professional staff and atmosphere

Theresa S.10/10

Gina M. 10/10
I thought Dr.V. was very nice and listened to my concerns.

Alison H.9/10
I like the fact that two medical doctors run the business and complete the procedures! The ambiance is professional and attractive.

Danielle M.10/10
Friendly staff, nice office

Sharon S.10/10
I'm very happy with the results. Doctor and employees are gentle and accomodating.

Patti L.10/10
The Dr. and all his staff were friendly and professional.

Gail M.10/10
​I like the courteous, kind and compassionate care. Costs are reasonable and Dr. Gambhir is very kind and gentle. The staff reflects the same characteristics.

​Andrew C.10/10

Janice P.10/10

Beth F.10/10

Angela F.10/10
​Dr.Gambir and his staff are attentive and just generally super nice. They are extremely professional , but I felt as though they really cared. They were there for me in rapid response for my questions . I am quite pleased with their expertise and personal Attention.​

Kerri R.10/10

​Joymarie D.10/10

Kathleen H.10/10
Dr. Gambhir is wonderful! He tells you exactly what to expect when you have a procedure.

Carol J.10/10
Very friendly and helpful staff. Make every effort to meet the needs of the client

Sheila S.10/10
Friendly and comfortable environment!

Very soft spoken and gentle

Great overall experience! Staff was very friendly!

Dawn V.10/10

Jill M.10/10
Not pushy. Honest about results.

Julie C.10/10
Dr. Gambhir is always calm and relaxed which puts the patient at ease.

Elizabeth D.9/10
​The wide range of services is excellent. Very helpful to have the more spa-like services in additional the more intense treatments.​

Patricia H.10/10
Calm and relaxing never feel pressured and always know how much it will cost

LaShon J.10/10
​Friendly and courteous staff 
Welcoming feeling 
Affordable procedures 

Janet L.10/10

Linda T. 10/10

Helen K. 10/10
Excellent customer service and your ability to make the customer feel as if their your one and only client.

Wendy C.10/10
My son started IPL treatments for acne after our consultation with Dr. Gambhir. After 3 treatments his skin looks clear and healthy. He is thrilled. I wish all teens knew about this. Big Thanks!!!

​Linda C.10/10

​Terry D.10/10
The whole experience:doctor, assistants,office staff.  Very satisfied with the procedures and trust dr Gambhir completely.

Helen S. 10/10
Warm and inviting from the staff and always dr. Gambhir

Susan S. 10/10
lots of options; very knowledgable staff; comfortable/friendly atmosphere and staff; lovely facility; quality of products

​Maria P. 10/10

​Juliana G.10/10
Friendly, informative and not pushy!!

Barbara R.10/10
Dr Gumbrier friendly professional mannerism besides his great smile . He is informative with care and concern and know what is best for u .. Friendly staff and their always willing to attend to your needs .

Noel B.10/10
Friendly staff and dr always asks how family is and actually cares

Adrienne B. 10/10
Cheerful staff and warm, caring nature of doctor.

​Amy E.10/10
I like that Dr. Ghambir does my Botox and facial fillers, such as juvederm and sculptra, himself. I also appreciate the time he takes to explain procedures and answer questions. He has monthly specials, which I appreciate and I never have to wait in the waiting room. I have waited for as much as an hour in the past waiting to be seen for a scheduled appointment at previous plastic surgery practices - and that was with a nurse providing the treatment!

Gina M.N.10/10

Patricia K.10/10
The Dr, his employee, the office atmosphere and their work

Kathy M.
Thank you VERY much. Denise is exception and certainly knows a lot about the proper care of the skin. She had me at organic.

Beverly C.10/10​
What set your services apart is how how each client is treated differently according 
To their uniqueness. Couture has such a wide menu of techniques to 
Offer that it makes sense that each clients needs may require a different 
Methods to obtain the results in which they desire. Dr, Gambhir is honest 
And involves his clients input throught the process to help his clients 
Obtain the results they expect but on a realistic outcome. His staff is 
Is well educated in their profession and can answer all questions a client may have 
Also the specials given each month helps to keep 
Or set up a budget for whatever service a client chooses. Dr. Gambhir will 
Explain Ito each clien in great detail what the process intail, side effects if any, 
And will show you what results you can expect to see. 
It" all about team work at Coutoure and Honesty.

Terri C.10/10
Everyone was very friendly and professional.

Rita G.10/10
​The staff and doctor are both very friendly, professional and seem genuinely concerned.

Kathy M.9/10
Denise was very, very good to me...I appreciated the facial and her comments.

Monique L.
the staff, including doctor Gambhir, are very pleasant to deal with; they take time to answer questions and concerns and never put any pressure.

Joanne M.
healpful,adaptable,on time

Sarah B.

Nancy A.
​Very attentive, did not feel rushed or pressured in anyway!

Helene S.
The doctor explains everything thoroughly and answers all questions. The atmosphere is very relaxing.

Terry W.
This are a variety of skin care service available to address my needs.

Leeann K.
Everything!!! I already recommended my friend robin Agatsiotis and we both came on march 18 2015. Waiting for my referral points

​Katy W.

Kristen D.
The atmosphere friendly ladies @ front desk & of course Dr G!

Beautiful office, fabulous doctor.

Emily S.10/10
The office was clean, and staff was friendly and professional.

​Melissa F.
Friendly staff, quick & easy visit

Josefina Reid
Beautiful office that makes me feel relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Loved the Doctor. She was personable and awesome at her job! Felt like I was in great hands, and I was :)

Sarah B.10/10

​The staff was professional, friendly and approachable; Dr. Gambhir really made my lips look amazing! I've had them done at other places however I was really impressed with them. Plus the location is convenient for me, I'll definitely be back!

Mandy R.
The office staff is always professional and helpful. Even the office setting is calming, well decorated, and evokes a comfortable feeling. Dr.Gambhir has a genuine caring and respect that as a slightly nervous patient I really appreciate! He always has a smile,and is welcoming, and very knowledgeable. I think the practiced is just fantastic,and would recommend Dr. Gambhir very highly to anyone! Thank you!

Virginia M.10/10

Sandy W.10/10
Everything thanks for good service and satisfaction with procedure.

April O.10/10
Service and staff

Amy F.10/10

Maryann G.10/10
Courteous staff. Schedule on time

Diane R.10/10
I lke DR. Gambhir,he is very straight forward and tells you like it is,very truthfull.

Bernice W.10/10
Friendley, on time and helpful.

Kathleen S.10/10
Very professional and friendly,

Wendy L.10/10

Catherine M.10/10
The physician and staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

​Lisa B.10/10
very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Elaine S.10/10
Very friendly and professional. Caring staff and excellent Dr.

Tracy D.10/10
The entire staff is extremely professional and very nice. I felt comfortable the entire visit and do every time. Dr. Gambhir explains everything in great detail prior to the procedure and also does a consult at every visit. He really listens to everything you say and makes it more of a partnership in your treatment. I would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Laura B.10/10
Courtesy, real information, no promises you cannot keep/deliver. Not a plastic surgery that you will look done... Just treating your face like a piece of cloth that you iron the wrinkles when start to appear.

​William M. 10/10

Doris K.10/10
Professional and friendly

Patricia F.9/10
Atmosphere, patient attention, informative, etc.

Dianne B.10/10
All of the staff is very nice, and I feel like Dr. Gambhir really cares about this patients, and is also very good at what he does.

​Gerri S.10/10
The Staff, the doctor and prices

Barbara N. 10/10
Convenient location. Competitive price. Rewards program.

Heather D.10/10
Dr. Vibha Gambhir is so friendly and gentle! Her kind demeanor makes you feel comfortable, especially if you are a first time botox or juvederm user.

Danyelle M.10/10
The staff, the services, everything

Ellen W.10/10
I like the monthly specials, the staff is always friendly, Dr. Gambhir does a fantastic job and the online scheduling is incredibly convenient!

Aditi D.9/10

Janice L.9/10​

Debbie A.10/10

Kim M.10/10
Efficient and friendly office staff . Dr Gambhir is professional and very knowledgeable in his field.

Atoussa M. 10/10

Amy A.10/10
Quality of time spent on an individual basis.

Jennifer R. 9/10
Dr. Gambhir and the staff was very friendly and informative.

Maria M. 9/10
Very friendly, nice location

Joymarie D.9/10
​I feel "heard" - suggestions are just that and no one pushes​ for more services than I need. Outcomes are always what I hope for.

Maria G.8/10

Lidia H.9/10
Dr. Gambhir took the time to explain everything to me and answer all my questions very clearly and with no rush. I haven't done any treatment yet!

Jackie C.10/10
​Staff are all polite and friendly. Services and monthly specials are always promoted and priced accordingly/ Lovely surroundings, welcoming and clean.

Marta F.10/10

Lori T.10/10
Everyone was so kind and informatve. I left there knowing I made the right decision.

Terri F.8/10

Linda T.10/10

Victoria G.10/10
Nice staff, great selection of services.

Debra S.10/10

Lisa M.9/10

Lauren H.10/10
I enjoy the friendliness of Couture's staff.

​Barry A.10/10

​Catherine M. 10/10

Colleen O.10/10
Friendly and knowledgable staff to start. As well as the doctor was informative, professional, friendly and made sure all aspects of the procedure was thoroughly explained. The entire experience was wonderful.

Barbara J.9/10
Reasonable priced over competitors. Visibly attractive surroundings (feels more spa than medical). Dr. Gambhir was informative in her assessment, but not pushy in the sale of products. Only downside was a bit of a wait initially. Would have been problematic if I neeeded to get back to work, etc. Like the results.

Belinda R.10/10
Dr. Gambhir is very professional and explains prodecures and makes the visit very comfortable. Staff is very friendly.

Emy S.10/10
Accomodatingm excellent results, excelkent service.. and price worthy

Joanne K.10/10

Judy F.10/10
Able to get appointments when needed. Friendly, courteous service. Many options.

Karen L. 10/10
Professional and friendly staff, on time, clean facility

Logan M.
I loved everything from the moment I walked in the office was beautiful and the woman at the first desk was so friendly and knowledgable. The nurse that came in answered all my questions and broke down pricing and specials and the doctor made me feel beautiful and didn't pressure me into anything. Was so gentle and sweet!

Carol Y.9/10
Comprehensive consultation and great staff.

Christine B.10/10
I like the doctor very professional and friendly. I also like that I am not pushed to do more - can only afford so much.

Marianne H. 10/10
Honesty, patience, relaxed, down-to-earth, skilled.

Maryann S. 10/10

Cheryl M.10/10
Never have to wait long from time you arrive at your appointment time

Hallie S. 10/10
Great facial. Very knowledgable

Patty B.9/10
Very professional -- informative and lots of care and consideration for the patient. I am especially impressed that Dr. Gambhir provided his personal mobile number in case I had any questions/concerns after the treatment.

Sharon D.10/10
I think all my experiences and results have been positive

Vicky S.10/10
Great customer service!!

Joanne L.7/10

Rose B.10/10

Kim M.10/10
Dr gambhir was so sweet and gentle and I love the results!

Monica B.10/10
Dr. Gambhir is the sweetest most patient Dr. out there I can't say enough good things about him

Gina E. 10/10
From the reception area and scheduling,being Dr. Gambhir's Couture is relaxing, pleasurable, and profprofessional experience.

Patti D.10/10
I just LOVE Dr G. He is so soothing, and does not push his products. Staff is great! 
Thanks! Patti DeStefano!

Linda B. 9/10

​Prompt service. Dr. Gambhir explained all the options.

Tara D.10/10

Donna R.10/10
very friendly and informative staff and Dr. G is the best! He is very personable and takes time to hear about You for a few minutes before that old needle goes in and then he calms you!

Megan D. 10/10
How friendly and welcoming the entire staff is! They make you feel comfortable and able to discuss what I consider to me to be insecurities about my appearance.

Josepha M.9/10
They are always constant. You are always treated well regardless of how often you visit.

Beautiful office, fabulous doctor.

Beverly C.
Our lives can be so busy and stressful, with inadequate sleep patterns, our poor diets, the increase of our environmental free radicals, along with the body's natural ageing process it's no doubt in my mind  that these factors as a whole help to exhilarate the break the deep layers of our skins  cells  and inhibits its' ability to rejuvenate itself.  With this formula we don't stand a chance.  Not in today's world. I can notice a tremendous difference from just as little as 5 years ago.  I believe it's-more than just the ageing process.  I'm not a doctor but I know of a HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE, WELL SKILLED, DOCTOR  WHO TENDS TO SEE OUT OF THE OF BOX. WITH A VERY SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE.   
DR. ANSHUL GAMBHIR MD is the owner and  the co-founder of 
COUTURE located in EXTON, PA, but because of his sincere dedication to his profession and to his passion to achieve the best best results for his clients as I can assure you.  Dr. Gambhir has now opened 2 other new offices.  Congationalions to you and your staff..  
What I like is how Dr.Gambhir is able bring a more natural, radiant, realistic youthfull look according to me personnally.  It's not fake lookining at all, it goes with me and my features.
That's the vision I RESPECT in Dr. Gambhir. There is no wrong in wanting to give yourself a boost of energy or a little bit of that self esteem we need from time to time.  
In addition, that is worth notinghs staff.  His entire staff are very professional, experienced but yet very courteous and always has time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  They work work as a team andvI have tremendous respect for their Proffesion.
His office in Exton is very beautiful and the atmosphere is very serene.  It's great for calming the mind and spirit, especially when when your enjoying one of their  many special facials.
It's a world of it's own. Dr.Gambhir also offers specials discounts  every month. 

Beautiful facility in exton. Doctor was very pleasant.


Very calm and patient doctor.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gamdhir. She will spend the time to explain the different types of procedures and answer all your questions without any pressure to purchase the services that she provides.

​It is a nice place. Doctor and her staff are very friendly and take time to explain and answer all the questions and concerns you might have. So, yes I would recommend this practice !

Beautiful office, dr and staff were very nice and knowledgeable. They also had many other great deals and specials, I highly recommend this deal!

Friendly ,knowledgeable staff.Dr is very professional.

Beautiful office, all the staff were extremely friendly and the doctor was great and made me feel very comfortable

​Julie F.
Everyone from the front office staff to the doctor herself were very friendly.

Laurie L.
Personal attention paid to each person. Beautiful office. Bought intensive hand cream. LOVE IT!!! Special prices for services.

Song L.

Davina H.
Wonderful doctor and staff, couldn't be nicer. I trust the doctor and truly believe that he gives his honest opinion. The offices are lovely. The pricing is not outrageous and he always has special deals going on.

Linda M.
Being able to schedule an appointment in the evening due to my work schedule, availability of scheduling an appointment, location, and Susan L. who provides my service.

Donna A.

Katie B.
Comfortable atmosphere. I was brought back for appoinent on time. I felt the doctor listened and answered all questions. I was given various choices and was not pushed into any procedures. The staff is very nice.

Rita T.
Well executed

Teresa L. 9/10

The doctor took her time with me. I liked that she was selling products that she had personally used. The prices were reasonable. The office staff were helpful and professional. My experience was positive at the KOP location.

​Sylvia C. 10/10

Great staff, patient doctor, office clean and comfortable. Procedure less painful than expected.

​Donna C.
Professionalism and kindness of Dr. Gambhir along with how easy he makes you feel!

Barbara R.

​Michelle G.
I like every aspect of the service. My experiences have always been positive. I have always received courteous service from the office staff and wonderful and effective treatment from Dr. Gambhir.

​Maureen F. 10/10

I am very interested in getting the dream facial when it is on a promotional price

​Ilene H.
Personal attention and feeling of security

Lani Y.

​Juanita B.
I Love everything about Dr. Gambhir and his practice. His approach to anti aging is preventative and very conservative. He listens to your concerns and answers every question honestly and never tries to push products or services for the sake of his own profit. He has a very calming energy and soothing voice, which is definitely a plus when having needles pointed at your face. (Lol! ) His staff is outstanding. They are always extremely friendly and willing to help. (I especially love Lauren!) I can honestly say that I have only had positive experiences in the past years that I have been a patient at Dr. Gambhir's practice.

​Marina O.
Doctor took a time to explain everything and to answer ally questions.

Tina S.
The botox results are better than anyone else I have ever used. Dr. Gambhir has a wonderful bedside manner.

​Jaya S.

Valerie B.

Maria P.
Professional, friendly and awesome :)

​Joanne L.
The Doctor was very thorough in explaining his procedures. The staff was very genuine and a pleasure to speak with.

​Christine L.
I really trust and admire Dr. Gambhir. He is intelligent, mindful, courteous, kind and compassionate. My daughter is a cancer (general) surgeon and was concerned he was not a "plastic" surgeon. I reassured her that Dr. Gambhir is a fine professional and a top notch doctor. I am recommending his services to an aunt who will be contacting him when she returns from Florida in March. She may initiate many more contacts on her return. My daughter will be returning to the Philadelphia area as well this year and has already asked about his procedures....I guess Mom knows best after all...;)...Best Wishes to you and all the fine staff. Christine

​Christine O.
Very friendly and personable.

Tracy R.
I love everything! The office staff is very friendly and accommodating, the ultrasound facial by Denise is to die for!!

​Anna Q.
Dr. Gambhir is so kind, gentle and thorough with preparing you for treatment. The staff as well - all great about making you feel super comfortable!

​Tiffany W.

Cheryl G.
ease of electronic scheduling, personal, professional service

Fatemeh B.

​Deborah A.
felt very comfortable and calm

​Lisa S.
Friendliness of the staff

Jan N.

Kim D.
Dr. Gambhir was very professional, informative, and did not make me feel pressured to buy more services.

Srividhya R. 10/10

Very professional and friendly. Great experience during visits

​Peter H.

​Judith H.
Friendliness of staff and the doctor listens to you.

​Joanne W.
Friendly staff & dr gambhir's expertise.

​Jeannine I.
Nice staff. Very professional . Always feel at ease never rushed. Dr. very skilled and patient and infomrative....

Alan A.
1-Pricing 2-Dr Gambhir took a lot of time to talk with me about my procedure,it helped me make my decision 3-Didnt feel pressured 4-Nice atmosphere

Stephanie P.
The results.

​Cindy S.
Professional, friendly, excellent at listening to patient concerns.

Beth L.
Professional and friendly

Jennifer S.

Jill F.
The professional results achieved, friendly & professional atmosphere/staff, and the educational emails/monthly specials are definitely a plus!

​Dawn S.
Knowledgeable about African-American skim

Carol J.
everyone was very attentive

John D.

​Carol M.
Thorough explanations, efficient service, no pressure

Darlene W.

​Jeanette M.
​Manners and respect with patients.

Pat L.

Debbie L.
Very professional, and knowledgeable about different services.

​Yvonne D. 10/10
Friendly yet professional staff; takes us ON TIME ... I do not have to wait long in office. This is important to me because my time is just as valauable the doctor's time. Dr.Ghambir explains his services clearly and calmly - not rushing us out to get to his next patient.

​Lona S.
Professional and well explained service.

Elizabeth B. 10/10
Availability. The doc.

​Cindy S.
Friendly, knowledgeable, and caring doctor and staff.

​Karen D. 10/10

The friendliness of the staff. Very professional and savy.

​Kim K. 10/10

Amy H.
Great staff and great doctors!

​Kristie M.
It is always a warm and inviting atmosphere. Everyone is very kind.

​Kristin K.
Courteous and always on time.

​Angelina M. 10/10

I love the office and Dr is Fabulous

​Linda G. 10/10

Easy to get an appointment. Took time to be sure I was comfortable and pain free. Loved the results.

​Marlene C. 10/10

Prompt and very friendly. Excellent monthly specials.

​Richard M. 9/10

​Carole W. 10/10

Friendly service. Explanation in full about procedures.

​Elke R. 10/10

Great prices, nice office décor. Got Juvaderm. Since I was a first timer, Dr Gambhir took the time to explain what he was doing and what to expect as he was injecting. Gentle and calming. I had no swelling or bruising at all! Results are subtle yet effective. Thank you!

​Karen B. 10/10

Dr is very calm and explains everything well and typically have little to no pain and no bruising

​Andrea C. 10/10

Online booking. Trust the doctor.

Kelly S. 10/10
Very informative and relaxing atmosphere.

​Laurie B. 10/10

I look better and therefore, feel better!

​Amy F. 10/10

Friendly staff that always makes you feel comfortable. Dr. G does a fantastic job and I would only recommend him!!

​Dorothea D. 10/10

I love the results. Dr. Gambhir and his team are wonderful.

Stephanie Y. 10/10
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean environment. Dr. Gambhir is fantastic! He takes the time to answer every question and make sure the client is truly satisfied.

Maureen M. 10/10

Bhavna G. 10/10

None pushy sales person, atmosphere and courtesy

​Caryn S. 10/10

​Jen B. 10/10

The peaceful atmosphere and quality if service.

Linda M. 10/10
everyone was very helpful and professional.

Charleen C. 10/10
Love them!

​Pamela E. 10/10
Honest, friendly, patient

​Kassandra W. 9/10
​How friendly the staff is

Rhnea G. 10/10

Robin P. 10/10
Friendly fun staff. Very comfortable. I left you a great review on yelp!

​Juliana G. 10/10

Personal caring atmosphere. Attention to details and comfort. No pressure to have more done. Continual discounts on services, which is a driving force for most females who want to look better but have a family and budget to consider.

​Trisha C. 10/10

friendly knowledgable staff

​Kimberly S. 10/10

Bridgett S. 10/10
From reception, to assistant to doc, everything was perfect!

​Jeanne W. 10/10

Your concern for your patient and their understanding of the benefits of each cosmetic item on the price sheet.

​Alison B. 10/10

Natasha R. 10/10

Dr Gambhir is very attentive and listen to you. He doesn't push to do the service, just gives you the choice and you are the one that does the selection.

Gail M. 10/10

Kindness, genuine care, compassion and reasonable costs.

​Lisa L. 10/10

Susan L. 8/10

You should have each room at a comfortable temperature. The room I was in was freezing. Anna turned the heat up on the bed but I was still cold. 

Anna is excellent. Very professional. I would recommend her to my friends

​Patricia H. 10/10

Always friendly - calm environment . 

Dr takes his time to listen and explain what he is doing and pricing is great !

​Sharon B. 10/10
Had a great visit with Dr. Gambhir's wife. Very nice and painless! Staff is very nice and helpful also.

​Barbara L. 10/10
It is very professional. I like that it is in an office complex for privacy. Nice atmosphere. Denise was excellent.

​Anne J. 10/10
Its relaxingvatmosphere

​Phyllis W. 10/10
The professionalism and the feeling to make one welcome and comfortable.

​Simone S. 10/10
All the staff are wonderful and informed on procedures and Dr. Gambhir does great work. I am always very confident in his abilities.

​Jill M. 10/10

​Norma Jean W. 10/10

I trust Dr. Gambhir. He takes his time and ensures that I am comfortable with the procedure. He does not try to sell additional services.
Dana E. 10/10

comfortable..office is ecclectic and beautiful...awesome staff..great results..doctor very cool

​Amy E. 10/10

I like that Dr. Ghambir does the injecting himself vs having his nursing staff do it. This is the practice in some other offices. I also appreciate that I do not have to wait a long time to be seen. Lastly, I appreciate specials each month to save money. I have been to other offices where special promotions were not passed down to the client so I always paid full price.

​Cynthia A. 10/10

Ana P. 9/10

Efficient,fast friendly

Tara G. 10/10

​Lisa M. 10/10

I have been using Dr. Gambhir for years. He is always friendly and professional.

Jane S. 10/10

​Susan N. 10/10

Allison K. 10/10

The office is so nice as well as the staff. I could probably find better prices elsewhere but I choose to come to Couture because of the experience.

​Lawrence C. 10/10

There are many things, after my first visit, that I like. First, I like Dr. Gambhir! Great personality, honest, explains everything, realistic about expectations I may have, doesn't try to upsell me when a treatment isn't needed, pleasing personalities of the office staff and warm atmosphere of the environment. We all want to be a little bit better, but sometimes it's costly to do that. Dr. Gambhir offers monthly specials which help make some of my dreams more reachable. Thanks! I'll be back and refer anyone I know who is interested in making a change in their appearance.

​Alisa J. 10/10

Anne K. 10/10

Kim S. 9/10

Clean, punctual and professional

​Jennifer S. 10/10

The office is clean and modern. The staff is kind and thoughtful when speaking with clients and Dr. Gambhir is fantastic!

​Julia H. 9/10

Very easy to schedule appointments. Dr. Gambhir seems very knowledgeable.

Beth M. 7/10

Carie-lynn D. 10/10

Online booking. Variety of services. Monthly specials.

Elizabeth M. 10/10

Dr. Gambhir is very knowledgeable and kind. He takes his time to answer all my questions and is patient. He doesn't make me feel rushed. I have been scheduling all my appointments through Trish. She is so sweet.

​Danielle L. 10/10

Very nice staff and Dr.Gambhirs commitment to making sure his patients are happy with their service

​Melissa L. 10/10

It was very relaxing.

Beverly C. 10/10

The Staffat Couture was very professional but yet very friendly. Everyone was so accomadating and readily avilable to answer all questions or concerns that I had.

Kathleen R. 10/10

Caring professionals. Great prices. Office staff in KOP very pleasant and welcoming. Great location - office very clean.

Janet B. 10/10

The staff is excellent! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Dr."G" is the best!!

Renee A. 10/10

Kristen D. 10/10

The staff is friendly, office has a serene atmosphere! 

Moreover, Dr. Gambhir is a nice, easy going, gentle touch doctor!

​Aurelia R. 10/10

soft spoken, knowledgeable and caring!

Kim W. 10/10

Everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and professional

Luana W. 10/10

The staff and Dr. Gambhir are amazing. I have never felt pushed into any procedure and the costs are all provided prior to any procedure. Trust this team and highly recommend them!

Jeanette D. 10/10

Fast and friendly, price and job well dun

​Kim S. 10/10
I have been very happy with every service that I have had done and I love Dr Gambhir and all the staff. Everyone is so nice and helpful.

Kara K. 10/10

Phyllis W. 10/10

The place was nice and clean, the staff was courteous and I felt at ease during the procedure.

Rachel C. 10/10
Price and knowledge of doctor

Beth F. 10/10

​Terry D. 10/10

Everything from dr. To asociateso. Dr is extreemly professional. 

Trust him completely

​Joanne F.

​Lynda D.
Everyone is so nice, I didn't have to wait very long, Dr. Gambhir is so very nice, takes his time and will tell you what he is doing. He also takes his time with you.

​Robyn M.

Everyone is very friendly and personable. Dr. Gambhir takes his time answering all questions. Specials are a good value.

Lynn E.
i love the results, sure wish they were more permanent. But i am very happy with the service and the staff.

​Debra S.
Everything ! Extremely professional

​Marjorie H.
Professional...well done...Dr Gambhir is an artist with fillers...does not look fake, looks like a 'better you' 

Thank you,

Susan H.
I trust Dr Gambir. He is very honest and never tries to push products or services. He is also conservative in his practice so I do not have to worry about having an unnatural outcome. Further, the prices are reasonable so I can go regularly, and the offices are very nice.

​Rosee A.
Very professional n friendly

​Regina T.
Wide variety of services, great people, competent doctor, beautiful office.

​Juliana G.
Comfort in the office, pleasant staff, Dr. G was gentle, informative, and truthful. Your prices are much better than most.

​Patricia C.

I have no suggestions for improvement however if you were closer to where my friends or family lived 
, I would have rated 10.

​Nancy R.
Prompt. Friendly. Beautiful and comfortable office

​Leslie W.
Peaceful and informative

​Lynette S.

Christine M.
Friendly , tenetive staff. Competitive prices

​Hillary G.
friendly, knowledgeable

​Joy W.
They listen to what you want done if not done right.

​Carol A.
courtesy and professionalism

​Cathleen A.

For facial vein removal I have for the most part been pleased. Some veins need to be treated more than once for complete success. I trust that Dr. Gambhir will treat the stubborn ones until there are gone. 

Thank you, Cathy.

Apurva S.

​Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

​Donna M.
Dr. Gambhir makes me feel very comfortable.

​Nancy P.
very accommodating, friendly

Danielle L.
Everything ... The immediate results , the results a week later, the amazing staff and Doctor ❤️

Peggy D.

Personal and caring

Barbara J.

Prompt and friendly service.

​Helen S.
Dr. Gambhir takes his time and explains each step as he is doing the procedure .

Gina M.
Everyone makes you feel welcome. Very friendly and professional staff.

Rita P.
Doctor Gambhir takes time to explain procedures and talk to patient. 

Everyone in the office is very helpful and friendly, making patient feel very comfortable.

Kristin S.
Very friendly atmosphere, and I did not have to wait. Exceptional service!

Roseana W.
The entire staff is professional, friendly and efficient!

​Kim J.
Awesome facials by Denise!

​Erin W.
Liked the office/spa atmosphere, Dr G was very nice, thorough and had wonderful bedside manner. I will definitely be back!

​Kathleen C.
Nice, clean & comfortable office. Friendly staff that explains all the charges before anything is done. Dr. Gambhir is very profession & has a very calming mannerism.

​Angela F.
I put 8. Because I have not yet had a procedure done. Everyone I dealt with was nice and seemed proficient in their jobs.

​Tina S.
Dr. Ghambir does Botox the best of anyone I have ever used.

Donna C.
​Friendly doctor, staff and ease of services

Nilgun O.
​The staff is friendly, helpful, down to earth( as opposed to some pretentious staff at other offices of similar practice), well informed about the services, and products. 

The Doctor is very kind, objective, informed, courteous, and patient. Occasional discount offers and promotions help the cost of treatment. WE wish to have more of those. Thank you!

​Vicky S.
customer service and prices

​Christine T.
everyone is so nice!!

​Sarah (Sallie) N.

​Tara V.

The wonderful, compassionate staff and the doctor makes you feel very comfortable and confident with every service

​Laura B.
I like the way Dr. Gambhir explains the procedures in details and gives you enough information for you to make your decision.

​Roxann D.

Dr. Gambhir's gentle bedside manner 
Staff's willingness to accommodate

Sandy W.
Nice and friendly very good doctor.

Lynn B.
The staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Gambhir is clear with expected outcomes for the procedures you request. Most of all, his bedside manner is always wonderful; he is calm and careful to explains what is happening the entire session. He keeps your care and comfort foremost in his focus while providing treatment to you. He takes as much time as you need to answer all your questions. I would recommend his services to anyone!

​Michele G.

​friendly staff and professional service - just a thought...I would like to have been offered water.

​Danyelle M.

​The people. Love every person in that office. They don't rush you, and they listen and make you feel comfortable. It's nice to go somewhere and feel like everyone they truly likes what they do and liked making others feel comfortable and good about themselves

Ashley W.

Fast and friendly

​Laurie D.

​Dr. Gambhir has such a wonderful gentle manner and is very client focused. You can tell he is engaged on understanding what you want balanced with what you need. Makes recommendation for consideration. Thank-you for the specials, especially botox because it is expensive and want to be able to keep up with it. The front staff is also very patient and let me know I had $$ to spend with rewards. Wonderful experience, efficient, quick, and restful.​

Carol B.
Judi was so helpful in setting up everything needed for my eyelash extension appointment. We did everything over the phone and she made me feel as if I was the only person in her "world" that she had to attend to (which I know not to be true)! You have a very busy office and she just did an exceptional job! Thanks very much,Carol

Sue W.

Dr. Gambhir has the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever had. He explains everything, and makes you feel completely at ease.

​Diana R.
Dr. took a lot of time to explain options...loved the facial and as a first time patient, everyone was friendly and was able to answer all my questions satisfactorily ...

​Denise S.

The staff is great, I never have to wait very long and Dr. Gambhir does an excellent job.

​Susan W.

Relaxing atmosphere, excellent staff

​Linda G.

prompt and courteous service. Dr G always willing to answer questions and make suggestions

​Julie C.

Dr. Gamhir listens to you and offers suggestions without being pushy

Kerry S.
Dr. Gambhir is so personal and friendly I always feel welcomed. He has wonderful bedside manner.

Carolyn C.
Quick, convenient and very professional

Gerri S.


Valerie B.
All of my questions were answered and I received personal and caring attention during my entire visit

​Davina H.
Staff very helpful and kind, Dr. Gambhir extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring and gentle.

​Karen C.
Dr.Gambhir and staff were very personable and atmosphere of the office calming.

​Sandy M.
Friendly quick clean

Mary L.
Office, staff and doctor!

​Melanie B.
everyone is helpful and pleasant on phone and at the front desk. Dr Gambhir always explains what he is about to do and is so gentle. Always a pleasant experience.

Andrea Z.
Quality services at competitive pricing.

​Joy W.

No waiting time. Friendly and courteous staff. Doctor is not in a hurry, spends all the time you need and listens to your concerns.

Patricia F.
Friendliness of staff, the facilities, and the doctor.

​Heather S.
The awesome staff and the awesome doctor!

​Maria P.

It's professional, and very effective!

Linda May B.

Professional, very clean and Dr. Gambhir is so patient and makes you feel very relaxed

​Nicole P.

professional and always on time

​Lauri D.
Very person and soothing

​Elaine H.
I like the office decor and personnel at the desk. 

Dr Gambit is very informative and takes the time to 
allow questions and offer alternatives. He has a pleasant 
manner that I find reassuring.

​Joyce D.

The final results.​

​Joan C.

I love the friendly and professional staff. Dr. Gambhir is so patient and thorough whether he is consulting or performing a service. He's the best!

​Kim M.
right prices and no pressure. Easy to get appointment at different locations. Very friendly employees

​Jan C.
Friendliness in office, Dr. is also friendly and explains everything as he is performing procedure.

​Joanne D.
Prompt, friendly service. No hard sales pitch.

​Sherry K.
Personal attention and assurance that my patronage is valued. They will try to accommodate me if I need an appointment on the same day I call, and never make me feel I've inconvenienced them. Dr. Gambhir always takes the time to listen to my concerns and fully explain all options. His work is flawless!

​Rita G.

Very professional staff.

Alicia S.

The Dr. and staff are very friendly, they make you feel like family.

​Tracy K.
Professional, Courteous, excellent products

​Kellie M.

Professional, thorough, and amazing products.

Leeanne N. 

Dr. Gambhir gave me then confidence to go ahead and get the injection. I would like to have more done and I'm saving for more.

The office staff were great.

Juliana P
Very nice atmosphere and the entire staff

Jessica H.
Dr. Gambhir is really an amazing doctor. I was nervous about getting Botox but he was so good that I've already been back once and plan to see him going forward for any other treatments I decide to get in the future. I especially appreciate how he tells you everything he is going to do beforehand and gives me step by step instructions as he goes along through the procedure. He is very thorough and my results have been outstanding. I get compliments all the time and no one can tell that I have had any work done. I recommend him whenever I can.

​Jennifer R.

Denise was great! I would recommend her to 

Everyone. Very great facial and I will definitely 
Book her again!

​Lisa H.

The building is beautiful, and the prices with Living Social, very reasonable

​Kristen G.

Good customer care

​Barbara D

The staff and the doctor go over and beyond

​Karen B.

Dr Gambhir is Very professional and excellent at what he does! The staff is so friendly. 

I would recommend Couture to everyone!

​Jennifer R.

Personal, friendly, tons of options, no pressure, flexible scheduling

​Michele A.
Dr. Gambhir has a wonderful, soft manner! His 'touch' is excellent! No bruising or puffiness! I've had Botox other places none as good as this.

Judy F.
variety, friendliness of staff, answers questions thorouthly

​Angela S.
Friendly staff. Informative. Wide variety of services!

​Lori B.
The staff is very nice & helpful. Dr Gambhir takes time with his patients & never makes you feel rushed or stupid & really listens.

Maureen L.

Staff was very polite and knowledgeable. Use of technology is impressive. Dr. Gambhir was fantastic during the procedure.

Dorothea D.
The office is friendly and beautiful. Dr. Gambhir is very patient and takes time to explain everything. There is a lot of information to help you decide which service to try and they have special discounts to help make services more affordable.

​Jessica T.
That you offer everything

Kim S.
​my skin never looked better

Kim S.
​appointments are easy to get and you do not need to schedule far in advance. Appointments are on time and quick. Doctor and nurses seem to really care and listen.

​Torrie O.
The staff & Dr are always pleasent & polite. Office is very comfortable -- super clean, calming environment.

Melinda J.
Do all services in Kennett Square office!

Jade M.
Great place! Very professional, best facial I ever had!

Charlene A.
That if I have a problem you are more than happy to see me again to correct. Also, staff is very nice and helpful​

​Diane C.
It was a good experience and I'll certainly go back. I LOVED that they didn't push products or services. Products were offered, other services were offered but there were no high pressure sales tactics. So refreshing

​Debbie L.
Excellent place to have a facial, microdermabrasion. Professional, clean and relaxing environment.

​Diane K.

Wonderful facial.

Kim B.

​Please let Dr. Gambhir know the Voluma looks great, the placement was perfect and I will be back for Sculptra.

​Elaine W.

Dr. Gambhir is extraordinarily professional and kind. His technique is gentle and he explains everything well before the start of the procedure and while he is doing the procedure. The gals at the front desk are very efficient and friendly and they help me with my brilliant distinction points and advise me of all monthly specials. My favorite practice to visit by far!

​Sherrerd S.
Great bedside manner and very professional office

Linda H.
I think the staff and doctor are friendly and I like that it doesn't feel as if I'm being alked into do anything.

Regina T.
Dr. Gambhir is very conservative in his recommendations. Will never do anything that he feels 
won't look good or be right for the patient. He takes time to talk things over and goes slowly during a procedure, making sure I am not in pain. The staff is friendly and helpful. 
Everyone is down to earth and seems to genuinely care. The office is conveniently located and is very luxurious. I would highly suggest Couture to anyone who is trying to look and feel their best!

Christine A.

Beautiful office, attentive, kind, genuinely interested personnel

Thomas N.

Professional and friendly.

Linda G.
Easy to get appointment and Dr and staff pleasant to deal with! Good sales on various products/services.

Sandy W.

Dr. Gambbir is very professional and knowledgable. His staff is also professional as well as caring and friendly. During my procedure I was extremely nervous. Dr. Gambhir was very caring and sensitive and spoke to me through the entire procedure, not only explaining exactly what he was doing but also answering every question that I asked.

Lynn B.
Dr. Gambhir has provided excellent informed care with a very gentle hand and the truth about excected outcomes. I find that priceless!

Sheila N. 

​Polite, professional, well done

Donna W.

Prompt, timely, and friendly

Lucille P.

Pleasant staff. Great results. Truly a doctor who cares about giving excellent care to his patients.

Anne L.

​The environment, staff, follow-up and the results I get

Kerri D.

Very kind and considerate staff and Doctor Gambhir was very competent and kind.

Cheryl D.

​Every person who works with Dr. Gambhir is professional and compassionate. They listen and always are very helpful. The doctor is very skilled with fillers and Botox. He also is very patient. He is the best in Chester County. I have been going to this practice for years and have always been extremely pleased.

Cassandra L.

​Dr. Gambhir explains everything as he does it! Also the appearance of facility is very nice and clean!

Vera K.

Your front desk folks are very friendly, your office is very clean and pleasant but most of all Denise is wonderful.

Dora Z.

​I like all the therapies/treatments you offer. I also like the discount programs offered. Thank you!

Valerie W.

​I have been to the King of Prussia and Exton offices. Both provide a soothing and quiet atmosphere. Dr. Gambhir's assistants are helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Gambhir is very professional. I felt he gently guided me through the treatments that were best for me. I love the rewards programs!

Gwen M.

Doc is soothing. Staff is friendly. Exton location has spa atmosphere

​Aurelia R. 

​Dr. Gambhir has angels hands, he is caring, knowledgeable and down to earth. I highly recommend him.

Kristin R.

​I feel very comfortable and the staff is very friendly

Andrea B.

​Office workers and Dr. Very nice and caring very professional

Colleen R.

Dr. Very kind,patient yet professional

Nancy Y.

Dr. G and his staff are warm, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.

Vickie L. 

Friendly and knowledgable staff.

Heather R.
​Fast and friendly

Donna M.
​Prompt appointments and Dr. Gambhir takes a lot of time at every appointment.

Kristin S.
​Dr. Gambhir is very pleasant. He doesn't try and sell you a service you don't need. Very quick service too!

​Kris D.
Doctor is friendly, obviously knows what he's doing.

Jackie G.
Dr.Gambhir is articulate in explaining the services and very professional

Gail M.
Girls are very friendly not to mention Dr. Gambhir's gentleness

Helen S.

Dr was kind and warm .

​Helene S. 
Caring physician. Lovely, relaxing atmosphere. Full explanation of procedures.

Maryann G. 

They are great. Susan is very efficient and pleasant.

Krista H.
Very quick and accommodating. Dr. Gambhir has great recommendations for alternatives and services that meet my needs but doesn't hard sell anything. He is extremely concerned for my health, safety, and happiness of services.

Shannon V.
Friendly and helpful team at the office in Exton. Similarly, the offices and rooms were spotless, comfortable and inviting.

Tracy L.
The doctor, as well as his staff, are very professional and attentive. They are not trying to up sell their products or procedures and they make certain that you are satisfied with your results. Additionally, they are warm, friendly and go out of their way to get to know you on a personal basis. I feel very comfortable in the care of Dr. Ghambir and his staff. I certainly would recommend them to anyone who is interested in looking and feeling their best.

Deedee D.
​Very professional service,friendly and recommended by a friend.

Donna H.

I appreciate how calm, simply stated and with bullet-point delivery the doctor presents his information. However, at times it can come across as if he's speaking to a little kid. 
Perhaps if he first asks what one thinks they've already learned about the before seening him through internet, friends, etc., he can begin by clarifying what the patient has gleaned from all the different sources and take it from there with followup facts. :)

Wendy A.

The promptness and caring personal !

Krista K.
Takes the time to really listen to what you are looking to do & provides his opinion if there is a better choice Also seem to try to keep costs in line.

Rhonda S.
​On time, relaxing, professional

Jennifer W.
Staff is very personable and Dr. Gambhir is very friendly and concerned during procedures.

Rosanne R.
​Dr. Gambhir took the time to explain process and what I should expect from the procedure clearly and concisely. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable during the entire process

Nancy P.
The staff is pleasant and friendly. But, the most important thing is that Doctor Gambhir does excellent work and you look like a better version of yourself - but still like you. He never recommends unnecessary procedures and you always look natural.

Rebecca W.
​Appointments are easy to get and appt times are promptly serviced. Dr is friendly, professional and caring as is Judi at front desk.

Maria P.
​I love how professional everyone is!

Shabnam B.

That it is Dr.Gambhir who actually does the fillers and you never have to wait for your apt.

Lori P.
The results

Deborah D.
​Friendly Staff 

Monthly specials 
Appointment availability

Diane L.
​Friendly, professional and excellent results!

Holly D.
The receptionist staff is very welcoming and I have always been pleased with Dr. Ghambir's kindness and professionalism.

April O.

The people and quality of the service

Victoria S.
Staff is friendly and clear about what services are being preformed and the the cost. Dr. Gambhir is extremely knowledgeable and efficient.

Gina M.
Very friendly, caring and professional staff.

Joanne N. ​
Safety, professionalism, and dignity

Nancy P.
Friendly. Helpful.

Barbara D.
Your staff and the doctor were so friendly and business like. Their answered all my questions. Thank You.

Joyce D.

The doctor has a wonderful bedside manner.

Genevieve S. 
Everything especially dr Gambhir!

Audrey B. 

You know my name, you answer questions thoroughly and you make me feel good knowing that I'm taking care of myself. 

Thank you!

Susan S. 

I get monthly facials from Denise and she is very knowledgable and professional!

Patt K.

Location, the Dr he has done my legs, the services

Debbie B. 

You are timely with appointments-little to no wait time. Accommodating with same day appointments.

Jennifer D. 
Everyone was extremely helpful in scheduling the appointments, care in office, felt very at ease.Actually already recommended your vein treatment.

Kathy Y.
Friendly and helpful staff and Dr. takes time to listen and explain.

​Linda K.
​Dr gambhir did not rush visit. Staff Helpful. Office sets the tone,very soothing.

Heather S.
Dr. Gambhir, of course! He's rad - honest but kind, doesn't try to over-sell, makes awesome recommendations, and makes me feel like I don't NEED anything but that it would simply enhance my existing awesomeness. That takes a special kind of awesome.

Joanne V. 

Love you because my appointments are on time, the staff is always helpful and courteous, and the services I have received have been wonderful. Thank you Dr. G for being so sensitive and kind during the ouch moments. I also greatly appreciate your concern about my satisfaction with the results of the work I've received.

Diane H. 

very efficient, clean, friendly

Rhnea G.

Dr. Gambhir is great. He really cares about you. The staff is very friendly and helpful!!! If you want to go to a good place to make yourself look better, go there. You will love them.

Tracy P. 
Everyone is pleasant, and the doctor takes his time, I didn't feel rushed.

​Raeleen M.
Love the ability to book on-line. Love the informative emails. Appointments are always timely. Friendly staff!

Joan C.
The staff is friendly and professional, the office is clean and well decorated, and Dr. Gambhir is awesome! He explains each procedure patiently and always asks if I have any further questions. I appreciate a doctor who (while I am quite certain is very busy) doesn't act as though he needs to rush through your appointment to run to the next patient.

Marsha N.
All the way around I find it to be a professionally well run office. Dr Gambhir has always been informative about procedures,answers all questions I have asked and additionally , he has a nice bedside manner. The staff has always been pleasant and very accommodating.

Becky G. ​
I like the friendliness and accomodating nature of the staff. The Exton office (only one that I've been to) is decorated tastefully and very comfortable to be in. Dr. Gambhir is very professional and has an excellent bedside manner.

Debbie L.
Very courteous, professional, knowledgeable and the service I received
was excellent.

Kathleen T.

​Natasha R.
​Dr Gambhir is a great professional. He's gentle and nice to deal with. He listens to what a client wants. I recommended him to friends.

Kristin C.
Wonderful staff.  

Frances G.
​This was an awesome experience. I would certainly recommend Couture

Karen H.
Perfectly Pleased Patient! ...didn't want to say "old" patient. Saving money for Juve on labial folds...Yucck. Hope you're All Good. See you soon.

Gerri S.
I have been going here for years. I have recommended it to my friends too, they all are very happy. The doctor is great and so are the prices. There is no reason to go anywhere else!

​Francesco S.
The best ever Dr G and his staff take time to listen to concerns and you leave feeling great! I reccomend them to all of my friends! 

Delma S. 
Excellent! Impeccable service. beautiful office, cozy and clean rooms, great products.

Nicole L. 
I have always had bad acne and decided it was time to do something. I decided to try an acne treatment. I didn't know what to expect and struggled with finding a time that worked with my schedule. However, once I arrived I was greated by a friendly staff and was taken back on time. Dr. Gambhir offered me a lot of options and was very helpful. I was very happy with my end results and plan on continuing with follow up treatments at Couture. 

Samantha S.
I have been a patient of Dr. Gambhir's for about 5 years now and have been to him many many times. I have had a variety of procedures with him. Mostly a little laser, Botox and Dermal fillers. All has been great. I have had wonderful results and have been treated very nicely. I think they are fairly busy so I have been put on extended hold one or two times - but hey I guess the busy part is because they are popular. 

Carla C.
​I found Couture laser and Skin on Groupon. They had a special for sclerotherapy for varicose veins. I have always wanted to get my legs done but just could not find a reliable place who truely cared about getting my legs looking like I wanted them to before having children. I had several buldging veins and was always dreading summertime when I had to wear shorts.
​I booked my first appointment in King of Prussia. The staff and especially Dr. Gambihir were so friendly and professional. I was pleased with the initiall results but did buy 2 Groupons because i knew with the severity of my legs two sessions would definitely be needed. Dr. Gambihir not only spent more time (and more injection fluid) than my Groupon alotted but he then stated that my next appointment he wanted me to go to their Exton office so he could also use the laser on my small spider veins. All of this threament he said would be covered under my Groupons!
​8 weeks later I had my second appointment in the Exton office. I yahoo  mapped the place and got severly lost. Long story but I forgot my cell phone at home before leaving which made it even worse. By the time I found them and got there I was over an hour and a half late for my appointment. I was in tears!! In order to have your legs done you need to not exercise for a week and I am an aerobics instructor. I had already lined up subs for all my classes so the procedure really had to be done that day. At first they said they could not fit me in but after they looked at the schedule (and by the grace of God had a cancelation) they fit me in. I also had to use their phone to get the numbers for the other groupon since I brought the wrong one (again not a good day for me) which they took me in the back to do. Dr. Gambihir was so nice about the whole thing too. So bottom line, I got my veins done, everyone was very helpful and I would go back in a heartbeat.
​It is a very busy office because the staff and physician that work there are great at what they do. If you want an appointment you have to schedule way in advance but honestly it is worth the wait! They do have quite a bit of specials going on so check out groupon and other skin care websites.  

Barbara L.
I went today for a vein treatment. I had no trouble getting the appointment booking it a week ago. I waited a little bit to be taken back but it was worth the wait. I had a groupon for the treatment and the doctor did both injections and laser to help with my leg veins. He explained the service, expectations and possible follow up. I also dealt with Barbara and Judy at recption and they were helpful and polite. I would come back. The office is clean and well appointed and I will consider other treatments there. My experience was a very positive one.

Shannon D.
I have gone to this practice since its inception in the small building in Exton, behind Mattress Giant.  I like that Dr Gambhir doesn't try to upsell me or push unneeded services.  In fact, I recently went for a consultation and he advised me not to go forward with the procedure as the results would be negligible.
I do agree that booking an appointment is often difficult, but this depends on what the appointment is for.  I can usually get an appointment within a 2 week time frame but sooner than that is most often not possible.  While this is sometimes frustrating I would be leary of a med-spa that has up-tp-the-minute availability.  If they're not busy, one would have to wonder why.

Danyelle M. 10/10
The people. Love every person in that office. They don't rush you, and they listen and make you feel comfortable. It's nice to go somewhere and feel like everyone they truly likes what they do and liked making others feel comfortable and good about themselves

Michele G. 9/10
​friendly staff and professional service - just a thought...I would like to have been offered water.

Lynn B. 10/10
The staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Gambhir is clear with expected outcomes for the procedures you request. Most of all, his bedside manner is always wonderful; he is calm and careful to explains what is happening the entire session. He keeps your care and comfort foremost in his focus while providing treatment to you. He takes as much time as you need to answer all your questions. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Jeannine I. 10/10
Nice staff. Very professional . Always feel at ease never rushed. Dr. very skilled and patient and infomrative....

Alan A. 9/10
1-Pricing 2-Dr Gambhir took a lot of time to talk with me about my procedure,it helped me make my decision 3-Didnt feel pressured 4-Nice atmospher

Stephanie P. 10/10
The results.

Cindy S. 10/10
Professional, friendly, excellent at listening to patient concerns.

Beth L. 10/10
Professional and friendly

Jill F. 10/10
The professional results achieved, friendly & professional atmosphere/staff, and the educational emails/monthly specials are definitely a plus!

Dawn S. 10/10
Knowledgeable about African-American skim

Carol J. 10/10
everyone was very attentive

Carol M. 10/10
Thorough explanations, efficient service, no pressure

Jeanette M. 9/10
Manners and respect with patients.

Debbie L. 10/10
Very professional, and knowledgeable about different services.

Yvonne D. 10/10
Friendly yet professional staff; takes us ON TIME ... I do not have to wait long in office. This is important to me because my time is just as valauable the doctor's time. Dr.Ghambir explains his services clearly and calmly - not rushing us out to get to his next patient.

Elizabeth B. 10/10
Availability. The doc.

Lona S. 10/10
Professional and well explained service.

Cindy S. 10/10
Friendly, knowledgeable, and caring doctor and staff.

Karen D. 10/10
The friendliness of the staff. Very professional and savy.

na G. 10/10
Personal caring atmosphere. Attention to details and comfort. No pressure to have more done. Continual discounts on services, which is a driving force for most females who want to look better but have a family and budget to consider.

Trisha C. 10/10
friendly knowledgable staff

Kimberly S. 10/10

​Bridgett S. 10/10
From reception, to assistant to doc, everything was perfect!

Joan C. 10/10
​I appreciate the professional attitude of the doctors and pleasant atmosphere/staff at each and every office of Couture. I would definitely recommend Couture's expertise to family and friends!

​Catherine Y. 10/10
The atmosphere was comfortable and the staff friendly. Dr Gambhir was very professional and made me feel relaxed because I was nervous. The office was clean and I was seen timely.

Laura L. 10/10
So very friendly and reassuring and I get great results!

Alison H. 9/10
I like the fact that two medical doctors run the business and complete the procedures! The ambiance is professional and attractive.

​Danielle M. 10/10
Friendly staff, nice office

Sharon S. 10/10
I'm very happy with the results. Doctor and employees are gentle and accomodating.

Patti L. 10/10
The Dr. and all his staff were friendly and professional.

Gail M. 10/10
​I like the courteous, kind and compassionate care. Costs are reasonable and Dr. Gambhir is very kind and gentle. The staff reflects the same characteristics.

Angela F. 10/10
Dr.Gambir and his staff are attentive and just generally super nice. They are extremely professional , but I felt as though they really cared. They were there for me in rapid response for my questions . I am quite pleased with their expertise and personal Attention.​

Kathleen H. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir is wonderful! He tells you exactly what to expect when you have a procedure.

Victoria S. 9/10
​Prompt and precision service. Staff and doctor are always friendly and helpful. Dr. G spends an generous amount of time explaining procedures that would be appropriate for the individual needs.

​Jennifer K. 9/10
friendly staff. Good explanation of procedure

Jeanne O. 10/10
Clear explanations by the doctor and his support team.

Mandy M. 10/10
Great results! Lovely atmosphere!

Yvonne D. 10/10
Professional and relaxing surroundings. Dr. Gambhir meets your custom, tailored request; very pleased with his gentle hand and results! The staff is pleasant, kind and accommodating. Thank you!

Charleen C. 10/10
I love the staff, Dr. Gambhir always addresses my concerns and always give me the best options and advice. He is truly a family man and it's refreshing to visit him.

Denise C. 10/10
The staff was friendly and made me feel very comfortable, especially since I have never been there before. The service was fantastic and the specials made it an exceptional value.

Cherie B. 10/10
I just had my first experience with couture and I have to say by far was the best. The staff was friendly, the doctor is passionate and truly knows what she is doing. The prices are the best in the area and I am very pleased with the results.

​Leah W. 10/10
Very friendly, professional staff, never a wait to see the Dt. I have been going here for over 3 years and always been very satisfied with my results, I have reccomended Dr. Gambir to numerous friends and family members.

​Beatrix M. 10/10
pricing is much more afforadable

​Jessie C. 10/10
I had a very pleasant experience!! Thank you!

​LuzMary W. 10/10
The staff, the Dr Gambhir that with his care and knowledge give you the answers you need.

Marcie L. 10/10
Professional. Personal care and attention.

​Diane L. 10/10
I like the professionalism of the Doctor. The staff are all friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the treatments I've received.

​Rosemarie M. 10/10
the office setting, the staff and doctor were great. She gave a full face eval and then we went to work. I am very pleased with the results it is always a big plus when the staff has had work done by the doctors

​Patti L. 9/10
Very educational and the Dr. Is calming during procedures. I am however disappointed with the length of time it is taking to see results. The Dr. Did tell me it would take longer but in hindsight I would have spent the $ to get more immediate results for my $... Feeling like not a real change yet and I've spent $600 already on the under the mouth area. I WAS made aware of this up front. Hind sight is twenty twenty. I don't think I'll stay with the program. The next money I spend I will want to see more immediate results.​

Nancy R. 9/10
Dr is very calm and through prior to providing services. Full explanation of options including cost and the expected length of time that the procedures will be effective.

Stephanie Y. 10/10
Dr is very calm and through prior to providing services. Full explanation of options including cost and the expected length of time that the procedures will be effective.

Linda M. 10/10
Dr is very calm and through prior to providing services. Full explanation of options including cost and the expected length of time that the procedures will be effective.

Edna M. 8/10
Maybe have some questions available for clients in case they haven't thought of them. I didn't think to ask how the procedure would affect the feel of my lips. They are hard. This is causing issues. I would have loved to know that going in as well as a couple other things I didn't think of since I hadn't had the experience. So Q&A hand-cut or discussion would have helped me make a more informed decision.

Laurie K. 10/10
Relaxing informative and special treat

Alisa J. 10/10

Lisa W. 10/10
Dr. G (female ) is so sweet and really listens !!! She is amazing.

Regina M. 10/10

Debra K. 10/10
Susan is great. Very caring

Leah C. 10/10
I have been to two different offices. Both are very clean and welcoming. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Lauren H. 10/10
The facility is beautiful and immaculate, the staff is always friendly and accommodating, and Dr. Gambhir is a true professional and always makes me feel at ease.

Janine A. 10/10
It has only been one week, and I am very happy with my Botox injections. It was easy to make an appointment. Couture has a fantastic website with all the procedures and pricing clearly posted.Other procedures were discussed with me but I was not pressured at all.

Kelly M. 10/10
Friendly, accommodating, no pressure, good results.

Nancy P. 10/10
Doctor G. recommends only what you need and what really benefits your appearance and needs. And he does the work correctly. I have complete confidence in his skill and recommendations.

Joan E. 10/10
Dr Gambhir is candid with his recommendations and is caring and gregarious
His assistants and staff are kind and courteous
Rarely any wait
Monthly specials and award program

Rhnea G. 10/10
He is very caring. He only gives you what he thinks you need at that time. He does not try to sell you things that you really don't need.

Linda B. 7/10

Roseanne R. 9/10 
Detailed explanations on treatments and treatment options

Simone P. 10/10

Kathryn H. 10/10
Detailed explanations on treatments and treatment options

Jill F. 10/10
Detailed explanations on treatments and treatment options

Margaret R. 10/10
I love the staff and think Dr is as sweet as can be!!

Mary Z. 10/10
No pressure to buy services, everything explained concisely.

Donna P. 10/10
Very friendly

Kristina K. 10/10
Everyone was very friendly , professional , Knowledgable and accommodating.

Norma W. 10/10
Dr. G is gentle and patient. I trust him completely.

Ana P. 10/10
Courtesy,fast and great results. Love Dr Gambhir and the staff

Ellen F. 10/10
The office staff, assistant, and Dr.Gambhir were nice and very competent. it is obvious that Dr. Gambhir know what he is doing and he was professional. It seems like the equipment is the newest type of lasers.

Karen L. 10/10
On time, friendly and clean office

Lauren F. 9/10
Fast and polite

Charlotte B. 10/10
I was so impressed with the personal attention I received from the staff and Dr.Gambhir. Dr. Gambhir was very informative about the procedure I was there for and made me feel so comfortable and at ease with with my decision to enhance my lips and the results were amazing!

Julie F. 10/10
I have been to a lot of other doctors for Botox and I really have seen the best and longest lasting results with Dr. Gambhir. Also when I need a last minute appointment the support staff always goes out of their way to accommodate me. Everyone is friendly and professional. I also like that Dr. Gambhir also talks about a long term plan for maintaining a youthful appearance and discusses the next steps we might take 3, 6 months down the line.

Marsha B. 9/10
easy to make appointments, specials each month, office waiting time is generally very SHORT, doctor friendly and professional, relaxed atmosphere and no pushy sales people hovering about

Regina P. 10/10
Very professional.
Answered all my questions and very informative .
She was gentle and kind

Susan G. 9/10
Good location, nice staff and Dr. Gambhir was very nice and professional.

Melissa M. 10/10
Everything, the atmosphere, the employees and don't forget about the services/ it's all top notch

Jennifer G. 10/10
Beautiful office. Dr did nice work and very knowledgeable

Dawn U. 10/10
Very professional, estimates are provided up front, online scheduling.

Phillip G. 10/10
Pleasant reception with information

Carissa R. 10/10
Very professional, informative and friendly service. Also Dr Gambhir bedside
Manner was wonderful. He did a great job.
I look years younger.

Jeanne L. 9/10
prompt,explanatory,tender,caring and capable and follow ups =

Linda Z. 10/10
informative and friendly. not pushy. thank you for honoring that i just wanted to utilize the Groupon and not add on. My girlfriend and I will definitely be back!

Randi C. 10/10
I thought the staff was very nice and accomidating and the doctor was very patient and well informed.

Debra S. 10/10
Very friendly staff

Anne G. 10/10
great service and friendly atmosphere

Patty B. 10/10
Dr Gambhir takes the time to explain everything that is going to happen and genuinely makes you feel like he cares. The staff is so friendly and kind. Top Notch!!!!

Natasha B. 10/10
Personal attention to client's needs.

Tricia W. 10/10
The staff, the ease of making appointments. Not having to wait. No pressure, but plenty of explanations.

Deborah C. 10/10
Explanations good results good

Diane H. 10/10
Friendly, professional, attentive, quality service

Wendi B. 10/10
Doctor say down with me & discussed procedures...she was fabulous

Michele C. 10/10
Everyone is incredibly friendly. I am very happy with my choice.

Brenda T. 10/10
Clearly explained, staff took time, clean and warm/inviting atmosphere.

Stephanie V. 10/10
Very prompt. Efficient and honest about suggestions

Cheryl G. 10/10

Susan F. 10/10
Very professional, clean and everyone was very helpful

Terri H. 9/10
Spent time explaining treatments and making recommendations for additional treatments

Arletha A. 10/10
The staff at contour is outstanding. They very patient and they listen to your needs.

Maria G. 10/10
The quality of Dr. Anshul's service. Dr. Anshul manner was professional and she took the time necessary to explain all of the options and appropriate techniques for an outstanding outcome.

Wanda C. 10/10
Dr Gambhir explained everything and I did not feel rushed.

Kelly M. 10/10
Friendly staff, friendly lady doctor, overall 'feel' is like that of home.

Marie G. 10/10
Dr. takes time to explain.

Mildred C. 10/10
Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. They quickly accommodated my request for a consultation which was perfect for me because I had the time off from work. They were thorough and explained each treatment well. They gave me documentation from which I can research, evaluate and choose my choice of services.

Dorothea D. 10/10
Dr. Gambhir patiently explains everything. The atmosphere is very nice and comfortable. Dr. Gambhir's staff are very nice and professional.

Diane D. 9/10
Friendly and knowledgeable and up to date on latest trends.

Kim J. 10/10
Very attentive, listened to what I wanted out of the service and then explained to me exactly how he would achieve the results I was looking for. I was extremely please with my results.

Kristin K. 10/10
Doctor Gambhir is always on time.

Margaret P. 10/10
Pleasant and professional staff.

Karen D. 10/10
What I like the most is the friendliness of the staff and the customer service skills are excellent.

Anne M. 10/10
The entire staff was very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable!

Veronica B. 10/10
Professional setting and Kate was super professional. Great care and explanation of service. Overall great experience


 *The following is an experience which is specific to the individual detailed below, your experience of this product or service may vary.