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*Sculptra is a unique class of dermal fillers. Sculptra is an injected medication which causes the body to produce collagen. Collagen is one of the main components of skin that helps to maintain firmness and lift in the skin. 

Dr. Gambhirs offer their expertise in Sculptra to the greater Philadelphia area.

Sculptra is a collagen stimulator.  It not only adds volume but it helps to improve skin texture. Sculptra can be used on buttocks to lift the buttocks and smooth skin. Depending on the desired lift 4-10 vials per side can be needed and 1-3 treatments. The results often last 2-3 years or more. The process takes usually takes about 1 hour.    

Who is a good candidate?

A desire to increase volume
A desire to tighten skin
Not interested in fat transfer or implants
Realistic expectations and patience for results
Interested in minimal to no down time.



Why should you choose Dr. Gambhir?
Dr. Gambhirs have performed thousands of cosmetic medical procedures. They have been in practice since 2005 and have received accolades from the cosmetic industry and patients alike. They have consistently been one of the top practices in the United States and in the Philadelphia area. All procedures are done in a comfortable yet professional environment with full respect to your privacy and your desires. We aim to please and look forward to seeing you!​

Does it hurt?
Each injection is administered through tiny needles. We flash freeze the area with ice and use an internal nerve block anesthesia to minimize discomfort during and after your procedure.

Is it safe?
With appropriate injection technique Sculptra is very safe and effective.

What are the side effects?
Sculptra can cause swelling, minor bruising and some post injection redness. In rare instances Sculptra can cause a small non visible and painless bump at the injection site.

Who should not use Sculptra?
Anyone with an auto-immune disorder should avoid Sculptra use.

​Where are we located?
We have offices in King of Prussia and Exton Pennsylvania. We serve the greater Philadelphia area, but we draw patients from New York to Maryland to Harrisburg.


Sculptra Butt Lift