Transformative TMJ Relief with BOTOX

Discover effective relief from TMJ pain and discomfort through our specialized BOTOX treatment. Our skilled practitioners leverage the power of BOTOX to relax jaw muscles, alleviating pressure associated with clenching or grinding. Experience the transformative benefits of BOTOX for TMJ—reducing pain, improving jaw function, and enhancing overall well-being.

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Understanding TMJ Disorders Causes, Symptoms, and Associated Issues

TMJ disorders often bring pain in the joint and the surrounding muscles during movement. The cause of this disorder can be due to many factors, including genetics, arthritis or jaw injury, but for many it can be directly exacerbated by repetitive, excessive clenching or grinding. Symptoms may include frequent headaches that can be mild to severe, pain or tenderness in the jaw and/or temporomandibular joints, difficulty or pain while chewing, and locking of the temporomandibular joint, making it difficult to open or close your mouth. Other associated issues include ringing in ears, ear pain and enlarged masseter muscles.

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Treatment for TMJ with BOTOX

Discover relief from TMJ-related discomfort through our specialized BOTOX treatment. Our skilled practitioners use BOTOX to relax jaw muscles, effectively reducing the pressure associated with clenching or grinding. The procedure involves injecting BOTOX at the temporomandibular joint, blocking pain signals and alleviating pain, similar to its use in migraine treatment. Dosage may vary (25-50 units per side), depending on muscle size, with individual evaluation during the consultation. Optimal results are achieved with BOTOX sessions repeated every 3 to 4 months.

Why Choose Gambhir for TMJ Treatment

Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine stands out as a premier destination for TMJ treatment with BOTOX in the Philadelphia region. Led by Drs. Vibha and Anshul Gambhir, our experienced team specializes in providing effective and personalized solutions for medical aesthetics. When it comes to TMJ treatment, our practitioners bring a wealth of expertise to ensure precise and tailored care. At Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine, patient well-being takes center stage. We prioritize safety and excellence, creating a welcoming environment where you can openly discuss your goals and concerns. Experience relief from TMJ discomfort with the trusted and expert care offered at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine.

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