Rejuvenate and enhance your facial features with our expertly performed Lip Enhancement procedures at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine.

Lip Enhancement

Your lips are a central part of your facial features, helping to define your facial presence. Younger patients are often interested in enhancing the natural beauty of their lips. As we age, the lips lose collagen, which causes drooping and volume loss. We can rejuvenate your lips proportionately to the other areas of the face using various techniques and procedures expertly performed here at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine. At any age, lips do not need to be unnatural unless specifically desired, and your lip procedure can be customized to individual preferences. The goal is always to make our patients look their natural best without anyone knowing you’ve had anything done.

Sexy, Youthful Lips

Younger patients in their 20s and 30s often have a solid collagen base and are looking for enhancement of the size and shape of their lips. Juvéderm is a popular filler our guests love for various lip enhancement procedures, and we believe Juvéderm-based fillers provide some of the best results. Each lip has a different natural elasticity and augmentation capacity. Bringing in pictures of outside lips is always helpful, but in the end, your rejuvenation will be customized to what your lips can handle.


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Understanding the Differences


Juvéderm XC Ultra provides more firmness and shape to the lip and lasts an average of 6 months, while Juvéderm Vollure provides softer lips and relies on the natural lip shape while lasting an average of 7-9 months. The injection technique can vary to augment the central portion of the lips, focus more on the sides, and change the ratios of the top and bottom lip, or it can simply be used to enhance the natural beauty and pre-existing proportions of the lips.
Both techniques can be combined. Russian lip techniques have gained recent popularity, emphasizing the placement in the central portion of the lips. The placement is always an artistic endeavor between patient and doctor; needle choices and injection techniques can help minimize the risk of bruising. Anesthetic is built into the filler, but those needing an anesthetic cream can be prescribed one for office or home use.

Reversing Aging Lips

As we move into our late 30s and 40s, our lips begin to lose their natural volume. This is true not only of the lips but the face as a whole, including the above and below lip area—and the face must be treated as a whole. Lip rejuvenation involves not only the pink portion of the lips but also ensuring volume is placed around the lips to ensure the lips are framed correctly. This helps ensure the lips look natural to the patient’s age. Please read the paragraph above on young lips as background. Aging lips usually do better with Vollure, Volbella or SkinVive, especially in the above and below lip area, as it allows for more natural movement. BOTOX can not only help with a lip flip but also helps to control the progression of the above and below lip wrinkles.

Lip Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A BOTOX Lip Flip?

4-8 units of BOTOX can be placed in the muscle at the top portion of the vermillion border to force the lip to relax more when smiling. This allows more pink to show while smiling. It typically lasts 1-3 months.
BOTOX can help to minimize the development of fine lip lines. It can be used with Retinol, TNS, microneedling and laser resurfacing techniques.
The Russian technique emphasizes lifting the center of the lip with greater emphasis. Lip lifting can also involve placement above the lip to elevate the upper lip.
Volbella is a very thin filler that can be used for minimal lip augmentation or to frame the border of the lips in combination with Juvéderm XC or Vollure.
At your first appointment in our office, we go over education on the products, areas of treatment, and evaluation of your concerns. This typically takes 30 minutes, even if you have had lip fillers or BOTOX done at another office. After your first visit, lip filler or lip flip appointments are typically a quick 15 minutes.
As each injection is administered through tiny needles, the lip flip is well-tolerated by most. All of the dermal fillers are mixed with lidocaine to reduce discomfort. You can request the application of topical numbing for home or office use when making your appointment. For highly anxious patients, nitrous oxide is available.
The most common side effects for both the lip flip and lip fillers are temporary bruising and swelling at the injection site. Some patients experience minor lumps, which will subside over time.
The BOTOX lip flip takes 2-14 days to show results and may take a different amount of time to kick in than BOTOX in other areas. Results for lip filler are immediate; however, most patients experience swelling, making the injection area appear more prominent. Final results take 1-2 weeks in most cases.
The filler will dissolve over time, and the skin will resume the normal aging process.
Fillers like Juvéderm, Volbella, and Vollure are made of hyaluronic acid and can be dissolved.
A complimentary consultation can only determine the best treatment for your needs. Each face is unique, so what works for someone else may not work for you. During our consultations, we will evaluate the face from multiple angles, which can not be easily done with pictures or descriptions of the area needing treatment.