Tattoo Removal in King of Prussia & Exton, PA

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Explore effective tattoo removal at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine, where our skilled technician uses advanced laser technology for precise and tailored solutions.


Professional Tattoo Removal at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine

Turn the page on unwanted tattoos with our expert removal services. Our skilled technician employs cutting-edge Q-switched ND YAG laser technology, offering personalized solutions for every ink. Revolutionize your skin’s narrative and embrace the freedom of a fresh start.

Tattoo Removal

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A Closer Look at Our Advanced Approach

Our skilled technician delivers high-quality results in removing unwanted tattoos with precision and care. Tattoo removal is done by using a high-intensity Qswitched ND YAG laser to break up the pigment of the tattoo into smaller particles. The smaller pigment particles are then expelled from your body naturally. Treatment can vary depending on the tattoo’s size, condition, and color, but there are solutions for every unwanted tattoo. Darker colored tattoos respond best. Typically 5-15 sessions are required for complete tattoo removal in Exton, though some patients have an early response.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make the Procedure More Comfortable?

To make the procedure as comfortable as possible, we recommend numbing the area 2-3 hours prior to arrival with EMLA, a prescription numbing cream.
Your skin will appear raw and tender immediately after treatment. Redness will subside. Patients must avoid all sun exposure to the treated area post treatment until the area is fully healed as well as 2 weeks before any treatment. Please also check post care tattoo removal guidelines.
There are many factors that contribute to the amount of treatments needed, including the size, age, and location of the tattoo, the coloring, and your skin type. During your consultation, we recommend a general number of treatments, but the amount can change depending on your body’s reaction to the treatment.