Jaw Augmentation in
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Refine your jawline non-surgically at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine, addressing volume, fat reduction, and angular definition with treatments like Kybella and strategic fillers or collagen.

Improving Your Jawline Without Surgery

The jawline is a complex anatomical area that can be further defined in both younger and older patients. For some, it is subtracting volume and reducing fat in the area through treatments like Kybella. For others, it can be a matter of adding a little volume in the form of fillers or collagen under the skin to increase angularity and tightness. In the long term, addressing collagen production supports the foundational matrix of tissues that provide structure, lift, and projection to the area. Collagen loss can impact the jawline as it plays a vital role in maintaining the skin’s firmness, elasticity, and structure. The jaw muscle, called the masseter, plays a crucial role in profile balancing. When the masseter muscle atrophies or weakens, its size and prominence can decrease.

Jawline Improvement Candidacy

Candidates for jaw enhancement are typically individuals looking to improve their facial features’ definition, balance, or symmetry. They may have concerns about a weak or recessed chin, a lack of jawline definition, or an asymmetrical jaw structure. Ideal candidates should have good overall health and realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes. Jaw enhancement is a versatile option for those seeking to enhance their facial aesthetics without surgical intervention. A consultation with a qualified provider can determine candidacy and create a personalized treatment plan based on the individual’s unique goals and facial anatomy.


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Discover Our Jaw Augmentation Treatments for a Sculpted and Defined Look

The masseter is a powerful jaw muscle responsible for chewing and clenching the jaw. Masseter BOTOX, also known as masseter muscle reduction or jawline contouring with BOTOX, is a non-surgical and minimally invasive option for individuals seeking to enhance their jawline definition. Masseter BOTOX helps create facial balance and address related concerns, providing a more refined and attractive facial appearance.
Dermal filler is strategically injected along the jawline to augment and define the contours. It can help soften the appearance of jowls or sagging skin and create a more balanced facial profile. Using dermal injectable fillers and precision techniques, we can reshape and augment your jawline to create a more sculpted and youthful look. Adding volume with dermal fillers, specifically Volux, helps define the jawline.
Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that contours and improves the appearance of a double chin, jowls, and other small pockets of fat. The medication destroys the fat cells. The fat dissolves and is excreted by the kidneys and intestines. Multiple treatments may be required.
CoolSculpting Mini is a non-invasive procedure designed to reduce fat under the chin and contour the jawline without surgery. Using controlled cooling technology, CoolSculpting Mini targets and freezes stubborn fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from the body over time. This innovative treatment effectively achieves a more defined and sculpted jawline without the risks and downtime associated with surgical procedures.

Benefits of Jaw Enhancement

Jaw enhancement, often achieved through dermal fillers or other non-surgical techniques, offers a range of aesthetic and confidence-boosting benefits. Enhancing the definition and contour of the jawline can create a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance. It can improve the appearance of a weak or recessed chin, creating a more sculpted and chiseled profile. Additionally, jaw enhancement can provide a subtle lift to the lower face, reducing the appearance of sagging skin and jowls, contributing to a more youthful and refreshed look. This procedure is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a non-invasive way to enhance their facial features and achieve a more refined and attractive appearance.

Why Choose Gambhir for Your Jaw Enhancement

Here at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine, we are a tight-knit team of aesthetic experts specializing in non-surgical rejuvenation. Staffed with leading injectors with a reputation for achieving optimal results while minimizing downtime, Drs. Vibha and Anshul Gambhir and their team prioritize personalized treatment plans, ensuring that your enhancement aligns perfectly with your unique facial features and aesthetic goals. Moreover, they use the latest advancements in medical technology and techniques, guaranteeing the highest quality results. Whether you seek a more defined jawline, a balanced facial profile, or enhanced self-confidence, Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine is dedicated to providing you with the safest, most effective, and most natural-looking jaw enhancement possible.