Tattoo Removal Post-Care Guidelines


Please follow these instructions after your tattoo removal. If you have any questions, please call our office at 610-518-7546.

  • Immediately after treatment, there may be “frosting” on the treatment area. 
  • Redness and swelling are typical.
  • Pinpoint bleeding may also occur. 
  • A cool compress may be applied to ease discomfort. 
  • You may take 800mg of Advil or 1000mg of Tylenol every 6-8 hours with food for pain and swelling.
  • The treated area should be cared for delicately until healing is complete. 
  • Care should be taken to avoid trauma to the area for the first seven (7) days after treatment.
  • Clean the treated area daily by running water to run over the wound, then pat the area dry.
  • Apply Aquaphor ointment to the wound 2-3 times a day. Keep the area moist.
  • Once Aquaphor is applied, cover the treated area with a non-stick Telfa gauze pad.
  • Do not pick, peel, rub, scrub or scratch the skin in the treatment area throughout the healing process. If crusting occurs, do not shave or pick the area.
  • Although blisters and scabs can be a normal response to tattoo removal, most patients will not experience them. In the case that you do, it is important not to pop or pick at them. If the blister pops on its own, keep the skin covered with a healing ointment and gauze to promote healing and prevent scarring. 
  • No swimming or using hot tubs/whirlpools until the wound heals.
  • Physical exercise that causes perspiration in the treated area should be discontinued for at least 2-7 days after treatment, as excessive perspiration may disrupt the healing process. 
  • Avoid sun exposure to the treatment area. Apply SPF 50 or more, and keep the area covered by clothing.